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A man, who was a soldier of the Kingdom of Veritas, was watching the situation where the dragon trampling down the enemy army with a complicated thought.

Although he thought that his superior was crazy when he was told that the dragon was on their side, but it seemed to be true when looking at that this situation.

The devastating damage also went to his direction, but he wasn’t hurt even until now.

However, they were unable to easily accept it because it wasn’t their own strength.

…Well, it seemed that there were some among them who were delighted.

“Hmm, those rebels… served them right! Well, I regret that I couldn’t kill them with my own hands, but… I’m satisfied when looking at the scene!” (??)

The man turned toward the voice and he let out a small sigh.

The owner of the voice was the superior who he thought was insane earlier.

It would considerably ease his mind if the superior was really insane.

“Even so, it is unsightly… though their defeats have been decided, they are pointlessly trying to resist. Tsk, by the way, what are the frontliners doing? They are dying, so it’s fine if you want to torture them to death…!” (Superior)

He was saying it because those who survived from the dragon’s breath attack were headed to their direction. They were probably trying to defeat their comrades.

As expected, they were truly the army of the might Kingdom of Radeus.

Well, basically, the man wasn’t in position to praise them, but they had gone out against each other for many years.

Although they were enemies who they had to kill or to be killed, there were nobody died in the last few years.

The man understood that they were enemies in war, but for some reason, he remembered the familiarity. That was why he had a complicated thought.

More importantly, he might want to say ‘damn’ to that retarded superior.

Before indicating consent, the man wanted to ask to his superior why he didn’t killed with his own hands or to tell to go ahead of him.

But, no matter how damn the superior was, he was still a superior.

The man couldn’t say anything.

Moreover, that damn bastard… No, that was a mistake. Even if he said that to the superior, he was more or less had a reason for that.

By the way, the superior used to be a noble who ruled around this area.

In the end of the day, he was temporarily enrolled in the military. He planned to return to his territory after achieving a certain degree of merit.

But before that happened, a rebellion happened and this territory became independent.

Then, it became another country. Since he was left with the title, he became a nobleman without land.

Nevertheless, the superior was being talked about since he was a noble who couldn’t protect his own territory. Therefore, he remained in the army. So, the superior was a man who complained at every opportunity.

But, there was one thing the man knew at the same time.

The superior told that he wasn’t in the territory during the rebellion, and if he was there, he could protect it, but… actually, he was there.

Since the people in the territory rebelled, he ran away for his dear life.

The man knew.

That was why he really hated this damn bastard.

He thought that his superior might as well go around and kill anybody, but as expected, he wasn’t up to that level.

The enemy army considerably resisted, but they probably couldn’t reach his location.

Well, if they reached him, he had no choice to fight them. That was why he felt vexed.

“…No matter how many soldiers they have, they can’t fight that.” (Man)

Beyond the sight of the man who muttered just now was two people standing up against the dragon.

After the dragon unleashed the second breath attack, it got off to the ground and trampled violently, but that two people went before it.

Of course, the man knew those two.

He was here since the beginning of the war between their two countries, but by the time he became a soldier, he saw that face almost every day.

There was no way the man didn’t know him…. No, to begin with, he only knew a little about him.

He was the youngest in history to be given seat in Seven Heavens.

He was one of the strongest in the world, and he was the world’s strongest swordsman.

The First of Seven Heavens, and the Sword King.

Kraus Neumont.

The man also knew the woman who was next to him.

She was appointed as Seven Heavens for defeating the fourth Demon Heavenly General.

She was one of the strongest in the world, and she was the world’s strongest magician.

The Seventh of Seven Heavens, and the Magic King.

Sophia Neumont.

These two were here.

They weren’t opponents with superficial fighting power. In fact, when they confirmed not only Kraus but also Sofia was there, the whole army was in a state of panic.

That damn superior ran away first, but… the reason that crushed that despair was rather a worse despair.

The jet black dragon easily trampled those tw.

As the man looked at it, there was no shout of joy coming from his side.

That was because they recognize how frightening the dragon was.

Those two probably understood it more than them, but they still went against it.

No matter how many times they did it, they still hadn’t given up.

To be honest, the man wanted to support them, but… of course, he couldn’t do that.

“Hah, they were done again, those bastards! You still don’t get it, huh!? Give it up soon, and it’s fine if you ask for forgiveness even if it looks so bad! Well, of course, I’m not going to forgive you!” (Superior)

While frowning at those harsh words, the man spit out.

The two of the world’s strongest people were wrapped in crimson flames, but they still stood up against the dragon.

It completely looked like a play, but… that ending wasn’t going to be a pleasant one.

They were the opponents who the man even secretly admired, but he had no doubt that they would be killed by that.

When thinking how this situation was something unpredictable like how it didn’t goes the way the man wanted, he let out a sigh one more time.

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Kraus knew that dragon was a formidable opponent because everybody said so.

Perhaps, there was no way he wouldn’t know that as he watched the prowess before him, he let out a small breath.

“…This is bad. I can’t imagine that we got done easily.” (Kraus)

“…You’re right. I don’t have any intention to be done in that way, but I wonder what else can we do.” (Sophia)

Nevertheless, they understood that they didn’t have the option of retreating.

This wasn’t how the story goes on this battlefield.

They probably should say that the dragon was benefiting the Kingdom of Veritas.

Behind the dragon, it didn’t seem that the enemy army was going to approach them at any time soon, but that was the evidence.

If they didn’t do anything, that dragon would probably trample this country.

They couldn’t let that happen.

“Sophia… this much is enough for you. You can go and report this to the kingdom. I’m not sure how much I can do alone, but it would be far better than doing nothing.” (Kraus)

“You mean…” (Sophia)

She understood when he mentioned the harsh reality.

One year ago, she forsake his son for the sake of the country, and now, she was doing that to her husband.

It was nothing but harshness.

“…I’m sorry. For doing this to you… Even when the time with Soma… if I was there, somehow…” (Kraus)

“…No. Even if you were there, nothing would change. Let alone trying to do something, I wasn’t able to do anything.” (Sophia)

That was probably a truth.

No… to begin with, even if Kraus was there, he also couldn’t do anything.

He would also, in some way or other, had to forsake the nonexistent Soma.

It was probably a right thing to do as a human.

It was also a right thing to do as a man, a husband and a parent.

However, that was a wrong thing to do as a head of Neumont household.

That was why, from the beginning, this was a meaningless consolation.

“…Sorry.” (Kraus)

“It’s alright. I already know that you are clumsy. Besides, you don’t have the right to say that to me. …Well then, I’m going.” (Sophia)

“Yeah…” (Kraus)

While saying that, the dragon was still there.

Actually, they shouldn’t have the time for long talk.

However, for some reason, the dragon didn’t fight them.

Was it expecting something? …Or maybe, it was due to the enemy army approaching from behind.

When he noticed, those soldiers were getting closer to it.

Even if his proud men were there, they still couldn’t do anything much while being outnumbered.

In the meantime, he should tell them to make the top priority on their life… Now, how far they could survive this?

Moreover, let alone being prisoners of war, he probably couldn’t say about staying alive.

Among them, there were some who he could talk with, but there were also people who hated him.

The handling of prisoners of war was decided by international laws, but there were many things that couldn’t be protected and he knew that without being told by anyone.

Well, in any case, he would do as much as he could during this time.

Sophia took out a small white orb that could fit her palm from the chest.

Immediately afterward, she grasped and destroyed it.

It was the first time to see that, but he knew that it was a magical tool.

That tool made spatial transition possible.

The reason to use such a thing was simple.

It was because Sophia couldn’t use spatial transition.

Even if magician was rank-oriented, they couldn’t use all kind of magic.

Especially spatial and time magic. It was said that to use those magic, it depend on the inborn ability.

In other word, if people could use the low rank of that magic, it meant that people could use it. However, in her case, she couldn’t use it.

In a sense, it was very easy to understand.

Even though Sophia had Special Rank Magic skill, she couldn’t use spatial magic.

If Sophia wanted to use spatial transition, she needed to use a special magic tool.

Perhaps, when she came here, she was using the same thing.

Frankly speaking, it was expensive and it made her exhausted when using it…

“Two magic tools for spatial transition, huh. The financial affair of our household is going to decline again…” (Kraus)

“Oh my, I was using something different when coming here, but this one is something that I got recently. It is called warp portal or something? It is somewhat flexible than the previous one and the price is cheap.” (Sophia)

“Ooh, is that so? I don’t need to know that.” (Kraus)

While talking about trivial matters, Sophia’s surroundings began to distort.

It was the commencement of the transition.

The distortion gradually got bigger, and eventually, her figure became ambiguous.

There was no need to bid farewell.

However, that dragon was staring at her figure.

And then…

“…Eh?” (Sophia)

“Wha!?” (Kraus)

Together with a sound of crumbling glass, the figure of Sophia remained there unchanged.

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