Ex Strongest Swordsman Longs For Magic In Different World 40 (Self Edited) – Ex Strongest, Trying to Register as an Adventurer


Ex Strongest, Trying to Register as an Adventurer

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Although a witty joke was told, it seemed that the place wouldn’t warm up any further.

Rather, the place was getting tenser.

While thinking about it, Soma was confused of what had gone wrong.

“Everything was wrong from beginning to end, you know!” (Aina)

“Nii-sama, it is also impossible for me to support you on this.” (Lina)

“What… why…” (Soma)

“You should reflect on a little!” (Aina)

“That’s rude. I did it properly.” (Soma)

After making such an introduction, he just thought that it was all good.

Plus, he was smiling when he said it.

A woman named Doris interestedly lifted her mouth while looking at them.

“Indeed… if you purposely said that, it was too complicated because we couldn’t understand it. It is bad for the heart, so if it is possible, please stop doing it next time.” (Doris)

“Hmmm… I appreciate your kind advice. Are you the one regarded as the substitute of the guild officials?” (Soma)

“Stop it. This is not really my style. Due to various circumstances and coincidences piled, I happen to be in this position. That’s all.” (Doris)

“Hmm…” (Sirius)

Even if she said so, the position seemed suit her in Soma’s eyes, and that was without exaggeration.

As far as he could see, the personality was sufficient.

There seemed to be a degree of tolerance because she was smiling at the prank earlier, but there was no doubt that tolerance was merely a decoration.

“Whether my tolerance is a decoration or not, it will depend on the future. Anyhow, I am just appointed to this position today.” (Doris)

“Even so, I can see that you are considerably imposing, you know?” (Aina)

“I’ll be done if I am made fun as an adventurer. It’s only a bluff.” (Doris)

“I can’t see that very much though.” (Lina)

“Is that so? If that’s the case, I also will not worry too much of what was happening.” (Doris)

She was smiling as she said so. As expected, it was all good.

When considering the interaction earlier and what happened after that, Soma judged that this person was truly acting as the substitute.

“By the way, please properly apologize for what you had done earlier, alright? Although everyone here seems to be smiling as if they forgive you, but if it was poorly handled, things could go bad.” (Doris)

“I guess that it was somewhat a prank…” (Soma)

“Well, there are some people who can’t take it as a joke… so I think it can’t be helped with it.” (Lina)

“I don’t think that is actually necessary. These people have livened up a little, so isn’t it good?” (Aina)

“Look at this.” (Soma)

“Hey, don’t say that!” (Aina)

Soma responded by shrugging his shoulders at the shouting Aina, but apparently he didn’t seem to reflect for what he had done. However, that was correct in a sense.

He was certainly reflecting because the reaction was too much, but not because of what he had done.

In the first place, if they properly discussed the matter earlier, it actually had a proper meaning.

Soma thought of it in order to know the level of adventurers in this city.

The general mood of the place was distinct in term of dealing with emergency situations, and response towards the opponents who did such things including their personalities and skills.

As a conclusion, it wasn’t that bad… or rather, compared to the impression that Soma had for the adventurers, it was pretty good.

And there was one reason to learn about that.

It was to know whether Soma and others were good enough to be adventurers.

“Now, as a matter of fact… you wanted to register as adventurers?” (Doris)

Along with those words, Doris’ eyes became narrowed.

With the eyes of judging people, she could see that Aina was stiffened at once.

Well, she felt at ease because it wasn’t necessarily because of Soma. Conversely, Doris also nonchalantly looked at the situation of this place.

To be honest, this place wasn’t a beautiful place that deserved compliments.

There were three tables including to where Soma and the others were.

All of them were wooden round tables, and if there were twenty people sitting at the tables, the place would be fully occupied.

In terms of the positioning, there was a reception counter in front of Soma and the entrance was behind him.

In other words, they were talking when Soma was still at the place where he came in earlier.

The reason for doing such a thing was because they didn’t need to change to different location.

Even so, the right place to register as adventurers was at the receptionist counter.

Doris specifically went to the table where Soma and others were because she was interested in them.

Incidentally, it should be said that there were no other adventurers already.

They were driven out by Doris, and they were supposed to hunt the surrounding monsters.

Now, there were only Soma, Lina, Aina and Doris on that spot.

However, there was a small build person covered with hoods and white robe on the whole body.

As for Soma, he was concerned about Doris, but he was more concerned about the other person.

Well, it was reasonable because she was obviously suspicious, and Doris probably wouldn’t allow that person to sit together.

What he knew was that person was Doris’ partner and her name was Sheila.

…Nope, Soma seemed to understand another thing.

He knew that Sheila was strong.

Among the people at present, she was probably the next strongest after Soma.

She had Special Rank skills better than Aina and Lina.

Why was such a person in this such a place?

To be honest, it was a matter he most concerned at the moment, but… as expected, this was not a place to ask for it.

Nonetheless, it couldn’t be helped to feel concern.

While looking at Doris with a sidelong glance, Soma continued observing Sheila.

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The right given to the substitute of the guild officials was the necessary right to operate a guild branch.

Among them, there was also right to register adventurers, but this was basically not used.

The reason was simple.

There was almost no such a thing like registering as adventurers in the guild branches, so there were almost no substitutes who actually used that authority.

Strictly speaking, since there were reasons for the latter, it should be said that the former happened, but… oh well, the result was still the same.

Incidentally, the substitute didn’t use the right because they couldn’t take the responsibility.

These people who basically having certain circumstances to become adventurers, so there were thugs and garbage among them.

Of course there were many upright people, but it was also true that there were many who caused problems.

And it was about having such a person to register people as adventurers, and that was the gist of the story.

Furthermore, the guild wouldn’t take responsibility when the adventurers got into problems.

In the end of the day, the Adventurer Guild was there to mediate the requests for registered adventurers.

Despite having responsibility for the request, the guild was basically not related to the adventurers itself. Therefore, there were no guarantees on the identity of the adventurers.

Given that fact, it was reasonable, but… the adventurers who became defiant wouldn’t be elected as a substitute from the beginning.

Anyway, because of that reason, the substitutes wouldn’t register the adventurers unless they were judged to be reliable enough,

Other than that, there were basically no restrictions or qualifications to be adventurers. Those who knew the fact would go to the royal capital. Otherwise, it was normal to do it in bigger cities.

Actually, when Doris and Sheila became adventurers, they registered in a large city that was located about a week away from here.

While recalling the common sense as adventurers, Doris was looking at the three before her because of what happened earlier.

From a glance, they seemed to be children, and when she listened to them, she confirmed that they were indeed children.

However, as mentioned above, it wasn’t necessary to have qualifications if people wanted to be adventurers.

Yes, it meant that it was possible to be adventurers even if they were not adult yet.

Whether they could act as adventurers or not, that would be another story, but… as for Doris, she didn’t think that was a problem.

The reason why she thought that was because she was confidence that all these three were truly children.

Even if the word ‘precocity’ was used, it was still mild for this situation.

If she poorly judged, these three would do better than the adults in this surrounding area.

Although she barely knew about their manners from a short contact, it was something that made Doris thought so, and… she had one conviction about them.

…That these three had appropriate skills.

It was because there were quite few skills that could affect mind, just like what the mischievous skills earlier.

Especially six basic types, and if it included magic, there would be seven of them. These skills would lift up the skill holder to the appropriate state.

The skills would supplement physical strength and magic power if they weren’t sufficient.

It was blessing given from the world to adapt to the optimal state.

Therefore, those who were inexperience, they couldn’t bring out the performance of weapons and given that the skills also affected battles, it was natural to think that it affected the mind.

According to the results published through research, rather than those who had Intermediate Rank skills, the Advanced Rank skill holders would receive a precocious effect.

To be brief, there was no problem for these three to become adventurers.

Even with such skills, monsters could be defeated by these fools.

When Doris assumed that they had at least Advanced Rank skills, they would had it easy unless if they did something impossible.

To begin with, according to their story, these three defeated that monster, the Mad Boar.

She had no doubt about it.

But the other question she had was whether they could use that power correctly.

This didn’t concern about being matured or not.

It depended on the person’s way of thinking.

While it was obvious to think of such a thing at this time, Doris didn’t intend to instantly dismiss these three adventurers.

She didn’t know how the other substitutes would judge this matter, so the story would be different if another person come.

However, Doris looked at them, listened to their story for a while, and thought that it was interesting.

It was enough to judge that she didn’t need to immediately dismiss them.

Well, of course that was another matter whether they could register or not.

Regarding the consideration of that matter, it would be done after this…

“Hmm… well, for the time being, doing that will be quick. I’m going to conduct a test to check whether you are suitable to become adventurers.” (Doris)

As Doris said, she put up a daring smile.

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