Ex Strongest Swordsman 77 (Self Edited) – The Royal Academy Entrance Exam


The Royal Academy Entrance Exam

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While watching the scene in front of her, Sylvia Heidrich Radius cleared her throat in a gulp. (TLN: The name in raw is シルヴィア・ハイドリヒ・ラディウス)

What was there was a thunderous sound of burning.

It was the exam outcome of the person who lined up in front of her. With a face as if saying that was something expected, the girl left the place.

She didn’t look back from where she was heading. She probably thought that she would pass the exam.

In other words, to pass this exam, if one couldn’t use magic to that degree… No…

“Yes, it’s different… I am my own self. I’m not concern about anyone… because I came here under my own will. I just have to do my best. Yes.” (Sylvia)

Although there was no reply, Sylvia felt that she became spirited even a little bit when she muttered so.

It was a mutter to give her best.

“Well, next is… Number 153.” (Examiner)

“Aah, yes!” (Sylvia)

When the number was called, Sylvia headed while slightly flustered.

Since the next person hadn’t come yet, there was no need to be flustered, but she had a problem with the mood.

She moved to the prescribed spot… but there, she tilted her head.

“Uh, uhmm… the target is…” (Sylvia)

“Yes? If it’s the target, it’s over there.” (Examiner)

Certainly, there was a target.

It was probably thirty meters ahead of the line of sight.

There was an endless flat ground.


“It is… burning, isn’t it…?” (Sylvia)

“Yes, it was burned earlier. So, do you have problem with it?” (Examiner)

“Eh…” (Sylvia)

Rather, she was thinking why that person wasn’t doing anything about it.

While Sylvia at loss, she somehow surveyed the place, but… of course, nobody was trying to mend the situation.

To be frank, this place here was a training ground.

It was about fifty square meters.

Was it because the place was used for the exam now that the ground was bare, and it was still burning now even until a distance away?

No… Actually, when Sylvia came here, the others were doing pretty much same things, but as for the magic used by the applicants, the ground exploded, occasionally crushed and the target was gone.

And the previous applicant was…

“What’s wrong? The exam has already started, you know? I’m not going to give you starting signal, so you can choose your timing whenever you like. Do you understand what you have to do?” (Examiner)

“Ye-yes… I do, but…” (Sylvia)

While nodding, her words stopped when reaching that point.

‘Surely… I will give my best until you all are captivated by me. It should be that way.’

However, the target was there… no…

“Come to think of it…” (Sylvia)

When she thought about it, that person didn’t ask her to burn the target even though it was still burning.

If that was the case…

“…Yes, I’m going.” (Sylvia)

If that didn’t work, she would just be honest when that time came.

While staring straight at the still burning target, she let out a breath and extended her hand as if trying to grab it.

And then…

“–Freeze, Ice Formation.” (Sylvia)

— Intermediate Rank All-Round Talent (Intermediate Rank Magic – Imitation): Magic – Ice Formation. (TLN: The name in raw is  万能の才中級(魔導中級・偽):魔法・氷結陣)

Immediately after that spirit of language, what was in the sight was instantly frozen.

Whether it was the target or the flame, all of it was confined in the ice.

A small mutter of ‘Alright’ was let out at the sight that she had expected. After that, she stole a glance at the female examiner.

Although Sylvia thought that the result was good, she didn’t have much confidence in what she did.

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And the verdict was…

“Hmm… that was a good magic. Well, as for the verdict, it was within passing mark level. I was surprised, but I didn’t ask you to do that, you know? It was enough if you could make the burning vanished.”

“Eh… is that so? It’s just the target is…” (Sylvia)

“If it’s completely burned out, I can just prepare a new one, right? Well, before you turn, there were 150 other magicians. There is no way there would be enough targets.” (Examiner)

“Aah…” (Sylvia)

That was right.

She unconsciously used magic in a hurry, but… it wasn’t necessary to do from the beginning.

“It’s fine to gradually learn it later. As a result, I was able to know the extent of your magic. I didn’t say anything because your consideration was accurate.” (Examiner)

“…Yes, I’ll do my best!” (Sylvia)

“I’m not sure if you will be able to show that tenacity. Anyhow… it seems that you are qualified.” (Examiner)

“Eh… is that…?” (Sylvia)

“I did say that your magic was good, right? You don’t have to return home. You may just go straight ahead. The lecturer who is waiting there will guide you to the next place.” (Examiner)

“…Aah.” (Sylvia)

The reason was obvious.

In short, she got accepted in terms of practical skills.

Although it wasn’t a completely correct consideration she had earlier… she tightly grasped her small fists as she gradually realized the actual feeling.

“…I did it.” (Sylvia)

“Now. It’s good for you to feel happy, but will you withdraw soon? It looks like the next applicant has come.” (Examiner)

“Ah, yes. Please excuse me.” (Sylvia)

When she withdrew in a hurry, there was surely someone new came in.

At that moment… her eyes were gathered at that boy because he had a glossy jet black hair as if it could completely suck everything.

The hair color was said to represent the talent of that person and black was said to be the color that was talented in everything.

For that reason, the feet, that were about to move, naturally stopped and Sylvia was staring at that boy.

“What a good timing. You are Number 154. As you can see, there are no other people right now. You may take the test.” (Examiner)

“Hmm… sure, no problem. So, what’s the detail of the exam?” (S???)

“Aah, do you see the target over there? Surprise me with everything you have. That’s it.” (Examiner)

Sylvia had a thought that such a situation would happened, but when it did really happened, she unintentionally let out a voice.

However, she was able to suppress it because she noticed that it would interfere with the exam.

Moreover, she already had interrupted the exam for what she did earlier.

As a matter of fact, the target was frozen because of her.

It was certainly not realistic to leave it alone and wait for the ice to melt. In fact, the ice remained and it continued to release cold air because it retained the magic power.

That was because her magic was that kind of magic.

If he was good in fire magic, the target at the present state would certainly become a hindrance, and other magic were also facing similar problem to a certain extent.

Anyhow, the examiner apparently wouldn’t return the state of the target to original. While Sylvia was sorry about that, she somehow kept watching the exam.

“What do you mean by going with everything I have?” (S???)

“Of course. The content of the exam is to see what kind of consideration you make.” (Examiner)

“Hmm… Alright. Well then, I’m going to use this.” (S???)

The boy took out something after saying so. Again, Sylvia was about to raise her voice.

That was because the boy took out the sword he had put on his waist.

No, strictly speaking, was that a sword-shaped wand?

The examiner wasn’t stopping him might be because that was permitted, but… anyhow, it was rare to see someone using a sword-shaped wand.

A wand wasn’t essential for a magician, but it was said that it was better to have one.

A wand that was tailored for a magician would helped them when they casted magic.

It was just that it was possible to master magic to a certain extent when they reached the middle school level.

Until then, it was impossible to cast complex magic since it required the assistance of a wand.

In other words, to use a wand at this level, it meant that the boy was talented and he was working on it.

Well, if he was more talented, he wouldn’t need a wand in the first place.

To be brief, those magicians who use a wand mean that they were ordinary magicians.

The kind of wand used was depending on the person respectively. There were some differences between people who depended on how important was the portability of the wand or how familiar they were with the wand because of frequent use, but… there were almost no people who used a sword as a wand.

There were also magician who had swordsmanship skill, but it was extremely rare. Sylvia had heard about such people, and at least she saw them once.

In any case, she was getting more interested with what kind of magic the boy would use.

It must be a magic to the point that the boy needed a wand. Moreover, it was a sword-shaped wand.

There shouldn’t be any magician who wouldn’t be interested in him.

Then, as she thought so, she saw boy assumed a stance with the sword.

“Well, then… I’m going.” (S???)

Indeed, he was merely using the sword-shaped wand. While Sylvia was thinking if it was magic related to swordsmanship–…

“– Demon Fang.” (S???) (TLN: It’s Majinken. I’m using the name from Tales games.)

What she recognized after that was white light.

It overwhelmingly filled her vision for a moment, and immediately after that, a thunderous roar reverberated.

Together with the sound, the wind that went passed carried enough momentum to the point she could feel it.

“…Eh? (Sylvia)

When her field of vision became clear, Sylvia spontaneously let out an astounded voice.

The reason was simple and obvious.

In the sight until just now, the target was frozen and there was a training ground wall beyond the target.

But now…

“…It can’t be. The wall of the training ground is designed to be able to endure in the case if the lecturers going all out, you know…? You… with just a blow…?” (Examiner)

There were no respond to the dumbfounded examiner, and there was a wide hole on the wall.

Of course, the sight outside of the academy beyond the training ground was visible.

And then…

“Hmmm… eh? Did I overdo this?” (S???)

The voice of the boy who seemed to be troubled a little reached Sylvia’s ears.

(Thank you for reading at bayabuscotranslation.com)


  • I hide the name again because this chapter is from the POV of Sylvia.
  • The names of techniques used in this chapter are similar to a game and a manga. If you prefer other name, please let me know.

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  1. Blackysensei Post author

    Thanks for the translation as always, btw it’s “did i overdo this” no need for the ing, and isn’t it weird for the author to hide soma’s name while let the new character name appear b4 she introduce herself, shouldn’t it be the other way around?


    1. bayabusco Post author

      Fixed and thanks. 😀

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  2. Brin Post author

    What is amusing is that the examiner will probably believe he used magic, since ‘of course’ one cannot destroy a magic-reinforced wall with just a single swing of a sword. 🙂 Then he will get in class and be struggling to pass, to the astonishment of the teachers.

    On a side note, I’m glad all the girls will be present, although I wonder how they managed to allowance for Aina. My guess is that she is pretending to be human and hiding her non-human traits.



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