Ex Strongest Swordsman 76 (Self Edited) – Entrance Exam and Recommendation Letter


Entrance Exam and Recommendation Letter

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At the moment of seeing the recommendation letter handed over, Carine Schmidt unintentionally frowned.

If this had to be said plainly, she was thinking that this was an unlikely situation.

It had been five years Carine had started working for this academy. If people stayed here for as long as that, they would get used to recommendation letters even if they disliked it, and now… there was one of it in front of her and such a thing clearly marked the line in between her and those who disliked letters.

It was true that this was a prestigious academy among noble families.

Strictly speaking, although this academy was less than ten years since it was established, its predecessor existed in the Kingdom of Veritas. It was an academy which was well known as the most prominent academy at that time. From that point, this academy was the result of attracting all people with everything of its equipment and facilities. For that reason, she believed that this academy was the successor of that academy when she was formerly at Kingdom of Veritas. Therefore, that achievement became her slogan.

Then, it was not a mistake that she overlooked this problem of recommendation letter.

The royal academy was known as the most prestigious academy. No matter from which department people were graduated, the graduates wouldn’t have problem with their future. It was said that no matter where they went, they would be welcomed and nobody would hate them. But that was also true if this matter was said in the opposite way. It might sound bad, but in the end of the day, it was a mere academy.

In addition to that, today was also the day of the entrance exam of the elementary level. There were no problems if people didn’t go to elementary school since it was possible to learn everything later. This academy was such a place.

In that situation, such a thing like recommendation letter might arrive. No, in order to sit for the entrance exam, the recommendation letter was needed. The thing was in term of who was recommending, there were all sorts of people. Whether that person was an alumni, baron of some place, or famous adventurer…

If it was only about referral, anyone was allowed to become one. In the case of unlikely possibility of believing the recommendation, it wasn’t a bad thing, really. However, only those who had nothing to lose would say such a thing. For example, if the person recommended by a baron failed, there was no particular consequences. On the contrary, it would be an embarrassment if the person recommended by a duke failed.

This country was far from achieving stable situation, so there were many people trying to pull one’s legs. That was why one couldn’t afford to show weaknesses, and… for that reason, to be recommended by such people brought more than a simple meaning…

“Hmm…? Could it be that this letter is somehow weird? I was told that it would be fine if I showed this, but…” (??)

It was probably because of such a thought…

The boy in front of him were asking such a question while tilting the head.

“Aah, no, there is no such a thing, but…” (Carine)

In a sense, although she felt awkward about the whole thing, she became confused because of the letter.

Anyhow, the name of the recommender was the King, a Duke and Duchess. Furthermore, there were names of certain adventurers. By looking in this way, the adventurers name looked a bit inferior, but it was just her imagination. Rather, it was easier for people to say it in this way.

When this country was established, due to incomparable efforts, it was said that there were four people who stand in line with the hero. Considering the Duke and Duchess who were Seven Heavens, it was true that their names were somehow inferior to those four people, but it was bad to compare these two sides.

Even if there was only one name of recommender, let alone the recommendation, it wasn’t strange if it caused slight uproar. Actually, there was a girl who had a recommendation letter with the name of the king, and it was more or less causing a disturbance, but–…

“…It’s not my problem in regards of what happened earlier.” (Carine)

She had decided while thinking so. This boy was probably someone appropriate since he brought such a recommendation letter.

Carine didn’t think too much since she had less interest toward common people, but there was a possibility that a disturbance would occur again if she let the boy through. However, that wasn’t a matter of concern to Carine.

Carine’s role for today was to verify the recommendation letter and judged whether it was genuine. Afterward, it was the job of the others to take care of him. And then, the recommendation letter was unbelievable but it was genuine. If that was the case, Carine only had to let the boy through.

“I’m sorry, it took me some time. There was no problem. Here you go.” (Carine)

“Hmm, it’s alright. I have time to spare anyway.” (S???)

“I’m grateful if you say so. By the way, do you know where you should go?” (Carine)

“I heard that I should go straight to the department I wish to study, is that right?” (S???)

“Yes, that’s right. The people here will tell you whether it is fine to go there.” (Carine)

“Understood. Well, then…” (S???)

“Yes, do you best… Uhm, oh yes..” (Carine)

“Hmm?” (S???)

Originally, she supposed to let the boy go. Perhaps, it was just a whim that she didn’t end it here. It might be because when she saw the boy’s eyes. It was definitely an expectation. That existed in the depth of his jet black eyes. Even if he tried to hide it, it couldn’t be hidden… No, that expectation was obvious and he didn’t need to hide it.

The boy hadn’t pass the exam yet, but although it was a hasty judgment… she remembered something at the same time.

There was something  she had to say.

It was more than ten years ago when Carine arrived here. It was the same when she came here to take the exam. Therefore…

There was only one thing to say when she opened her mouth.

“I’m not sure if you are able to stay here, but… there is one thing I would like to say. Welcome to the royal academy.” (Carine)

As Carine said that, she gave an utmost smile, similar to the time when she arrived here.

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After seeing the boy off, there was one feeling that grew inside her.

A row of people who had been queuing since the morning had finally ceased.

As she leaned against the chair she sat, she let out a breath.

“I wonder how many people I let passed… I think it is about 100 people.” (Carine)

Even if she did so, these people still need to take the exam. It was none of her concern because she had taken the exam once. No, in fact, it wasn’t actually other people’s matter of concern.

In the meantime, the exam for the lecturers should have ended. Depending on the result, Karen’s lecturer life could mark the end.

At the stage of documentation filtering, there weren’t many talented people applying for magic department which Carine was in, but she didn’t know how the exam went. Although it was better than swordsmanship and axemanship departments, she couldn’t relax.

Anyhow, there was nothing much that Carine could do. She could only pray that better talented people than her were not coming.

“Well, the academy would prefer if there are more talented people than me coming though.” (Carine)

It was futile to think so. However, since she had nothing to do in particular, her thought naturally shifted to the exam for the students.

First of all, in the entrance exam, the applicants needed to perform practical skills and by that, the result could be determined to a certain extent. Basically, if applicants didn’t have enough strength, they would fail. The exam was basically done in the order of their arrival. It was inefficient to gather them all at once. Furthermore, that would take too much time. Those who came later would eventually pile up, but they were simply waiting have to wait for their turn.

When that was over, it would be an interview session next. However, only half the number would pass from this stage to the next stage. Those, who couldn’t proceed, would be told that they failed at the practical skills stage and they would have to return as it was.

It didn’t serve any purpose to pass those who didn’t know whether they had abilities. Plus, the academy couldn’t afford to spend more time. Those who successfully passed this stage would go for an interview where they would be asked about many things. Reasonable assessment could be done by knowing their interest or hobbies, but although that was how it supposed to be, to tell the truth, over half of it was a lie.

This interview was more or less like a consultation, but actually, it was the academy headmaster who actually validated this stage. It was notified when she became lecturer for the first time. Nevertheless, it was similar to the skill appraisal, but the headmaster’s appraisal was even stronger.

As for that, the skill would completely strip until the skills were completely seen. She was told that it was alright since the headmaster would more or less not going to reveal the skills.

Anyhow, the flow of the exam wasn’t specified, and that was how it felt, but as a matter of fact, there was one most important thing. That was the candidates shouldn’t give out their name.

This was strictly prohibited in particular during the demonstration of practical skills. Breaking the rule was severe to the point that the candidate would be instantly disqualified.

As for the reason, the academy upheld the philosophy of the right things that should be learned. Therefore, it was inappropriate to mention the name. That was because examiner wouldn’t be able to make unbiased decision. If one mentioned their family name, there would no less than 50 percent  chance that the examiner would know what kind of people they were even with just the name.

Unlike Carine who wasn’t interested with common people, this royal academy was a place where such people gathered. Which was why in order to make a very fair and unbiased decision, the candidates shouldn’t tell their name.

This rule virtually had no meaning because with the eyes of the headmaster, she could verify the candidates’ characteristics right away. Consequently, the candidates weren’t worth considering if they couldn’t at least follow that simple rule. However, even if the royal academy upheld such a philosophy, they didn’t really compromise with the kingdom itself even though they received support from the king.

The candidates would be considered including their enthusiasm and others. For example, if one who had Intermediate Grade skills with full of enthusiasm and the other who had Advanced Grade skills who didn’t have much enthusiasm, the former would be given priority.

Although the kingdom emphasized skills, the academy had anticipated that and asked for the autonomy power during its establishment. Whether it was the king or others, they couldn’t complain with the policies of the academy. Of course, the academy would allow such people if the kingdom asked so, but there was no problem so far. That was due to the academy conformed with the kingdom’s policies.

Most of the time, those who had studied at the academy until now had the appropriate enthusiasm and the skills. For that reason, problems didn’t happen.

…Unfortunately, it couldn’t be said that there would be no problem after this year.

Although Carine was detached to common people, she would naturally here certain events since she was a lecturer at the royal academy. For example, a certain boy had defeated a jet black Evil Dragon… and the latest news that he was the strongest king. Even though the dragon was dealt with swordsmanship, she was told that he didn’t have swordsmanship skills.

This was strictly a confidential matter even though some people knew it, but… if that was the case, it might be the difference in treatment between the academy and the school that happened for the first time. Anyhow, the kingdom treated him as an exception, and no one knew what would happen unless the time came.

“…Aah.” (Carine)

And, she suddenly had this thought. There were the joint signatures on the recommendation letter brought by the boy earlier. If the boy in that even wasn’t that boy, it wasn’t possible for him to bring such a letter. However…

“…No, that’s not it.” (Carine)

The reason she denied the thought was because the recommendation letter contained which department the boy wished to enter. It was the magic department. He, who was unofficially appointed as the next Sword King, should have no reason to do so.

“Well, if he is that boy, it’s going to be interesting… right?” (Carine)

When she was having such a thought, she suddenly heard a voice. It came from the outside…

“Uhmm… around this area right?” (L???)

“For us, yes, but… it’s different from you, right? Didn’t you take the exam earlier? So, is it alright to come together with us here?” (A???)

“…Yes, if we ask her, we will know, right?” (S?????)

Somehow, they were the next applicants.

They might be younger people, so Carine couldn’t slack off since they also might become her students.

Then, while adjusting her posture and verifying the figures of three people who came in, Carine put up a smile on her face.



  • The information at the beginning of the chapter is jumping here and there. To make it flow better, I made several sentences to become one paragraph. FYI, the way the author writes this novel is having a space between sentences. It feels like a paragraph for each sentence. Thus, it may creates confusion to some people who usually assume that one topic per paragraph. Please let me know what you think.
  • The characters names are hidden because this chapter is from Carine’s POV.

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