Ex Strongest Swordsman 130 (Self Edited) – Ex Strongest, Acquiring The Information


Ex Strongest, Acquiring The Information

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“Hmm… speaking of the things I want to know, yes I do. But, what you say is not the most important thing, isn’t it? If possible, I’d like to take care of it today.” (Soma)

The girl floated a bitter smile when Soma said so. She had expected that he would say that.

However, her mouth didn’t stop.

“I don’t know about your purpose, but I think it would be better to stop it for the time being. First of all, it’s fine to do something with the sacrifice if you want to interrupt the ritual, but that’s not going to be a fundamental solution. So, because of that, I’m sure that that thing can’t be convinced as well.” (Girl)

“Hmm? What do you mean?” (Soma)

It was normal to wonder why he was asking about this.

It was something inevitable. She didn’t think that he would overlook by not talking. Although it was a matter of time, she had a hunch that he would know if she was lying. For this reason, she had no choice but to talk.

As she muttered to herself that she couldn’t help with it, she opened her mouth.

“It’s a simple talk. That thing doesn’t really need offering. You already know the ritual that those people would do after this, am I right?” (Girl)

“Well, I have a rough idea, but… I wonder if the word ‘sacrifice’ convinced me. Instead of that, how do you know about this?” (Soma)

That was a justified question, but she just shrugged her shoulders. She didn’t have to politely tell him everything.

“Well. It would be troublesome if that thing is no longer exist, but in that case, they have to prepare another sacrifice. Moreover, in the case if that thing is no longer exist, what these people can do now would no longer be possible. That’s why it requires offering on a regular basis. Of course, the Elves can refuse, but in that case, they will perish. So, someone has to do for them. However, it will not change in the end result though.” (Girl)

“Hmm… I don’t really get it, but wouldn’t it be enough if I just rescue Felicia? I might have been thinking so anyway. If things would settle down by having Felicia to run away or that existence would become obedient, but… what else can be done?” (Soma)

From the appearance of tilting the neck, it couldn’t be seen that Soma doubted the girl. Of course, that was because he had heard something unnecessary.

“…Even though I’m saying this to myself, are you sane to listen to the story of such a suspicious woman?” (Girl)

“Isn’t it common to listen? In fact, I have decided to listen to you.” (Soma)

“…Well, I don’t really mind that.” (Girl)

The girl felt that she was somehow out of tune since a while ago.

In the first place, why should she talk about it to that guy? Although she was trying to remove him who had the possibility of becoming an obstacle, it was only a bubble on the surface of water until now. Well, if she said that, the one who was before her had the possibility of becoming the biggest obstacle.

No… perhaps, she as considering the possibility. He wasn’t a big deal compared to that thing being alive.

So, she continued talking since she thought that his top priority was to escape from this place.

“So, the thing to do is simple. It’s just a matter of defeating the Forest God. However, when considering what will happen after that, it is bad.” (Girl)

“Hmm? Why is that?” (Soma)

“The Elves are able to demonstrate their power in this forest is because of the Forest God.” (Girl)

“Aah, there is such a thing. If it comes to that… it is certainly very bad situation.” (Soma)

“By understanding that, they decided to seal the Forest God.” (Girl)

“Hmm… why the Elves sealed it in the first place? Are they showing respect by calling it God? Well, I can somehow imagine in from the point of them being scared.” (Soma)

“I think it’s almost as you imagine it.” (Girl)

They revered it by calling it God because they were empowering themselves. However, it was also an existence that ate them at the same time.

Despite this, the reason why they didn’t run away and continued to coexist was because they would be exploited by other races if they ran away. In order to do something about it, the Elves decided to seal what they even called a God. That was in exchange by the lives of the chiefs at that time.

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“It is a ritual from the past, is it? Goodness, this is a bit off from my expectation… However, you do know this well, don’t you?” (Soma)

“…Well, no matter how much they want to conceal the fact, it is something that can be concealed. Besides, it’s different if there is a meaning when you know it.” (Girl)

Although, it was possible to more or less make the current chief to be hesitated, it was only that much. Moreover, the other side was in a hurry. Speaking of the effort spent, it was definitely not balanced.

“Hmm……. So, what should I do in the end?” (Soma)

“Since it has been sealed for a long time, I think that it will definitely go berserk. Therefore, it will not be a problem if you suppress it and tell what you think. Of course, if you can do it.” (Girl)

According to the information obtained, it seemed that the Forest God was a type that increased its power over time. Apparently, it continued even during the time it was sealed. If it didn’t do well, that power would be actually be close to the power of God.

In addition to simply being powerful in that way, the disposition of the power was probably already close to God’s. Even if it wasn’t the Demon King, it would be almost impossible to suppress it.

“I see… So, where is the place?” (Soma)

“…Do you really get it? You have to defeat and suppress the Forest God, you know?” (Girl)

“Even if you say that, I wouldn’t know unless I try something, right? Well, if it’s impossible, that time is that time. It’s better than dying. At that time, the Elves have no choice but to deal with it.” (Soma)

From the appearance of speaking about it as if it was a common sense, he appeared to look natural when it was about defeating the Forest God. She didn’t know who this person was, but… no, perhaps, if it was him, it was possible to defeat the Forest God. When she considered about it, there should be no problem.

The ideal was to let the two uncertainties which were the Witch and the Forest God to go against each other. It was unclear whether something could be done to the Forest God even by sacrificing the Witch. There was no reason to deny the hope of defeating Forest God. If they considered at the cost of that, wasn’t it within the allowable range to let the Witch to stay alive?

She considered that point… yes, she convinced herself and that was why she was talking until now.

“…Well, I can do as I like if it’s about this matter. I know this is not good.” (Girl)

“Hmm, I don’t mind that. By the way, I’ve been thinking about this. Isn’t it good enough if I defeat the Forest God today?” (Soma)

“It’s still sealed now. Only the Elves can undo the seal, so I can’t help it.” (Girl)

That was one of the reasons why she stopped him. To let him do it now, that would let the Elves fell into confusion. There was no point in doing that.

“Hmm, is that so … and where is that place?” (Soma)

“I think there is a big tree in this forest. It is in the place that is connected to the space on top of the tree. Furthermore, the chief’s house is there, and there is also a way to that place from there.” (Girl)

In other words, he had to deal with the enclosed space, but… she purposely didn’t say that. Somehow, she thought that the boy before him treated that as a trivial matter.

“In short, is it necessary to break into the chief’s house first, isn’t it?” (Soma)

“There is no particular way to infiltrate, so you can do your best. Well then, I’ve already taught you good things, and now I’m going to excuse myself.” (Girl)

When she said so, Soma made a surprise appearance when she tried to leave from the spot. Rather, it’s about tilting his head…

“Hmm? Don’t you have a business with me?” (Soma)

“Aah…” (Girl)

Indeed, that was a justified question. It was normal to think that she had something to do with him since she had been following him. It felt like she had finished her purpose completely.

She couldn’t simply ask why Soma was here, but… as she expected, it would be extremely weird to ask him that question. Well, she had completely forgotten about it, so she had no choice but to give up knowing the reason.

“Well I certainly had a business with you, but don’t mind about it since it is no longer necessary.” (Girl)

“Is that so? Hmm… well, for the time being, you really help me a lot.” (Soma)

“Don’t worry about it. It’s also one of my purposes.” (Girl)

Instead, there was no reason for him to be thankful.

She was entirely wondering why she did all these. As she thought that, she turned around. The girl left the place immediately after that.



“Hmm. That reminds me, I forgot to ask her name.” (Soma)

Soma suddenly remembered that while seeing off the girl, but at that time, the figure of the girl had already disappeared. As he let out a sigh, he gave up on acquiring her name.

“Well, I may see her again soon.” (Soma)

It was a premonition. It was also close to the conviction.

After all, she said nothing, but there was no doubt that the girl was there for Soma. She left after giving Soma the information he needed, but… well, she might not be lying, so he was grateful.

No matter what happened later, that time was that time. He had another thing to do now.

“So, the largest tree, is it?” (Soma)

It was one of the places Soma was keeping an eye on. It was the likeliest place since the presence there was enormous. To put it simply, there was a high possibility that he was heading there without knowing anything, but even if he knew it, the way to deal with that existence was another matter. At least, there was enough significance in this.

“Anyhow…” (Soma)

It didn’t come into his mind about the way of intruding that place smoothly. If it was about attacking, he had confidence. He also had the confidence to find it, but he had no confidence to sneak in there.

When that happened, he only needed to charge from the front–…

“Hmm… Well, I think about it when the time comes.” (Soma)

There was no information to collect now, and the Elves were all in the house in the first place. If there was something to be done, was it about going to the place of the purpose again?

“There is nothing to do but go there…” (Soma)

Perhaps, he might come with an idea how to deal by looking at it. With that in mind, Soma began to move.

There were countless trees in the Elf Forest, but the reason why he clearly remembered them was because they were easy to understand. It was so big that he could see at a glance that the tree was different from the others. More importantly, it was sitting in the middle of the forest. He could never forget that.

At any rate, when he was heading to the center of the forest, he knew it at a glance. Even without getting close to it, the imposing appearance was clearly reflected in the eye, but if he got close to it, he would learn the overwhelming presence. Speaking of forests, the most familiar one for the Soma was the Demon Forest, but even compared to the trees that were there, that big tree was overwhelming.

When he looked up, his neck was getting hurt. The thickness of the tree seemed to require several adults to hold their hands together. It was a really big and magnificent tree.

It would be difficult if he fell down while you were up, but there were a lot of places where he could put his feet because they were big. If he only went up for the time being, it wouldn’t be a problem.

“The problem is how to infiltrate…” (Soma)

When he thought about it, Soma had no choice but to go there and slice the space, but at that point, wouldn’t he be obvious? There was no other way……. The other Elves wouldn’t cooperate.

“Hmm… well, it couldn’t be helped if things happen that way.” (Soma)

For starters, he didn’t have to go there secretly.

Speaking of the ritual held tomorrow, he was convinced with the word ‘sacrifice’ used by that girl earlier. That girl was so affirmed about that.

Since it was a matter of defeating the Forest God and ran away with Felicia, it had become something important. Well, if it was possible, he didn’t want to become an obstacle, so he didn’t intend to put damage on it, but…

“Now, let’s think of that as a small matter before the important thing. There’s nothing much I can do anyway.” (Soma)

As he thought about it, he became serious once again.

Whatever it was, everything happened tomorrow. Soma didn’t know what would happen, but there was one thing he could do.

No matter what came to him, he would slice in.

Then, Soma narrowed his eyes at the empty space ahead of his gaze.

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