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A Girl and A Demon

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“Well then, everyone. I’ve kept you waiting for so long. As one of the Demon Heavenly Generals, I will tell you about the initiation of the plan throughout this time today.” (??)

The talk was greeted with silence.

No one even spoke a word, and the man’s voice just resounded in the darkness.

However, it wasn’t caused by negative feelings such as anger.

It was the opposite.

They were doing their best to suppress their bodies that were about to tremble because of overflowing joy.

“Is that so? Finally, huh?” (??)

In the end, someone said something, but after all, that person was slightly trembling.

While the face was hidden under the hood, the only part exposed was the mouth, but he didn’t try to hide that slackened mouth.

But that man didn’t mean to say anything.

That included those who sat on the opposite side, but it was natural to have such reactions.

Therefore, the man was satisfied with it, and that was why he also felt grateful from the bottom of his heart.

“Yes. Finally. …Please forgive me. If all goes well, rather than the initiation of the plan, I should have told you that the plan was accomplished.” (??)

“…No, as for that, it can’t be helped to be told that. Everyone here understands that. Wouldn’t it better to make a plan that is perfect?” (??)

“…Yes. Although the plan could have smoothly progressed if that person obediently followed it, there was a possibility that the quality was insufficient at that time.” (??)

However, there was no need to worry in regards of the quality.

Even the original condition had no shortcomings.

If he cultivated the feeling of fear, that person would be a perfect sacrifice.

Actually, it was alright to force that person as it was.

However, it wasn’t possible to kill, and there was a possibility of killing that person in confinement.

There was no other way than to put everything in place and put the plan into practice.

When that was considered, it could be said that it wasn’t necessary to proceed with the plan last week, but… well, that man was a man in a hurry.

He gave a small cough, as if he was ashamed of his own immaturity.

However, it was certain that the time for their dearest wishes was approaching soon.

As the man nodded, just to make sure, he stood up.

“Now… I think I will soon head over there.” (??)

“Oh, is it already?” (??)

“Please forgive me… to be honest, I can’t wait.” (??)

“Indeed… our feelings are also the same.” (??)

Smiles leaked from everyone’s mouths because of those words, but that didn’t change the overall mood.

But, given the circumstances, the mood was justified.

The man also smiled to respond to everyone else, and he lowered his head.


“Well then, I will bring that person here. After that, I leave the rest to you all.” (??)

“Hmm, we will entrust the matter over there to you, and you can entrust the matter here to us.” (??)

“Yes. Everything is for the sake of the Demon King.” (??)

“For the sake of the Demon King!” (??)

After that, they all left the spot.



Aina was sitting by herself under the sunlight, filtered through the trees, without doing anything.

She didn’t look anywhere. In fact, she was having an irritated expression.

Anyway, she wasn’t going to do anything. (Repetition)

She was simply having free time until Soma came here.

“…Haaa. I’m really free, huh.” (Aina)

She tried to talk, but of course, that didn’t improve the situation.

Aina looked at that spot, but there were only the usual trees there.

She unexpectedly leaked a sigh because of the view where not a single person could be seen.

Originally, the time when Soma was supposed to come had passed long ago.

In fact, that wasn’t unexpected.

She heard about it from Soma yesterday that he would come 30 minutes later today.

Nevertheless, Aina came here at the usual time… well, it was her usual habit.

Although she was listening to herself, those words just came out as usual.

“…Hmm, who am I talking to?” (Aina)

Incidentally, she had a bitter smile when she thought of it.

It was a feeling that was making an excuse to anyone.

Instead of giving an excuse, the reason she was here… and remained here was because of ‘that’.

And then, something happened when Aina was thinking about how to spend the time.

“…Don’t move!” (??)

“…Eh?” (Aina)

There was no presence.

However, she suddenly felt that there was something struck at the back of the head.

She didn’t know what that was.

It could be something pointy from the feel.

But, that wasn’t the reason why Aina was confused shortly after that.

She clearly remembered the voice heard.

She heard it last week as well—

“Uhmm… is that you, Lina-san?” (Aina)

“Yes, we meet again.” (Lina)

Aina exhaled a breath of relief with that. Rather than being mistaken by Lina, that was a proper response.

Well, the voice was unusually tough. Although she was concerned about it… the situation was good, for the time being.

More importantly, Aina had something to say.

“I am… surprised with that, so I don’t want you to do this thing often, alright? On the contrary, aren’t you supposed to come tomorrow, Lina-san?” (Aina)

“Originally, that is true, but I wanted to surprise my Nii-sama for a bit. Well, Nii-sama, for some reason, hasn’t come yet, but… oh well. This is convenient.” (Lina)

“Convenient, you say… do you mean to surprise me? Well, I was certainly surprised, but even if that was a joke, wasn’t it a bad taste?” (Aina)

“…Joke? Why is this a joke? Do you think so?” (Lina)

“…Eh?” (Aina)

No, Aina thought that she was right.

It was a joke.

It must be a joke.

Why would Lina do such a thing—?

“Do you think it is weird to point a weapon at a Demon?” (Lina)

“…” (Aina)

At that moment, her breathing stopped.

She had settled down because she understood that was the reason.

It was foolish to ask when Lina noticed the fact.

In the first place, it would be weird if one did not notice it.

And Aina also had no plan to hide it.

That was the truth.

She intended to answer if she was asked, but since they didn’t ask her, she didn’t say it.

Of course, Aina didn’t want to say it.

Because of this situation, Aina relaxed her body.

She thought that it couldn’t be helped and it was pointless to resist Lina.

But, if possible, Soma—

“…Haaa. My goodness, you are really defenseless.” (Lina)

“…Eh?” (Aina)

Although Aina was prepared for it, Lina, for some reason, left her rear and sighed.

The expression Lina had on her face when she was in front of Aina wasn’t an expression of disgust or full of killing intention, but it was an expression of amazement.

She didn’t understand why. She was still confused for not being attacked just now.

“…Eh? Eh? What do you mean…?” (Aina)

“It’s nothing. If it wasn’t me just now, you would’ve definitely died, you know? Really, if you are coming to such a place, you need to be more cautious.” (Lina)

“…Eh?” (Aina)

Aina didn’t really understand what Lina meant.

And why she was being preached.

Or why she wasn’t killed.

Why was she being treated with the same attitude as before?

Aina didn’t know even one answer for those questions.

“…You’re not going to kill me?” (Aina)

“Ha? What are you talking about? It’s true that there are times when I am frustrated with Nii-sama, but I don’t really hate Aina-san as much as I want to kill you.” (Lina)

“Then, just now…” (Aina)

“Of course, it was a joke, you know? …No, even if I said that it was a joke, but it was a bit different. I guess it is close to a warning?” (Lina)

“Warning…?” (Aina)

“I wanted you to know how dangerous I am. Not just Nii-sama, you were also not cautious enough to detect that I was coming.” (Lina)

…It was true. When Lina told her, Aina felt like she wasn’t cautious at all.

She guessed that the main reason was because Lina was Soma’s sister, but… it was indeed very frustrating.

“Well, in Nii-sama’s situation, I think that it is simply not necessary to feel cautious, but in Aina-san’s situation, it is a problem. I thought that I should talk about this someday, but today is the right time, since I am alone.” (Lina)

“…Right.” (Aina)

It didn’t seem that Lina was lying, and there was no need to lie.

In other words, there was probably a reason.

For a different reason than before, strength escaped from Aina’s body.

“…Haaa. Goodness, I’m quite surprised. It’s really a bad taste, you know?” (Aina)

“That’s why it wasn’t a joke. But It makes no sense when you are not surprised…” (Lina)

“Well, it may be so, but…” (Aina)

Even if Lina was right, Aina should be entitled to a complaint one or two.

She was indeed seriously preparing herself to die—

“Anyway, please be more careful. If you were found by someone else, that’s really— eh!?” (Lina)

“…Eh?” (Aina)

What Aina was able to notice was Lina leaped from that place.

She didn’t know why Lina did that, but it wasn’t the case to care about right away.

Lina’s body that seemed to have leapt away was apparently blown away by some kind of force.

“—Lina!?” (Aina)

Aina reflexively shouted and semi-reflexively turned around.

She instinctively noticed that mana that came from the rear.

She had indeed got it right, and… she opened her eyes wide when looking at the figure that appeared in her sight.

It was because he was someone she knew.

“Albert!?” (Aina)

However, she had no spare time to be surprised.

Aina understood that Albert was doing something with his protruding right arm.

She reached out to immediately stop him—

“…” (Aina)

“…Clear the enemy, Shock Wave.” (Albert)

But as time went by, a roaring sounded from the rear.

She heard a sound like something was beaten immediately after that. Perhaps, it was a sound when Lina hit the ground.

Before she confirmed that, Albert disappeared again.

“—Uh!” (Lina)

When Aina hastily turned around, Albert was trying to catch Lina, who was falling towards the ground.


She wondered why Albert did that, but then, she remembered what Lina was doing just before this happened.

From Aina’s view, Lina wasn’t really doing anything, but… what if someone was watching from the side? How would it turn out?

As Aina thought that far, she shouted before thinking any further.

“W-wait! No, Albert! She wasn’t really trying to hurt me! That… yeah, that’s why you don’t have to rescue me…!” (Aina)

Aina didn’t know what to say, but for the time being, she spoke whatever she thought at the moment.

Whether it worth the try or not, Albert’s arms stopped—

“…I see. That was also another matter. In that way, you could have deepened your despair more… maybe a bit more regret— hmm? Oh my, this is… no, apparently that is not necessary anymore. This is also thanks to my habitually work… or possibly because of Demon King-sama’s guidance?” (Albert)

“…Albert?” (Aina)

She didn’t understand what Albert said, but she felt a vague anxiety.

Suddenly, Aina was assaulted with a thought of getting away as soon as possible.

But, of course, it was impossible to do such things like releasing Aina. While she did so, Lina’s body was lifted by Albert.

Somehow, Lina was breathing. That made Aina relieved, but she couldn’t feel relax.

“Al—” (Aina)

“No, it’s fine, Princess. Apparently this girl is going to be a pretty good sacrifice. I will not kill her.” (Albert)

“…Albert? What are you talking about…?” (Aina)

Despite of him hiding his eyebrows, for some reason, the chills ran through Aina’s whole body.

A warning ringing in her head telling her to run away from there or asking for someone’s help—

“Well then, Princess. I also told you the other day… Demon King-sama is calling. I will make you come with me.” (Albert)

“…Didn’t I refuse before? I will not go— Eh?” (Aina)

Yes, he already told her so.

At the moment Aina’s saw Albert’s face, she noticed…

During the time when Aina was having trouble, she was wondering what to do, like whether to stay here.

Deep inside of her, she decided that she didn’t want to go back.

“I see… That means it is fine if anything happens to this girl, right?” (Albert)

“—Wha?” (Aina)

In other words, Lina became a hostage, was it?

Aina didn’t think that he would do such a thing, and… more importantly, she was surprised that he would go that far.

“…Why did you do that, if you’re going that far… that person will not forgive you—” (Aina)

“Didn’t I say it? This is the wish of Demon King-sama.” (Albert)

“…You’re lying.” (Aina)

Yes, it couldn’t be like that.

Because that man was— the Demon King was— her father was someone who couldn’t forgive such a thing.


“Hmm… well, it can’t be helped then. I will take you by force. Anyway, that was the plan from the beginning.” (Albert)

She couldn’t resist him.

No, Aina didn’t have time to do that from the start.

When she noticed, her body had been blown away. She could only see the ground at the edge of her field of vision, and she barely recognized her own feet.

At that time, her body didn’t listen to what she said, and her mouth hardly even moved.

However, when her field of vision moved, she understood that she was lifted—

“Now… shall we go back? This was an unexpected harvest. Demon King-sama will be pleased.” (Albert)

“…” (Aina)

Aina left only one small word at the end, and then, her consciousness fell into the darkness.

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  • FYI, the term ‘that person’ in the early part of the chapter was something I added. That term wasn’t in the raw at all.

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    Seems like the sign will come in handy now!
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