Ex Strongest Swordsman Longs For Magic In Different World 41 (Self Edited) – Test for Adventurers

Another chapter of Ex Strongest Swordsman is out!   


Greetings everyone.

Kindly be informed that this is a self edited chapter. Please wait for the edited version, but if you still want to read it, you may do so by clicking this link.

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26 thoughts on “Ex Strongest Swordsman Longs For Magic In Different World 41 (Self Edited) – Test for Adventurers

  1. kurotian Post author

    What are you doing author.. what the point on giving doris a Character specific pov if your going to toss her to sideline. You expect a fight nope its another wated chapter. Looks like next chap another pointless pov of the new girl.


  2. GM_Rusaku (@ narou-tl.com) Post author

    .    ∧_∧ A
       (・ω・* ) New
       ⊂(  ⊃ Chapter
        ⊂ーJ….. Appeared!

     (ーωー* )-=-
    Gotta open it fast!

    (๑・ω・)ω<๑) Thanks!
    /⌒ づ⊂⌒ヽ Nepu!❤


  3. cobra_79 Post author

    Now i understand i am A hardcore masochist because i still didnt drop this novel
    translator dont misunderstand i really appreciate your hardwork but this author utterly annoying
    and i wish you translate world teacher more instead of this stupid author


  4. 白空 Post author

    Well though annoying this story has always been good enough to keep reading so, we should just say our thanks to the translator.

    Thanks for the chapter!


  5. can't en Post author

    I almost throw my smartphone coz this clif… huftt…
    And i agree with you guys this author kind of annoying..

    Ty 4 chap btw…


  6. kenchan223 Post author

    to be responsible on then –> to be responsible for them
    that robe itself is a specially made –> that robe itself is specially made
    why Soma aware of it –> why Soma was aware of it



    And another cut… Just a quick recap for Where we are up to:
    Weeelll… after Souma woke up, grew up, got his skill assessment done, his parents not understanding the true meaning of the assessment and assuming that he would not be able to learn any skills, he was separated from the rest of the family, he met Aina who helped him after he was exhausted from using an op sword technique on a tree, Camilia was his tutor and started giving him lessons about the world, demons, humankind (other races included), and magic. Then he reconciled with his sister who was burdened with the responsibility of the family, helped out Aina with her being unable to use magic, rescued them both after they got kidnapped by some cult of believers who wanted to revive the demon god or something and also had a hand in making Aina; the daughter of the current demon king, unable to use magic, and now they went on an adventure. Souma kept taking a lot of detours during the adventure and they spent 1 year in their family’s territory. They now finally arrived at an adventurer guild of a town presumably in another region that isn’t under the duke, and now Souma and his friends are going to get tested to see if they can be adventurers.
    Hoooo, ok time to move onto the next chapter I was just getting annoyed at the slow pace and typed this up to make it seem fast…
    Thanks for the easy to understand chapter!



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