Ex Strongest Swordsman 171 (Self Edited) – Ex Strongest, Parting with the Demon King’s Daughter(?)


Ex Strongest, Parting with the Demon King’s Daughter(?)

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Without really having a hard time to think about, a person stepped into the village while still thinking about it. If she thought that this was the last time, there were some feelings lingered.

But more than that, she often think that two years ago she was able to accomplish such a thing safely. She had magic now, but she didn’t have it at that time.

Still, she was able to use magic probably because she was half desperate, but…

“Even if I say so myself, it’s something about unyielding or something like that, right?” (A???)

She whispered so with a wry smile, but it was possible to smile now. She really felt blessed.

It was probably just because she didn’t realize it. Since she wasted so much time this time, she was reminded of that time again.

At that time, she could only see herself. Everything around her was an enemy, and she thought that no one would be on her side. That was why she couldn’t stand it, and left that place.

However, was that really the case? It was true that those people left things to take its own course, but still, they weren’t the kind of people who would leave their despaired children alone.

In that case, there was a good reason there, or maybe she just didn’t realize it. She thought it that way now.

Of course, it might be too much of her own thoughts, and it might have been beautified since it was a thing of the past. However, there was no need to think about it tediously.

“I just have to ask directly. I have come this far.” (A???)

It would be good if she asked at that time. No… she probably should do that.

If so…

“Aah… if I did that, I may not be here right now…” (A???)

Without leaving that place, she wouldn’t have met that guy and those girls. Ironically, she was happy because she didn’t take the best course of action at that time.

“Well, maybe life is like that.” (A???)

While boasting in that way, she shrugged the shoulders.

Anyhow, the destination was just around the corner. She remembered where to go.

“Now… I wonder what would happen.” (A???)

Honestly, she didn’t have any expectations, but it didn’t matter. Then, Aina went inside the village while thinking about it comfortably.



“Now, this has been taken care of.” (Soma)

Early in the morning, Soma’s group was trying to leave the town, just after sunrise, as they had decided the day before. When they turned around, there was a figure of the inn’s owner at the doorway of the inn. They said that it wasn’t necessary, but he came out to see them off by all means.

“No, I was rather indebted to all of you. Thank you very much.” (Owner)

The reason why Soma exhaled small breath to the appearance which bowed the head by saying so was that he received it many times already. Right after he helped, he received enough of that bow while receiving the explanation of the circumstances on his way to the guild. And when he arrived at the inn where the inn’s owner had return after finishing the explanation in the guild, they were treated close to hospitality. It was a bit too much but they couldn’t help with it.


“I’ve been saying this since yesterday, but it’s enough to say it to Steina.” (Soma)

Soma was being honest. In the first place, Soma basically had done nothing for them. At best, he was only treating his injury.

But this was because Steina made a move first. According to what he heard, if Steina hadn’t moved, he wouldn’t be able to solve it smoothly, and perhaps, the inn’s owner life would have been in danger. When considering such a thing, the most praised person this time should be Steina, and she alone was enough.

“Of course, I’m very grateful to Steina-san. …Thank you for everything.” (Owner)

“…Stop it. You’ve told that many times already, and in the first place, I haven’t done anything much.” (Steina)

Although Steina herself said that, she was clearly being humble. Or maybe, she did think so, but it was obvious to see that the inn’s owner was genuinely grateful.

Surely, he mentioned ‘everything’. It was true especially if he was still alive. That was why he couldn’t use that word to other people.

It was only a matter of course. It was like stepping on someone else’s heart with a foot in order to know it forcibly. Since the guild thought so, even if they noticed something, they didn’t mention it.

Of course, if that was going to be  problem later on, it would be another matter, but… at least, Soma didn’t feel that way. So for Soma, she just shrugged his shoulders.

“Well then, shall we go?” (Soma)

“…Sure, no problem.” (Sheila)

“Yes, there’s nothing left behind. I say that there’s nothing to forget.” (Felicia)

“You don’t need that self-torture. …Well, good bye. I will probably not going to see you again, but live in a good health.

Steina said that because the inn’s owner was planning to leave the town after this. There were various things, but eventually, he seemed to be going as originally planned.

Or maybe because there were too many various things.

“Yes. If there’s another opportunity, let’s meet again. Come on, you should say hello.” (Owner)

The inn’s owner urged the little girl who was hiding behind him. While looking at her, Steina thought that it didn’t change that she was avoided until the end…

“Yes… Bye bye… See you again… Thank you…” (Girl)

It was mainly directed at Steina and others, but… although it was slightly, it was certainly directed at Soma. As soon as the eyes met, that didn’t change that she hid right away, but Soma loosened his mouth a little bit. That alone would be enough for the reward of this case.

And as it was, Soma’s group was sent off by the inn’s owner who bowed down at the end as they walked out of the town.

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Obviously, Soma’s group didn’t have the map of this region. Things that could lead to military secrecy were unlikely to be sold near the border, and even more so, if they were strangers.

Still, the reason why Soma’s group continued to travel without problems was because they were thought about the approximate location of the next village and town. If they weren’t being taught, this trip would have been more difficult.

However, in consideration of such a thing, the trip was oddly easy. Even though they left the town in the morning, they were able to arrive at the next village before night. It was the fastest arrival they had ever made in the entire journey.

Nonetheless, that wasn’t true unless the distance to the next village was short. Perhaps, they would have taken three days to arrive if it was the same as before.

The reason why it wasn’t was because there were elements that weren’t before. In short, it was because of Steina, and she remembered the exact way to the next village.

Although the general location was known, it was rare for the road was well maintained. It wasn’t uncommon to lose track on the way, and if people weren’t confidence in the way they walk, the walking speed slowed down. As long as they didn’t know how long they would be able to reach the next destination, they might take a break in vain, and time would be wasted. And as a result, it took several times longer than usual.

But even if that fact was known, there were many people who basically dare to choose it. If the road was really wrong, it was possible to get tired out by over doing it. So, it was better to take time in order to be safe.

But if they knew the way completely, they didn’t have to worry about that.

“Hmm… this alone is worth inviting Steina to travel.” (Soma)

“I think that’s too much too say.” (Steina)

“…There’s no such a thing.” (Sheila)

“That’s right… I may be unfamiliar with the trip, but even with Soma-san is here, I’m always worried. I think it’s worth enough to get to the next village as soon as possible.” (Felicia)

Well, the anxiety was the best part of the trip, but if they didn’t feel it, it was certainly better. It would be a problem if they got used to it too much, but once in a while, it would be good.

“Now… since we got here before the night, should we secure our inn for the time being?” (Soma)

It was normal to have an inn if the place was a town, but on the contrary, if it was about the size of a village, there was usually no inn. If people didn’t visit, it wasn’t necessary to have one.

Since it was the nearest from the previous town, there was probably an inn here. If not, it was necessary to visit the village chief’s house and negotiate. It could be said that the sooner they got there, the better.

Although they arrived at the village, it would be strange to sleep outdoors. Therefore, they should move first…

“Yes. Then, that’s fine. I’m going to say goodbye here.” (Steina)

At that moment, Steina said that.

“Hmm? What does that mean?” (Soma)

“…Have you already secured a place to stay here?” (Felicia)

“No, I mean what I say, you know. In the first place, I’m not going to stay here. There’s still time before the sun goes down, so I’m going to move ahead.” (Steina)

“Ahead… where are you going?” (Felicia)

“Of course, that is where I’m heading. Well, I’m sure it’s in a completely different place from your destination.” (Steina)

He squinted his eyes and looked at the situation, but… apparently, it didn’t seem to be a joke. Soma wondered what she meant, but… he was convinced immediately.

“…Speaking of which, you mentioned that you would travel with you, but you didn’t say forever.” (Soma)

“That’s true. Even if it’s short, moving from that town to this village is enough to be said to be a trip. The promise has been fulfilled.” (Steina)

“That… may be true, but…” (Felicia)

“…Isn’t too sudden?” (Sheila)

“I didn’t say so, so you all might feel that way. It’s just that I’m going to be away for a few days. Plus, I’m traveling here for a purpose.” (Steina)

“Hmm. speaking of purpose…” (Soma)

If the destinations were the same, it would be possible to travel together, but depending on the purpose, they either needed to detour or increase the pace of travel. It might be possible to match it as much as possible, but if they did all that, it would be impossible.

So, it was reasonable to be away for the first few days.

“Surely, if it’s only for a few days, we would have been together for a few more days, but… do you need to hurry up there?” (Felicia)

“Yes. That’s the only thing I can say. I’m not going to say anything specific.” (Steina)

“…I guess it can’t be helped?” (Sheila)

“Well, I suppose so…” (Soma)

Steina was from the start thought that this was no good. It was unexpected that they were able to be together and to travel at least.

However, it felt that this was a matter of returning the favor, which was one of her purposes. Well, that was probably something unavoidable. At least, they had no reason to hold her back.

“Is that so…” (Steina)

“Well, this time it can’t be helped, but we will meet again someday. At that time, we can travel together again. And it will be a little longer.” (Soma)

“Yeah… There is a journey of meeting and parting… There is also a reunion…” (Sheila)

“…Well, I can’t promise that. Let me just say if there is an opportunity.” (Steina)

When Steina turned around her body…

“Goodbye.” (Steina)

She said so and left. It was a simple thing to the point no feeling of parting could be felt.

Without looking back, the figure went away, and… eventually disappeared. A sigh was exhaled from everyone.

“Hmm… we’ve been a bit off the schedule, but let’s stick to the plan of securing the inn for the time being. Instead of thinking too much, shall we ask around?” (Soma)

“Yes…” (Sheila)

“I understand…” (Felicia)

It seemed that Felicia was somewhat surprised, but she should be fine after a while. It might be cold and harsh, but Steina had already left and wouldn’t return. That shouldn’t obstruct their plan.

However, it would be a lie if Soma said he didn’t think too much about it. Although it made sense when Steina said it… it was also true that the parting was too sudden. Perhaps, Steina had her own reason to do so, but… when he thought about it, there was nothing much he could do.

He looked at the direction of Steina’s leaving once, and then, he let out a sigh. After that, Soma turned his gaze away and set his foot to appropriate house in order to carry out the plan.



  • The title is not a question, but it is a statement. The question mark is in bracket means that the identity of Steina as the daughter of the Demon King still hasn’t been confirmed.

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