World Teacher 161 (Self Edited) – For the Sake of Those to Protect

Another chapter of World Teacher is out!   


Greetings everyone.

Kindly be informed that this is a self edited chapter. Please wait for the edited version, but if you still want to read it, you may do so by clicking this link.

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31 thoughts on “World Teacher 161 (Self Edited) – For the Sake of Those to Protect

  1. Exfernal

    What a shitty development. Instead of abducting that Zilard guy and interrogating him in secrecy, one bit of flesh after another, he goes along with his scheme. Wasn’t Sirius skilled in this branch of information gathering too? He became soft after reincarnating.

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    1. Kai

      Well, to know some truth Sirius needs to make Zilard trust him. And Zilard still have his companions, Hilgen and Luca, which all three of them are famous in Sandor. So instead of trying to expose them 1 by 1, Sirius might be thinking to expose all of them altogether.

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    2. Vein Testarossa

      Just wait for the next chapter instead of bitching about the story development.
      The storybif this arc is not completed yet, you know.


    1. dicky satria

      well… in our world people can make mask that really look like other people face…. perhaps sirius know the ingredient to make it ?


  2. KuroHaruto

    Fuck this asshole!!! How dares he lay a hand on Fia!!!
    I start a petition to get him killed at the end of the arc, so that there is no survives-and-runs-away-planning-a-master-plan-to-get-revenge-in-the-future!!! He needs to die!!!

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    1. dicky satria

      tsk tsk tsk, dont kill him right away, we’ll start by torturing him bit by bit, then heal him a bit, then chop chop his body parts a bit, after that then he have the permission to die


  3. tacos1

    I think all of us believe that the head is fake and Fort is alive.

    Anyways I think Zilard is being controlled. We just learned last chapter that there’s those special stones that can control people in the castle and they can even take over a person entirely like that one scientist or whatever they were who made a bunch of chimera monsters and dragons. Zilard is supposedly childhood friends with Hilgan and they aren’t that old, yet Sirius says that Zilard is actually someone named Lambda who is a magic engineer who’s worked in the castle before. So I’m thinking this Lambda guy is one of those special stones and he’s inside Zilard controlling him. I don’t know about Luca if she’s part of this or she’s forced into it by Lambda threatening Zilard. As for Hilgan, well he’s an asshole so he’s probably doing this willingly. Meanwhile I think Fia has already been cured or she never got poisoned in the first place. She is a candidate for the next Sacred Tree and I think she was given helpful stuff by Shishou to protect her and stuff. Plus even if she was poisoned, it does seem kinda hard to believe for Sirius to not have noticed it and even if he somehow did, with his medical knowledge, he should be able to make a cure himself.

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