Ex Strongest Swordsman 167 (Self Edited) – Following the Intuition


Following the Intuition

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Steina was running alone in the town. She could hear multiple noises from the surroundings that occasionally exploded, and there were also several noises could be heard from several places, but Steina wasn’t heading to any of those places.

If she was asked why, Steina would answer that it was just an intuition. Actually, Sheila and Felicia asked that question, and she had no other way to explain it.

Even so, she thought clearly. The moment she heard something like an explosion from somewhere, she told them she had to go to the place that she was heading now.

What passed in her mind was the day before yesterday. When she was in the middle of looking for an inn. It seemed the daughter of the owner of the glasshouse or the inn was about to be kidnapped.

Yes, the daughter didn’t lost her way, but was about to be kidnapped. No… perhaps, it should be said that she was actually being kidnapped. Steina accidentally encountered her along the way. Although it had nothing to do with her, the girl would have been kidnapped if it weren’t because of her. She didn’t understand the reason why that kidnapping happened.

Rather, should she say that she wasn’t sure whether she wanted to know? Steina, who encountered the scene, took action to rescue her, and she succeeded in the rescue, the kidnappers immediately ran away.

It would have been possible to catch up if she followed him, but in that case, she would have the rescued child alone. There was a moment of hesitation, but in the end, she gave up. When she tried to bring the girl home, that was the time when Soma showed up.

One of the kidnappers who got away at that time was the suspicious person who Soma encountered yesterday. To put it simply, those people were still in this town, it was highly likely that they were also involved in the situation of the monsters.

Among all the situations happening so far, the present situation was one of it. It would be very normal that Steina connected all of them with a single line.

In short, this was what it was. All the explosions that were happening right now were a diversion, and the main culprit was heading for that inn. Steina had that thought in mind.

This was the kind of thing that could be said if she thought calmly, but speaking of which, she wasn’t calm. Steina really only thought that at the moment that she had to the inn even without any grounds.

So, she couldn’t explain why… Nevertheless, Sheila said that she agreed without any hesitation. It was considerable when she did that. Perhaps, Sheila might have some sort of intuition and decided that it was the best. Well, whatever it was, there was no big difference. There was no change in fact that she was believing all this on a poor basis.

Although their relationship was short, there was not much sense of incongruity to Sheila to do such a thing. Well, Steina could only say that was how Sheila was. However, Felicia’s respond was more unexpected. Although Felicia looked surprised, she easily nodded as if she agreed with Steina.

Steina knew that Felica was doubting her, and she was aware that she was hardly doubting her anymore. That was why she didn’t expect that. Steina thought that Felicia would pretend to ask her on what ground she made such a decision.

However, when she tried to say so, Felicia shrugged her shoulders with a bitter smile. Felicia said that if Soma were at this place, he would have agreed without any hesitation. Hence, she couldn’t understand what Felicia tried to say. Steina nodded while having similar thought.

“…That girl is completely influenced by him, isn’t it?” (Steina)

(Thank you for reading at bayabuscotranslation.com)

She tried to express her thoughts, but she didn’t feel bad since it was serious. Felicia was completely influenced.

…She wondered if Felicia realized that. At that point, she was thinking that she helped that little girl who had never admitted it herself.

By the way, the reason why Sheila and Felicia weren’t with her was because those two went toward the source of the explosion. She thought that it was the right choice for them to go to the explosion area, and they seemed unable to leave the matter as it was.

Even if they left the matter as it was, somebody might solve the matter without her knowledge, and it couldn’t be said that there wouldn’t be any damage in the meantime.  That was something they couldn’t accept.

“…Goodness, those girls are just nice people.” (Steina)

She thought that it wasn’t bad for being influenced. It must be so, otherwise…

“…Well, that’s not really important for now…” (Steina)

At that moment, Steina narrowed her eyes because he saw a figure coming out from the building that she knew and was looking at.

No, that wasn’t it. Certainly, there was only one shadow on the ground, but there were two figures. A man in a black robe and a small child on his shoulder.

Their eyes met at the same time.

At that time, there were no tears in the small eyes. The eyes only displayed the thought of resignation… aah, Steina remembered that look. That was right, she didn’t like it, so she leaped out.

Nothing had changed compared to what she did last time. So, as usual, she leaped straight into them, and pricked the spear in her hand.

— Advanced Rank Spearmanship – Advanced Rank Body Techniques – Advanced Rank Magic – Divine Protection of the Demon King (Fake) – Pain Blocking: Lightning Flash.

“…Wha!?” (Man)

At the moment, she could hear the voice of astonishment and a surprised look, but she didn’t care. The protruding tip of the spear caught the man’s body and blew him away.

She smacked her lips because that man didn’t let go of the small girl she was carrying. She thought that the man would let the girl go and she was actually prepared to grab her in the air, but… If she wasn’t prepare for it, it might turn bad…

However, it was impossible to let the man ran off. There was a possibility that the small girl would be use as a shield. Hence, it was necessary to follow him in order to confirm the girl’s safety.

Immediately after that, Steina leaped into the inn as it was, and swung her arms reflexively.

— Advanced Rank Spearmanship – Advanced Rank Body Techniques – Advanced Rank Magic – Divine Protection of the Demon King (Fake) – Pain Blocking: Lightning Flash.

Steina sliced something that was approaching her, and she heard the sound of smacking lips from the other side.

“Tsk… I thought I got you perfectly… Considering the situation, there is a high possibility of adventurers staying here… so you have returned, huh? I thought I was lucky because nobody was here… hmmm. Are you lucky or is it because of intuition?” (Man)

It was obvious that the man was trying to earn time by talking, but Steina ignored him and stepped in. What was shot at her was definitely a magic. In other words, the opponent was a mage. Therefore, she would be a fool to allow him to earn time.

Moreover, the magic earlier should have been at least at the level of intermediate rank. When she judged in the shortest time, the mage was highly likely to be at the level of advanced rank. It was necessary to make a decision right now.

Steina looked around for a moment to make sure that the man’s hand was away from the small girl. She was worried about her safety, but it should be enough for the time being. She stepped in as it was and thrust her spear into his body.

“Tsk, you don’t get it, don’t you? This spearmanship is at the same level as me… hmm? No, wait a sec…? You–…” (Man)

The man looked at the incoming spear while frowning, but it wasn’t necessary for him to pretend. After the spear pricked, it was swung reversely. Yet, the man handled everything with paper-thin difference. It didn’t seem that the man was dodging purely with body movement, but… as she expected, it was necessary to settle things right here.

While her arms swinging forward, Steina took another step forcibly. The man responded for a moment, probably because he was imitating her way to close the distance between them.

In fact, the distance between them was the optimal distance. Obviously, it was too tight. It wasn’t a distance where Steina could swing her spear properly.

But if one described the opposite, it was possible to swing if the distance was decent. So, the moment shown now was enough to penetrate the gap.

It seemed that the man noticed it immediately after, but it was already too late.

— Advanced Rank Spearmanship – Advanced Rank Body Techniques – Advanced Rank Magic – Divine Protection of the Demon King (Fake) – Pain Blocking: Great Wheel.

The spear was rotated around the center of the spear, and it was beaten straight to the man’s body.

“Gaah…!” (Man)

It blew the man away as it was, and he crashed into the wall behind it while breaking the reception. She thought a moment that she was making a mess, but that couldn’t be avoided. While thinking in the corner of the head that she would understand the reason if the man talked, she kept her eyes on the man.

She approached without being caught off guard, and stuck out the tip of the spear.

“Well, I’m curious as to why you did this, but… well, you don’t have to tell me. I don’t need to know because I’m going to kill you here.” (Steina)

“That’s surely true… Tsk. Well, surely the appearance is weak, but… still, I think it would be nice if you could remember a little bit.” (Man)

“…? What are you talking about?” (Steina)

So, Steina was frowning because she didn’t think that it was just a nonsense. Somehow, the man knew something, and he looked convinced…

“I’m talking about your bad treatment toward a person of your kind. What do you say, the maiden of the Demon God?” (Man)

The man looked straight at Steina and said such words.



  • The spear technique ‘Great Wheel’ can be referred to Sanada Yukimura’s skill in Sengoku Basara console game.

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