Ex Strongest Swordsman 94 (Self Edited) – Ex Strongest, Receiving the Lesson of Dungeon Exploration Again


Ex Strongest, Receiving the Lesson of Dungeon Exploration Again

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The second practical training of dungeon exploration was progressing more smoothly than expected.

The reason might be because their war potentials were significantly improved. Of course, that didn’t mean the number of people in the party had increased. In other words, the movements of each individual had changed.

The one who had the most remarkable changes was Sylvia. The movements displayed by Sylvia in the previous practical training was obviously more than necessary in many ways.

She did everything such as keeping the vigilance and offensive. By considering the fact that the previous time was their first time, she got the passing mark, but it was a fact that there were too many unnecessary movements.

However, in the practice this time, it couldn’t be said that there were no more unnecessary movements, but the improvement was good enough.

“Hmm… somehow, it is worth attempting a lot of things.” (Soma)

“Yes, you’re right. To be honest, I’m surprised myself.” (Sylvia)

“Bu-but… that’s because Sylvia-san is working hard. I think the result is because of that… right?” (Helen)

“Keh, it’s obviously something that she can do. You don’t have to expressively praise her, you know.” (Lars)

“Uhh… I-I see… Sorry, Lars-kun.” (Sylvia)

“Haa? That’s not something you need to apologize.” (Lars)

“It’s not that… I couldn’t do it last time, and you had to cover me. So, the sorry this time is for that.” (Sylvia)

“…Cheh.” (Lars)

Lars couldn’t say back and that was why he smacked the tongue. The reason why Sylvia was said to make a lot of unnecessary movements was because they were only at the first layer of the dungeon. In addition, Soma also did follow-up at minimum, but the reason for that was to let Lars followed up with her movements.

If Lars moved crudely with the follow-up, the practice last time must had been a bit hard. Well, since Soma was aware of the fact that it wasn’t so, Soma decided to synergize the party with Lars.

It was just that–…

“Hmm… Sylvia, your words used just now are wrong.” (Soma)

“Eh? What do you mean? Uhm, could it be that it might be natural to help each other since we are in a party, right? That is probably true, but…” (Sylvia)

“Aah, it’s not that. That is certainly a matter of course, but the party doesn’t go well if you think that as normal. That’s why it is not bad thing to exert courtesy here…” (Soma)

“Eh? Uhm… what Lars-kun said earlier was correct, isn’t it? Lars-kun too doesn’t want to apologize… ” (Helen)

“Aah. Yes… that’s right…since I’m saved, it’s weird to say sorry. So, Lars-kun. Once again… thank you for the last time.” (Sylvia)

“…I told you, I don’t need that.” (Lars)

Being said so, Soma and others didn’t dare to get into the subject. The three people faced each other and smiled.

Whether Lars noticed that situation, he smacked the tongue again.

“By the way, you all don’t have to be like that. We are still in training.” (Lars)

“Well, that is true.” (Soma)

It was confirmed that there were no signs of enemies in the surrounding, but that wouldn’t be the reason to be distracted. Rather than thinking that the current position was the second layer, it would be proper not to lose focus.

Yes, as a result of smooth exploration, Soma’s party had come to the second layer. Originally, the students became accustomed mainly because they went to the first layer for three times, and they finally went to the second layer for the fourth time. It wasn’t as unprecedented as it was, but if people thought about it, they would understand the extent of their achievement.

Anyhow, since Lars himself said so, it meant that they weren’t distracted. However, unlike being distracted, his appearance displayed how natural he was. They were in such a condition that would make them naturally watched the surroundings.

Perhaps, he had confidence. He elegantly joined Soma and others after school hours, but he didn’t attempt various things like Sylvia.

He had several matches with Lina, Sheila and Soma. It seemed that he had improved himself and his movements were optimized. For some reason, Lars relied on sword. However, even though he had such a tendency, his movement wasn’t totally spotless this time. As soon as he used spell immediately, he would almost certainly to make a mistake.

Speaking of magic, he was extremely good at it. To begin with, he also had the talent, but he improved a lot after he was taught by Aina and Helen. It was similar to Sylvia. It was thanks to them, the unnecessary movements related to magic had been toned down.

Well to be honest, it would be a lie if Soma didn’t feel anything. In fact, he was attempting variously. Nevertheless, he couldn’t help with it because there was no result, so he had to accept the fact once again.

Even if he envied them, nothing would happen. Soma had no choice but to be patient.


“Now, shall we proceed?” (Soma)

As Soma confirmed the other three had nodded, their party went deeper into the dungeon.

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While watching the scene, Kurt narrowed his eyes as if he was interested and he let out breath because of unexpected admiration.

It had only been about two weeks since Soma’s party went for dungeon practical training last time. The party was god enough to obtain passing mark by considering it was their first time doing the training. In fact, Kurt thought that there was no need to worry about them since that time. Even so, he never thought that Soma’s party would improve to this point.

Regardless of previous training, Soma was the key of the party. It was also the same today, but the movements of the other three showed a world of difference.

They were doing a good job with Sylvia as a whole, Lars was conspicuous with the timing of the offensive, and despite being plain in the last training, Helen had a solid cooperation with the other two.

“Is this the result of training?” (Kurt)

He could guess it based on the conversation that he heard, but it was a matter of course that they were training after school hours.

However, it wasn’t a problem of each person. Usually, it took about two month to be able to work as a party, and it wasn’t weird to take half a year before a party could get used to each other. That much training showed that the dungeon exploration was difficult and complicated.

In particular, the Royal Academy where everyone was excellent and the desire to improve was strong. However, there was also a trend to do something on their own. Therefore, the better the party members, the more time it took to organize as parties.

To be honest, Kurt also thought that condition would applied to these people. These people were good enough to obtain a passing mark in the last training, and because of that, they should be in the similar condition this time. Furthermore, each of the party members was excellent, so the time needed to gain beyond a passing mark should be more.

However, when looking at the result, the perfection as party was further increased to the point of increasing war potentials. As the party went to the second layer for the second time, Kurt understood that there was absolutely no danger. Together with the feeling of shame for expecting them doing badly, he was honestly impressed with them.

While having such thoughts, Soma’s party went in further. Even though monsters appeared on the way, there really wasn’t any danger.

As Lars restrained the enemies, the two people in the rear guard bombarded with magic, and Lars delivered the final blow even while restraining. In case it was impossible or in case of emergency, that would be Soma’s time to take action. Did Soma already have the confidence that the rear guards wouldn’t fall off if it were these girls?

No one lose focus even if the battles had ended, and… Kurt was smiling since there was no need for him to worry about the rear. He didn’t have slightest worry, but he wasn’t careless. In fact, he understood the meaning clearly. Kurt felt sorry because the naivety of them had disappeared. It was truly unexpected after all.

Nevertheless, even though their performance had already reach this extent, they didn’t show the appearance of going to the lower layers. Nobody mentioned it, as if they had already understood.

The third layer was different from the second layer in regard of the monsters. Together with some kind of wall, it was a place to be baptized hardly for those who tried to challenge the layer recklessly. In fact, the third layer was said to have the highest death rate.

Although these facts were conveyed in advance, many people obtained false confidence since it had become easier to proceed through the second layer. And when these people went straight to the lower layer, they got hit hard. It was typical that most students would face this.

However, with this circumstance, Soma’s party would probably not going to face problems. Needless to say, they would try to gain experience firmly here. Even if they went to the lower layers, Kurt was quite sure that they would proceed in the same way without any dangers. That was–…

“…Interesting.” (Kurt)

Kurt noticed that the edges of his lips went up, but he didn’t try to suppress it. Unlike the last training, he could feel that his emotions were swelling up.

He already had the confidence. That these people would definitely show more interesting scenes.

Furthermore, it went without saying who was at the center of these. When Kurt looked at that boy, his eyes narrowed. While feeling glad for accepting this task, the edges of the lips went up further.


TLN: In case you forget, Kurt is the character who is assigned to overlook Soma’s party practical training on dungeon exploration.

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