Ex Strongest Swordsman 133 (Self Edited) – The Witch and the Forest God


The Witch and the Forest God

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Soma, who rushes ahead, felt through his skin that the presence of the Forest God or something had been growing. It wasn’t simply because he was approaching there. In fact, even if he stopped his feet, the presence continued to grow.

The seal might have been completely released.

“Hmm… Nevertheless, there are too many things sealed in this world, isn’t it?” (Soma)

This was the third time already. It would be more natural to think that such things existed in various places, rather than just thinking that they were in such places. He wondered how dangerous this world was.

“…No, isn’t this better than the Dragon God or the other pillar of Gods?” (Soma)

While thinking about those… he suddenly looked back. Something went through his mind just a while ago.

Then, he let out a sigh.

“Goodness, what a troublesome siblings.” (Soma)

It looked like the number of people later he had to scold had increased by one. He needed to give at least a punch to each of them.

“…Well, the older sister is disqualified since the younger sister cried, right?” (Soma)

As Soma said so, he turned forward and ran again.



Felicia was there alone in the forest, meditating with her hands closed and praying.  She wasn’t really praying, nor was trying to use Curse. She was doing it simply because she was bored.

What was right in front of her was something like an altar. A spherical light was floating in the center, and the light flickers repeatedly like a pulse. A sound like a heartbeat also resounded on the spot.

The intervals between the sounds were gradually shortened, and the speed of flickering was also increasing. Although Felicia only heard the sound because she was closing her eyes… she understood that it would appear soon without anyone told her.

The Forest God. The owner of the altar was the Forest God, and it was an existence worshipped by the Elves. And from now on, Felicia was the one who would give her life by the ritual.

Speaking of the ritual, it was just a human sacrifice. However, Felicia didn’t feel dissatisfied. It might be even said that she was satisfied.

She knew that it was a meaningful end. Just like how Felicia’s mother was.

Felicia L. or Leonhart Waldstein was a so-called half-Elf. It was a mixed-blooded child between a High Elf father and a Witch mother.

However, there was no causal relationship between this and Felicia’s being a witch. The proof was that the related siblings by blood, Sheila, was an ordinary elf.

Well, Sheila was Sheila. Although she was an Elf, she couldn’t use magic simply because her talent specialized in katana. While having exceptional abilities, it wasn’t easy to have other talents when she had Special Rank skill. What made this possible was the ability to go beyond the human body.

Anyway, that was why Felicia knew about the Witch very well. Although it was only a few years, they had been spending time together in the Witch forest and had been taught many things. The last thing taught was… the meaning of granting wish came true.

‘A Witch can’t fulfill her wish as a Curse.’

This was what mentioned before, but strictly speaking, it wasn’t true. That was because it was possible to fulfill own wish in exchange for her own life. Basically, it was the end of the Witch.

Witches were the enemies of the world, but in reality, they were rarely killed by anyone. The reason was simple. It was too much to kill them.

Even though it required a price, it was possible to grant someone’s wish, sometimes even by distorting the logic. There would be no one who couldn’t understand its usefulness.

However, that was why the Witches were concealed. Witches were useful to everyone, but their power was also finite. If no one could make the wish came true, the power would be for themselves.

At the same time, they were concealed. if their existence was revealed, they would be denounced from those who think they were no good. Even though everyone recognized its usefulness, there was no difference that the Witches are the enemies of the world.

Again, it would be another story if the person herself was happy about it. No. Perhaps, it should be said in that way? Even if they weren’t killed, they weren’t necessary be able to live like ordinary people.

That could be qualified as dying. In general, the Witches died by making their own wish came true, but that wish wasn’t necessarily what they really hope for. It was extremely rare, but sometimes the wish was executed. If their shelter was leaked, they would be taken advantage by having them granting wishes until they died. That was in order to publicize that they had killed the enemy of the world.

In this regard, it could be said that Felicia was very human and was able to spend a happy life. She could live with her mother for several years, and she could meet her family member once a month, even though it was only a few hours. It was more than enough to be called a human. No one else would say anything.

So, this was her own wish. Her wish was to save everyone, including her family.

The existence of the Forest God was the source of power that gave strength to the Elves. That was why it was worshipped, but… its awakening means the destruction of the Elves. The reason was that Forest God ate the Elves.

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Rather than due to the appetite, this action itself was treated as a luxury. However, there was also a record that the number of the Elves was reduced to half once because of that. It was said to it would wipe their race, and to prevent that, the Forest God was sealed.

The reason why such a thing gave power to the Elves in the first place was unknown. There was also a theory that it didn’t give power, but only the Elves were affected. Unfortunately, it was one of the things that hadn’t been clarified yet. More importantly, Felicia could never know the answer.

Then, she would grant a wish here. In order to seal the Forest God again. This time, the wish was that the existence would never wake up again. In exchange of her life…

Everything of the ritual this time was only that. Once the seal made had been released, the life of the Elves was necessary to seal it again. That was why the Elves use sealing techniques.

But to do so, it was calculated that half of the existing Elves were necessary for that purpose. Perhaps, they couldn’t seal it, but that was out of the question. If they didn’t seal it, they would be eaten by the Forest God, and… they didn’t have a choice to move from this forest.

It was because of this forest that the Elves were now able to maintain their neutrality. Once the Elves got out of the forest, they were nothing but the kind of people who were good at magic. That didn’t mean they would easily allow themselves to be beaten. It was even more so because there was something else to consider.

In the end, the only way for the Elves to survive was nothing but to seal the Forest God. Even at the expense of half  of their race. To be honest, it should be that way.

Fortunately, the Elves had another way left. About forty years ago, with the wish of the Witch and the dedication of the chief at that time, the crisis of their race was averted. It was also predicted that this time, the seal could be applied better if it was done with the Witch’s wish.

When Felicia heard it, she nodded without hesitation. She had almost no chance to meet all the Elves, but she knew what they wanted. Although the food was delivered once a month…

For that reason, she thought that she only had to sacrifice herself. Perhaps, it was also because she had been preparing for such a day to come.

And that was today. That was all there was to it.

‘So… So…’

“…” (Felicia)

At that moment, the sound of a loud heartbeat reverberated, and all of the thoughts just disappeared. She forgot what she was thinking, and when she absentmindedly opened her eyes… it was there.

The light suddenly disappeared, and there was something that she didn’t understand well instead. However, at the same time, she could understand something else from the bottom of her heart at first glance.

That was the Forest God.

“…” (Felicia)

Felicia was looking at something that she didn’t understand. She instinctively thought that it was its arm. She didn’t even think of trying to run away.

It wasn’t because it was related to the ritual. It was merely because of fear.

Felicia, who had sent the aura of the Forest God when she was young, was imprinted with the thought that it was fear to the Elves. Just by feeling its sign of the resurrection, the Elves could no longer remain calm. So, it was normal as this was something that she had felt before.

It might be good in a sense. The Witch must die at that moment in order to make her own wish came true.

Even though Felicia’s outward appearance was close to the human race, she still had the blood of the Elf. Moreover, the blood that flowed within her was the blood of a High Elf. As for the Forest God, she was supposed to be as good as a feast.

Whether Felicia understood that fact, she was unreservedly grabbed by the Forest God. The body creaked, and the pain ran.

“…” (Felicia)

But, it was only a short time. As soon as that arm was pulled back, she was hanging in the air.

There was a floating for a moment, and then, she was falling.

“…Eh?” (Felicia)

The question that came to mind immediately resolved. It was because the answer was there.

Perhaps, at the head of that thing… there was a place that seemed to be the mouth, which was opened wide. Her body was falling as if she was getting sucked in.

“…Ah.” (Felicia)

The moment she saw that empty space, various things came into her mind. There were so many things to the point that she was unable to understand.

Nevertheless… There was only one thing I remembered clearly.

That promise. It was said three days ago.

If she faced any troubles…

She thought that at the moment. It was kept within her heart… The truth was she had been thinking about it for a long time.

‘I don’t want to die.’

“Save…” (Felicia)

Her body was trembling until it looked unsightly. Her vision was blurred until it looked miserable.

The only thing that came to her mind was the boy who lived together with her for only a month. It was very pathetic… and yet… perhaps, that was why she didn’t want to die.

“…Save me, please.” (Felicia)

However, the voice sounded empty…

“…Got it.” (Soma)

Together with a thunderous roar, that existence was blown away.

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