Ex Strongest Swordsman Longs For Magic In Different World 39 (Self Edited) – The Adventurers from A Certain Remote Region

Another chapter of Ex Strongest Swordsman is out!   


Greetings everyone.

Kindly be informed that this is a self edited chapter. Please wait for the edited version, but if you still want to read it, you may do so by clicking this link.

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PS: Just a heads up, I’m going to translate World Teacher next, but I have to take care of something tomorrow. Let me apologize for the time being in case I release the chapter later than Sunday.

Do enjoy! 😀

22 thoughts on “Ex Strongest Swordsman Longs For Magic In Different World 39 (Self Edited) – The Adventurers from A Certain Remote Region

    1. thatguy572 Post author

      I’m more surprised that Lina (being the assumed successor and everything) was even allowed to leave home with Soma (or did she sneak out?). Perhaps her parents thought it would be a good experience for her, especially since she didn’t really need teachers and taught herself just fine. And no one is a better sword teacher than Soma (only other person who could do it would probably be that guy who is first among the seven heavens and even then he probably isn’t Soma’s match in his prime).


  1. thatguy572 Post author

    First part seems to be about some boy who was bullied or otherwise messed with by some people and he was approached by some “helpful” and dubious robed individuals who were so kind to deal with the tormentors (and everyone else in the town by burning it) in exchange for him removing some kind of seal or barrier (antagonists MC will stomp?). Next part is an explanation on the guild that seems to be nationally understaffed and lacking in qualified people, when MC and group come in while pretending to be a talking strong monster.


  2. kurotian Post author

    Remember guys in this chapter he clearly asked if this if this Place if he could REGISTER as a adventurer at the place. Remember this chap after a few chaps. Waiting for your frustrations. Well toward the author wasting chapters.


    1. digimaster6662000 Post author

      That means that the 3 of them have been travelling for more than a year, depending on when Lina joined them, without registering as adventurers to earn travel expenses? Did Lina join back up with the other two shortly after they left, bring a ton of family money with her?


  3. Noir Erimos Post author

    I wonder how an author like this could get a novel published?
    I can’t understand anything!
    And i have my quota of crappy going nowhere novels, i read xianxia goddamit! and even the worse xianxia author seems like shakespeare in comparison to whatever the hell this is!
    This author babbles more than a mentally impaired person after a seizure
    I think he wants to be artsy and shit, but it seems he just read the definition on a dictionary and that’s it, he never tried to actually make this artsy!
    Quality control is null it seems!
    Geee babs-kun if this is the result of your work after cleaning all the filler nowhere babble that he keeps spewing on this novel, i don’t even want to the the ACTUAL original uncleaned story, kudos to you for suffering this torture in it’s full power


  4. kenchan223 Post author

    Together with the flame, there were other various things were dancing. –> Together with the flame, there were other various things that were dancing.

    Nope, he might be didn’t –> Nope, it might be that he didn’t

    but let’s pray to the God –> but let’s pray to God

    while waiting for helps. –> while waiting for help.

    the border of Duchy –> the border of the Duchy

    What are you talking, you big idiot –> What are you talking about, you big idiot (is it thinking or talking??)

    officials meant hat they had to delegated –> officials meant that they had to delegate

    this wasn’t usually happened. –> this wasn’t usually what happened.

    see the face even she stood nearby –> see the face even if she stood nearby

    but I’m the one who get the role –> but I’m the one who gets the role

    Aina-san’s also is here. –> Aina-san’s also here.


  5. Mr SpinelesS Post author

    So Dora is the strongest adventurer there and is currently acting as temporary staff for the Adventurers Guild.
    The main Character Trio walked in with a dead Mad Boar and Confused everyone.

    I’m quite impressed with the Author (not really in a good way) I’m not sure I could turn the above into a full chapter…



    Two more viewpoints in this chapter. Most of it the first one was random talk trying to meet the word count. Basically a few sentences that there is a character, and another one. The first character was getting bullied, the second character played a hand in burning down the first character’s village.
    Then the second was about the receptions at an adventurer guild in a village. which is the same guild that Soma, Lina, and Aina walk into.
    Thanks for the easy to understand chapter!



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