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The Demons and the Demon King – Part 2

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The Demons and the Demon King – Part 2

Aina was surprised, but she didn’t feel shocked by the words he told her while he made a sheepish smile.

Perhaps, the flow of the story was quite understandable, and she had slight ideas what would happen afterwards.

Yes, other than forcibly bringing her, there was no need to put Aina in the prison.

Rather, if he did that, it would be nothing but a problem.

However, there was no reason not to do so, in the case that Aina would become a sacrifice.

She didn’t think about it because it was scary, even though she realized it.

But, there was no need to say such things when they were already at this point.

Although they could run away, the Demon King’s daughter, Aina, was there, and… more importantly, Lina was also there.

Aina couldn’t forgive such a thing.

“…Don’t you feel guilty about doing this?” (Aina)

“Of course, I don’t. It’s fine as long as Demon King-sama can be resurrected. We will bring down those fools together with that man, torture them and finally, the time to counterattack will come. It will be the time to get revenge on those who called us Demons and despised us!” (Albert)

Looking at that man who loudly shouted, Aina thought that he was crazy.

In the first place, how would they counterattack by resurrecting the deceased?

They would be destroyed again and the Demons would probably be seen as worse than before.

However, she felt that it was pointless to say that, and… moreover, there was no need to say anything.

“…Right. I understand it well.” (Aina)

“I’m glad that you understand. Unfortunately, Princess won’t be a part of it, so don’t feel bad about it. Anyhow, with you as a sacrifice, we will take the first step of revenge!” (Albert)

“…I’m sorry about that, but you can do it on your own.” (Lina)

At that moment, a part of the iron grill blew away.

No, it was completely knocked off.

And while the grill formed a shadow, Lina jumped towards Albert as it was.

Aina was aware that Lina was doing something.

That was why Lina didn’t utter any words since the beginning of the questioning, and Aina kept talking in order to distract his attention from Lina.

What Lina had in her hand was a short wooden stick that was taken apart from the bed.

Originally, it wouldn’t pose any threat, but you could understand from how it was used to cut off a part of the iron grill.

When the stick was held by Lina’s hand, it became a splendid weapon.

It was a surprise attack from that Lina.

No matter how good Albert was, with this…

“…Hmm. I am thinking… you are not planning to launch a surprise attack of that degree, are you?” (Albert)

“…Eh?” (Aina)

Immediately after that, the air was whirling with something sinister. (ED: the last part is something I added to match the mood.)

It took them a couple of moments to understand it.

No, should it be said that the mind refused to understand it?

It was clearly being seen, even though the surroundings were dim. There was a reddish-black-colored liquid… coming from every part of her whole body. It covered Lina’s small body, and she slowly fell to the ground.

“Hmm… that can’t be. She reflected my attacks, but that’s it. As expected, it should be said that the rebuke was light. I am one of the Demon Heavenly Generals, you know? Despite having similar Special Grade Skills, I have prepared proper countermeasures. Well, anyway, it seems that she will die the way she is now, but… do you have a problem with that? I don’t mind if you live a little longer, because when the time comes for you to die, you will die.” (Albert)

“…Albert!” (Aina)

At that moment, her right hand was protruded because it was a reflexive behavior.

Rather than thinking about something else, Aina was simply thinking that she couldn’t forgive him.

When Albert noticed that, he shifted his eyes to her, and… immediately afterwards, he lifted his mouth.

There were no words mentioned, but it could be seen what he wanted to say by the look of his eyes.

They were eyes that had been directed towards anything dozens of times or hundreds of times.

As if those eyes were saying ‘What is that incompetence is going to do when she can’t use even one magic?’.

And Aina suddenly noticed the meaning of his eyes.

Although she somehow felt this… it felt disgusting when Albert called her Princess.

She noticed it now because of that reason.

It was because Albert’s voice was filled with ridicule.

It was to the extent that it wasn’t noticed, but it certainly was.

Now that he didn’t need to hide, Aina could clearly feel it from his eyes… well, she also didn’t know why.

Nevertheless… she said the word as if to let out all the resentment accumulated so far.

“…Burn away everything. Flame Arrow!” (Aina)

— Special Rank Magic – Divine Protection of the Demon King – Seam into the Mountains: Magic – Flame Arrow

“…Wha!?” (Albert)

Albert’s eyes were wide opened as the flame arrow manifested and was vigorously hurled.

In the meantime, the arrow shortened the distance at a stretch, but the flame arrow was sucked into that face…

“…Eh?” (Aina)

“No… I was surprised. I didn’t expect you to use magic.” (Albert)

The arrow dissipated without a trace and this time, it was Aina’s turn to be surprised.

At any rate, his magic didn’t seem to have been invoked.

It was different from the time with Lina.

During that time, there was evidence that he certainly invoked a magic, even though it was a moment.

Nevertheless, the reason why Aina’s magic was gone was because there was no need to invoke the magic.

In other words, it was a matter of difference in capabilities.

No, Aina really understood such a matter.

However, she couldn’t create a small gap…

“Hmmm… you really can use magic, right? Even though I had sealed your ability with so much trouble…” (Albert)

“…Eh? What…?” (Aina)

“Oh my, you didn’t notice that? Well, I’m going to say this for the last time, but yes, I did seal your magic. You couldn’t use magic because I sealed it in advance. So, what do you think about this? Isn’t it something to be expected from the Demon Heavenly Generals? Anyhow, not even a single person noticed it.” (Albert)

Aina was looking at Albert, who had a proud expression, in surprise.

That meant everything was caused by the man in front of her.

“Why… why did you do such a thing…?” (Aina)

“It was decided that way, you know? The purpose is to make you hit the bottom of despair because we decided to sacrifice the Princess since then. Although, they didn’t expect me to overdo it, but… yes, to be honest, I thought about what would happen when you ran away. Well, it can be said from the result, but it was convenient for me when that happened. As I expected, it was not easy to turn their eyes away. Anyhow, thank you for everything, Princess.” (Albert)

Albert lowered his head while earnestly saying so.

Everything that he said just now, even with the words of gratitude, were truly coming from the bottom of his heart. It could be understood, even if he didn’t say it.

“!?” (Aina)

Because of that, the blood rushed up into Aina’s brain.

It was a matter of course.

Everything that happened on that day was because of that man.

Something like that…!

— Special Rank Magic – Divine Protection of Demon King – Seam into the Mountains: Magic —

“Al—” (Aina)

“…There is nothing you can do with your magic, Princess. Anyhow, it’s irritating. Please keep your silence a little bit longer.” (Albert)

“…Gaah!” (Aina)

She wasn’t sure if something was done to her.

It was the same as what was done in that forest.

When Aina realized it, she was blown away and hit the wall of the prison.

What was different from that time was she could clearly feel the pain.

Aina spat out something that got caught up in her throat, and it was a red-black liquid.

As she fell down to the ground, due to the gravity, the pain spread further through her whole body.

“…Guuhh, aarghh…” (Aina)

“Hmm… I wasn’t interested in collecting insects, but it seems a little bit interesting when I look at you, don’t you think so? Well, it is to my liking, after all.” (Albert)

“Gahh…!” (Aina)

She suddenly leaked a voice out because of the pain that ran through her arm.

When Aina looked at it, Albert’s foot was there.

Understanding that she was being trampled on… she clenched her teeth and looked up at his eyes.

“Al-bert…!” (Aina)

“Oh my! I thought that you would cry because of the pain, but to think that you have such a spirit until this point. Something has changed in the past year… Yes, in this case, it seems more enjoyable.” (Albert)

“Ughh… guhh…!” (Aina)


As she was grinded and trampled, more pain ran through her body.

But, Aina clenched her teeth and endured it.

It wasn’t like she could do anything but… it was just her obstinacy.

Whether it made Albert feel satisfied, that didn’t matter.

‘I can’t do nothing now, and… I couldn’t do anything in the past, but… at least…’

“Hmm, I thought that I always held you in a cage, but I guess it is necessary to change my evaluation a little? Well, nothing will change, after all. It’s ridiculously interesting to watch this, but if you get bored, just be strangled and killed. You are being kept alive, just for that reason, you know?” (Albert)

Aina heard his voice, but she didn’t say anything in return.

She couldn’t afford to do that, but… she kept enduring the pain.

“Of course, my evaluation is not the only the thing that goes down. Well, you probably know that, but… it appears that you haven’t changed, even after running away, have you?” (Albert)

“…Uh.” (Aina)

“Oh my, hehe, what is the meaning of what I said earlier, is it? It’s alright, I will properly tell you. If you think about it a little bit, you will understand it, but… here is a question. How did I know that you were there? …Yes, it’s very simple. It’s because I was informed. From whom it was or for what reason… well, it’s not necessary to say it. Even with that, I am still merciful.” (Albert)

Aina spontaneously thought who it would be.

However, she couldn’t think of anyone.

In that village, Aina had almost no contact with the surroundings.

If she excluded those two people, and… even so, people who knew about Aina was limited.

However, she didn’t feel doubt, no matter how small it was.

Aina didn’t think that Albert’s words were lies.

Perhaps, it was true, but… she surely had mistaken something.

There was no need for reasons to convince that fact.

“…You don’t get it, huh? No way, even with this, you still haven’t fall into despair… it can’t be helped then.  Although this is not a smart move, I guess that I have to use force to make you understand.” (Albert)

“!?” (Aina)

Immediately after those words, the pain became more intense.

Being grinded again and trampled, but… she still endured.

Aina could do it because it was the only thing she could do now.

She also understood that the strength already left her whole body.

Perhaps, she would die before long.

“Oops, this is not good. It’s probably not good to do this until the ritual ends. Yeah, I guess I should only keep the Princess alive? Aah, yes, that is a good idea. Princess, since I am generous, will you beg for her life? If that’s the case, you can ask to be healed, you know? Well, I will kill you later anyway, but at least you shouldn’t be hurt until that time.” (Albert)

Since her heart didn’t incline even once when listening to those words, the words felt like a lie.

And Aina just clenched her teeth.

That was the best resistance she could do.

Even if nothing else could be done… even if that was the only thing she could do… she decided to do that.


“…Haaa. What, you’re not going to beg for your life? This is not amusing. …Ah, by any chance, are you expecting help will come over in the meantime? Such a convenience is not possible, you know?” (Albert)

When it was about asking for help, she remembered someone’s figure in her mind for an instant.

However, Aina desperately shut that idea.

The moment she realized it, her heart instinctively broke.

Besides, she knew such a thing without saying anything…

He wouldn’t come to help.

Well, of course.

Because it wasn’t worth it.

And it was pointless.

Aah, no, perhaps, he would come to save his sister, but… it was to save his sister.

And not because of her…

Well, either way, it was the same thing.

Aina knew, since long time ago, that the world was not made to be kind.

Even so, Aina had been saved once.

For this reason… there was still more…

Such a thing like… for a second time…

“Hmmm… It can’t be helped, then. Shall I give priority to make you cry? Now, please let me enjoy this one more time, alright? Cry in full despair… and to my heart’s content…” (Albert)

“…That’s harsh. If you want to make her cry in despair, you don’t need to ask. You can just do it.” (??)

Together with that voice, the weight on her arm went away.

Immediately after that, there was a roaring sound as if the wall was hit with something… No, she didn’t care about it at all.

That voice earlier… and that figure… appeared before her.

“I’m sorry. Lina was in greater danger, so I had to prioritize her.” (??)

“…So-ma?” (Aina)

“Hmm? Do you see anyone else?” (Soma)

“…No, I don’t.” (Aina)

“If that’s the case, I’m glad. Hmm… Although I was a bit late, I have come to help you, as promised.” (Soma)

And one clear drop flowed on her cheek when looking at that familiar figure.

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