Ex Strongest Swordsman 166 (Self Edited) – The Hand that Grabs the Empty Space


The Hand that Grabs the Empty Space

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Early in the morning, just after dawn, Soma’s group left the inn. It was according to the plan made yesterday.

However, they didn’t have breakfast before that. They weren’t going to have it anywhere else, but would eat it after returning to the inn.

They would go around the town, return to have breakfast if there was no problem. Then, they would go back to search around again. That was the plan.

By the way, the plan at noon was the same as yesterday. Something like lunch would be prepared by the inn and would be handed over later. Similar to yesterday, they would eat it somewhere along the way. Yesterday, Soma ate lunch at the pub in the guild, but it was unclear where he would have lunch for today. He probably ate it somewhere close at that time.

Anyhow… Soma’s group started to move as planned, separating from each other just like yesterday.



On the south side of the town, there were men who looked suspicious. Although the face wasn’t concealed, all five men were wearing black robes. They were obviously looked suspicious.

Nevertheless, no one was looking at those men because of the current time, but either way, that place also contributed to the factor why people weren’t looking at them.. In the south side, there were many people who were looked closely similar to them, and that included the adventurers. It wasn’t something people cared about, and if they did, the adventurers would look suspicious as well. That was a normal thing there.

Therefore, there was nothing to prevent those men from walking, but… their feet stopped suddenly. There was a crossroads in front of them, and a slight rustle came from the road leading to the left. The man who was leading stopped and turned around. He opened his mouth.

“Well, let me confirm for the last time. You understand everything, right?” (??)

The four equally nodded to the question. The tension on their face was displaying every of their thoughts on what they were going to do.

No, perhaps, they were thinking about the future. This time, there was no way to fail unless there were too many stumbling blocks or something unexpected. It was natural that it led to the thought that once this was over…

However, it was also true that this wasn’t over yet. It seemed to be displaying in their mind, but the man purposely stopped pointing that out.

If they were distracted by this fact, then it would be something different, but there was a moderate tension there. That would be a plus, and it would never be something negative. That was his judgment.

So, the man nodded and turned forward. While he was aware of the moderate tension in himself, he lifted the edge of his mouth slightly and began to run forward to the desired place.

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In short, the guild was so busy today that it could be said to be surrounded by the hustle and bustle. Even though it was still early in the morning, the morning sun had just risen. Although the door of the building remained hard and closed, the people concerned were frantically moving around it.

This was of course due to the blockade that had been going on since yesterday. They would continue to do it even today, so they needed to prepare in advance for all this and the troubles that would arise. There were so many things needed to be done, such as dealing with things that happened yesterday and those that hadn’t yet been resolved. It was inevitable that this situation would happen.

Then, in this situation, there was a voice that didn’t sound like somebody was complaining about the situation at all.

“Uwaah, this is tiring. …Alright, that’s it for today!” (Representative)

“What a stupid thing are you saying. Rather than the end, we haven’t started doing anything.” (Emily)

Emily thought it was about time, but she exhaled a sigh at the expected development.

Although she expected that to happen, she would have been able to predict that she wouldn’t be affected by the guild representative words. Turning a line of sight that didn’t try to hid the dissatisfaction, she was given a summary of what to expect today and how to deal with it.

“Cheh, it may be so today, but yesterday, I was… No, I’ve been working hard since the day before yesterday, right?” (Representative)

“In that case, not just me, everyone here is working hard since the day before yesterday.” (Emily)

“Then, let’s all rest. Then, even if we leave the matter alone, someone will make us feel good.” (Representative)

If that was the case, how good it could be? Or rather, if it was possible to do so, they would do that from the beginning. The sad thing was that they had to work early in the morning after working late at night, wasn’t it?

“Well, I don’t care if you say like that, but it’s your problem if you get in trouble later, alright? Nobody will help you with the office work.” (Emily)

“Damn it. I thought that I’ve been motivated after a long time. I should be serious about the work anyway…” (Representative)

At that moment, the bitter mouth was suddenly closed because it wasn’t the right place to complain. Perhaps, everyone who was there noticed it. No matter how pretentious they were, there was no way that the guild representative didn’t notice something happened

There was a noise. It was loud. This was something that should be heard in such a town.

It was too early to judge what was it.

“…Everyone should continue to do your work. On top of that, those who know how to fight, should be more wary of the surroundings.” (Representative)

“…Feel free to tell something annoying again. Well, you don’t have to think about the bar… so, what are you going to do?” (Emily)

“For the time being, observe the surroundings and monitor the situation. I don’t think that there will be strangers who would like to fight the guild, but… if this is the case, there will be some kind of turbulence.” (Representative)

“Whatever you do, the adventurers would come, is that what you mean?” (Emily)

“Yeah. By that time, it’s going to be over.” (Representative)

“Hopefully, you’re right…” (Emily)

If the culprits purposely did it at this time, it was only natural to finish everything before the extra troubles took place. The noise just now was quite loud. If the information was delivered to the surroundings, the adventurers would come to the guild even though it happened a moment ago. However, it would take some time before the adventurers came here. The guild didn’t know what the culprits were trying to do, but… depending on the time, there was a good chance that the adventurers wouldn’t be in time.

Especially, when they were doing something else at this moment.

“So, is it alright for you to say such a thing leisurely?” (Emily)

“No matter what we do, we don’t have enough manpower or fighting power. Well, maybe we will be fine. I mean whatever is going to happen. It’s just a hunch though.” (Representative)

He said it without caring too much, but that place that was filled with tensed atmosphere was momentarily relaxed. Everyone knew how reliable the intuition of this guild representative.

Emily was also the same, but she still let out a sigh.

“You may be right, but… in the end, it doesn’t change the fact that you are leaving things to other people.” (Emily)

“Well, isn’t that fine? As long as they solve the problem.” (Representative)

He was right, but that didn’t come for free.

Since Emily knew that this was inevitable, she let out another sigh. What she thought at the same time was a person who might have been caught in the hunch of the representative.

Maybe, it was those people…

“The question is whether they are related to this situation or not, no?” (Emily)

“If they are there, I’m grateful because I don’t have to do unnecessary things anymore. However, that will make my effort so far wasted.” (Representative)

“It doesn’t matter because you’re not doing much today.” (Emily)

Speaking of problems, there was only one. The representative said that the matter would be solved if the guild left it alone, but… that was merely talking about the result.

His intuition was a foresight in a way, but the reliability was high. Because of that, he was able to obtain the position of the guild representative. That was why it was a matter of trust, but… as mentioned earlier, it was merely concerning the result.

While the matter would be resolved, it wasn’t synonymous with the ending without incident. It was quite possible that someone got hurt or killed along the way.

Nonetheless, there was nothing Emily could do about that. Speaking of what she could do, she just had to think about the possibility that the commotion was irrelevant to the fact that the guild were putting blockade in the town at this moment, and proceeded with the work that had been allocated to her.

Still, she sighed to pray that everything would be solved without incident.



Hans, the owner of a glasshouse in the north side, heard the noise when preparing breakfast. He didn’t stop his hand since he was preparing the breakfast. (TLN: Glasshouse = 硝子亭)

If he was asked the reason, there wasn’t even thirty minutes until the scheduled time when those four should come back. The breakfast Hans made was simple, but not shoddy. He couldn’t stop his hands pointlessly because of such a commotion.

Of course, it would be a lie if he didn’t care at all. If he wasn’t mistaken, what he heard was an explosion of something. Moreover, he felt that the explosion was nearby, so he couldn’t care less.

However, he still had work to do… and even if something was happening, it had nothing to do with him. He had only one concern, but that was probably his imagination.

Yes, the girl also have said that. The girl, or his daughter happened to get lost, and fortunately, she wasn’t taken away by someone.


“…Hmm?” (Hans)

And when he was thinking such a thing, he suddenly heard the sound of a small bell. It was set up at the reception desk of the inn to inform that there were visitors.

However, he didn’t think that there were any other customers coming in this situation. So, Hans leaned over and headed for the reception once he stopped making breakfast.

He wasn’t surprised at the appearance he saw there, because he had some premonition. Oh yes, how he should say about this… it was just an excuse to say otherwise. He was half convinced about it. In other words, it was an evidence that he didn’t want to accept it.

He really thought about this from the beginning, and… that was the reason he wanted to leave this town. However, in the end, he did everything slowly and it was a wasted effort.

“Hey, it’s been a long time. I don’t need to say what kind of business I have here, right? Should you give back the weapons we created?” (??)

Even so, he turned around and ran, but it was useless. After a moment, his body was lifted up, and he was directly hammered into the wall. A red black liquid came out from the back of the throat as the shock and pain ran all over the body.

“…Papa?” (Daughter)

When he turned to the voice heard, there was a figure of his daughter. She should have gone to bed again after seeing their customers off.

He wanted to tell her to run away, but when he opened his mouth, there was only a small breath leaked. He felt that footsteps coming from behind, and when he extended his arm… the hand didn’t grasp anything but merely the empty space.

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