Ex Strongest Swordsman 131 (Self Edited) – Ex Strongest, Confronting The Strongest Elven Swordsman


Ex Strongest, Confronting The Strongest Elven Swordsman

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The Elf Forest. The shrine of the Forest God was visited in stillness. The light of the sun was reflected on the face at the highest point of that big tree. Then, a small sound echoed instantly.

“–I am the sword that cut Demons.” (Soma)

The Rules of Swords – God Killer – Dragon Killer – Divine Protection of Dragon God – Absolute Slash – Sword of Ten Thousand Demons – Single Mind – Lightning Speed – Serene State of Mind: Extreme Technique: Extreme Technique – Demon Extermination.

Immediately after, it was a sound like shattering of glass that echoed on the spot. As if to tell that sound wasn’t just ostentation, there was a distorted huge hole. Soma relaxed his guard. He looked at what was before him and his eyes became narrowed.

It is surprising to say that what was spreading there… Well, it was also a forest that was spreading there. A scene overlooking from where he was standing and two other things were present there.

The only difference was that, unlike here, there was a large log house built on top of the tree. To be honest, Soma was a bit whether the house would fall down since it was built there, but there was no sign of it. The look was stable as if it was fixed with magic.

And perhaps that was the house of the chief.

“Now… I should go ahead, yes?” (Soma)

It would be a lie if he wasn’t concerned about this place, but there were other things that should be prioritized now. Soma breathed out, and went to the other side of the hole without hesitation.



Joseph could not understand what happened at that moment. There was a roaring sound as if a part of the world was shattered, and a violent tremor as if the world was jolted. It was something he had never experienced before… He finally figured out what happened just a few seconds later.

“Just now… could that be…?” (Joseph)

If he had never experienced it, it meant that it had never happened before. And it was intense. Perhaps the boundary connecting this place and the other side was destroyed.

However, even he frowned since he came up with a conclusion, the problem was he didn’t know what it meant. Certainly, it was a very important time for the ritual to begin. So, what could be gained by attacking this place?

“…Hmmph. Well, let’s confirm it first.” (Joseph)

If the purpose had got something to do with the ritual, the intruder would have to go through here where Joseph was at the moment. If it was so, it was enough to ask the intruder who would appear later.

Of course, it wasn’t always possible to get an answer, and there was  a possibility that Josef would be attacked without question. However…

“My role is already over. That time is that time… well, I guess it doesn’t matter.” (Joseph)

As Joseph muttered so, he stared at the spot and waited for the intruder to come.


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The head of the house seemed proud as if it was natural. Although the appearance wasn’t so different from that of Felicia which was in the Witch Forest, the inside area was obviously different. Perhaps, the inner space of the man’s house was expanded with magic.

However, it was too wide here. As mentioned earlier, the magic of expanding the inner space wasn’t as easy to use. On top of that, the expansion rate here was… No matter how many Elves did this, they had to do a lot of work to maintain it.

To set up a house in a place like this meant that he might do it by himself, so… it seemed that his magic ability was quite considerable. And maybe he was going to be against them like this–…

“…Well, there is no need to be concerned about it, yes?” (Soma)

Soma didn’t want to be too rough, but he couldn’t tolerate if the other side stood in his way. Together with such determination, he went along a wooden passageway.

By the way, there was no hesitation in his footsteps. It was because he felt the existence of it clearly since he came here. It had become quite intense compared to what he felt in the Elf Forest, but it was definitely of the Forest God. Then, he should go in the direction that he felt it.

After several times around the corner–…

“…Hmm.” (Soma)

“…You have come?” (Joseph)

Soma’s feet naturally stopped since there was a person stood in the way in a spacious room.

“Hmmph, I see. It is you, huh… No, when I think about it, could it only be you?” (Joseph)

“Well, that’s how it is. So, why the older brother was waiting here?” (Soma)

At that moment, one of Joseph’s eyebrows moved, but there was no further reaction. He was told to be the older brother in order to instigate him, but as expected of a chief, he was very calm.

“Hmmph, why? This matter has been decided. Rather, what are you doing here?” (Joseph)

“I think that’s also has been decided?” (Soma)

“Hmmm. I see. I guess that’s so.” (Joseph)

It was a meaningless question to each other, but at the same time, they had confirmed the intention of each other. In other words, they were obstacles to each other.

However, even if Soma knew that… the reason why Soma didn’t move even though the opponent had magic ability was because he didn’t feel that the other party’s intention to fight. It wasn’t the case where that guy could conceal it. For some reason, Soma felt a feeling of hesitation from him.

Joseph, who was trying to move his right arm, looked down at his right hand as if he was thinking of something. He clenched and opened it right away. Then, his arms were crossed as before. And…

“…What are you trying to do?” (Soma)

Soma asked that because Joseph fell back one step and retreated sideways. Speaking of what he was seeing… it looked like Joseph was giving a way.

“Hmmph, it is as you can see. When I think about it, I am the chief. I guess I should stop you, but… I shouldn’t get myself injured here. If I try to stop you any longer than this, it will cause trouble to everyone.” (Joseph)

“That may be true…” (Soma)

“Besides, I’m not really good at fighting. You’re pretty good at this, and I don’t think I can get in the way.” (Joseph)

In the eyes of Joseph, who speaks so, there was no feeling of lying. He didn’t seem trying to cheat Soma and want to make surprise attack later.

“…Are you sure?” (Soma)

“It’s just that there is a right person at the right place. Beyond this point, the best among the Elves is guarding this place. The role is to stop people like you.” (Joseph)

“Hmm, is that so? Well, I also want to finish this quickly. If it’s alright to go through you without doing anything, I will do so.” (Soma)

“Yeah, it’s pointless effort at best. Even among the generations of the Elves, that person is the strongest. Even if you defeat that person, everything is meaningless. The seal has already been released. …In the presence of the Forest God-sama, no matter who we are, there is no meaning.” (Joseph)

Soma didn’t return anything to the words. He just shrugged his shoulders.

Well, even if the seal had already been released, it was fine. In fact, he only worried for a bit. Although he was intruding at the same time as the morning came, there was no basis at that time.

First of all, he would know if anything happened since he was sleeping near the top of that tree. The timing of intrusion that time was because he couldn’t wait any longer. If the seal hadn’t been released so far, it would have been very stupid to wait first.

Nonetheless, that didn’t mean he could feel relieved, since he also need to hurry. Just to be sure, he passed through the side of Joseph while remained vigilant…

“…Aah, yes. There is one last thing to say.” (Soma)

“Hmmph… what is it?” (Joseph)

“When I come back, you need to be prepared, alright? My first priority is to hurry now, but… when I get back, I’m going to punch really hard that face of yours. That’s normal, especially when a brother doesn’t protect his younger sister. Well, after that, I will leave it to Felicia what to do.” (Soma)

“Hmm… really? Then… I’m counting on you.” (Joseph)

Soma accepted the words, and left the place.

He ran through the passageway again without stopping, but… his foot stopped instantly. The passageway stopped, and he jumped outside.

But beyond that, which was supposed to be at the top of the tree, he was mysteriously went to the ground. It seemed that the space was distorted somewhere.

There were a lot of trees in the surrounding area. From the looks of it, this was also part of the forest. However, the distance to the trees was far away, and it seemed to be an open space.


“Ooh, long time no see… is it alright to say that? Well, it’s true anyway.” (Soma)

There was no surprise to see the person who was there. It was because he felt like that for some reason.

The familiar face naturally made a small nodding probably because of the same reason, the golden hair fluttered from that person. However, the golden eyes that had always looked at his eyes, weren’t look the same…

“…Yes. …Long time no see, Soma.” (Sheila)

The words returned were similar, and it was from someone familiar, Sheila.

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6 thoughts on “Ex Strongest Swordsman 131 (Self Edited) – Ex Strongest, Confronting The Strongest Elven Swordsman

  1. tacos1

    Eyes that don’t look the same? Did she get possessed by the Forest God? Only reason I can think that Sheila would stand in Soma’s way since she definitely knows she’s no match for him.


    1. bayabusco Post author

      No, it’s the way she usually look at Soma. Most of the time, she look at him with relaxed eyes. But now, her eyes look clouded since she was hesitating.


    1. bayabusco Post author

      Yeah, strongest among the Elves lol. If you remember, not everyone has Special Rank skills, and whoever have it, they are like holding the power of a nuclear.



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