Ex Strongest Swordsman 135 (Self Edited) – The Day the God Gave In


The Day the God Gave In

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If Felicia thought about it, that was the first time she saw a battle properly.

When her mother took her outside the barrier, there was no actual act of fighting in the first place. Although they had encountered the monsters, her mother made them sleep immediately by some means. There was never a fighting-like battle to be fought.

For several years after moving to the Witch Forest, Felicia has never seen a battle. She had occasionally heard from her sister, but that was about it. As for Felicia, fighting was something to be avoided. She recognized it to be something really scary.

She couldn’t say that judgment was a mistake. Fighting and killing weren’t the same thing, but speaking of what happened on the spot, it was almost synonymous. Those who knew, were hurt, suffered, and killed in the end. It was reasonable to think that she didn’t want to see such a scene.

That was a definite future for Felicia. Soma saved her earlier, but it didn’t mean that she didn’t believe in him.

That wasn’t a problem either. The fear that had been imprinted from an early age was enough to swallow such a pale feeling easily. From the sign of swelling and concentrated air, she could only feel the scent of death.

Hence, even on the back of Soma, who went against the Forest God with fearless words and smiles, Felicia still couldn’t feel nothing but despair. Yes, she thought that she should die just like that without instinctively thinking that she wanted to live. She didn’t think that such action would be able to do anything in exchange for her own life… But if she did die, at least Soma would be saved.

She thought that while looking at his back. As if every thought was a joke, about a third of that fifty meters existence was abruptly disappeared. Moreover, it didn’t end with that alone. In the next moment, the remaining half was blown away. It was unsatisfying like a toy smashed by a God who had grown tired of.

“…What?” (Felicia)

Certainly, Felicia had never seen a battle. Since she had never seen it, she didn’t know.

However, she at least knew enough that what was happening in front of her was something impossible. Therefore, it was normal for that astonished voice leaked out from her mouth.

However, it wasn’t that Soma had done something that wasn’t well understood. Rather, what Soma did was extremely simple.

The appearance that the Forest God showed by changing just before was something difficult to describe. It could be said that the God gathered soil, sand and plants in one place and compacted them forcibly. That existence stood with the size of fifty meters. There were innumerable things grown mainly from plants in all directions which was neither proper arms nor tentacles.

Even monsters maintained the least of its appearance. However, even that fact was ignored, what should be called a monster, slammed its countless tentacles to Soma who was heading toward it.

That was a simple thing to do, and Soma also did something simple. The sword in his hand was swung forward, just before the tentacles were hit. That was all.

With only that, a third of the Forest God’s body was erased in the next moment. There was nothing strange about what he did. But, the phenomenon that happened was beyond understanding.

It was also obvious that the next moment Soma swung his sword, the remaining half disappeared. In fact, that wasn’t the Forest God’s suicide bombing. In other words, Soma was just swinging his  sword, and it was causing that much. She didn’t understand the meaning at all.

However, it was up to that point that Felicia had thought such things leisurely. It wasn’t that the Forest God did something… No, was that correct in a sense? Perhaps, the Forest didn’t intend to harm Felicia. It wasn’t like a passerby who was concerned about the roadside stones.

[—!!!] (Forest God)

She wasn’t uncertain, but it was scared. It wasn’t that she could recognize the sound. Obviously, she didn’t know what it said.

However, at that moment, only the intention was clearly conveyed. The appearance created was destroyed in an instant… Surely, it was anger of it.

Or maybe it was a sense of why it was disturbed, including the things before that. But in any case, it is clear that was the cause. Felicia clearly realized that his heart stopped beating.

“…!?” (Felicia)

She couldn’t breathe. She opened her mouth and closed it, but there was no air came out. That was probably the aftermath. The point where it was hit was Soma… No, maybe it might just be anger in the first place. So there was no intention to do anything else, but to do just that.

Yes, no matter how it looked like, it was still a God. So, it was wrong to think that it was possible to defeat it.

“…Too loud. At least, speak in human language.” (Soma)

It was never said in a loud voice. On the contrary, it is surely only a small one.

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However, for some reason Felicia heard him clearly. The heart beating, that had stopped, resumed, and the breath was inhaled… As for the forest God, it was natural that the remaining of the Forest God’s body had disappeared.

[—–!!?!?] (Forest God)

The screams, that were beaten, up again, but this time, her breathing and beating didn’t stopped. Perhaps, that scream didn’t only contain anger. It was shocked… or maybe, it was scared.

[—!!!] (Forest God)

However, its body was rebuilt in an instant with a cry, as if it didn’t want to give in. It took some time when it did that earlier, but this time, it happened instantly.

Moreover, the size was fifty percent bigger than before…

“Dear me. If you make your body like that, it will only make my aim become bigger. I don’t know what you say, but I guess you are a God-like existence, yes?” (Soma)

At that moment, everything disappeared with a swing from Soma.

It was completely like the previous swing, as if he was just in a wait-and-see mode.  As Felicia, it was time to stop being dumbfounded.

“…I knew that you aren’t an ordinary person, from the dragon incident that time, but…” (Felicia)

Somehow, that was the only truth. Well, it was impossible to predict this.

And in that very moment, even Felicia was able to understand it. To put it simply… it was about who was stronger. The Forest God didn’t seem to recognize that. Nevertheless, it didn’t give in, probably because it was due to obstinacy.

It had some kind of purpose, but it wasn’t necessary to think beyond that. Whether its source of thought was based on the same standard value of theirs would be another story, but… it would be obvious what would happen if its purpose involved Soma.

However, it didn’t pull back. There was also a possibility that it was still in the mode of wait-and-see, but at least, Felicia didn’t feel that way. It was because the intention was projected when it shouted immediately after. No matter how she thought, the Forest God was startled.

[—!!!] (Forest God)

Whether it learned that its body would only be destroyed instantly if it created the body, only those like tentacles grew countlessly from the ground and they were attacking Soma all at once. Even in a glance, it was obvious to Felicia that each of them had a formidable power.

It might be the strength that had been used to create the body earlier was directed to those tentacles. Felicia felt the fear and anxiety that grasped her heart just by looking at it. Possibly, if one of them turned around, she would die easily.

But, Felicia did not actually worry about the fact of her being killed. Besides, she also thought that it might kill Soma.

The reason was simple. Looking at the tentacles hurling toward him, Soma exuded a sigh of relief…

“It’s better than before, but… do you still not know the difference in competence? Well, I’ll just keep going until you know what I’m talking about.” (Soma)

Then, he jumped and cut all of it as it was natural.

There was no danger at all. On the contrary, she felt there was a leeway. Far from that, the tentacles kept growing without giving up, but the conclusion still didn’t change. All of them were cut effortlessly, and Soma just exhaled as if he was astonished.

From there onwards, it was as if it were an illusion of repeating the same thing, or if it was seen in a play.

Although there are occasional mixed schemes, the attack methods of the tentacles were limited. Basically, it was just a blow, or the tip was sharpened and stabbed, but the difference was only to that extent. The angle and the speed to do it changed, sometimes it gathered up, sometimes it made a time lag, but all of them were meaningless. Everything was blown away, and Soma hardly moved from the spot.

It was just an overwhelming power difference … but Felicia didn’t think that was the only reason.

There was no doubt about the difference in ability. The question was elsewhere… in other words, there was no need for Soma to imitate it.

Since there was an overwhelming difference in competence, he should settle it quickly. That was one of the reasons why Felicia thought that this was like a play. It looked as if Soma was showing off, and she felt uncomfortable. Soma was somehow not the type to do such things.

Or rather, Soma was definitely a type that was only interested in practical use. If he didn’t have to… or even if he had to, he wouldn’t like to imitate. So, why did he do such a thing now?

“…Is there a reason? Then, why is the point of doing that to Soma?” (Felicia)

She showed herself for an instant as the foolish idea passed her mind, but that was just a foolish idea. There was no such thing. She let out a sigh that looked like she had lose interest, but she was too late to notice it.

At the end of her view, there was a reaction of a small movement. When she turned around, there was something familiar. She couldn’t help but to remember. It was the same as the tentacles that had been attacking Soma until now.

However, its size would be less than one tenth. But at the same time, it was more than enough to kill her.

She wondered why it was abruptly to be here, but she immediately convinced. The Forest God wasn’t necessarily interested in Felicia. So it decided that killing Felicia would make Soma upset.

Even Felicia did not know whether she was correct, but it would not be a bad decision. At least, there was no reason not to try. When Felicia understood that, she didn’t think about what to do next.

It was a mistake to even consider it. There was no way to get around it.

However, it was also wrong to ask Soma for help. That was because she would become a hindrance to Soma.

Therefore, there was only one conclusion. After all, it was obvious that her fate wouldn’t change…

“–I see. It seems like you really want to die.” (Soma)

In the moment, her heart jumped.

The voice can be heard immediately from the side, and at about the same time, the tentacle that was heading toward her disappeared without a trace. In addition, even the ground ahead was gouged and blown away.

While producing a thunderous roar that represented the mind of the person who caused it, a clear voice reached Felicia’s ears without being mixed up with the noise.

“If that is the case, I will no longer hold back. If I overdo this… well, I have no choice but to apologize to everyone at that time. Pray that you will survive with great luck.” (Soma)

Felicia knew that his voice wasn’t directed to her, but her body cowered.

Perhaps, it was because she knew. The anger that contained within his voice… even if it was just a little bit, it was something that he had to do by himself. Soma might be angry because she gave up her life and she didn’t try to call for help.

She was sorry about that… and while remembering something embarrassing like that…

“–I am the blade that pierces the heavens and shatters the Earth.” (Soma)

With a vague premonition that this would be the end, Felicia was just looking at Soma as his arm was swung down at the edge of his field of vision.

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