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Ex Strongest, Thinking about the Future

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Ex Strongest, Thinking about the Future

“By the way, what is your plan for school?” (Camilla)

Camilla suddenly asked Soma so when half of his lesson became a self-study of magic. It was when he finished reading the results of the magical research.

However, Soma lifted his face and tilted his neck. He wasn’t wondering about the abruptness, nor how he’d reply to anything.

It was because he didn’t understand why he would hear such a question.

“Hmm… Even if you ask me what would I do, I am actually having trouble with it. Because I don’t have choices.” (Soma)

“Haa? What do you mean by that? Well, it is true that you want to do one thing only, but there are various schools, you know?” (Camilla)

“Hmm…? Well, I am also thinking that it is possible to go to school, but I have a feeling that I can’t go anywhere, even if I say I want to go somewhere in the first place.” (Soma)

“Aah… I see. Because of that, huh? There is a difference in perception at that time.” (Camilla)

“When you say that there is a difference… what is the difference?” (Soma)

“Well…” (Camilla)

To be honest, she was surprised.

As for perception on Soma, she felt like she said it herself now.

Even if he could go to school, he would go to a designated place.

However, somehow, it wouldn’t be like that.

By the way…

“Do you think that it will be convenient if you tell me your hope? No… not only that, I have a good feeling you can greatly express your hope.” (Camilla)

“Hmmm… It is fine to say hope, but…” (Soma)

“What? Is there any problem?” (Camilla)

“How am I suppose to tell my hope in the first place?” (Soma)

What Soma meant was, of course, it was his mother, Sophia.

Unfortunately, Soma hadn’t seen Sophia for more than a year.

Anyhow, it was doubtful whether the opportunity would come or not in the future, ever since Soma’s birthday at that time.

However, he wasn’t unhappy.

It was because Soma firmly understood the situation.

According to Camilla’s explanation, that wasn’t probably her real intention.

However, apart from that, Soma had no opportunity to convey his hope.

Because of that, Soma had no convenience to feel troubled about getting to school.

“Well, there is that. If you are going to murmur it to yourself, or somehow you say it, won’t that be alright? For example, like now, I think.” (Camilla)

“Somehow… is it?” (Soma)

“Yeah. Somehow, it is.” (Camilla)

“In other words, on my previous birthday, there was a gift that arrived from an unknown Onee-chan who had always been watching over me, is it that?” (Soma)

“…Well. Yes, it is.” (Camilla)

“…I see.” (Soma)

Well, it was true. It was possible to communicate with each other without meeting them.

For example, if there was someone who could convey Soma’s intention…

As a matter of fact, the content of the present received from the unknown Onee-chan was a pocket watch.

In other words, it was the first time Soma knew about her at that time, but apparently, pocket watches were sometimes handed as a proof of a person.

Among nobles in particular, it happened at six years old. It was often passed after receiving a Skill Appraisal. Soma was originally planned to be delivered with that watch after that.

Well, that didn’t really matter to Soma.

“Hmm… but I had never thought that I could go anywhere on my own will. To be honest, I also want to go to school… well, if it is possible, I would like to go to a magic school…” (Soma)

In regards to schools, there were several categories that one could study over there.

It was also a place where students could broadly and shallowly learn general affairs, but there were many people who intensively learned specific matters, and most of them decided their future in that way.

And if one wanted to learn about magic, there was no mistake that it was probably best to go to a magic school.

But, of course, they couldn’t unconditionally go to each of these schools.

To put it simply, one need to know whether they had talent or not in order to study there.

In other words, if it was a magic school, it would be about talent in magic.

“Well, that’s how it is. Normally, you can’t enter a magic school because you are not able to use magic. But, that doesn’t mean that there is no way.” (Camilla)

“Is there such a way?” (Soma)

“Yeah. You just need a lot of luck, though.” (Camilla)

“Luck…?” (Soma)

“Basically, to enter a magic school, you need the recommendation from a major premise. That is a matter of course by considering the nature of magic.” (Camilla)

It was said that magic was dependent on talent, so basically, there were only few capable candidates.

On top of that, there were fewer people who could teach it.

In short, the number of magic schools was a corresponding number, and there was a huge threshold, even when just taking the exam.

“Nonetheless, it is enough if you have Sofia’s recommendation. When considering the matter in the future, the reasons will be properly conceived.” (Camilla)

“Hmm… as far as I am concerned, the problem is the test, right?” (Soma)

“Yes. Which is why luck will come into play.” (Camilla)

“Hmm…?” (Soma)

Even though it was an exam, it wasn’t the same every time.

It depended on the nature of the school and the examiner, but it would be similar to when it came to practical skills.

Therefore, the problem was the content of the exam.

“If it is impossible to use magic, then it will be impossible. At that time, just accept the fact and give up.” (Camilla)

“By the way, is it normal to feel like that?” (Soma)

“No, it’s not limited to that. In short, there is a test about a content that is need to do something related to the magic usage.” (Camilla)

For example, one could use magic to defend against the examiner’s magic, and that was an ‘Out’. (TLN: I’m not sure the ‘Out’ here mean pass or fail.)

However, one could use any method to defend against the examiner’s magic.

“You are highly likely to pass, even if you can use a sword to prevent it.” (Camilla)

“…Eh, is that really alright?” (Soma)

“There is nothing wrong in doing that, is there?” (Camilla)

“Aah… I see. The only problem is whether the examiner will accept it or not.” (Soma)

“That’s why I said it depended on luck.” (Camilla)

That was considerably overwhelming, but Soma understood it was possible to enter a magic school.

Apparently, Soma seemed to be given the right to choose.

As to whether he could do prevent magic with a sword or not.

“Well, you don’t have to decide today. Take your time.” (Camilla)

“…Of course.” (Soma)

He didn’t have too many of feelings when this matter suddenly came out, but it would be worth considering it seriously.

The reason why he hadn’t decided about a magic school was because he had some hesitation.

It wasn’t about whether he could pass the exam.

Because if it was impossible, it would be fine if he was accepted at another place.

However, there was no reason to be hesitant.

Actually, he was hesitant whether he would do fine in a magic school.

Soma had tried various things with the help of Aina for over a month, but it seemed there was no result so far.

Perhaps the result wouldn’t change for a long time.

For some reason, he had such a belief.

Hence, it was necessary to change the way of the approach, but… there was a slight doubt whether it would be enough with the magic school.

Of course, there were also other possibilities.

It would be worth enough just by reading books held in the magic school.

In addition, the surroundings would be full with magicians, and there were also possibilities of getting in touch with magic all day long.

That alone was already good enough.

However, if it was still impossible for him to use magic with existing methods, he needed to find knowledge from other places.

Although this was unrelated to swordsmanship, Soma got hints on how to progress forward.

Given the same thing could happen with magic, it might be possible to use magic in other schools.

Or possibly—

“Hmmm… won’t it be fun to go on a trip…?” (Soma)

“Haa…? Aren’t you going to school?” (Camilla)

“No, I was just thinking about it, but… it may not be bad at all…” (Soma)

“Aah—… well, if I have to be honest, you don’t really need to go to school. If you’re seriously considering it, I guess it is possible, you know?” (Camilla)

“Hmm… I will consider it.” (Soma)

If that happened, he would be separated from Aina and Lina, but… it was the same thing if he went to school.

Fortunately, he had nothing left to regret.

It was Lina and Aina.

Soma had a feeling that Lina would have made it extremely impossible, but perhaps if it was the present Lina, it would probably fine.

She’d probably say, ‘Don’t do the impossible.’

As for Aina, he would have her in mind if it was until yesterday, but that was no longer necessary.

Because when she disappeared… she had nothing to say. She had a clearly refreshed expression when he met her that morning.

Soma didn’t intentionally ask the reason, but he wasn’t sure whether she got over something or solved the problem, but it was certainly not his problem.

Although Aina still seemed to have problems… Soma had a feeling that Aina would be alright.

Well, he regretted just a little that he couldn’t do anything for her after all.

Anyway, she should be fine.

Soma really had no regrets.

Nevertheless, that didn’t mean that he would go on a journey at this moment.

If he really wanted to go on a trip, even if it was an alternative from going to a school, that time would be another year from now.

For the moment, the same kind of days would continue.

“…Well, that’s also another matter to consider.” (Soma)

He didn’t really dislike his current life.

He was happy enough, except for only one thing.

That one problem was the fact that he couldn’t use magic, but for Soma, he could stand on par in everything else.

After all, Soma’s nature didn’t change, even though he died once.

However, that was a story in the past.

In order to not regret it at that time, Soma was seriously thinking about what he should do.

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    1. Mystic Dragon

      I don’t like school arc when seeing an MC with no skill and magic but have more power in both strength and sword compared to everyone else. In that kind of route and if the school is in that country there be countless underestimation and bullying to him but know that MC doesn’t care and he’ll just beat the sh*t out of them
      I preferred him going to an adventure and Lina by his side abandoning her duty as the heir of the family and shocking them as well. They’ll be questions as well but I want MC to beat the heck of his father and mother sense that skills are nothing to him.


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    i really want MC to beat both his parents up, and say, im this strong and we no longer have ties between us and beat them up making them fully regret putting him aside, i would xd

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      But it’s not his parent’s that are forcing him, well at least his mother still loves him. In fact the reason why he’s being kept away is so that he is protected. It’s the other’s who wouldn’t accept a person with no skill as the heir of the duke’s family or a son of the family.



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