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The Border of Hesitation

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“Say, Asha. Is there anything that you have forgotten to tell us?” (Fia)

“Do you mean the love I always whisper toward Onee-sama?” (Asha)

“You were the one who shot an arrow toward us, right?” (Fia)

“You’re wrong! I did it to get rid that foolish man who assault Onee-sama!” (Asha)

“When did you see me being attacked? Just stop it, and do something with your double-standard view!” (Fia)

It suddenly began with a preaching, and by Fia’s persuasion, the Elf finally listened to the story, and then… Asha and us were facing each other across the bonfire.

I thought that Asha would settle down after drinking tea, even a little, because her vigilance was too strong to have a conversation.

Emilia boiled the water using the bonfire. She, then, quickly brewed tea and gave a cup to Asha.

“Here you go. Hopefully it suits your taste.” (Emilia)

“Thank you very much. However, I will not receive the treatment of people from the human and other races.” (Asha)

She clearly refused.

Well, she was probably cautious about poison. Emilia didn’t seem concerned about it too much because she had anticipated that Asha would not accept it.

“Haa… You haven’t changed. Sorry, Emilia, can you give me that?” (Fia)

“Here you go?” (Emilia)

When Emilia handed the cup, Fia let out a sigh, while drink the tea a little, and then she presented it to Asha.

“If Onee-sama drank it, I must drink it then! Yes, I have to drink it!” (Asha)

I wonder where the serious look Asha had until just now went. She accepted the cup while breathing roughly.

I see… it was rude if she didn’t drink it because she was intoxicated with Fia, who was like a sister to her. They didn’t seem to be related by blood, but Fia and Asha were probably close like real sisters.

“The passion!? Kuh, this is a test of love for Onee-sama!” (Asha)

“…I feel something different.” (Sirius)

“She is such a girl. But, don’t worry. She is not a bad girl.” (Fia)

As I watched the figure that drank the tea only at the part where Fia’s mouth touched, I felt like she was a rather unfortunate girl.

Well… I didn’t deny the love between women, and if Fia didn’t really care… I guess it was fine?

Fia’s persuasion continued as it was, and she finally began to recognize that we were not enemies.

“Sorry. Uhmm, it was very delicious tea. The taste is suitable for Onee-sama to drink.” (Asha)

“Thank you very much. You can have it more, if you want. Anyhow, why don’t we introduce each other before that?” (Emilia)

“That… I guess so. I am Asha. I am Fia Onee-sama’s younger sister.” (Asha)

“You are someone like a sister, alright?” (Fia)

Emilia had successfully induced the talk.

It seemed that she liked the tea more than expected, since she asked for more. Indeed, things were going smoothly.

“My name is Emilia. I am Sirius-sama’s attendant.” (Emilia)

“I am Reese. I am Fia-san’s friend.” (Reese)

“Nice to meet you. By the way, what kind of relationship both of you have with Onee-sama?” (Asha)

Asha’s eyes were sharp. She looked like a starving beast, and she seemed ready to attack at anytime, depending on the reply.

“My relationship with Fia-san? Well… She is like my older sister, and she is also my rival in getting affection from Sirius-sama.” (Emilia)

“Err, uhmm… since we both like the same person, I guess… we are going to be a family? A-anyway, she is like a sister to me.” (Reese)

“A family with Onee-sama, and another wants to be a younger sister, but the number one sister will be me… haauuu!?” (Asha)

“My number one sister is self-control. And I also think of you guys as my sisters. Yeah… cute sisters!” (Fia)

“Waah!?” (Emilia)

“Oh you, Fia-san…” (Reese)

Whether she was happy with the family declaration from Reese and Emilia, Fia, who was overcome with emotion, was pleased and held the two of them with both hands.

More importantly, wasn’t that treatment dangerous towards the sister who was in agony for receiving balls of wind on the face?

“Onee-sama’s love is painful! But… this is also love!” (Asha)

…That clearly didn’t work.

Did she perceive anything related to Fia as a good thing? I felt that she was somewhat similar to Emilia.

Next, it was Reus’ turn, but I couldn’t predict what would happen because of the opposite sex. Even if Reus was attacked, he would be fine.

“I am Reus. Nice to meet you, Asha-san.” (Reus)

“A man… is it? What kind of relationship do you have with Onee-sama?” (Asha)

“Eh? For me, Fia-ane is… Fia-ane! She casually watches over us, so I think of her as a reliable sister.” (Reus)

“Hou! You understand well, don’t you? Nice to meet you.” (Asha)

She could probably judge that honest reply from the eyes that were looking at Fia that had no bad intention. Asha held out her hand, and the two of them were shaking hands.

Apparently, she didn’t hate men.

“The last is me. I will take this opportunity to directly tell you. I am Sirius, Fia’s lover.” (Sirius)

“Is that so? You are Onee-sama’s…” (Asha)

Asha stared with murderous intention, but I didn’t want to hide because it was the truth.

Her vigor seemed to release arrows again, but it might be easier to understand that, rather than through words and facial expressions.

Having received the bloodlust loaded with jealousy and various emotions from the front, Fia departed from the two who she was hugging. This time, she stood next to me and clung to my arm.

“How many times did I tell you before I ran away from the village? He is my beloved person who saved me.” (Fia)

“Yes, I can tell by looking at Onee-sama’s happy face. And I also want to thank you for saving Onee-sama. Nevertheless, I…” (Asha)

“Indeed… it is impossible to make you suddenly understand. But, I want you to know something about Sirius, even only a little. I think that you also feel it… right? ” (Fia)

Although the bloodlust settled down by those words, it didn’t change the fact that she was still staring at me.

I thought about what I should say, but when I tried to say it, Asha raised her voice.

“I have a question. Are you… planning to bring misfortune to Onee-sama?” (Asha)

“I don’t have such a plan. I told Fia that I just wanted to make her happy when she comes with me.” (Sirius)

“You need to at least live for three hundred years. It’s no good if you can’t do that.” (Asha)

“Three hundred years? That’s impossible.” (Sirius)

‘I am human, after all. A hundred years… No, since I live a transitory way, I am not sure if I can live even for fifty years.’

“Onee-sama can still live for another five hundred years, you know? Do not speak so lightly that you are going to make Onee-sama happy!” (Asha)

Fia didn’t talk much about the lifespan of each other, and I also didn’t plan to talk about it.

But… that didn’t mean I ran away from the fact.

Fia didn’t interject since earlier maybe because she wanted to properly tell her.

While looking at Fia, and then, Emilia and Reese, I clearly spoke.

“It is impossible for me alone, but there will be people who succeed it. Therefore, Fia will not be unhappy.” (Sirius)

“Leaving it to others… that is a human, after all.” (Asha)

“I don’t leave it to others. The one who will succeed it… will be my children, right?” (Sirius)


[It’s just that I am an elf, you know? I can offer you a young body, but someday you will leave me.] (Fia)

[But, will loneliness fade if there are many children? When that time comes, please do your best. By the way, Emilia wants a boy and a girl, while a girl seems ideal for  Reese.] (Fia)


…On the last day of the Fighting Festival, Fia told me so.

Not only me, Fia had decided to live as a watcher to our children, grandchildren and even great grandchildren.

As long as I lived, I would respond to that decision. I would do my best to make her… and my family, keep smiling.

“Besides, the one who decides Fia’s happiness is Fia herself. I will just keep living for Fia and for my family. I will keep carrying that belief… that is all.” (Sirius)

I wasn’t sure if Asha would agree with this, but I told her what I should tell.

I didn’t plan to unleash bloodlust, but Asha faltered as if she was driven into a corner with my words.

“Y-you, can you really make her happy?” (Asha)

“As long as it is within my reach, I will protect her happiness.” (Sirius)

“If-if that’s the case… defeat me and prove it! I am an expert of the bow, even amongst the Elves!” (Asha)

“No, I don’t think there is a need to defeat you, but…” (Sirius)

If it was Fia’s father, I could fight with a feeling of asking for his daughter, but… I was a bit confused when it came to someone who was like a sister to her.

Fia probably would stop it, but it was harsh when thinking about their relationship. Whether there was an opportunity to stop it, I tried to look at my disciples, and…

“I thought that having a boy and a girl would be enough, but now I want to have three children.” (Emilia)

“For Fia-san’s sake, a boy and a girl is also probably alright for me…” (Reese)

“…Aniki.” (Reus)

Emilia and Reese were immersed in a delusional world with reddened cheeks, while Reus was grasping his sword as if to say ‘Should I do it?’.

I didn’t feel any signs of them trying to stop this. As I expected, I needed to ask Fia only.

As my eyes met with Fia’s, she nodded with a bitter smile.

“Please stop it, Asha. Your surprise arrow attack didn’t even go through, so do you think you can win by challenging him from the front?” (Fia)

“No, Onee-sama. This is my pride. I can’t convince myself if I don’t fight and confirm it!” (Asha)

“Haa… It can’t be helped then. I’m sorry, Sirius, just a little bit, please.” (Fia)

Even though she could understand, I guessed that there were parts that she couldn’t recognize.

I wasn’t sure about her feelings, but… I had no choice.

I nodded, and decided to fight Asha.



The rules of the fight were: it was alright to use weapons, but there would be no killing. And then, Fia spoke as if she remembered something.

“Say, Asha. After I left, was Tou-san safe?” (Fia)

“Eh? Y-yes. After that, the Elder Elf-sama came once and he seemed to be hurling insults at your father, but I heard that he returned to the depths of the forest without doing anything at all. I saw him before coming here, and he looked fine.” (Asha)

“Really? That’s great. As expected, I worried too much…” (Fia)

“But, I was away from the location, so I didn’t know what the Elder Elf-sama was talking about. After that, Onee-sama’s Otou-san had a very difficult face, but he didn’t say anything…” (Asha)

“Eh…? What does that…? Well, this is not the case. As expected, I should call Tou-san…” (Fia)

It certainly felt disturbing.

Yesterday, she was a bit weak-minded and hesitant, but she was originally a free-spirited woman who didn’t know fear.

Fia returned back to her usual self, after making the decision, and she turned her back in order not to be seen by Asha. She was talking to the Spirits, trying to deliver the words to her father, but…

“Ehh…? Those people… it can’t be!? Tou-san!?” (Fia)

“Onee-sama!?” (Asha)

Fia suddenly shouted while losing her composure. She didn’t look at us and went into the forest.

This was the first time to hear Fia’s shout. We were surprised, due to that sudden action, but this was not the time to be befuddled.

I quickly rearranged my thoughts, and I came closer to Asha, who was still surprised.

“Asha! Bring us to the village, now!” (Sirius)

“Eh? Wh-what are you saying—…?” (Asha)

“Fia was talking about him. Those people… There is a high possibility that the Elder Elves are doing something in this situation!” (Sirius)

For Fia, who was usually calm, to be upset until that extent… Given that behavior, her father was in seriously grave danger.

However, the response of [Search] in this forest was bad. Hence, I couldn’t give chase without having a guide from the Elves.


“But, to bring in outsiders…” (Asha)

“If that’s the case, you can say that you were threatened by me! You can say I am villain or anything, but just do it!” (Sirius)

“Please, Asha-san! I don’t think there is a mistake in this matter.” (Emilia)

“I want to be the strength to Fia-san! So, please!” (Reese)

“Please, Asha-san! I can’t leave Fia-ane like this!” (Reus)

Asha’s cooperation was essential, in order to get through the forest.

As we desperately lowered our heads, Asha finally started to move and walked towards the forest.

“…Either way, I have to go back to the village. But I have to be hurry, so I don’t have time to care what’s behind me.” (Asha)

“Really? If it so, we only need to keep moving for the sake of Fia.” (Sirius)

“Do it as you like. By the way, I’m saying this to myself, but the Elves know a special way to go through the Barrier of Hesitation so that it won’t be activated. If you can closely follow me, you might be able to pass…” (Asha)

In the meantime, Emilia packed only the things that were needed in a bag, and Reese, who I judged wouldn’t be able to follow by foot, got on Hokuto’s back.

After finishing preparations in no time, Asha put the bow on her back and rushed into the forest. And then, we chased after her.



In the dim forest, where the sunlight was blocked by branches and leaves, Asha went forward by kicking branches from one to another and we kept going in a line.

The scenery hadn’t changed for a long time, but with a sudden change of direction, we went around and kept going forward. If people didn’t know this, there was no way they could get through.

“Eh… Although I turned left, is it still left? Shouldn’t we go back?” (Reus)

“Now, we can only believe in Asha.” (Emilia)

I tried using [Search] many times while moving, but it was still unlikely to be usable, due to the bad response.

If that was the case, how about wild instinct? I turned my eyes to Hokuto, who was being careful not to shake off Reese.

“…Woof!” (Hokuto)

“Aniki! He smells blood from afar!” (Reus)

“Is that Fia’s smell?!” (Sirius)

“Woof…” (Hokuto)

“It’s no good, even with Hokuto-san.” (Reus)

Even though there was the smell of blood, he couldn’t seem to verify Fia’s smell, maybe because of the influence of barrier or the distance was far away.

Was it blood? The bad feeling was getting worse.

“Onee-sama…” (Asha)

“I hope she’s safe…” (Sirius)

As Asha said before entering the forest, she didn’t care about us at all, and she kept running forward.

Moving through forest was the Elves’ specialty, but since she wasn’t at the degree of our strength, we managed to follow her without getting stuck.

After running through the forest awhile, a big gate made of wood suddenly appeared.

The door was opened, and the moment I crossed the gate by following Asha… the surrounding atmosphere had clearly changed.

When I understood that the gate was probably the borderline of the barrier, I got out into a large space surrounded by forest.

I felt the signs and smells of many people. There were houses that were assimilated with trees lining up. This was probably the village of Elves, where it was Fia’s hometown.

I couldn’t imagine it with Rodwell, who lived in Elysion, and Fia lived in it, but originally, the Elves were a tribe that hated outsiders. If people go to the village without permission, they would try to drive them away by any means.

However, even though we openly ran out to the center of such a village, there was no sign that somebody was coming to stop us. Obviously, this was an abnormal situation.

“…This is somewhat strange. I can’t find any Elves, even though there are many houses.” (Emilia)

“Woof!” (Hokuto)

“There are smells like Elves from here and there, but everyone is shut in their houses, and won’t come out…” (Reus)

“Asha, is this how the village used to be?” (Sirius)

“This is not normal! Onee-sama! Where are you!?” (Asha)

At the moment when Asha’s shout sounded, I felt a flow of mana from the direction that seemed to be the center of the village.

I heard violent destructive sounds at the same time, but if I was already here, I didn’t care if battles were happening.

It was highly probable that the battles involved…

“Aniki! Fia-ane’s smell is from that way!” (Reus)

“Aah, hurry up!” (Sirius)

“Onee-sama… Eeh!?” (Asha)

But now, rather than the village, it was Fia… And once I confirmed Fia’s location, there was no need to hold back.

We rushed out with full power and left Asha. We kept running with strong winds that were occasionally rolled up as landmarks.

At the same time as I jumped into the place, which was considered as the center of the battle, the ground greatly shook. I had no choice but to stop my feet because of the dust and my sight was blocked.

“What a hindrance! [Wind Storm]” (Emilia)

The cloud of dust was blown off due to Emilia’s Wind spell, and we caught the figure of Fia as the dust gradually cleared up.

“Found her—… Eh!?” (Emilia)

“Fia-ane?” (Reus)

But… the figure of Fia, which we finally found, was in a terrible state.

Her clothes were torn apart, and her whole body was covered with blood because of the injuries all over her body. In addition, she was heavily breathing. In other words, she was in a state of mana exhaustion.

I still didn’t see injuries that were fatal, but as the dust cleared up, I felt multiple signs of people.

The moment when I was putting my strength on my feet to go to Fia’s side… she noticed us and turned around.

“…I’m… sorry…” (Fia)

Her facial expression was so weak and I had never seen it before.

As the dust completely disappeared, the appearance of the signs that I felt became exposed, and… he was swinging the knife held in his hand to Fia.

Damn! To make it in time…

“Sirius… Thank—…” (Fia)

And the knife was stabbed into Fia’s chest.

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