Ex Strongest Swordsman 165 (Self Edited) – Ex Strongest, Deciding the Plan for the Next Day


Ex Strongest, Deciding the Plan for the Next Day

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After finishing dinner, Soma’s group gathered in Soma’s room. The reporting was over, but there was still no discussion about tomorrow’s plan. Actually, it was fine if they talked about in the dining hall as it was, but they would become a nuisance when they thought about it. That was why they were in Soma’s room again today.


“Today, we ended up with empty hands, isn’t it?” (Soma)

“Well, it’s just that we didn’t obtain any new information.” (Stella)

“Are we going to do the same thing tomorrow?” (Felicia)

“…Yeah.” (Sheila)

Of course, there was a possibility that they would end up with empty hands again. Rather, the possibility of finding nothing was high. As long as the guild blocked the town, they must visit the guild to get out of the town. They weren’t foolish enough to let people assumed that they were  suspicious, but it was also true that they wouldn’t be able to go out in such a situation. When they considered that fact, it was even more so.

When they thought about it, they might be able to say that today was a rare opportunity, but… well, there was no use of saying that. It seemed the other side was so cautious.

When this happened, the other side might be able to hide themselves, but there was also limitations on that. Plus, there seemed to be a way in and out of the city that the guild wouldn’t have known. There was a good chance that these people went out using that method.

If the man in the black robe was involved in this situation and the other side realized it, there wasn’t always one way out. In fact, it would be unnatural to think that there was only one way out. In any case, it was highly likely that the other side could go outside even if in the current situation.

In other words, even if tomorrow ended in vain, it wasn’t in vain in the truest sense. They just had to wait until the other person took action.

Perhaps, the same applied to the guild. They were sure that the guild was aware of the loophole. Soma hadn’t told the guild what he had heard from Felicia and others yet, but he guessed that was the extent they could do today.

Then, it would be the time to leave the matter to the guild, but if that happened, they would feel bored. Since the guild was motivated, they should leave the matter to them, but… as expected, they couldn’t do that. In that case, they should leave the matter to the guild when this situation started.

Other than searching around the town, it was probably impossible for the guild to search outside the town. It turned out today that there were no clues to anything else, but more importantly, it was the extermination of dangerous monsters. It was true that the town inhabitants didn’t go outside, but at least some people came to the town from outside.

In order to prevent those people from being attacked, it was necessary to look around the outside.

“If that’s Soma’s role, I feel something not right about it.” (Felicia)

“Well, if there’s no other person who can do it, that would be inevitable. Besides, it’s just right to do this job.” (Soma)

When Soma said that and looked at the sword that stood on the side of his bed, the three of them were also looking at the same thing. It seemed that they had finally noticed it.

“Aah, come to think of it, you send that out for repair, right? You’ve already gone to get it back.” (Felicia)

“…How’s the feeling?” (Sheila)

“I just received it when I came back from the guild, but when I looked at it, it’s probably more or less as I expected.” (Soma)

“…In that case, are you expecting a new sword to be made?” (Sheila)

“Yes… to be honest, I think I can expect a lot.” (Soma)

The blacksmith also said that his motivation was increased by repairing Soma’s sword. He told Soma that he couldn’t give it to him right away, but he was saying that it would be just right to spend some time to make it. Even if Soma said it was fine, the expectation was going to be more.

“Taking more time is likely to cost us more money… Well, although it’s common saying, I’m a bit concerned. But if you can do something good with it, you don’t have to worry about it, Soma-san.” (Felicia)

“You’re right, but don’t worry about it. It was just self-satisfaction.” (Soma)

“The way you tell me about the blacksmith makes it easy to imagine what kind of person he is. Well, how much the cost is it likely to be?” (Steina)

“Well… he didn’t tell me the price. He isn’t sure that it would be a satisfactory sword, so he would decide the price after it is made.” (Soma)

“Well, that is that, but don’t you feel worried? I mean, you can say that it depends on his mood, isn’t it?” (Felicia)

“There’s also a possibility that you’ll be ripped off.” (Steina)

“I don’t think I’m worried about that. Well, I’m going to have enough money, and if I don’t have enough, I’ll just earn money from the guild’s requests.” (Soma)

Anyhow, as Soma said, he wasn’t really worried about that. Perhaps, he would only be charged only to the extent that the material cost was added according to its market price.

Rather, there was a possibility that the blacksmith might not be satisfied with the amount of money he had. It was impossible to pay only this amount.

“…By the way, what if you have a surplus?” (Sheila)

“The price depends on how much he could offer like how far the value of the sword or something. If I’m satisfied with his workmanship and the labor, I might have to pay a lot. I may be able to use it for a long time.” (Soma)

(Thank you for reading at bayabuscotranslation.com)

“I feel like that you are fully aware of what will happen at that point, isn’t it?” (Felicia)

“Well, is it just your imagination?” (Soma)

Soma shrugged his shoulders to Steina and Felicia who looked at him with astonished expressions. He was just a person who paid the right price. There was also no problem with that.

“Well, leaving that aside, is it fine to say that we will do the same thing tomorrow?” (Soma)

“I don’t have any objection, but… I feel like I want to do something more.” (Felicia)

“Hmm… what do you mean?” (Soma)

“…Something like searching around in the early morning tomorrow?” (Felicia)

“Aah… that may be the case, isn’t it? I’m sure the guild isn’t yet able to verify the situation, so, I think that that’s enough for now.” (Steina)

“I see… you have a point there. If it’s too early, the gate will not open… Well, we can just look around.” (Soma)

“In that case… if we’re going to do it very early, shall we start at dawn?” (Felicia)

“…Sure, I think that’s fine.” (Sheila)

“Now is the right time to sleep. Anyhow, there’s nothing to do, so there’s no problem to sleep.” (Felicia)

That was what happened.

If anything, Felicia’s words were similar to everyone’s intention. Since they were doing it with great pains, even though they weren’t doing the same thing, it was somehow felt contrived. They didn’t really think that something would happen…

“…Now. What should I do about it…?” (Soma)

“Soma-san? Is there something you care about?” (Felicia)

“Hmm? No… if the guild was thinking the same as us, we would be treated as suspicious people.” (Soma)

“Aah… that’s possible because of today’s mood.” (Steina)

“…That time is that time?” (Sheila)

“Well, there’s nothing wrong with that, so I think there’s no problem.” (Soma)

Their appearances were actually quite suspicious.

While saying such things, he shrugged his shoulders. Then, he looked out of the window. Something did happened as Soma squinted his eyes when he looked beyond the window.



“Does it come back after all?” (Man A)

In the dark of the night, those words were heard from the whisper. Then the man turns his gaze to the surroundings, but there was no usual face there. He squinted while looking at the face of the only person who was there.

“Hmm… did something happened outside?” (Man B)

“That would be correct, but what is the reason for the problem?” (Man A)

The original purpose was to confirm whether the operation was going well or not. At first, he went to check with his own yes and confirmed that he was successful, but after that, he only confirmed that the magic tool was working. He went to confirm because there might be a problem in the event of an emergency.

There wouldn’t be a problem if the tool was attacked by monsters. It felt hurt to lose the life of someone who was his subordinate, but if that was the case, there was no need to worry that their plan would be leaked.

The worst was someone looked at him and thought that he was suspicious. At that time, there was a possibility that their actions would be exposed.

“I don’t think he’s the kind of person who talks about us for his own life…” (Man B)

“I know. But, if that guy is forced to confess regardless of his own will, we won’t be able to do anything.” (Man A)

To prevent the plan from being leaked, he had given that guy a drug that put him in a coma, but its effectiveness would only last for one whole day. Even if he was really caught, he would wake up only after everything was over.

“…What should we do? Should we… cancel the plan?” (Man B)

“Of course not. There’s no change in the plan. To begin with, we only need to kidnap a small girl. Don’t we have enough manpower and capabilities?” (Man A)

“Hah… then, just to be sure, do you want to speed up the time? I think that we will still be in time if we do it now.” (Man B)

“Hmm…” (Man A)

When he casually looked out of the window, it was already late at night. There were still a few hours until it dawns.

In his original plan, the assault was at the same time as dawn. He thought that time because it was the most effective as the town wasn’t awake yet.


“No… I’ll delay the plan.” (Man A)

“Delay is it? Why?” (Man B)

“I wonder if there are people with weird taste staying in that inn today.” (Man A)

“Yes, that should be. If I remember correctly, there are at least three people.” (Man B)

“…At least? Does that mean that you haven’t confirmed it yet?” (Man A)

“Y-yes… two of the three were covered the whole body with a robe, but they were children I think… please forgive me!” (Man B)

“…It’s fine. They are the ones who want to stay at a place like that. It’s not a big deal anyway.” (Man A)

However, the number was a number. It wasn’t necessary to cause unnecessary noise.

If it was done perfectly, he could ignore them, but in terms of war potentials, he had lost the second confidant. Even though he thought that a single person should be enough for this, he had to be careful.

“Is that so… I understand. I’m going to let everyone know.” (Man B)

“Yes, I leave it to you.” (Man A)

“Got it…” (Man B)

The man exhaled a little while looking down at his subordinate’s head. He squinted his eyes for a moment, but immediately turned his gaze out of the window.

“It’s a shame that I’m not able to share the joy with that guy. Oh well… that can’t be helped. What… the same thing as before was just repeated. Yes, that’s all there is to it. But, this is for the last time.” (Man A)

While whispering, the man grasped what was in his pocket and put some strength. Then…

“With this thing… I’m sure I can give it to you as a gift! …Wait for it, former hero. Now, we are…!” (Man B)

He, then, looked beyond the window as if he was challenging someone.



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