Ex Strongest Swordsman 74 (Self Edited) – Putting the End to a Fool and The Curtain of a Temple


Putting the End to a Fool and The Curtain of a Temple

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A girl was closely looking at the window where there was a scene of a boy leaving.

A sigh was let out. While sliding the fingers on the window, she tried to reach out his back which gradually became smaller.

“I couldn’t speak with him at all this time too… No, well, although there were certainly opportunities for many times, I myself didn’t use the chance… It-it’s just that, I can’t help with it, but… I’m not sure what would I talk with him. …You’re noisy. Isn’t that fine? It’s because I’m really a child.” (??)

While pouting the lips, the girl kept muttering excuses, but… eventually, the figure of the boy became completely vanished.

When the girl confirmed that scene, she let out another sigh.

“By the way, why I wasn’t woken up this time? Anyway, something like this never happened before. He never leave me alone, right? …No, it is certainly difficult if he has to leave me. As expected, I couldn’t wake up with this, right? …I’m not sure. Well, I don’t really know, now.” (??)

The girl inflated her cheeks as she said so. As a matter of fact, no one other than this girl understood that reason.


“Oops, it looks like someone is coming. This is how far it goes for today. As expected, it is impossible to cope with both sides. It is quite obvious which side should I give precedence, so… No, I guess it can’t be help.” (??)

While she said ‘it can’t be helped’, her cheeks loosened. Why was that happened?

However, it was true that those words were just right.

Perhaps, if she was in the middle of fulfilling her original duty, she wouldn’t say such things, but the reason why she woke up at this time was unclear.

There was no reason to uselessly cause trouble.


“Eh? Lina? What are you doing in this place?” (Aina)

It was a girl named Aina that came in.

She was wondering when looking at Lina who was still looking the other side of the window.

On the contrary, Lina was–…

“Eh, is that you, Aina-san? What are you doing here?” (Lina)

The girl opened her mouth, abruptly changed the air around her.

It was a splendid feigning. It was inevitable to say that as a splendid imitation.

This was something that she could do well.

“I was asking you first… oh, well. I have found something which I am a bit lacking at, so I’m going around to ask for it.” (Aina)

“Eh… are you alright with that? Nii-sama has gone, you know?” (Lina)

“I’m in hurry because I’m not alright with that. Say, how do you know that… aah, that was what you were looking, huh?” (Aina)

“Yes, I am.” (Lina)

The figure that naturally turned around while nodding was the one who people always saw, Lina Neumont.

It was really splendid, but that was it.

“Aren’t you extremely available… that is already perfect, right?” (Aina)

“No, actually, I also notice what I miss, and now, I am in the middle of doing it.” (Lina)

“That’s not good, you know…!” (Aina)

Although it might sound like a nonsense talk, to be honest, it was a fact.

The fact that she stopped here when he she noticed his figure…

“Goodness… well, let’s hurry. We can’t afford to relax if Soma has gone out.” (Aina)

“Yes, you’re right!” (Lina)

Then, as the girl was already getting away from the window, she walked shortly after Aina who already went out.

However, she stopped for a moment and turned her eyes toward the window… Perhaps, anxiety was the reason.

Well, that was understandable.

No… it was a matter of course.

Whatever in front of the girl didn’t fade away, and this country wasn’t trampled.

This world was already diverting away from the official history.

Thereupon, she herself thought what she should do… and it was natural to feel anxious.

Maybe, it would be fine with this.

If that was the case… she might be able to fulfill her original duty.

Rather, she was born into this world because of this reason.

At that time, her mouth moved a little.

There was no sound, but… surely, certain words were uttered.

‘I got it, you know.’

The girl, who muttered so, caught up behind Aina with a slight delay and she didn’t feel much. They were going to the other side of the corridor as it was.

(Thank you for reading at bayabuscotranslation.com)


There was a violent dull sound, and it shook the spot.

A man was sitting on the throne, and the sound was coming when he hit swung his fists at the armrests.

“…Say that again!” (??)

“Hiii…! So, so…! According to this affair, the morale of our army has fallen to the lowest level…! And we, we… propose for a truce with that… that country!” (??)

“Bastard…! Are you saying that my country has to yield to those traitors…!?” (??)

“Of, of course, we do resent them…! But, but… there is no other way…!” (??)

“…!” (??)

The man clenched his teeth, and a dull sound reverberated again.

However, the man didn’t argue anymore because he also understood it.

The man also wasn’t a fool after all.

“…Got it. There is no other way… Proceed in that direction…” (??)

“Yes…! Certainly…!” (??)

He was indifferent to the withdrawing man while saying so. He just silently clenched teeth and holding fists.

When the sound of closing door heard… he swung his fists three more times.

“Damn…! Worthless…!” (??)

Originally, he should have been drinking a victorious high grade sake at this time.

‘But… but… Why…!’

“Above all, the most useless ones are the Demons…! Although I provide them materials needed from the royal treasury…!” (??)

“–Oi oi, we did things properly, you know? Well, it’s true that we failed, but we sufficiently created disorder. So, it is troublesome if you plainly blame us, right?” (Demon)

“–Wha!? Who, who are you!?” (??)

The man, Veritas XIII gave out a terribly panicking voice when he suddenly heard the voice.

However, that was normal

A throne is one of the most defended place in this country.

To suddenly appear in such a place…

“No, no… you bastard, huh… that Demon…!? How dare you turn up here…!?” (Veritas XIII)

“Haa? No, today is my first time seeing you, but… I can understand by that kind of voice. It’s certainly a fool if you don’t understand such things.” (Demon)

“Wha… what is this… you? What a foolish… No… to begin with, where I have seen you…!? That appearance…!” (Veritas XIII)

“No way. It’s troublesome. Basically, I’m not coming here to have a discussion with you.” (Demon)

“So, what do you…! No, no, I see… You came to apologize, did you? Hmmph, in spite of being Demon, isn’t that laudable attitude… well, of course.” (Veritas XIII)

As that were said, Veritas XIII regained composure, and threw his chest like being arrogant in that situation.

The man let out a sigh as if he was astonished when looking at that attitude.

“I told you, that is not our fault. Good grief, that’s why you are a fool.” (Demon)

“Wha, you bastard, calling me fool again…!” (Veritas XIII)

“What’s wrong calling a fool, a fool? The reason I come here is to settle things. Actually, it was that guy’s job, but… oh well, apparently he is gone. I guess that I had no choice to come out.” (Demon)

“Settle…? What are you—” (Veritas XIII)

“–That has been decided. And that is to kill you.” (Demon)

“–Guuh…!?” (Veritas XIII)

The moment Veritas XIII recognized the reason, an arm suddenly grew from his chest.

He immediately realized that the arm penetrated his own chest and the throne from behind, but it was already impossible to utter any words.

From the mouth, a red black liquid spit out with bubbles.

“Well, don’t think badly… I don’t mean to say this, but this is for you and  for your mistakes when you are dealing with the Demons. After all, it is not good if the matter about us is leaked. The basis is to severe the root of the evidence, right?” (Demon)

“*Cough* *Cough*…!” (Veritas XIII)

“I don’t understand what are you trying to say. Nonetheless, I don’t have a hobby to pointlessly inflicting pains, so… I don’t have anything more to say to you. Goodbye.” (Demon)

“*Cough* *Cough*…!?” (Veritas XIII)

When the other arm swung, the head that wore the crown danced in the air.

The man quickly retreated from that spot because he didn’t want the blood sprays splashed on him.

Then, when the man’s figure exposed… and if Veritas XIII recognized it, he definitely be surprised.

No matter how people looked at him, his appearance was like a small child, or a teenager.

“Ooh, ooh, the color of the flowing blood is similar to us. Well, such a thing doesn’t matter anymore… It seems that it is possible to make half of the castle ruptured in order to cause confusion, but… let’s not do that, I guess? To begin with, it is not worth destroying such a country.” (Demon)

As if he had something to think about it while saying so, he confirmed the blood had settled down. Then, the person who looked nothing but a boy, kicked the dead body toward the throne.

After nodding in satisfaction, he turned around.

“Anyhow, I’m done here. I wonder what should I do next? That person asked me to do something about the man who destroyed the Evil Dragon. Asking me for unreasonable thing again… Who does he think he is? It is absurd to include the investigation too. Does he mean that the Evil Dragon that can’t die by naturally perished was killed? I guess they weren’t well prepared…” (Demon)

Accordingly, he looked up at the ceiling and muttered what he had to do.

Although he probably wouldn’t know what to do by looking at the ceiling, it was simply because of his habit.

The habit of complaining…

“Good grief, Demon King… No, former hero I suppose, right? It seems that they are going to be hindrances. This is really something unexpected. Could it be that person killed Albert? Even if that guy was rotten, he had gained the fourth seat of Heavenly Demon Generals, but it is strange that there is no clue left on how he was killed…” (Demon)

However, when he reached that thought, he lowered the line of sight, and shook his head.

He considered that it was pointless to guess further than that.

“Well, for the time being, it’s alright since I have found ‘that’. Anyway, his face will stand out in the front stage. It’s fine to think what to do when that time comes. I have something else I have to do, so I’ll finish the business here first. …Good grief, it’s troublesome to go to the institution now, but there is no other choice, right? Now, it’s meaningless to stay here any longer, so I shall head back soon.” (Demon)

Since he had finished what he had to do, he abruptly disappeared at the same time when he said those words.

What was left behind was a crushed throne.

…and the corpse of the king.



TLN: The title in raw is 伽藍の瞳と愚者への幕引き. I’m not sure if there is an idiom about the curtain of a temple. Please let me know.

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    1. bayabusco Post author

      All of Soma’s group remained in the stronghold of his father’s territory for one year. That was mentioned in last chapter.


    1. Galiron Post author

      Lina I spoke a reincarnated person and the world is from a game. Soma is likely a deviation in the story ie the dragon transported him into this world using an unimportant mob char. Having no skills he wasn’t orginally involved at all in the storyline so him being superpowered is messing up the world. I’m guessing this based on lina assuming her brother was unimportant back when she thought to teach him his place at the start. Remember how she was mad that he could just do what he wanted while she couldn’t and looked down on him for being skillless.


      1. McTavish (@Sixxish) Post author

        I like your idea. This chapter makes more sense if that’s right after all. Also she knew Aina was a demon when she first saw her, could be chalked up to her “Game World Knowledge”. And while you see plenty of stories do the whole “reincarnated into a game world” trope, you really don’t see one where it’s not even the main character it happened to.


      2. bayabusco Post author

        I guess Lina had gone so much changes. Not sure why author made it this way. It’s weird especially when a kid below 6 years to think so much. A kid should be a kid, play and do some fun stuff lol.

        First, before Soma was known to have no skill, Lina adored Soma so much. That’s because Soma took care of her when she was baby since the mother was busy with work.

        After Soma was known not having any skill, everyone told her to forget about Soma and treated him as outsider/nobody. Thus, her character at that time was kind of obstinate.

        Then, after Soma defeated her in the Demon Forest, she reverted to her initial character, adoring Soma. I’m not sure if this constitutes as brocon lol.


    1. bayabusco Post author

      The first part of this chapter is related to the school arc,

      The second part is the aftermath of the country that attacked Kraus’ territory. The king died and that created enough chaos. I’m guessing anyone won’t expect that Veritas XIII had any relation with the Demons.


    1. bayabusco Post author

      It’s OK. I think your comment is very reasonable since the raw of this chapter is missing a lot of words. I had to add up own words just to clear things up as the author frequently used pronouns and sometimes the pronouns represented different nouns in one sentence. 😦

      Please let me know which part you don’t understand. I’ll try my best to answer your question. 🙂


  1. Isaac Cunningham Post author

    I don’t understand why they don’t give up after their dragon that is “undefeatable” gets one sidedly trampled on


    1. bayabusco Post author

      If you mean Kingdom of Kraus, they couldn’t give up because Kingdom of Radius was a part of their country. I think we have few examples in real world that some countries are trying to get back what they had even though they don’t have the capability to do it.


  2. Galiron Post author

    I think lina is a reincarnation and like a lot of the game ones soma is an unknown so he is changing the story from how it was supposed to be.


  3. Isaac Cunningham Post author

    I think Lina either reincarnated from the future or maybe reincarnated into a game like those reincarnation stories or a ‘returner’ who is reborn as them self when they die.


  4. primo23 Post author

    But i wonder when was she awakened tho
    Also i would really like it if thats the case since the brother is a reincarnated person like her but he’s too OP than her who was (possibly) a reincarnated person as well lol


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    just wondering why the font has become so small recently in order to read it I have to zoom in my browser by quite a lot


  6. blackysensei9 Post author

    Thanks for the translation, also like everyone here i’m confused by lina’s monologue, but well the past heroes that soma’s parents mentioned was just confirmed to be the next last boss, looking forward to the next release, thanks again


  7. kek Post author

    i think it was mention when she said “Eh, is that so? Well, if it is about that, I somehow managed to go through it because I was awakened by the power that was sleeping within me or something like that.” (Lina) chapter 71



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