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When Kraus looked at the scene before him, he thought ‘How can it be?’.

Once a spatial transition commenced, it couldn’t be stopped if there wasn’t anything big happening.

To make it failed, it would impossible to do so unless it was done at least a same scale… no, at the scale that far exceeded it.

{What’s wrong? You’ve made noises as if you’re shocked. I guess you were thinking that it was easy to escape from me?} (Evil Dragon)

“Wha!?” (Kraus)

The moment Kraus heard that voice, he was taken aback even though he wasn’t that surprised earlier.

He didn’t even expect where the voice came from.

It was from the jet black dragon before him.

However, no matter what it did, it was impossible to make the spatial transition failed.

By the way, it wasn’t surprising that the dragon spoke.

It was common for dragons with high intelligence to be able to speak.

But, even so–…

“No way… dear, are we going to die…!?” (Sophia)

Sophia’s words were by no means exaggeration.

Rather, it was a definite truth.

When dragons spoke, it was synonymous to treading the path of death.

Dragon was an illusion-type species.

Basically, illusion-type species shouldn’t existed in the world.

Illusion-type species like dragons were possible to exist because humans recognized that they existed.

Therefore, the world created dragons since they were recognized that it existed.

Well, it was unknown which was strictly came first.

Was it because the world created dragons because human recognized it, or the world came to recognize it for some other reasons.

However, it was true that dragons were created by human thoughts, but never forget that it should never exist to begin with.

Basically, if dragons, that were created by human thoughts, did nothing, they would disappear as it was.

To the end, it could only maintain its existence by the thoughts from human.

Without the supply of thoughts, it was reasonable to exhaust its existence and it would eventually disappear.

That was the reason why dragons occasionally attacked human and cities.

It was for the sake of maintaining its existence, and in order to make their thoughts thinking of them.

However, again, dragons were existences that shouldn’t exist.

Therefore, it didn’t attack too much.

If the thoughts had grown too high, their power would increase, so when their existence became distinct, they would be erased from the world.

That was the cancellation of contradiction.

It would be strange since they were something that didn’t exist, so they would be extinguished.

Both conditions weren’t that strange.

If there was a problem, it was also because the world created them, but… as for dragons, this world revolved around them, so it couldn’t be helped no matter how much they were in human minds.

For that reason, dragons didn’t speak.

Even with just flying in the sky and burning cities, it was good enough for their majestic appearance. However, if they muttered words, their existence would become more distinct.

That would increase their strength, but as a result, they would get closer to death.

If it was an ordinary dragon, there was no mistake that they wouldn’t be exempted.

In particular, there were Kingdom of Veritas army in this place.

Instead of just having Kraus and Sophia to be here, if the dragon did such a thing in such a place–…

{Hmmph, even though you are going to be killed from now on, you are so carefree to worry about your enemy who will kill you… Or somehow, do you think that you won’t be killed? The reason I don’t do anything to you guys because you were trying to do something interesting. Well, it was a pointless effort–…} (Evil Dragon)

“Alright, they are finally defeated, isn’t it? Goodness… Oi, you slowpoke! Are you going to take much time for the enemies at this degree!? Well, but, only these two remain… aah? Prisoners of war? Don’t need it! We will kill them anyway! More importantly… Oi, the dragon over there!” (Superior)

The one that shouted until the dragon conversation interrupted was one of the enemy soldiers.

Kraus remembered that face.

He surely was one of the enemy commanders.

The man was strangely hostile against him, and that was why he remembered.

But, as he was in doubt about what he was going to do in this situation, he continued to raise a surprised voice.

“Don’t you get it why it is not killing you both!? Yeah, at the very least, you’ll die by my hand! Listen, hold them firmly, alright!? It’ll be troublesome if they are struggling!” (Superior)

It was a tone of ordering as if the dragon was lower than him, or like a subordinate, or even like a slave, but when Kraus thought about it, the nobles of that country were often like that.

Perhaps, that guy also was a noble.

To be honest, it was unbelievable to show such an attitude toward a dragon, but it was an opportunity in a sense.

During this time, there might be something that could be done…

{Who do you think you are to order me? Don’t get carried away, human.} (Evil Dragon)

At that moment, a overpowering wind brushed his body.

Kraus was able to judge what was happening because it was something that he remembered.

What followed next was a roar and a sound as if something was crushed.

And then, sounds of groaning and screaming.

“Wha, wha…. whaatt…!?” (Superior)

{Humph… remember this. I am Fafnir! The ancient dragon that holds the name of fear and despair…!} (Fafnir)

“Let alone stating your name… aren’t you taking side with Kingdom of Veritas?” (Kraus)

{Now… I don’t care whether you recognize me as one of them, but I should lend them hands as much as possible for unraveling the seals since that was the only promise. Of course, I won’t care about them in the case if they insult me.} (Fafnir)

While listening to those words, Kraus slightly looked behind its rear, and there was a terrible scene spreading there.

There were heaps of corpses all around.

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It was exactly what it said.

What did the dragon do just now was probably mowing them down with the tail.

If such an attack was received, it would be an instant death for common soldiers.

Moreover, since its body was huge, the range was also extensive.

It meant that this scene was created by that single blow.

But, it was definitely overkill.

Surely, the words used earlier were as good as insult.

It also could be said that the dragon got angry, but… it didn’t seem to be that way.

The dragon didn’t release that blow for that reason.

It was because the commander who made the problematic statement was still alive.

He seemed to be alive because the tail only went passed before his eyes, but… it wasn’t because of luck since the blow was made to be that way.

“…Seriously, are we going to die?” (Sophia)

Sophia asked that question again and Kraus was probably thinking the same thing.

By giving its name earlier, it was true that the origin of this dragon was about fear and despair.

In other words, if people thought more about this dragon, it would become stronger.

When one considered about it, this way of doing might not be meaningless.

If a dragon did this, excessive fear and despair would channel to it, and it would be possible to gain considerable power.

However, it was clearly killing itself at the same time.

In addition, that might be the cause of interference with the spatial transition earlier.

If it was a dragon, it was no wonder such a thing was possible.

But again, the dragon didn’t do that even if it was possible.

If it did so, it would be noticeable.

“Hi, hi, hiii…!?” (??)

“Damn it, where are the comrades! I guess the matter about the dragon is different…!?” (Superior)

“It hurts, it hurts…! I don’t want to die!” (??)

What filled this place were voices of lament and despair.

The feeling of anger already went further away.

Let alone embracing that feeling, everyone knew it was impossible to feel that any longer.

The thoughts of everyone who was there revolved around that existence, and it became its power… and by that much, it got close to death.

Perhaps, it wouldn’t be weird if the dragon disappeared right now.

Kraus had never actually seen that scene.

However, even with this, he was a Gift Holder.

He was able to understand by sensing the appropriate amount of strength coming from the dragon.

The strength before him already crossed the boundary.

“…Why do you have to do that far? Although you were brought by the world, what was brought was merely a single life. I heard that death is something that should be avoided, but…” (Kraus)

{Hmmph, you don’t understand, but… I will tell you because I’m generous. That is the wish of my Master…} (Fafnir)

“Master… you mean, the Evil God?” (Kraus)

{…That’s right. That’s how He was known to you people, and because of that, He was destroyed!} (Fafnir)

“…Uh.” (Kraus)

Whether it was an imperial wrath of a dragon, he clearly felt an anger that he had never felt before.

It was his first time to see the murderous intention in the cold eyes before him.

“…Sorry, it seems that I said something unnecessary.” (Kraus)

“…It doesn’t matter. In any case, the ending is still the same.” (Sophia)

Whatever happened, escape was impossible.

That was the decision Kraus had made.

Resistance was meaningless from the beginning.

There were only two of them in this place. Even though the sword that Kraus had would shattered, it was also not weird if it crumbled.

Of course, he could say that he probably could endure it with his body…

Because of that, he already couldn’t endure anger it more.

If the dragon’s murderous intent dyed with anger, it would be worse.

{That’s why I am satisfied even if I become extinct! Because He governs death and destruction. If I become extinct after doing that, I have no reason to loathe because that is my desire!} (Fafnir)

Kraus was able to understand those words.

This dragon merely wanted to destroy everything.

That also included itself.

It didn’t had any hesitation because it was seeking for strength.

“…I wonder if it will get angry again if I say that it is completely like a child shouting and screaming? Well, to begin with, I probably have no right to say that as a parent.” (Sophia)

“I was thinking the same too, but… well, I am also disqualified as a parent.” (Kraus)

They had spoken about various things that they worried such as ancient dragon, seals, Evil God.

But, they had no answer after discussing about it. Rather than thinking about those concerns, it would be meaningless to do so since they were going to die.

But still…

They already knew that everything was in vain.

However, Kraus never thought of giving up until the end.

Perhaps, Sophia would also do the same.

They weren’t thinking about dying.

Even if there was no mistake that they would die after this.

Disappointment, miserable, meaningless…

But if the dragon before them hoped for destruction, they were willing to die.

Either for one minute, or even one second, it was fine…

If they could earn time, that would certainly help someone.

It was their duty and obligation.

They would carry it with their bodies until they died. They had dispersed any other thoughts, so there was no reason to give up now, and such a thing couldn’t be forgiven.

Even if anyone forgave them, they couldn’t forgive themselves.

They couldn’t ask for atonement if they didn’t try.

They wondered if all these could save people.

“…Actually, I also wanted to tell you a lot of things.” (Sophia)

“I see… if that’s the case, I’ll look forward on seeing you on the other side.” (Kraus)

As he held Sophia’s hand, he grasped and he smiled.

Sophia also nodded back. They couldn’t anything, but even so, they looked forward as if they were glaring.

And then…

{Now, it’s fine to destroy everything! With this, His dream would be…!} (Fafnir)

“…Oh really? Well, before that, I will destroy you, damn reptile.” (S???)

The next moment, that enormous body was blown away.

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  • Gift Holder is Special Rank Holder (please refer chapter 31)
  • The existence of Illusion-type species requires not so few or too much thoughts. It should be somewhere in between. They will disappear if the thoughts are too few or too much.
  • You know who appear next.
  • FYI, I have to make a lot of adjustment especially during the explanation of illusion-type species. If it doesn’t flow well, please let me know.


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    I honestly can’t be happy with the author trying to make them seem like good people at this point



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