Ex Strongest Swordsman 132 (Self Edited) – The Older Sister and the Younger Sister


The Older Sister and the Younger Sister

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Somehow, there was a premonition. Sheila knew that the moment she felt a violent jolt, someone would come here forcibly…… There was no other person who would do such a thing. Of course, she didn’t know that Soma was here. It was rather why he would be here actually, but… when she thought of Soma, she was convinced.

However, that was that, this was this.

She wouldn’t ask why he was here. It would be a lie if she told that she wasn’t interested in the matter, like why he was here, but that wasn’t something she could ask now.

Whatever Sheila needed to do, still didn’t change.

“Hmm……. You seem to be very motivated.” (Soma)

“…Yes, of course.” (Sheila)

That was because this was Sheila’s role. The role was directly entrusted by her older brother who was also the chief. It was something that she could not think of it in the past, which was all about taking care of everyone. In that case she couldn’t afford not to fulfill it.

“Hmm… I see. Dear me, I think I need to present another punch after this…” (Soma)

“…?” (Sheila)

Soma, who was looking at her, abruptly muttered something that she didn’t understand, and let out a sigh. It’s kind of a weird atmosphere somewhere, but… soon after, it changed completely. Although she had never tried to match with him, the eyes that were caught in the field of vision, were narrowed.

“…Uh.” (Sheila)

At the moment, Soma’s consciousness was switched. She knew it even though it was unpleasant. It was as if her heart was grabbed tight… or perhaps, she was struck by an illusion where a blade was swung against her throat. What she felt there was a clear meaning of death.

“Well, if it comes to this, I also have no choice but to do it seriously.” (Soma)

That being said, Soma wasn’t particularly taking battle posture.

However, Sheila knew. That was the way Soma was supposed to be. So, as the word mentioned, Soma intended to do it seriously.

“…Yes, as you wish.” (Sheila)

It was rather only so. It must be so. There was nothing else to it…

“…” (Sheila)

Sheila repeated her breathing slowly to calm my mind, and she was carefully looked at the situation. The distance between then was about ten meters.

However, it was almost as if there was no such distance. That was for Sheila. In the case of Soma, it would be even more.

The size of the battlefield was twenty meters in diameter. There was no room for trickery, and Soma didn’t do anything, of course.

In short, she was unilaterally being overwhelmed. There was nothing like the advantage of the ground. As for the difference in abilities, it was a matter beyond thinking.

But… even if she couldn’t win, she couldn’t afford to lose.

The body that seemed to tremble was suppressed somehow, and the right hand was put on the handle of the sword. Sheila leaned forward with the right foot, and thrust forward while tilting her body

There was no need to utter anything. When she exhaled sharply, she kicked the ground with all her might.

“…Dividing Cut.” (Sheila)

Katana Special Rank – Divine Protection of the Forest God – Concentration of Mind – Art of Drawing Katana – Mind’s Eye: Dividing Cut.

As a distance became zero without even a second passing, the right arm was swung at the same time as stepping on the ground. She didn’t hold back at all. She used all of her strength from the start.

Rather than being sloppy, a gray color slash was moving with the killing intend

“…Uh.” (Sheila)

But the response that came back was hard, of course. A high pitched sound roared… However, she knew.

So, Sheila had already taken the next move at that time.

“–Scatter Mist.” (Sheila)

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–Katana Special Rank – Divine Protection of the Forest God – Concentration of Mind – Art of Drawing Sword – Mind’s Eye – Insight (Fake) – Continuous Attack: Scatter Mist Slash

At the moment, Sheila’s figure disappeared. It was the nature of this technique where it couldn’t be intercepted.

She had shown it to Soma once, but she hadn’t shown everything. Her appearance disappeared. It made people thought that it was an assault from the rear, but it was actually a slashing attack from an unchanging position.

The katana was put back into the sheath. Then, her right arm grasped the handle, and…

“…!?” (Sheila)

Katana Special Rank – Divine Protection of the Forest God – Presence Detection Intermediate Rank – Insight (Fake): Danger Detection.

Her instinct screamed ‘No’ at that moment.

There was something similar to chills that ran down the spine. She forced her body to the right side without going against it. As she rolled on the ground, something sharp had passed a little above her almost at the same time. If it was too late to move, she would have been killed.

But she couldn’t afford to be relieved there. As she got up so that she could leap, her right hand which was already on the grip of the katana, was swung.

Katana Special Rank – Divine Protection of the Forest God – Concentration of Mind – Mind’s Eye – Presence Blocking Low Rank – Continuous Attack: Remnant Slash – Hazy.

It was a very aggressive attack, but unfortunately, she didn’t have time to worry about it. That aggressive blow sliced the empty air, but that was already expected. The slash attack was done in order to conceal her traces moving toward Soma, but as expected, it was prevented as usual.

“…Uh.” (Sheila)

Sheila couldn’t even make a solid hit… No, she didn’t feel like she was fighting. Even though it was only a few seconds around, she felt relaxed and mentally charged. She could imagine that she would be lying on the ground if I were to flee for a while. It made her realize that Soma was serious, even if she didn’t like it.

She had meetings with Soma many times until now. She understand it because she knew when he wasn’t serious. Sheila wondered if that was intentional.

Nevertheless, even though Soma was serious, he didn’t use all of his strength. Her head must have been severed if he went all out.

Because of that, she knew. If there was only a chance, it might be ‘that’.

No matter what he said, he was nice to someone he knew. That was also amazing.

And, for the time being, Sheila thinks that she was within that category. Or else, if it is not, she should be beaten mercilessly by now.

When she thought about it, I wonder if her brother was alright even now. That guy was clumsy but that was the good point of her brother. She had no choice but to believe that he was alright.

Perhaps, she didn’t have even the slightest leeway to think about that matter in the first place. Once she got away from Soma, she adjusted her breathing in an instant and got ready again.

Even if she did this, her spirit was gradually eroded, but with the right hand holding the handle of the katana, she could withstand it somehow. While looking at Soma on the whole rather than looking at a single point, she focused her mind so that she wouldn’t miss out on every move he made.

She could be done if she lost focus even for a moment. Hence, she had to be very careful now. With that, she could do it again until Soma couldn’t bring out his strength anymore.

Of course, it wasn’t as easy as it sounded, and she knew it that much. In fact, she had a few seconds. There was no way she didn’t know.


“…I still–…” (Sheila)

She couldn’t give up.

“…” (Sheila)

Sheila tightened her lips and jumped to where Soma was in one go.

From there, the scene like the previous rehash spread over and over again. To be honest, it wasn’t necessary. No, it wasn’t good to be honest.

What Sheila had to do was to hold Soma here for as long for a second or longer. It would be best if the ritual was completed in the meantime, but the seal had just been released a while ago.

In this case, she couldn’t feel relieved yet. It should be at least until it became a situation where Soma couldn’t do anything. If it was so… if it was so…

“…” (Sheila)

In the accelerated thinking, Sheila just swung her sword earnestly. It was all for one purpose… to let the ritual to finish.

She knew it no matter who asked her why she needed to hold back until the end. She had decided to understand, to accept, and… she was prepared for it. So that the three siblings could be together again.

There was no other way. This world wasn’t so kind. If it was… her older sister surely wouldn’t become a Witch… that all this wouldn’t happen.

That was why this was the best resistance. Her brother desperately thought about it in order to have a better outcome among the worse outcomes.

This was a problem involving all the Elves. No matter what her brother choose, someone would suffer. Among the methods, the method that could be done with minimum sacrifice would be to let the older sister to sacrifice herself. But that was all about it.

It was easy to say that method was cruel. However, it wasn’t just that. Not only her siblings understood, every Elf also aware of it. No one could even say a word because that would be too much.

Perhaps, Sheila felt in agony more than anyone else since she knew it, so she wanted to cooperate even a little. It was the same with their parents.

However, she was sure that those people weren’t meant to die, but to live.

But, there was no other choice. Even Sheila couldn’t think of anything else. There was no way that she didn’t try. She had been improving for the sake of this matter.

But such a small confidence, was blown to pieces just felt its power. That was only a small remnant that had leaked out of the seal. Everyone would realize how powerless they were in front of that existence. Her heart was broken, but it was more than enough to be convinced that her brother was right.

Perhaps… Yes, perhaps… nevertheless, there might be something that could be done. It was still unknown whether it was possible or not unless someone was at that place and right at that time. Even though Sheila thought that would be impossible, but… if she could see a fearless appearance, she might have made another decision.

However, he wasn’t there at that time. Even if he left this place now, it was already too…

She clenched her teeth while thinking about that. Sheila raised my face so as not to lose the weakness that came from the bottom of her heart.

“…Ah.” (Sheila)

Their eyes locked for a moment.

That jet blacked eyes, reminded her of darkness as if engulfed everything around it. She was fascinated for a moment. The eyes staring straight at her seemed to see through the depths of the heart. She felt like everything that she suppressed and concealed inside was exposed.

That was why she didn’t want to meet his eyes. She knew that if she looked straight at his eyes, she wouldn’t be able to hide her feelings.

At that moment, a shrill sound echoed. Together with it, the weight disappeared from the right hand of Sheila. What she held there disappeared, and at the end of his sight, a dull color object was dancing in the air.

While looking at it blankly, she thought… Her older sister told her that she had changed, but in fact, nothing had changed. She hadn’t changed on anything from the time when Doris brought her out from the forest.

Sheila wanted to live up to everyone’s expectations. She wanted to be useful. She wanted to fulfill my responsibilities as a royalty.

That was her thoughts, her desire, and her wish. It was something that she always thought from the bottom of the heart.

Of course, she was thinking it even now… but… More than anything, she didn’t want to die.

It was the same with everyone else. All the Elves. And Soma also…

However, in everyone who she didn’t want to die, was her sister, of course.

Besides, she wanted to play with her some more. She wanted to talk about a lot of things. She wanted to cook together. She wanted to smile and made her sister smile.

She wanted her to live.

‘…Help me.’

“…Please help… Nee-san.” (Sheila)

When she realized, her desire was leaking from the mouth. Her views blurred and distorted… Nevertheless, she told her desire to that obvious jet black figure.

That was because she couldn’t do it herself. It was a selfish wish. It was easy for her to ask for it.

Even so…

She tried to open her mouth again, but she stopped by the impact that hit her head. It was a gentle but powerful hand placed on her head.

“Leave it to me.” (Soma)

While listening to his words and feeling his intention… Sheila suddenly looked at Soma’s back which was as similar to her, and she noticed that he had surpassed her before she knew it.



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