Ex Strongest Swordsman 172 (Self Edited) – Ex Strongest, Reuniting with the Demon King’s Daughter


Ex Strongest, Reuniting with the Demon King’s Daughter

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Soma’s group headed to the largest house they could see in the area because it was most likely the house of the village head. It would be different if there was a place where it could be seen as an inn, but if not, it was safe to go to a place that seemed to go there instead.

When they went to the village and looked at the surroundings, the word ‘typical’ fit perfectly. The mood was surprisingly calm even though the surroundings were only covered with wooden fences. There was no fuzz or noise, but it was a great place to take a break. When it comes to living, Soma seemed to feel a little bored, but still it wasn’t a bad place.

The biggest factor was probably the lack of crisis. It was understood because they had actually come this far. Monsters rarely appeared in the surroundings, and there was only a so-called weak monsters called Horned Rabbit  around. It was a threat to the inhabitants of the village, but it would be another matter if they hired adventurers around second rank as guards.

There was also a possibility of retired adventurers coming back to the village and lived here. If that was the case, it could be anything.

After a quick look, the land seemed to be rich in its own way, and there seemed to be no worry that they would suffer from hunger. There was no need to worry about it for now.

If people went to a village where the villagers were struggling to get food, it was still possible that the inn wouldn’t be affected. Fortunately, he hadn’t seen such a village yet in this world. That was probably because the place he went was pretty much like this village. If they walked further than this village, there must be many places similar to this one.


“Hmm… it’s surprisingly normal.” (Soma)

“…Surely, it is.” (Sheila)

“Every time we come to a new place, you always say that. Is that enough to say such a thing? To be honest, it’s an exaggeration.” (Felicia)

“Well, it’s definitely an exaggeration, but this is definitely not an ordinary place. Usually, this kind of place should have some sort of differences…” (Soma)

This was the place where those who were despised lived, even though it was one-sided. Whether the people themselves didn’t think so, it was normal to not admit the fact.

However, they didn’t see such behaviors for the time being. Is it because this place was close to the Elf Forest that they might not aware about it… or…

“…Is anyone intentionally trying to make that happen?” (Sheila)

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“Even if you say so, there should be someone managing this place, right?” (Felicia)

“Even if there is, it is just a matter to the public. As long as there is a person who calls himself a king… I think it’s practically the case…” (Soma)

However, the question remained whether there was such a person or not. Although he didn’t know what to ask or to hear, he didn’t get that image from the stories that he heard from time to time.

What Soma knew about the Demon King was either he was cruel or evil. Those were the words associated with the Demon King. Even if people said that the Demon King was actually a wise king and kind enough to care about the hearts of the inhabitants, Soma could only remember the sense of incongruity.

Of course, since it was a matter of the Demons, there must be a certain amount of exaggeration. There was no such a thing like he was like a devil to the enemy but a sweet and gentle king to his allies.

But more than that, Soma could make a more convincing hypotheses. In other words, there was a possibility that the Demon King, who was known to outsiders, was different from the people who actually knew about him.

“Eh… but, I don’t hear about the matter that the Demon King was defeated or replaced, right? I think if there’s such a thing, I will hear it too…” (Felicia)

“…Yeah, I also never heard of it. However, that possibility is high.” (Sheila)

Sheila’s consent might be due to her knowing the basis, just like Soma. Yes, that was the existence of Aina, the Demon King’s daughter.

They hadn’t heard much about the Demon King from her, but they still understood that she respected him. Besides, if the Demon King was truly like the evil person they heard, Aina wouldn’t grow up the way she was now. Even if she was kind only to her relatives.

From that point of view, it was normal to think that the current Demon King, Aina’s father, was considered to be a different person from the kind of person he heard of.

“Well, there’s also Steina. Although she has a lot of things going on, she isn’t a bad person.” (Soma)

“…Although it’s self-proclaimed, it seems that she is also the Demon King’s daughter. I think that there is at least some kind of connection, and when I think about it, I may be able to understand Soma’s explanation, right?” (Felicia)

“…The reason you don’t know is because it’s better not knowing, yes?” (Sheila)

“That’s right. I don’t know whose judgment it is.” (Soma)

Besides, speaking if it didn’t matter, yes, it didn’t matter. Soma’s group was talking about it just to kill time while moving.

It didn’t matter what the truth was, as long as it didn’t involve Soma’s group. After all, it was just one of the small talks.

“I don’t feel like having a small talk at a place like this, but when I think about it, I would like to know why are you talking about this? Even so, wouldn’t you be scolded if you ask people here?” (Felicia)

“Well, some people may think that it is bad, but considering that I have already confirmed that there are no people around who can hear properly.” (Soma)

“You’re doing something unreasonable again…” (Felicia)

“…Yeah, that’s Soma for you.” (Sheila)

“That isn’t something good for people to hear. Fundamentally, you have to be careful not to disturb the surrounding when talking, and not to make the person who heard it become uncomfortable by chance, right?” (Soma)

While talking about that, they were approaching closer the house that seemed to belong to the village head. As they approached, they looked at its appearance.

Although it wasn’t enough to be called a mansion, it was about 50% larger than the other houses around it. For a small village, the size of the house indicated the height of the household status and its influence in the village. This was probably not an ordinary villager.

There were also signs of people in the house. Soma took a step to the door of the house to tell about the visit, but there was no need to knock. Just before that, the door opened from the other side.

It wasn’t opened up automatically, and there was a figure of a person behind it as a matter of course. It seems that the person was about to come out.

He was about to step away from there reflexively, but… he stopped mid way. It was because the face of the person who was about to come out was seen

The height was the same as him, and a bright red color was reflected in the field of vision. It was enough to remind him of a certain person, and… that person seemed to notice that someone nearby. The eyes that had the same color as the hair were directed to him, and it was opened wide.

That was probably the same for Soma. The person that he was reminded was the person that he had never expected to meet in such a place.

“…So-ma?” (A???)

“Is that you, Aina?” (Soma)

While looking at the figure, Soma muttered the name in surprise.


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