Ex Strongest Swordsman 168 (Self Edited) – The Remnants of the Demon King’s Army


The Remnants of the Demon King’s Army

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Soma exhaled when he looked at the spectacle below.

There was a man wearing a black robe lying at the edge of his view. He was believed to be one of those people who blew up all over the city.

Soma decided that the man was doing such a thing since he attacked him the moment Soma saw him.  It was unlikely that he would be attacked unnecessarily, even though this situation was irrelevant.

Speaking of which, the word ‘people’ mentioned earlier was because this was the second person and the explosion sound hadn’t stopped yet. It was too frequent to the point it was hard to think that this person was doing it alone.

The locations were also different, but there was no need to worry too much about it. To begin with, Soma didn’t think that this person was directly related to all that.

Well, strictly speaking, that happened when he accidentally looked at a place where the explosion seemed to have occurred. The damage that occurred that was clearly too little for the sound heard. At best, there were holes about the size of a fist on a part of the building or on the ground. Moreover, it was too unreasonable to try to cause the situation in the town on his own.

For starters, if that person was doing it alone, he would have too much of a detour. Therefore, Soma considered it a diversion in a double sense. The explosion was meant to hide something, and the explosion itself was also carried out remotely.

However, there was no way to know what the main purpose was. As a result, he acted to crush the diversion first, and then, he searched the place that seemed to be a blind spot near the wall.

The reason Soma did so because he thought that that the culprits were going to escape outside after creating this mess. He was able to find two of them in this way.

“Hmm… considering the occurrence of the sound, there should one more person, yes?” (Soma)

Soma didn’t know the explosions were done remotely, but it definitely wouldn’t be endless as long as some kind of mechanism existed. Since it was a diversion, it wasn’t possible to stop it. In that case, the explosion should happen at certain fixed interval.

From there, Soma guessed that the number of people for diversion was four. In other words, if everything was right, someone other than Soma had caught… well, that was probably Sheila and others. They should be able to reach the same conclusion as Soma.

“If there is a problem, I’m not sure what they have found out, but that means… well, I wonder what will happen.” (Soma)

Obviously, that was because they were purposely concealed it, but it wasn’t possible to hide nearby. In fact, Soma discovered them in completely different places, and if he knew where Sheila found the others, he would be likely to be able to guess where the last person would be.

It was possible to guess to some extent, but it was still a rough guess and Soma didn’t know who the person was. Perhaps, these culprits were caught at the same time as him, so it would be easier if he could join Sheila’s group.

“Well, I should go there for the time being.” (Soma)

As Soma whispered that, he carried the man that was on the ground. It was really a hassle to take the man with him, but since he couldn’t destroy precious information sources, his next destination was the guild.

However, as he tried to walk, Soma suddenly turned his eyes away. He tilted his head because he felt something.

If anything, it should have been a premonition, but… he didn’t know what that was. Although he was a bit concerned, he let out a breath as if he couldn’t help it. Then, he resumed walking.

(Thank you for reading at bayabuscotranslation.com)


“That way of saying it…” (Steina)

Steina squinted her eyes reflexively at the words the man said. Strength was loaded into the spear intuitively. It was because only a limited number of people knew what this was all about, and to begin with, they shouldn’t know it.

However, Steina wasn’t that surprised because she was able to expect it to some extent. Still, she was surprised because she didn’t expect that this man knew her title.

“I see. As I expected, you are the remnant of that… could it be that you’re doing it over there?” (Steina)

“Tsk, you don’t really remember huh? Well, you’ve only see my face once, and I didn’t even speak, so that’s obvious.” (Man)

“There’s no way I can’t remember that, but… I’m really suspicious to recognize you anyway. Rather, I remembered it well.” (Steina)

“Yes, honestly, I was also surprised, but… anyhow, basically, there is still some respect. Although this is trifling, you as an opponent are a sham, you know.” (Man)

“…Is that so?” (Steina)

If he knew it that much, this would be quick. Steina didn’t have to be forgiving.

“Well, I have no intention to forgive you in the first place. Of course, I’m not going to overlook this.” (Steina)

“Hmm, that’s harsh. There are not many of our kind left, so wouldn’t it be alright if you overlook this?” (Man)

“…Are you still half asleep when saying that? Surely, we are the same kind. I’m not going to deny that now.” (Steina)

However, that would be another matter.

In the first place, Steina and his kind were worth to be utilized by each other. They just gathered since they weren’t going to get in the way. If there was a conflict of interest, they could just crush each other as a matter of course.

“I know, so you can also aim for my neck as always.” (Steina)

“Hmm… that’s obvious, isn’t it? Well, it’s fine. But, do you… really understand what I was trying to do?” (Man)

“Yes…?” (Steina)

The reason why Steina tilted her head unintentionally was because it didn’t seem to be a life threatening or the man was trying to earn time. She didn’t know whether she should know about it or not. The way the man said it made her thought so.

That said, she didn’t have to worry about it. If she stabbed the spear as it was, that had nothing to do with what the man was trying to do.


“…It seems that you’re purposely trying to emphasize that it’s something important. It’s not a big deal, so sorry about that, alright?” (Steina)

“I feel like you won’t change your mind in the end, but… well, no problem. If you look at this, you won’t be able to say that either.” (Man)

It was a jet black orb that the man took out of his pocket. Steina was wary of what the man was going to do in a moment. She let out a small breath since that was something she had expected. It was because she was wary of being told a lie in order to make her stayed here.

However, if that was something expected, she didn’t have to think about it. At the same time, she was a bit disappointed.

“So, you were the one who took it. …So? What did you do with it?” (Steina)

“What? You know about this, huh? But, do you still know what I was doing?” (Man)

“What else? Aren’t you trying to use its power?” (Steina)

“That’s right. You’re not wrong. Well, what do you think about the purpose of using this?” (Man)

“Well, it doesn’t matter what you’re going to say.” (Steina)

There was no need to understand it. Rather, why would she need to display the air that she understood it?

The man tilted his head. Apparently, he also realized that she wasn’t pretending not to understand. He didn’t understand why, and that made him frowned.

“…Could it be that you don’t really know? Of course, we decided to use this to attack the Demon King castle. We can’t control it that much, but it’s enough to create confusion.” (Man)

“…Yes? Are you trying to attack the Demon King castle?” (Steina)

It was completely something that she didn’t care about.

Certainly, it could be used to create confusion. However, if they were trying to use a guerrilla-kind tactic, the word ‘attack’ would be strange.

But, that didn’t mean she didn’t understand what the word means. To put it simply…

“Are you going to revolt again?” (Steina)

“…I don’t really know. I heard that the remnants scattered around the country and the collaborators have all contacted each other…” (Man)

“Aah… then, it’s easy. There must have been no way to get in touch with me.” (Steina)

Those who were supposed to contact her were dead. She didn’t say that there was no contact.

“…So, is this related to that girl, by chance?” (Steina)

“That’s right. It’s a biological weapon created by us. Originally, it was supposed to be used at the time of the last revolt, but it was stolen. It can’t do anything other than to create disturbance by doing a suicide attack. The strength may not be enough, but it’s good at least for the purpose. Did you know why I tried to retrieve it?” (Man)

“Well, that’s enough.” (Steina)

“In that case, I will immediately…” (Man)

“It means that you’re not worth living.” (Steina)

“…What?” (Man)

The man was stunned because it was too unexpected.

However, it wasn’t a joke or anything. Steina looked down on the man with cold eyes.

“…Oi, don’t you get it? If you kill me here, the revolt is…” (Man)

“Are you going to say that even if you’re not here, the revolt will be happening, right?” (Steina)

“Are you telling me you’re not going to cooperate…?” (Man)

“For starters, there was no request for cooperation. Even if there was, it’s natural that I don’t have the obligation to cooperate.” (Steina)

“That means… are you going to betray…!?” (Man)

“Don’t arbitrarily jump to a hasty conclusion. Since there’s no request for cooperation, this isn’t a betrayal or anything, right?” (Steina)

If that was said as an excuse, yes, that was right. In one aspect, that was certainly a betrayal.


“I’m not trying to get in the way of your revolt. I’m simply… don’t like you. And I just don’t like everything you do.” (Steina)

“…Are you serious?” (Man)

“Did that sound like a joke to you?” (Steina)

“…Tsk.” (Man)

Apparently, the idea that she was being serious was successfully transmitted. With a certain kind of relief, she squinted her eyes and put her strength on the arm. All that was left was to push out that arm a bit, and it would be over.

There was no room for other matters…

“…By the one, I’d like to ask you one last question. What didn’t you like about me? Is it because I indiscriminately disturbed others? Or is it because I try to use a weapon that looks like a little girl?” (Man)

“…Does it really matter? Even so, if you need the answer, I will answer it to all of you.” (Steina)

“I see… have you woken up the spirit of benevolence even though I’m your kind? Well, it’s too late now, and it’s probably too late a long time ago.” (Man)

“…” (Steina)

Steina understood that the man was trying to create an opening. She knew it. Nevertheless, she responded to him.

However, there should have been no problem. That was because she was confident that she could cut off whatever the man would do.

But… the next action the man took was totally unexpected.

“Haa… I didn’t want to try this, but… is there no way to avoid using it? It seems that you know the effect of this thing, but do you know its real use? This is… how it’s supposed to be done.” (Man)

As he said that, what the man did was to operate the jet black orb in his hand.

However, it wasn’t needless to think that action was meaningless here when that was done. While Steina was thinking the real use of that orb and wondering about the last pestering… the moment happened, and her mind went blank.

When a magic formation appeared right under the man, something began to crawl out the next moment, and… that something ate the man.

“…What?” (Man)

Steina didn’t understand what had happened, but nevertheless, she had an instinct the moment she saw it. The magic formation that let something came out from it, and the man who used the magic tool… To put it simply, that something was a monster.


That monster was an existence she couldn’t win over no matter how hard she struggled.

[—!!!] (Man/Monster)

In front of Steina who unconsciously trembled, the whole body of the monster was dyed in jet black. It spread the wings on its back and roared with a voice that didn’t make any sound.


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