Ex Strongest Swordsman Longs For Magic In Different World 42 (Self Edited) – The End of the Test


The End of the Test

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To be honest, Doris held an unexpected impression.

She was murmuring inside because of the scene spread before her.

As expected, it was good to entrust the test to Sheila.

“Well… she is stronger than me. Of course I understand that, but this world is big after all…” (Lina)

“I can’t tell the difference. By the way, why she can move with that appearance…” (Aina)

While listening to such conversation, Doris was narrowing her eyes because of Aina’s words.

Scattering sparks happened along with consecutive hard sound resounded.

That was all that Doris could recognize.

Yes… Doris couldn’t even see their swords clashed.

She couldn’t give that excuse just because she was staying at the rear.

To begin with, Doris was supposed to stand over there.

From the wooden sword that was tied to the waist, it seemed that Soma was aware about the sword’s range.

“Hmm… in this way… no, that’s not good. After all, that person is strong. I wouldn’t be able to defend against the continuous attacks this time.” (Lina)

“In my case, before she uses that continuous attack, I probably will be done by the first blow.” (Aina)

Doris was also agreed with that.

Perhaps, she wouldn’t even be able to prevent the first blow if she stood in his place.

Even now, the best she could do was to perceive the sound and sparks.

At close range, she wouldn’t be able to do anything. Plus, she was probably being defeated before she realized it.

But, it was true that Doris should be surprised whether Soma had the abilities until that degree. Actually, there was one other thing that she thought it was unexpected.

Sheila’s abilities were also far beyond expectations.

Doris definitely knew that Sheila was stronger than her.

She indirectly listened that story when she brought Sheila out, but… it was a story of having an above average ability.

Even if the skill rank was similar, but Sheila was stronger probably because she had better proficiency.

But, that was wrong.

That wasn’t the story of that level.

Doris understood because she could see them… no, it was because she couldn’t see at all.

Sheila’s skill was even higher than Doris’. In fact, it was the Special Rank.

Doris thought that even if she said so, she also didn’t know about such thing while treating Sheila as her partner. However, she didn’t think that she wasn’t trusted by Sheila.

In the first place, regardless of trust, skills weren’t something to be talked about.

Skills were like a lifeline especially for adventurers.

It was a standard to say nothing and thought about unlikely events, and it was Doris herself who taught that to Sheila.

Even if Doris wanted to complain, she couldn’t do it.

Normally, if one spent a certain amount of time together, it was natural to understand.

Even if Doris didn’t know the details, it was easy to judge that the characteristics and the basic skills of Sheila were leaning toward movements during battle.

…Just like the present Sheila.

That was why Doris was really surprised that Sheila was hiding it until now.

As a result, no matter how much was the difference in strength, was it possible to do such things?

At least, Doris couldn’t think that the Intermediate Rank skill holders could imitate her.

Again, there was another thing Doris was surprised.

…That sword that Sheila was using now.

Actually, Doris saw that for the first time today.

It was a single-edged and a slightly curved sword.

Certainly, that could be called a sword. Even if Sheila couldn’t use swordsmanship skills, she should have a special skill to master it.

Doris didn’t think it would be used to do piercing attack, and she was sure about Sheila because the way she fought with swords was obviously different than the common sword fighting.

Maybe, this was the original style of Sheila.

But, Sheila probably felt that it was necessary to show that style from the beginning, but… the question was why she did that?

There was no need to win against Soma.

It was true that if Sheila didn’t do that, she wouldn’t be able to exchange blows until now, but still she should make sure whether Soma could at least become adventurer.

Doris was also proud of that degree, and Sheila also knew it.

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No, even if the above was mentioned, why Sheila wanted to be Soma’s opponent in the first place?

He might be knocked down with only a blow by Doris, and speaking about the judgment, it would be the same.

“Hmmm… I felt that it was necessary to do something… No, there was something I wanted to do.” (Doris)

As expected, she wasn’t sure about it, but she could ask after the test was over.

Even so…

“These people, I wonder how long they want to compete?” (Doris)

Speaking of the number of noise heard, it was probably more than three hundred times.

In other words, the match was to that extent, or possibly, it could go longer.

Either way, they should have stop long time ago.

“Yes… it should be until one of them is knocked down, right?” (Aina)

“That’s not it, you know? Although I said that this is a simulated fight, the main point of doing the test is to make sure that they can be adventurers. Such a reason has been fulfilled long time ago.” (Doris)

“Nii-sama may not be aware of it… No, perhaps he already aware, but why Sheila-san is continuing the fight?” (Lina)

“Well… I won’t know unless I ask the person herself. That girl is not supposed to be defeated, so… I guess that there is something to worry about.” (Doris)

“Something to worry… Hmm, it’s certainly not strange to worry because the opponent is Nii-sama… No, it’s rather natural.” (Lina)

“For me, I’m worried more with the way of your thinking…” (Aina)

Even while exchanging such a conversation, the match kept going on.

The sound and movement became more intensified… But still, Soma displayed a relax expression even from the beginning.

To begin with, he didn’t show too much expression in that match.

Literally speaking, there was none.

Doris thought so when looking at the difference of Soma’s and Sheila’s conditions.

Well, she couldn’t see Sheila’s expression, but she could guess most of it from her movements.

She didn’t spend time with Sheila just for show.

And according to her expression, Sheila could hardly afford leeway.

It was just a match with Soma as opponent… or it might be that Soma was training Sheila.

Speaking of which, that standpoint should be the opposite, but when Doris thought about it, a bitter smile floated on her face.

Anyway, speaking of various conclusions…

…The biggest surprise would be the boy himself, Soma.

While thinking of that, there was movement in that direction.

Sheila took a great distance from each other after repelling Soma’s weapon.

“It’s finally finished… uh, it doesn’t seem that way…” (Aina)

“The mood is burning, and it feels somehow cringe… and that is…” (Lina)

“Aah… are they planning to end it next? Goodness…” (Doris)

On Soma’s side, he felt Sheila’s intention and tried to match it, but there was no mistake that Sheila had made up her mind.

Well, even if that wasn’t a proof, he was still preparing for it.

While the feeling of tension spreading to the point that the atmosphere was trembling, Sheila prepared herself and put the sword in the sheath.

It was considerably unique when she held the sheath on the waist with left hand.

Soma was facing that with welcoming eyes.

He didn’t do anything else other than putting a smile as if it was intriguing.

There wasn’t any spare time to stop that.

In order to release the strength accumulated, the ground exploded immediately after Sheila was stooping,

That body would instantly approach Soma…

“…Blade…” (Sheila)

— Advance Rank Marksmanship – Precise Shooting – Mind Focus – Quick Draw: Rapid Shot.

A sound echoed, and before Sheila could step forward, the ground in front of Soma exploded and their movements stopped.

“As I expected, both of you won’t stop unless I do that. Anyway, that’s it.” (Doris)

Doris said so to those two with a gun that let out smoke held in hand.

Although Doris was an Advanced Rank skill holder, she was a veteran adventurer.

It was possible to stop if she knew the point where they would clash. Even if she couldn’t see the movement, she could still do it if she shot at the right moment.

Although it was barely at the last minute…

While paying attention so that the two didn’t sense that, Doris put away her guns and told them further.

“I will not stop if I don’t have too, but this is the end of the test. If possible, I want you to find another opportunity even if you want to continue this.” (Doris)

“Hmm… Well, alright.” (Soma)

“…Yes, it’s already enough, and that’s for sure.” (Sheila)

When both of them said so, they retracted their weapons and withdrew.

Doris really wanted them to do that voluntarily.

However, she didn’t let out her feeling and just washed it away with sigh.

“With this, I can tell the result. Well, it is as expected. Anyhow, shall we head back?” (Doris)

She would like to tell it one more time, but it was necessary to have good appearance.

Anyway, Doris left the scene first while leading the group of three along with Sheila who came to her side to where they came from.

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