Ex Strongest Swordsman Longs For Magic In Different World 31 (Cleaned) – The Demons and the Demon King – Part 1

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The Demons and the Demon King – Part 1

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The Demons and the Demon King – Part 1

Immediately after waking up, Aina noticed that darkness was spreading before her eyes.

She didn’t do anything for a while, and when her eyes gradually got used to the darkness, she noticed that there was a stone ceiling above her.

While still half-asleep, Aina thought that she didn’t recognize this place and what had happened. That suddenly made her completely wide-awake.

At the same time, she remembered what happened just before losing consciousness.

When she raised her body in a hurry, she found out that the room was made of the same material as the ceiling.

She didn’t think that this room was merely a room made of stone because of what was spreading on her right side.

There was no mistake that it was an iron grill.

“…Is this a prison?” (Aina)

“It looks like it.” (??)

“…!?” (Aina)

The monologue that she spoke got an unexpected reply and she turned around in surprise.

Aina opened her eyes in greater surprise to see the person who was there.

“Lina-san!?” (Aina)

“Yes. Good morning, Aina-san.” (Lina)

“Y-yeah, good… that’s not it!?” (Aina)

What resuscitated Aina’s mind was the scene where Lina had her whole body blown away.

It looked as if she had the appearance of dying, instead of losing consciousness, but… as far as Aina could see, she seemed to have had no injuries.

Of course, Aina couldn’t confirm Lina’s condition because the room was dim. Thereupon, she let out a breath of relief because they were safe, for the time being.

“…I’m glad. Are you alright?” (Aina)

“…Well, depending on the meaning, I am alright, for the time being. Nevertheless, I don’t really understand why we are here. I remember that I got hit by someone and I lost consciousness because I couldn’t completely divert the impact. Given that, I think that was probably to deprive us, but… Aina-san, don’t you know something?” (Lina)

“…Uh.” (Aina)

Aina instantly remembered Albert’s words.

That was what the Demon King… her father wanted.

When she thought about it… there was no doubt that this was a kidnapping… it was just she couldn’t believe it.

That person was not someone who did this kind of thing.

But how could Aina say that with confidence about the reason why they were in this situation? (Rephrased)

Thinking until this point, she came up with a possibility.

Yes, if it was that reason, she could understand the present situation.

That person certainly might have wished for this.

For example, he wanted Aina to return home.

There was no way he would give an order to forcibly bring her home.

However, it was possible if… Albert interpreted it that way.

Aina heard that the Demon Heavenly Generals were not only powerful, they were also loyal towards the Demon King.

She also understood that the position was necessary to be recommended by half of the twelve nobles… If that was the case, it wouldn’t be possible for them to become enemies due to their high loyalty, right?

Rather than that…

“…Aina-san? What’s wrong?” (Lina)

“…Aah. It’s nothing. Perhaps, I may know the reason why this happened.” (Aina)

“Eh, really!?” (Lina)

For a moment, Aina thought of deceiving her, but she stopped.

Lina already knew that she was a Demon.

Of course, Lina didn’t know beyond that, but… No, in the first place, that fact itself was already good enough.

But again, Lina’s attitude towards Aina hadn’t changed at all.

That meant Lina had accepted her, even though Lina knew the truth.

Aina thought of denying it, but she was afraid and couldn’t do it. Still, she didn’t want to hide it anymore.


“Eh, you are the daughter of the Demon King!?” (Lina)

As Aina told about her origins and current assumptions, Lina made a surprised voice.

Well, it would be natural, but… the feeling of hatred was not seen at all.

It was pure surprise, and subsequently, Lina made a nod as if she was convinced.

“Haa… I see. If that is the situation, I think that I can certainly understand this. But…” (Lina)

“But…?” (Aina)

“I am not sure what the reason is for me to be brought here, too.” (Lina)

“…Aah, yes.” (Aina)

The main issue now was Lina.

Albert said that Lina would become a sacrifice.

Aina also remembered that he was saying ‘unexpected harvest’.

But rather than explaining it, that person didn’t wish for such a thing, and he also wouldn’t allow this.

Perhaps, if Lina wasn’t at that place, Albert could consider a bluff to escort Aina away, but… in this situation, it was difficult to think of the reason.

As far as Aina was concerned, did Albert really…?

No, but, such a thing was…

This wasn’t the time to worry about that. (TLN: The author is being vague here.)

“…This is somehow troubling, but let me answer your question.” (??)

“!?” (Aina)

When she turned to the voice, she was wondering when he would be coming, and now there was the figure of Albert beyond the iron grill.

That figure was wearing a black robe. It shouldn’t be different from what Aina saw earlier, but since he was standing in the dark, there was something eerie reflected in her eyes.

She unintentionally gulped her saliva.

“…To put it simply, it is about the answer to why I was brought here, correct?” (Lina)

Although Lina was hesitant, she spoke first.

And Albert obediently nodded.

“Yes. Anyhow, I guess you were saying the truth, right? So, you brought us here as sacrifices.” (Lina)

“It can’t… it can’t be. My father wouldn’t allow this…!?” (Aina)

Aina was reflexively shouting due to Lina’s words, but Albert’s response was unexpected.

Albert was tilting his head as if he didn’t understand what they were saying.

“…Yes? Princess, what are you talking…? Aah, no, I see. Is that what you mean?” (Albert)

However, he immediately nodded like he was convincing himself, but of course, the girls didn’t understand what he meant by that.

Glaring at such a confusing behavior… it made their bodies tremble for a moment.

Because Albert was smiling.

…No, it should be said that he was sneering.

That lifted mouth was obviously ridiculing them.

“…Oh my. My goodness, even you, Princess? It is troubling. You have misunderstood.” (Albert)

“…What do you mean?” (Aina)

“Haven’t you noticed yet? We think that he is a man worthy of the Demon King.” (Albert)

“…Eh?” (Aina)

Aina didn’t understand what he meant.

After all, it was completely…

“However, we don’t recognize him as Demon King-sama. For us, Demon King-sama is only that person, even now and in the past. …Well, even among the Demon Heavenly Generals, there were also fools who called your father the Demon King, but if our Demon King-sama revives, they will soon know how foolish they were. But then, those fools are not worthy to be the Demon Heavenly Generals, so of course they will be demoted. To be honest, I would like to do it now, but I don’t have such an authority because I am a newcomer. Goodness, they are truly deplorable.” (Albert) (TLN: There are two Demon Kings. One with honorific -sama, and another without it.)

The present Demon King, who was Aina’s father, became the Demon King since ten years ago.

The previous Demon King was destroyed, and he was chosen to be the new Demon King.

Yes, Aina’s father wasn’t the Demon King from the beginning, and he also wouldn’t be the Demon King forever.

Aina also knew that after her father recently became the substitution, it caused some people to revolt.

But, by no means… yes, by no means…

It was unexpected to have people like that amongst the Demon Heavenly Generals.

However, while expressing shock, Aina noticed that there was something worrying in Albert’s words.

That was something she could never ignore. She, then, opened her mouth while telling herself to be calm.

“…When you mentioned ‘Demon King-sama’, is he the former Demon King?” (Aina)

“…How many times do I have to tell you that the existence called Demon King-sama is that person alone?” (Albert)

“Whatever it is, it is fine. I see. However, the former Demon King has been destroyed.” (Aina)

“Yes, he has. That’s unfortunate.” (Albert)

“…So what do you mean by resurrection?” (Aina)

“What else does that mean? Demon King-sama will be resurrected from now on. That’s why I have made various preparations so far.” (Albert)

The resurrection of the deceased…

It was said that that act wasn’t impossible.

However, it was almost practically impossible.

So, how was he going to do it…?

“…No. With a sacrifice… no way…” (Aina)

“Even if it is, is there any other use for having sacrifices? Of course, if it is an ordinary sacrifice, no matter how many of them piled up, Demon King-sama will not be resurrected. But, if it is done with a Gift Holder, or a Special Rank Skills Holder, this can be managed somehow. Besides, it will be better because there are two Gift Holders.” (Albert)

“Two… I see. That is it, after all.” (Aina)

“Yes. Princess, you also will become a sacrifice for Demon King-sama.” (Albert)

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