Ex Strongest Swordsman 93 (Self Edited) – Ex Strongest, Acting like a Lecturer


Ex Strongest, Acting Like a Lecturer

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“That’s why I would like you to teach me various things.” (Sylvia)

It was an occasion happened in a corner of the training ground after school hours. Soma, who was together with Aina, tilted his head by the words Sylvia uttered.

“Hmm… I feel like doing various straight man retort. Anyhow, why would you ask me that?” (Soma)

“Aah, yes. There is no particular meaning, but as Soma-kun said before, I’m confused about something. Since this is good opportunity, I think of returning the favor.” (Sylvia)

“…Did you do that again?” (Aina)

Soma was given scornful look by Aina as if she was amazed. However, he merely shrugged and replied. To be honest, even if Soma and the group went into the dungeon, Soma didn’t want to be told that by one of the people who caused a commotion that didn’t completely showed a sign of admitting her mistake yet.

“Tha-that is… for starters, it was something that I couldn’t do!” (Aina)

“…Yeah, I couldn’t do it, of course.” (Sylvia)

“To be honest, I was responsible for that…” (Aina)

“We-well… calm down. Eh-ehmm… so… teach me various things, please?” (Sylvia)

“Aah, yes, that’s right… her introduction is properly done.” (Aina)

That summarized what was Sylvia talking about. In other words, she wanted to be capable in various ways. Therefore, she would like Soma to teach her respectively.

“Hmm…” (Soma)

“Uhmm… that… yeah… I understand I’m deciding on my own, but…” (Sylvia)

“Well, I don’t really mind, you know?” (Soma)

“Of-of course? But, what are you trying–… eh!?” (Sylvia)

“Hmm? What’s wrong?” (Soma)

“What’s wrong… eh, are you sure? Really?” (Sylvia)

“I don’t mind at all. It depends on other people’s decision anyway.” (Soma)

“Wait a sec, the way you said that make it hard for her to refuse, right? Well, if it’s me, I also won’t refuse.” (Aina)

“Me too!” (Lina)

“…Yeah. Hi.” (Sheila)

“Eh, eh… uhmm, good luck.” (Helen)

“Aah… yes, thank you, everyone. To be honest, I thought you would refuse, but… thank you. I will do my best.” (Sylvia)

Soma looked at each other as Sylvia lowered her head, and they were smiling wryly.

They were like that not because she lowered her head. It was just that they thought it was a small matter. Anyhow, what they did in this place was basically learning. The same thing they had done it since the beginning.

They gathered properly, did what they wanted to do properly, and if they thought something that suited the occasion, they just said it out loud. That didn’t mean they were cutting corners, but everyone did their own things at ease. Those who joined Soma’s group were also did the same thing at the beginning.

Well, it wasn’t specifically mentioned, but they probably grasped everyone’s own way of doing things.

“…By the way, there’s one thing I want to ask. Will it be alright?” (Sylvia)

“Hmm… Sure, if it is possible to answer.” (Soma)

“Aah, yeah, it’s alright. You will definitely answer. …What’s with those two?” (Sylvia)

The line of sight was directed together with those words toward Soma’s rear.

Sylvia understood that anyone would say that much because there was nothing else to ask. She definitely wasn’t asking about Aina and Helen, so the remaining two were…

“Sylvia, don’t you know these two?” (Soma)

“No, I know them, but… how should I say it? This is the training ground for magic department, right? So why the students of swordsmanship department….” (Sylvia)

“Nii-sama also had asked similar question, but as I expected, you don’t know, yes? Well, I also knew it for the first time when I heard it.” (Lina)

“…Yeah, this place is surely for magic department, but it isn’t exclusively for the students for magic department.” (Sheila)

“I guess I wouldn’t know unless somebody tells me. The thing that I know most is it is normal to for people to come here.” (Sylvia)

Yes, the two people mentioned were Lina and Sheila, who were here, and that was the reason. Nevertheless, rather than asking about Sheila, it was about Lina. However, if the person herself said that she came after properly finishing her work! That was probably fine. Since she didn’t like to clear up her work first, there should be no problem.

By the way, the two came here after Soma had came to this training ground for several days. They heard of this and told Soma that he was being mean to leave them out. So, they said they wanted to come here.

It wasn’t specifically about that only, but with the number of people increased, they could attempt a lot of things. For that reason, there was no problem to accept Lina and Sheila, and it was one of the reason that Soma accepted Sylvia as well. Anyhow…

“What would you like to learn first, Sylvia?” (Soma)

“Eh…? Uhm… does everyone do whatever they want?” (Sylvia)

“Basically, it is like that, but we keep company when we attempt something for the first time. Both of them are also like that.” (Soma)

“Ahh… it is certainly that kind of feeling.” (Lina)

“…Yeah, I feel the same.” (Sheila)

Actually, Lina and Sheila wanted to see Soma after a long time, so it wasn’t exactly true that they wanted to learn something, but it was pretty much the same.

“Even if you say that we are doing whatever we want, the main actor in this is Soma, isn’t it?” (Aina)

“Th-that is… true… maybe, but…” (Helen)

“If you want to follow up, but can you at least be firm?” (Soma)

Well, since he precisely knew what he was doing, he bitterly smile and shrugged his shoulders. After that, when Soma turned his eyes to Sylvia, her mouth opened in hesitation. Then…

“Well, that is–…” (Sylvia)

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Aina looked at the scene where Soma’s voice echoed out and found out it was interesting. In fact, it was rare and unusual, which was clearly obvious from the fact that everyone in that place was looking at Soma.

Soma’s voice suddenly stopped, and his eyes were directed to her after sighing out.

“… We’re going to do our things here, so it’s fine if you can do whatever you like, you know?” (Soma)

“Yes, that’s why I’m doing whatever I like right now.” (Aina)

“…Yeah, I’m the same. You don’t need to mind me.” (Sheila)

“Since I’m watching Nii-sama, you don’t have to worry about me!” (Lina)

“Uh-uhmm… sorry. B-but, as expected, I… share the same feeling.” (Helen)

“Well, I don’t mind if you all are like that. Sorry, but I think you may not calm down, but please endure a little.” (Soma)

“Yes, you can leave it to me. I’m alright. I’m used to being seen by people.” (Sylvia)

“Hmm… I see. Well then, let’s continue–…” (Soma)

In this way, they resumed the talk about knowing how to go through the dungeon. This was more or less being taught in the class, but he still taught Sylvia because she wanted to know from Soma’s point of view.

This was also the first time for Aina and others to hear this kind of talk from Soma. Speaking of Soma, there were stereotypes regarding magic or sword, and together with the feeling of curiosity, the result was everyone of them were listening to Soma’s talk together with Sylvia.

“Well, there are some points to watch out for, but in the end of the day, always assume  bad situation.” (Soma)

“Aah, that was told in the class, right?” (Sylvia)

“Regardless of that, we will eventually arrive at that situation. What I am teaching you now and what had been taught in the class, everything is only to make it easier by assuming so.” (Soma)

“Hmm… to be honest, the hint that lead to the bad situation doesn’t really come out well.” (Sylvia)

“Well, that’s also true. We have gone into the labyrinth only once. I think you will get the real feel from now on.” (Soma)

“The real feel… is it? I wonder if I will get that feel.” (Aina)

“Hmm? Aina, what do you mean by that?” (Soma)

“It’s also like this…” (Aina)

Think about it…

In Sylvia’s party, there was Soma.

When considering the party members, their war potentials were probably… no, there was no mistake that some of the potentials were lacking because some of them were still undergoing practical training. They wouldn’t think such situation where problems could rise.

“Aah… Nii-sama certainly managed to do something before it happens. Even if it happens, Nii-sama will solve it immediately, and in the end of the day, I don’t get the real feel.” (Lina)

“…Yeah, I agree. …In order to experience the real feel, Soma shouldn’t be in the party, is it?” (Sheila)

“No, no. I can’t do everything myself. Perhaps, I think that sort of thing may happen. If possible, I don’t want to see that kind of situation though.” (Soma)

When such things being told, it was naturally appeared in Aina’s mind. Even if there was something, Soma solved it… no, it should be said that there was real feel.

Well, Aina probably couldn’t say it, but basically, if something unexpected happened, it seemed that Soma was the cause in the most cases. It also included that Soma resolved the situation.

“That is regrettably honest, isn’t it?” (Soma)

“Nii-sama, it is impossible for me to do follow up.” (Lina)

“…Yes, I fully agree with her.” (Sheila)

“Aah, uhmm, I’m sorry, Soma-kun. I don’t know you too much, but… I also feel the same, I think?” (Sylvia)

“Y-yeah… sorry, even though I’m in the position to be taught by you, I feel the same as well.” (Helen)

“Kuh… I have no supporter, is it…!?” (Soma)

“Please look back at your usual habit before lamenting, you know.” (Aina)

“Hmm… I do look back, but I don’t really remember anything in particular.” (Soma)

“That’s definitely not true!” (Aina)

Goodness, Aina let out a sigh while Soma shrugged his shoulders. Despite of being half joking, Aina had no choice to sigh again because she knew what Soma was said was actually true.

“Well, in reality, the situation that supposed to happen almost never happen.” (Soma)

“Aah, yes, that’s right.” (Aina)

“Hmm. That’s because there will be worse things that can happen.” (Soma)

“…Eh?” (Sylvia)

“That is for sure, right? Rather than just dungeon, it is also unknown what will happen when we go to an unknown place. Then, what usually happens there will be a worse situation than the bad situation thought based from known information.” (Soma)

Of course, Aina understood that. She remembered couple of occasions, and the worse situation usually happened in the place that she didn’t expected. Even if she imagined the worse, she couldn’t have imagined such things by herself in those days.

At the same time, it was also impossible to think any kind of salvation after that.

“Uhm… so, does that mean it makes no sense even if you assume bad situation?” (Sylvia)

“That is also true, but that doesn’t mean it’s fine not to assume anything at all, you know? Always assume bad situation, and also assume there are situations worse than that. Therefore, it is important that you prepare your mind, so that you can take the best action whenever it happens. Well, since this is my opinion, there is no need to agree with me. Still, it may be useful, so I would like you to keep it on your heart.” (Soma)

“…Yes, I understand. Thank you for teaching me a lot of things.” (Sylvia)

“It depend how useful it is to you.” (Soma)

Although Soma said that while smiling wryly, what was he saying was probably for real.

It was what Soma said. There was no way Aina made light of it, and she firmly inscribed those words in her mind.

“Anyhow, in order to take the best action, we need to increase the number of actions we can take first. Fortunately, we have three people with Special Rank skills here, and if it is also possible for me to teach, I will definitely teach. Well, it’s best if you work hard.” (Soma)

“Aah, yes… thank you. Everyone, thank you again.” (Sylvia)

It would be a lie if Aina said that she didn’t envy when looking at Sylvia who was bowing again. Since she realized that it was convenient in many ways because of Soma, she had no right to say anything there.

Besides, Soma might notice something from Sylvia. Aina also thought that something was wrong with Sylvia today, and Soma probably understood a bit more than her. The reason of Sylvia’s conduct was definitely that, but… even if Aina thought so, what she said next was another matter.

“By the way, Soma.” (Aina)

“Hmm? What is it?” (Soma)

“Isn’t fine to call that guy at any time now? It’s about time he comes here.” (Aina)

“Aah… indeed. I was waiting to call him, but it is certainly the time.” (Soma)

Their eyes were turned to similar spot, where a boy quietly swinging sword. Since his movement was disturbed occasionally, it could be understood that he was distracted by something.

For example, he was at the most disturbed when Sylvia talked to them, and while Soma was speaking from a while ago, he was always a bit disturbed.

Nevertheless, Soma probably didn’t call him out because he didn’t want to be a hindrance due to that boy’s pride.

It couldn’t be said that there was no problem to leave that boy alone, but since they noticed that he was paying attention, this could be called as having compassion. Anyhow, even if Aina didn’t say it, someone else would have said that, or perhaps, Soma would go to that boy without anyone saying. Aina and others weren’t cold enough to ignore that boy who occasionally looked at them and seemed wanting to join them.

While Soma heading to that boy, everyone was letting out breath as if they were relieved, but Sylvia was the only one who tilted her head wonderingly. Aina was a bit interested at the boy in question, and her mouth was loosened.



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