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My Decision

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Several days after the monsters’ assault…

As the mourning for the victims was over, the wounds of the injured people were healed, and… a wedding ceremony was held in a large mansion in Romanio.

[Well then, I will perform the wedding ceremony between the groom, Albert-sama, and the bride, Pamela-sama.] (??)

The wedding ceremony of the two started with the signal of the host’s voice echoed by the wind.

The flow of the event for this wasn’t that different from my previous life. The married couple was introduced and it would be a ceremonial dinner after they made a pledge to the God.

It was easy to say about the flow with words, but it was an important ceremony to properly inform the surroundings.

Realistically speaking, since a wedding ceremony was an event for high society, it was also a place for nobles to get various connections.

Because of that…

“Nice to meet you. Are you the Hero of Romanio?” (??)

“I would be happy if a hero likes you works under me…” (??)

“If it’s about money, you can tell me how much you want. Would you like to serve under me?” (??)

Many nobles were gathering around Reus, who was called a hero in Romanio.

It was because he displayed an outstanding physical ability and appearance, while standing against the synthetic monster without fear.

In addition, since he was running around the battlefield like a mighty warrior and defeated many monsters, rumors spread and he was naturally called a hero by the people of Romanio.

“Uhmm, I’m not sure what are you talking about, but nice to meet you, too. I’m sorry, but I don’t plan to serve anyone but Aniki.” (Reus)

Wearing a tailcoat as the attire for the party, Reus, who was surprised with the enthusiastic solicitation of nobles gathered at the venue, was desperately trying to deal with it.

He was having trouble because he wasn’t used to it, but this was an experience, as well.

“It seems that he is struggling.” (Sirius)

“Yes, he is. However, it is no good if he can’t handle it at this degree.” (Emilia)

“Now, now, it can’t be helped, since Reus is not used to it.” (Reese)

Although we were watching Reus, that wasn’t the only problem.

Anyhow, it was because Emilia and Reese, who were wearing party dresses, stood next to me.

“In this case, it is no good if you can’t control the situation by just staring.” (Emilia)

The appearance of Emilia with shining silver hair flowing on the black dress was beautiful and she splendidly attracted the surrounding attention.

Many nobles tried to call out to that figure, but she clearly rejected all of them with the perfect smile she showed in the Elysian school.

There was no doubt when she said so in regards to Reus’ situation.

“That is not a situation that you can solve with strength. If it was me, I might be running away from the venue.” (Reese)

Reese, who wore a blue-based dress, had her long hair tied at the back of the head.

Although her beauty wasn’t standing out, there were several nobles trying to talk with that mysterious and eye-catching figure, but they held back because they were overwhelmed by Emilia and me.

“Hey Sirius, this is really delicious. Do you want to eat it?” (Fia)

And then, Fia, who was wearing a green dress that gave a forest-like image, was approaching. She was an Elf who undoubtedly exposed a mysterious sense of beauty.

Her sex-appeal could be noticed because of her appearance, with her cheeks lightly dyed red because of the wine. And if she wasn’t careful, I felt that she might draw more attention than the leading actors of the event, which were the bride and groom.

Because she was like a being from another dimension, it seemed that the nobles also couldn’t say anything. Occasionally, there were some brave people who tried to take a chance, but they were rejected as she clung to my arm.

“Well, should I have it? The cup—… Aah, I’m sorry, Emilia.” (Sirius)

Even I also attracted gazes from women. There were envious and jealous gazes gathered, but not a single person rushed up.

For some reason, the fact that the synthetic monster on the Parade side was defeated by me was known, so they understood that asking me for a fight was a bad idea.

The source of the story was… actually coming from Fia.

After heading towards Reus, the Parade suppression team found the dead body of the synthetic monster. Fia seemed to convey that I was the one who killed it.

[But that is the truth, right? It is bad if Reus is the only person who becomes famous. So, Sirius also should go appear before him.] (Fia)

Even the Elysion school was worried about it(1). Therefore, I decided to agree.

Although they didn’t confirm and see that I killed it, not only did my disciples, who played an active part in the battlefield, say the same thing, Albert also told the surroundings that I was the Shishou who trained him.

Because of that, Reus plainly refused the undaunted solicitations, and they withdrew when I displayed the mantle I got from Princess Lifell. Anyway, I was wearing the mantle on my tailcoat.

I was pretty much taken care of by that person. If I met Princess Lifell again, let’s firmly thanked her by giving her some cakes.

Some of the nobles were persistently soliciting us, but when I was about to drive them away with intimidation…

“Shishou! Everyone! Thank you for coming.” (Albert)

Albert and Pamela appeared in front of us.

There were also other guests, but it seemed that the nobles didn’t dare to solicit until the leading roles left, and they arbitrarily went away.

Incidentally, Albert, who ran through the battlefields together with Reus, was highly evaluated from the surroundings. It seemed that his position as the next ruler of Romanio was determined.

He was a friend to the ‘hero’ and his abilities were also enough. He seemed to have been evaluated by many nobles now. They admired him when he swung his arms as a commander in the battlefield.

Since Albert was busy with guests, I thought that he would show up after the situation calmed down, but why would he bother to come here?

Moreover, the surrounding gazes gathered here, but let’s start with congratulating them.

“Thank you for inviting me. Both of you, congratulations on your wedding.” (Sirius)

“Congratulation, Albert-san, Pamela-san.” (Reese)

“Be happy, Albert.” (Fia)

“Congratulations, Pamela. Anyways, this is an enviable marriage.” (Emilia)

“Ehehe… thank you very much. Your dress really suits you. How about this? Will you all have your weddings on this occasion, too?” (Pamela)

Although it wasn’t obvious, the three of them were blushing because they were really considering Pamela’s offer.

However, this was a wedding for Albert and Pamela, no matter what. Plus…

“I’m sorry. I have to refuse because I will officially do that with these women sometime in the future. At that time, it is our turn to invite you both.” (Sirius)

“Yes! I’m looking forward to that.” (Pamela)

“I will be the one who’ll send the invitations at that time!” (Emilia)

The sound of a swinging tail from the rear was getting faster, and I felt that the strength of their grips holding my arms and sleeves became stronger.

With that, I suddenly heard a voice from a person who wasn’t here.

“By the way, what’s with Marina?” (Albert)

“That girl… It’s about time for her to decide.” (Pamela)

“She has decided… huh.” (Albert)

During the time of the bride and groom introduction, their relatives were next to them. However, she disappeared by the time I noticed.

When I was wondering the meaning of Albert’s words, I saw a new movement from Reus’ side.

When I thought the solicitations from the nobles were over, he was surrounded by noble women for marriage offers, and it seemed that he was invited to the dance that was held at the venue.

Since there were some who genuinely liked Reus, rather than refusing them, he was wondering how to response…

“Reus-sama, will you dance with me?” (??)

“No! With me!” (??)

“Hero-sama. I am asking you to socialize on the premise of marriage!” (??)

“No, I…” (Reus)

“Reus…” (Marina)

It was a voice that was buried by the voices of the other women, but Reus clearly listened to it and turned around.

“Marina?” (Reus)

Marina was wearing a red dress that was different from the one she wore when we went to Albert’s home, and she was reaching out to Reus with a smile.

“Will you… dance with me?” (Marina)

“…Yes!” (Reus)

Although Reus was a bit surprised, he took her hand without hesitation and headed to the dance hall.

At that time, I understood their interaction by reading the movement of their mouths.

“Uhmm… is this fine?” (Reus)

“It’s alright. Because… you don’t have to worry!” (Marina)

The most obvious thing was Marina daringly exposed her three tails to the surroundings, without hiding them with illusions.

Because of that, the women who were talking to Reus took a step back. Reus seemed puzzled about how to react, but Marina was walking with their hands connected without worrying at all.

“I see.  Is that what you mean that she had decided?” (Albert)

“Yes. She is aware that people are scared about the tails, but she finally took a step forward. That is thanks to Reus and everyone.” (Pamela)

“Instead of us, Reus is the leading actor, right? Please look, Sirius-sama. It seems that they are dancing.” (Emilia)

Since one of the trainings as an attendant included dancing, Reus was somewhat able to dance.

However, he couldn’t dance well because it had been a while for him, but his dancing was getting better since Marina skillfully led him.

I wouldn’t say that it was a beautiful dance, but they seemed to be happily dancing while occasionally having arguments.

“More than anything… are you alright with that, as her Onii-chan?” (Fia)

Fia, who was pleasantly looking at those two, turned a meaningful gaze towards Albert…

“Well. Reus is not really interested in women, and he often makes Marina angry because he is too direct.” (Albert)

“It is sad, but I won’t deny that.” (Fia)

“However, that is also Reus’ merit. Besides… he is my friend. We trained and fought together. So I know a lot of his good parts. If it’s Reus… I don’t mind.” (Albert)

Albert was delighted when watching the appearance of the two dancing.

After that, they danced a couple of times and then they noticed that they were attracting the gazes of the venue. And then, Marina quietly whispered into his ears, and they moved to a less popular balcony in the hall.

As Fia saw the two people, who looked like friends, off while drinking wine, she stood in front of me and put up her hand.

“This time is our turn. Let’s dance, Sirius.” (Fia)

“I don’t mind dancing, but can Fia dance?” (Sirius)

“I can’t dance in such a party. But it’s fine to move like people in the surroundings, right?” (Fia)

I wondered where that confidence came from.

By the way, in the work of my previous life, I was able to dance because there were cases where I had to sneak into party venues. Of course, the dances were difference from the other side, but there were no problems because Okaa-san taught me the footwork and tempo.

Anyway, when I thought about what kind of simple movements, Emilia and Reese stood before me and slightly bowed while lifting their skirts’ hems.

“Sirius-sama. How about making me a dance model?” (Emilia)

“I-I was also taught by Onee-sama, if it’s a little…” (Reese)

“Oh my. Shall I dance after seeing the two of you? I would like to dance, even a little.” (Fia)

Fia didn’t seem to be concerned with the dancing order. If it was her relative, she probably didn’t even care(2).

Anyhow, I held Emilia’s hand, since she seemed to have the most experience in dancing. We stepped into the dance hall and bowed to each other.

We took each other’s hands and started dancing by following the music that was being played.

In this world of dancing, it was common sense for a man to know how to dance, while skillfully leading the other party.

However, since Emilia perfectly matched with my movements, it was enough to make me feel that I was dancing alone instead of leading her.

“…That’s amazing, Emilia. Isn’t that perfection?” (Sirius)

“Thank you very much. One of my dreams… has come true.” (Emilia)

When she was taught how to dance by Okaa-san, it seemed that one of her dreams was to dance with me in a formal venue…

We were dancing awhile, and in the middle of it, I noticed that Emilia was looking up at me with a charming smile.

“I feel happy with what you said earlier, about my dance.” (Emilia)

“Is that so? I’m also happy, if Emilia thinks so. Please take care of me from now on.” (Sirius)

“Yes! I will follow you anywhere.” (Emilia)

After finishing my dance with Emilia, next was with Reese.

It was a bit awkward, but even though she told us that she was taught by Princess Lifell, something like stepping on my foot didn’t happen. If I led her, she would eventually become better.

“That’s good. Aren’t you skillful?” (Sirius)

“Eh, ehehe… that’s because Sirius-san is leading me.” (Reese)

Our breathing gradually matched, and before we noticed, the awkwardness disappeared and I started to feel a sense of unity. Besides, it was quite an unusual talk, but I felt that I was healed when looking at Reese, who always put in her utmost efforts.

“Hmm… such things are also good things.” (Sirius)

“…Yeah, I got the feeling that I understand how Emilia feels.” (Reese)

“I also feel harmonized when dancing with Reese. Let’s dance again, if there is an opportunity.” (Sirius)

“Yes! I will practice to dance better next time.” (Reese)

I was smiling at the high-spirited Reese, who had rough breathing, and we kept dancing until the song ended.

“Alright, next is my turn!” (Fia)

The last was, unexpectedly, Fia’s turn.

Although she said that she learned how to dance to some extent, I wondered what would happen.

“I wonder if this is the feeling.” (Fia)

“…There is no difference, is that what you’re saying? I think that there is another kind of movement in there.” (Sirius)

“Oh, is it? It is difficult because I have a habit.” (Fia)

Apparently, the dance that was handed down in Fia’s hometown was mixed in.

By combining two different dances, it became an original dance made by improvisation, but Fia had no hesitation or anxiety at all.

I could say that it was a dance of a girl who had an overflowing vigor.

“There are many things I want to say, but Sirius is also following me well.” (Fia)

“I somehow just keep track of your movements, since the movements and the music are not that fast.” (Sirius)

“Hehe, I thought you would say so. I will make it a bit faster, but you can follow, right?” (Fia)

Indeed, that was a display of trust. If that was the case, I must respond to it.

Instead of being one that fitted into a mold, she was the Fia who liked freedom.

“That’s fine. Let’s do it for real.” (Sirius)

“Hehe, how reliable. Alright, I’m going!” (Fia)

“Yes!” (Sirius)

From that point, the speed suddenly rose, but I kept chasing her movement to the point of using [Multi-Task].

The dances earlier were dances that didn’t separate our bodies, but the dance with Fia was a dance with our hands connected and separated. Plus, our movements were grandiose in many occasions.

It was hard to keep up with such movements, but it was a trivial matter if I could see Fia happily dancing.

“Alright, I have grasped the rhythm. You can go even faster!” (Sirius)

“You are the best after all!” (Fia)

As Fia and I become completely unconcerned about the surroundings, we continued to enjoy the dance to the fullest.

Although, it became more conspicuous than the protagonist of the event, the wedding between Albert and Pamela’s ended in this way.



Two days later… We came to a certain part of the Deine Lake together with Albert, Marina and Pamela.

According to Pamela, this place was a little-known good place. It seemed that we could catch a lot of the lake’s fortunes, since dangerous monsters rarely came to this place.

“Heh… This is a very nice place.” (Reus)

“Ehehe… This is a place that only our family knows about, but I don’t mind with everyone here.” (Pamela)

“It’s an honor. Well, shall we prepare at once?” (Sirius)

We stopped the horse carriage and then, we split the work, like unloading the luggage, and made simple cooktops with stones.

If one was looking from the side, it was a preparation for camping.

“Uhmm, I’m good at cooking, so I will help you, too.” (Pamela)

“Oh yes, Shishou. Let me also help with something—…” (Albert)

“I’d be bothered if the honorable guests help us, but do you dislike not doing anything? If that’s so, please cooperate with Fia to secure food ingredients.” (Sirius)

As the two grasped fishing rods we prepared, they started fishing, while receiving Fia’s explanation.

Fishing was also a leisure time, so the two seemed to be happily leaning their shoulders on one another, while hanging the fishing lines. I guessed that there were no problems, if we left them awhile.

What we were preparing here, was something to celebrate the newlyweds.

Although the wedding ceremony was over, there were still things, like informing the surroundings and going through certain rites.

In addition, there was no honeymoon in this world.

We held such an event because I thought that those two should have fun and relax.

Besides, we had finished our business around here, so it was about time to depart. This event also served as a small farewell party.

I’d said many things, but this was about preparing delicious meals and eating together with them…

Emilia, Reese and I were in charge of cooking, while Hokuto, Reus and Marina were procuring the food ingredients. And Fia was escorting and entertaining the Guests of Honor.

“Is the kitchen counter alright with this? Since it is a wedding present, shall it be luxurious?” (Emilia)

“By the way, Aniki. What are you going to make today?” (Reus)

I bought seasonings and ingredients that weren’t easy to come by in town. And then, I looked at two people, who were responsible with the procurement.

“For now, the main dish will be seafood Paella and hotpot with the ingredients from the lake. After that, it depends on the ingredients you bring.” (Sirius)

“It depends on how much you get, you know? Good luck.” (Emilia)

“Leave it to us! Let’s go Marina!” (Reus)

“Goodness, calm down a bit.” (Marina)

“Woof!” (Hokuto)

Reus and Marina headed to the lake with harpoons and a small net that were prepared.

Incidentally, Hokuto dramatically jumped into lake to catch some fish. In order to not disturb Albert’s fishing, I didn’t forget to tell them to do it in a remote place.

In the meantime, as I prepared a barbecue net and hotpot with kelp broth that was good enough for twenty people, I confirmed the figure of Reus stopping the small boat and setting the harpoon.

[Hmm… As expected, I can still see the bottom, huh? It can’t be helped…] (Reus)

[Wait a sec! What are you doing!?] (Marina)

I thought Reus was going to prick the harpoon as it was, but he suddenly jumped into the lake after taking off his upper body clothing.

Since I told him that I wanted crustaceans, like shrimp and crab, instead of fish, it seemed that he tried to get them by directly diving into the lake.

Although she was amazed by Reus, who eventually jumped into the lake, she was gently looking at him with a ‘It can’t be helped’ expression.

“Goodness… although it is just the top, it’s not good to take it off in front of a lady. Well, I’m glad that Marina also understands that.” (Emilia)

“Now, now. Even so, Marina was surprised, right?” (Reese)

“Well. I thought that she would accompany us, but…” (Emilia)

On a day after the wedding ceremony, we discussed about what everyone would do hereafter, and the talk about Marina suddenly came up.

Marina seemed to not want to depend on Albert anymore, so we thought that there was a possibility of her coming along on our journey. However, according to Reus, Marina clearly said that she would remain in Romanio.

“I thought that she would be a good partner for Reus, but… that’s too bad.” (Emilia)

“That’s the path she has chosen. We must respect her.” (Sirius)

She didn’t stay because of her brother, but it was because she had her own reasons to stay.

[Puhaa! Look, Marina! This thing has big clippers!] (Reus)

[Hey, please be careful! It can easily cut a person’s arm, so…] (Marina)

I was hoping for more people who could suppress the natural and occasionally reckless Reus, but… I was a bit disappointed.



Since those who went out to procure ingredients came back, we got busy preparing the dishes.

We cut the big fishes into appropriate sizes and we either grilled them on a pan or put them in a pot. We also cooked the broth together with crabs and shrimps.

And when the dishes were completed, everyone was making noise while surrounding the hotpot.

After all, it was natural for us to make noise.

“Is this… Paella? This is delicious with the sweet taste of seafood soaked in. I would like you to teach me how to make it.” (Pamela)

“I will do that later. Please let Albert eat it.” (Emilia)

“I heard that you can grasp your partner’s heart with food, so please do your best!” (Reese)

“Well! Are the both of you cooking to capture Sirius-sama’s heart?” (Pamela)

““Uhmm…”” (Emilia/Reese)

Emilia and Reese stealthily looked away from Pamela’s respected look.

“Oh my. Actually, they can’t say it because they are on the side of being captured.” (Fia)

“Don’t say it.” (Sirius)

“By the way, for me, the dishes only captured me for about 30%, I think? The rest is your manliness.” (Fia)

“You don’t have to explain that far.” (Sirius)

Although it was the truth… she said it while delightfully drinking wine.

“Woof!” (Hokuto)

“By the way, Hokuto-san is also charmed with Aniki’s kindness and affection.” (Reus)

“There, there. You want a stroke, right?” (Sirius)

“Woof…” (Hokuto)

After we finished eating, I brought out the cake that I had prepared since last night.

I could have prepared it for the wedding the other day, but I held back, since there was a strange addiction to the cake in this world.

If more addicts came out in a place where there were numerous nobles… Ugh, it made me depressed just thinking about it.

As expected, it was impossible to put up a Galgan Company business over there, so I guessed that I would’ve had to get away at night.

“It is far from a wedding cake, but I made it big, just to celebrate the two of you starting a new life!” (Sirius)

“““Yeay!””” (Emilia/Reese/Reus)

““Uooo!?”” (Albert/Pamela)

“Wow!” (Marina)

Since the cake had already been eaten by Albert and Pamela, everyone was having glittery eyes at the cake that came out.



— Marina —


[I’m sure you had hard time, Marina. But if that’s the case, you have to be stronger.] (Reus)

[Didn’t I say before that it is not good if Marina will not get stronger?  That will make your heart grow stronger. If you are worrying about such a silly thing, you just have to work hard and turn them over.] (Reus)

[At least, no one will say bad things to you when you are working hard for Al’s sake, and if they do, they’re just being stupid. You don’t have to worry about that kind of thing.] (Reus)

How should I say this… I guessed that was his way of being direct.

Those words didn’t really understand the conflict I had, but at least I was saved by them.

The story of which a person with many tails would act violently was a story of nothing but folklore.

That guy knew that… the past was the past and I was my own person.

I had noticed such a thing, but how long had I been troubled with it?

In fact, from the day when the hordes of monsters were attacking Romanio and Parade… the eyes from the surroundings changed a bit.

I just wanted to help Aniue, and I desperately followed without leaving him. However, many people thanked me after.

It seemed that there were many who were saved by the illusions I created that diverted the monsters’ attentions.

At that time, I felt that it was a waste to conserve mana in order to hide my tails. In spite of that, I had decided to display my three tails.

And that made me clearly understand.

Having three tails was not a big deal.

It wasn’t the surroundings who were afraid of the tails… actually, it was me.

After inviting Reus for a dance, we danced for a while and came to a balcony at the venue.

There was nobody on the balcony, where the moonlight was pouring down. I was a bit nervous when thinking that we were alone.

It was like we were a pair of lovers, but…

“We were somehow gathering tremendous attention. I was surprised.” (Reus)

…Yeah, that was definitely Reus.

From the part where he laughed like the usual, it didn’t really matter to him, even if we were alone.

While sighing inside, I tapped Reus’ shoulder and stood next to him.

“Well, of course. That’s because you are the hero.” (Marina)

“I am not a hero. More than anything, I was saved by you, Marina. Didn’t you help me when I was surrounded?” (Reus)

“…It couldn’t be helped, since you were pitiful.” (Marina)

“Haha, my bad. I’m weak at such a thing.” (Reus)

He was calm, even when he saw me naked, so I knew that he didn’t have lewd eyes when surrounded by women.

I felt somewhat irritated when I was watching Reus, who was in trouble, and before I noticed, I extended my hand.

Although he was valiant in battle… what a weird person.

To tell the truth, I wanted to rescue him way before when he was being solicited, but I couldn’t come into the place because I was hesitating.

Next time, I would certainly…

“You were able to dance well, but you’re still not there yet. Your rhythm was disturbed many times, you know?” (Marina)

“I was taught how to dance, but that was a long time ago. But, well, it was really fun to dance with Marina. (Reus)

“Yeah, me too. I enjoyed it.” (Marina)

After that, we kept talking about things other than love.

Starting with the dance earlier, fighting hordes of monsters, getting on Hokuto-san’s back, and the talk went on, one after another, to our past.

And when it was about Aniue asking Sirius-san for discipleship, Reus struck his hands as if he remembered something.

“That’s right. I was thinking to say this before, but will Marina travel together with us?” (Reus)

“Travel… is it?” (Marina)

“Yeah. Aniki and the Nee-chans will surely welcome you.” (Reus)

“Do you… want me to come along, Reus?” (Marina)

“Me? Yeah, I’ll be happy if you come along because it is interesting to be with Marina.” (Reus)

To be honest, I was also thinking about traveling together with Reus and the others…

It was because I still felt uncomfortable about my tails and Aniue already had Aneue. Furthermore, I couldn’t afford to let Aniue worry about me, especially when he would be busy as the next ruler of Romanio.

Besides, I could have a piece of mind if I traveled with Reus, so… I was really happy to be invited.

“Thank you. But… let’s stop at that.” (Marina)

The amount of my mana was not good and my illusions were not so versatile.

During the time when Reus and Aniue fought that monster, I couldn’t do anything.

With the present me, I thought that I would surely be a burden to everyone.

“Why? If it is about Aniki, I will persuade him for you.” (Reus)

“I will only be protected, and nothing will change.” (Marina)

But, that wasn’t the only reason why I refused.

I had decided when I saw Reus being troubled due to the nobles at the venue earlier.

“That’s why I will get stronger here. From now on, I will openly expose my tails, and I want to forge my heart to be strong enough to support Aniue.” (Marina)

Reus was strong in regards of fighting, but he wasn’t good enough at negotiating.

Besides, if he continued his journey like this, I thought that the solicitations like today would happen many times, and there was a possibility of him being cheated and looked down upon.

Sirius-san and his Nee-chans wouldn’t be by his side forever, so…

“When I become stronger… I will be your secretary. I will do the negotiations with the nobles.” (Marina)

“Heh—… that’s fine. But if that is the case, you don’t have to stay here, right?” (Reus)

“Aniue will study on how to be a ruler, and that’s exactly what I am going to do. Besides, I want to repay the favor I have had until now to Aniue.” (Marina)

Aneue seemed to be smiling all the time, but she clearly refused people who she regarded as enemies and those who made unreasonable requests. In other words, she had the firmness to discard the opponent without hesitation.

I thought that I wanted to learn from her.

And then, after returning the favor to Aniue, I…

“I heard from Emilia-san and Reese-san, you have an attendant promised in the future, right?” (Marina)

It wouldn’t go far until marriage, but that child said something similar to support him. By the way, Reus was having a troubling face.

“Aah—… I’m not sure about that, but it happened too soon.” (Reus)

“Eh? Don’t you like that child?” (Marina)

“Yeah… Noir is still small, and I don’t really have an understanding about love. However, I don’t want to make her cry. I think that I will cherish her… I wonder if that’s what it means to like her.” (Reus)

“Th-that’s difficult. But, when that Noir has grown up—…” (Marina)

“When I think about her, I also have the same feeling for Marina. Yeah, I guess I also like Marina.” (Reus)

“…Haa?” (Marina)

Eh…? Wasn’t that a confession?

However, Reus didn’t change from usual… he was nodding several times, as if to convince himself…

“Marina is not a child, and you are not my family. In other words, I am a person who has a feeling of love as a man to a woman like Aniki and Nee-chan.” (Reus)

As a man to a woman…

At that moment, my body became hot and I noticed my face was blushing.

“Aa…ahaha. That was a joke… right?” (Marina)

I was confused and it was my limit to immediately respond to him.

But, since Reus was tilting his neck…

“That wasn’t a joke, you know? Aniki also said that I should clearly convey important things.” (Reus)

There was also no sense of embarrassment, and he was smiling at me.

Why… why could he directly say such a thing!?

“But, if Marina decided so, I will support you. When you become strong, I will ask you to be my secretary!” (Reus)

Aah… that was not good.

Although it was short, I knew his nature and I understood him.

Reus didn’t understand my feelings well.

Therefore, to be a female secretary just like that… I had a feeling that I needed to stop that notion!

After all, I had to clearly tell him my feelings… aah, really!

“Re-Reus!” (Marina)

“What! Eh, oi!?” (Reus)

“Do-don’t move!” Marina)

“No, telling me not to move… but I can’t really move.” (Reus)

“Close your mouth!” (Marina)

“Yes!” (Reus)

I grabbed his face and…





After the wedding, Sirius and the others gathered in the room where they stayed.

Since they had gotten to see the marriage of the two, they were discussing about their next destination.

Incidentally, there was no wedding night for Albert and Pamela, and Reus couldn’t escape, because Marina called him at the same time.

As the discussion ended, everyone was spending their own time, and…

“Hei, Aniki. How can you satisfy your partner with your mouth?” (Reus)

Reus was dropping a bomb.

Hearing the bomb remark, Emilia and Reese had stiff expressions while looking at Reus.

“…Reus? What are you talking about?” (Emilia)

“Yeah. Is it a kiss?” (Reese)

“…Ouu. I was kissed, so I thought that I had to properly respond to it. Anyhow, I want to satisfy my partner!” (Reus)

He didn’t need to ask anyone…

Emilia and Reese were wondering how to explain…

“Listen, Reus. The trick is to skillfully use your tongue.” (Emilia)

“This is about your mouth, not your cheek. After that, be considerate to your partner.” (Reese)

“Woof!” (Hokuto)

The lesson suddenly started.

However, the door of the room was abruptly and vigorously opened…

“You!? What did you ask them!?” (Marina)

…and the lesson was canceled.

Although the wedding ceremony had ended, the uproar caused by Sirius and others did not.



Hokuto and the Devil (TLN: Devil here is Akuma)

As they arrived at the Deine Lake, and a few minutes after asking Reus and Marina to procure ingredients…


A huge water column rose from the lake, and when they turned around to look for something… the scene of fighting started to spread as Hokuto slapped the water surface.

“Th-that is!? The Deine Lake’s Devil!” (Marina)

That Devil… wasn’t it the Lord of the Deine Lake that sank many ships that entered its territory?

While Albert and Pamela were surprised, Hokuto was pulling up the Devil that fainted while swimming. And then, he was about to bring it out of the lake.

It was somehow looked like a whale.

More importantly, how long had it resided in the Deine Lake?

“Hokuto. This may destroy the ecosystem if it’s gone, and I am too busy to prepare such a big one. Please release it.” (Sirius)

“Woof!” (Hokuto)

It was thrown while creating a trajectory with shape like a mountain. That Devil, or something, created a grand splash of water and sound, and it sunk into the lake.

“Leaving that aside, get some crustaceans like prawns. I want to use them to make a broth.” (Sirius)

“Woof!” (Hokuto)

In this way, the Devil of the Deine Lake was caught and safely released.



Rejected Material 1


“I’m sorry. I have to refuse because I will officially do that with these women sometime in the future. At that time, it will be our turn to invite the both of you.” (Sirius)

“Yes! I’m looking forward to that.” (Pamela)

“I will be the one who’ll send the invitations at that time!” (Emilia)

The sound of a swinging tail from the rear was getting faster, and…


“Uwaa!? What’s with the wind!?” (??)

“The dishes are flying!” (??)

“Something is spinning at high speed!” (??)

…An unusual sound and disturbance could be heard from the rear, but I didn’t feel like turning around.



Rejected Material 2


“Goodness… although it is just the top, it’s not good to take it off in front of a lady. Well, I’m glad that Marina also understands that.” (Emilia)

“Talking about you, Emilia. Aren’t you easily taking off your shirt in front of Sirius-san?” (Reese)

“Of course.  There is nothing to hide from Sirius-sama!” (Emilia)

“Come on, have some decency.” (Sirius)



The Image of the Dance


Emilia… An elegant dance performed in a place where the upper-class gathered.

Reese… A dance with little and slow movements in the ballad overflowing with emotion.

Fia… Enjoying the dance as her instincts kick in.



  1. ED: I believe that this is talking about back when Sirius didn’t show his true strength until he versed the Headmaster in front of all of the students.
  2. ED: Although the word “Relative” was used, i think in this sense, it’s talking about Emilia and Reese, since it’s planned that they’d be related, through Sirius, in the future

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