Ex Strongest Swordsman 134 (Self Edited) – Ex Strongest, Facing the Forest God


Ex Strongest, Facing the Forest God

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While looking at the Forest God that was literally blown away before him, Soma smacked his lips. It was because the response that had been transmitted through his sword was too light. The feeling he got was as if it was the inside of a hollowed log and it was smashed.

When he squinted at it, it seemed that most of the things in sight were actually pieces of wood. Even so, he didn’t remember such a response if those were really parts of its body. In other words, they were something far from its main body.

Perhaps, not much damage was done. On the contrary, Soma wasn’t surprised that didn’t affect too much.

He was wondering what it was the moment he saw it, but it seemed that existence was close to a conceptual existence. Its shape didn’t bring any meaning, and same goes to the destroyed parts. To defeat it, he needed something more than a physical attack. It wasn’t an exaggeration to call that existence a God.

Anyhow, Soma didn’t have time to go through all that stuff, so he preferred to break the shape for the time being. It was more convenient for him to help someone who was being attacked, but for some reason, the person he saved was looking at him in a daze. He held her before she fell down to the ground, and he confirmed that she wasn’t injured…

“Felicia? What’s wrong?” (Soma)

“…Soma-san… is it? Eh… why are you… here…?” (Felicia)

When Soma asked, such replies were returned.

Soma shrugged his shoulders at Felicia, who looked stunned if she saw something incredible. Rather, he didn’t expect to be told like that as he was looked with such eyes.

“What’s with that face? If you asked for help, I’m going to help you. Didn’t I promise you that?” (Soma)

To be honest, he blew that thing away at the last minute, but it wasn’t necessary to tell her that. There was no need to worry about the other side though.

“…Surely, the promise had been made, but… could it… just because of that…?” (Felicia)

“It may be a bit different if I have to say that is the only reason…” (Soma)

Soma felt that it was suspicious at the beginning, and he was sure of it along the way. That was why he promised her that, but…

“I don’t need another reason to help you, am I right?” (Soma)

He promised to help her. That was why he came to help. In the end of the day, that was the only reason. Then, when he asked to help, he helped. It was true, there was nothing else.

Well, if Felicia didn’t ask for help, that would be another story.

“Why? That… this… are… you a fool…?” (Felicia)

“Hmm… if you think of me being a fool, that may be the case…” (Soma)

At least, Soma was sure that he wasn’t a smart person. There might be a better way to do this, and if he was smart, he might not have to do the thing he did earlier.

But then, he didn’t mind being a fool.

“Well, let’s leave the talk whether I’m a fool or not. For the time being, we can’t lose focus, you know?” (Soma)

“…That’s right.” (Felicia)

(Thank you for reading at bayabuscotranslation.com)

Soma turned around while giving a glance to Felicia whose body became stiffened. The presence of the Forest God that he had been feeling from a moment ago was clearly becoming thicker. It had no intention of giving up, and it seemed that there was even anger.

However, that was something that Soma wanted. Either way, he wondered what it would be like to be withdrew back as it was. That was synonymous to running away, but he wasn’t going to let this matter ended in that way.

Ahead of Soma who had been thinking so, that existence began to take shape again. However, it is a different form from the one he saw earlier.

The previous one was in the shape of a person. Although it was limited to the upper body, the shape was ill-formed as well. It had the shape of both arms and head, but it wasn’t possible to call it a humanoid type.

However, that was…

“Hmm… whether this represents its true nature or whatever I should call it… you used to call this a God, didn’t you?” (Soma)

“There is no change in giving us the blessing. Besides, you’re not only going to revere the God, isn’t it?” (Felicia)

“I’m sure that you revere it, but… I would like to be honest with you.” (Soma)

The place where they were was an open space in the forest. There was something like an altar in the middle of the open space, but now, the situation had change from moment to moment.

It was already obvious at the time of its appearance. It was because the extent of the open space was spreading so clearly that it could be seen at a glance.

However, to be exact, that was also not correct. What was that happening? It was obvious that the shape of that thing was swallowing the surrounding trees from the ground.

Its body, which had already reached ten meters and was still growing. It was shaped by soil, sand, and many other plants.

“It is suitable to call it the Forest God. As if it could be said that every tree here is yours…” (Soma)

Perhaps, that might be true. If Soma’s senses weren’t wrong, it felt like the presence of the Forest God was no spreading throughout the forest. Speaking of which, that was its original condition before it was put to sleep.

It was hard to believe if that was normal, but if it was from the other side, that wasn’t strange at all. Moreover, the story that Sheila told him before affirmed that thought. He was told that the moment the Elves literally stepped out of the forest, they would lose their power.

With that in mind, the possibility of the Forest God was an approximately equal existence to the Elf Forest was high. Even so, why the Forest God didn’t try to deal Soma and Felicia directly? It was probably because their existence was too enormous.

If it was in human analogy, it was something like manipulating every cell with own will. That was why the Forest God was creating its body now.

In other words, it had decided it needed to do that much.

“That degree of appearance may be enough, but… we will know once it does something.” (Soma)

“Eh…? Could it be that… you are trying to fight it?” (Felicia)

“Yeah? Isn’t it obvious? Perhaps I should say that I came here for that purpose?” (Soma)

“That is… yeah, could be, but…” (Felicia)

While they were talking, that thing kept increasing its size. When it reached about fifty meters, it finally stopped. It wasn’t just getting bigger. Moreover, it was also obvious that thick presence came from there. Perhaps, its power was about half the power of the Evil God fragment of the other day.

However, it couldn’t be underestimated. Kurt didn’t use all of the fragment’s power, but the strength displayed by it was originally its own strength. Soma didn’t need to compare which one was stronger.

Felicia would have felt that power. Her face turned pale, her body was trembling, but… she tightened her lips as if she had decided something.

From the mouth of Soma who was watching her, an astonished sigh naturally leaked out.

“Felicia, will you stop thinking about sacrificing your own life just to seal it?” (Soma)

“Uh… I mean, it’s inevitable, isn’t it? Just now, I surely thought that I didn’t want to die, and U an grateful for your help. It’s just that… there is no way you can win. In that case, I…” (Felicia)

While trembling, Felicia still gazed upon Soma with eyes full of determination, but… as for Soma, he had no choice other than to sigh and shrugged his shoulders. Goodness…

“I think it’s fine if you believe me a bit more. There is no way I can be defeated by the opponent of that degree, you know?” (Soma)

The opponent was certainly mighty. Unlike the other day, this was different because he had no leeway since he didn’t have a trump card. So, he couldn’t afford to be careless.

However… That was it.

Surely, that thing was holding the power enough to be called a God. However, it was only to the extent that it was close to God when compared to normal human beings. It was far from the real God.

Although it was called a God, it was an imitation in the end. It would be like a low-quality imitation at best.

Perhaps, it was technically called the Demi-God. It was the same kind of Angel-like existence, which he once met.

At any rate…

“It is fine to feel relief. Whichever is higher, I’m just going to beat that thing from now on.” (Soma)

When Soma told her that, he ran toward the Forest God in a straight line.

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