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The Girl’s Decision

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The Girl’s Decision

A completely gloomy space was really frustrating.

Although they didn’t make a sound, the gazes they made were eloquently displaying their feelings.

However, while simultaneously receiving them, a man showed a straight face.

While wearing a dress that wasn’t related to this occasion, the man calmly and continuously reported at this moment.

‘Is it not over?’, as the man received that kind of stare, he still didn’t react…

“—The report from me is over.” (Man)

“—What?” (??)

At that moment, voices unintentionally leaked from the mouths of several people.

However, that was a matter of course.

More than a month had passed since that day.

Of course, it was hard to say that the preparations were perfect, but the first step was readied because of that.

No, rather than thinking what would happen later, instead of going smoothly, the people were gradually reaching their limits.

The man wanted to show what they regarded as half-baked progress.

“Oh my, were there any problems? There should have been no problems in the present report, but… it seems that there was a lot of dissatisfaction.” (Man)

“…How shameless are you, even though you are aware of it? Weren’t you the one who said the time to remain obscure was over!?” (??)

“But, I said that it would be soon. And since you have waited until now, what is the difference if you have to wait a bit longer?” (Man)

It was, indeed, the truth.

Even though it was a year later, the time actually was now.


“Such a thing is…!” (??)

“No, please forgive me. It was a slip of tongue just now. As I expected, it seems that you can’t hide joyfulness.” (Man)

“…What?” (??)

They were surprised for a moment.

They immediately understood his meaning, and they were surprised.

“…Could it be?” (??)

“Yes. I sincerely apologize for having to keep you waiting, but this is finally ready.” (Man)

“Well, then…” (??)

“Yes. Starting from today, I will make a final confirmation, and it still depends on her, but… yes. The fastest we can start this will be in a week.” (Man)

“—Hmm.” (??)

Once again, voices leaked out from multiple mouths; but, this time, they carried a different meaning.

‘It is too soon.’

“It will start by next week…!?” (??)

“You fool. You still haven’t finished preparing this yet…!?” (??)

“You’re right, but I will sincerely speed up the progress. Otherwise, it will be late for that ‘part’.” (Man)

“Kuh… Bastard, if it’s about that, say it sooner!” (??)

“I’m sorry. I thought about surprising you all as much as possible.” (Man)

“Yes, I was surprised by your scheme…!” (??)

Despite saying such words, those voices clearly contained joy.

That was for sure.

That meant that their time to remain obscure was about to end.

“Well then, everyone, don’t make any mistakes. Everything is for the sake of the Demon King.” (??)

“For the sake of the Demon King!” (??)

An outcry that didn’t hide the feeling of joyfulness reverberated in the gloomy room.



Aina absentmindedly looking at the scene before her.

The match between Soma and Lina was… No, that had already becoming a sword dance of those two.

She couldn’t see it as anything but dancing. On the other hand, she was just looking while being captivated by it.

Perhaps, Lina herself didn’t notice that the match had become a sword dance.

There was no mistake that she desperately and earnestly tried to hit Soma.

However, Soma, who cleverly moved his body, didn’t let her do so.

Lina finally caught up with Soma last week, but when it was thought to be true, the gap between them was getting wider again.

Whether Soma was going easy on her, or he was probably still growing.

It couldn’t be sure which one it was. Anyhow, it was obvious that Lina still needed time to catch up with Soma.

And for Aina to notice such a thing, her eyes were also being trained.

Although she couldn’t follow their movements before, she was firmly chasing them now.

The person herself didn’t realize that, but Aina was also certainly growing.

However, in case Aina noticed it, she was still not pleased.

It wasn’t the kind of growth that she wanted.

While chasing the movements of the two, she quietly let out a sigh.

To put it simply, the siblings were steadily growing, but she, herself, was… yes, Aina was thinking about such a thing.

To reaffirm this matter, Aina was nicely growing up.

Of course, in the direction of magic.

At least, that growth wouldn’t shamed the name of Special Rank. On the other hand, she should be proud.

If others knew this, they might think it as a luxury, and their hearts might be broken because of the difference in talent.

However, if Aina knew that fact, she might think the same.

However, it wasn’t good enough for her.

Because she couldn’t fulfill Soma’s wish to be able to use magic.

For Aina, that was the only thing she had in mind.

“Haa…” (Aina)

Together with that sigh, she suddenly had a thought.

Whether she should give up or not.

She had been thinking about this for the past month.

In the end of the day, she was unable to return any favor to Soma — Aina, herself, thought so, no matter what Soma said, but still, impossible things were just impossible.

So, she wanted to apologize… and not come to this place again.

She was earnestly thinking about this matter.

However, Aina wasn’t the only one who thought so.

She came to think of it because she was told such a thing on that day.

‘—Would you like to return to where the Demon King is?’

That came from the man with a familiar face, Albert.

To be honest, Aina was a Demon.

Strictly speaking, they basically didn’t call themselves with such a name.

Since ‘Demon’ is a derogatory term, they well understood it.

Similarly, they were arbitrarily given such a name. So, even if they didn’t like it, they also didn’t speak of it.

For example, the name of the place on this side and the name of the village.

However, there were only two exceptions amongst those.

Those terms were the Demon King and the Demon Heavenly Generals.

Only these terms that gave fear amongst Mankind, and before anyone knew it, it became something people wanted to say.

Like the meaning of the name, the Demon King was the king that ruled over Demons, and the Demon Heavenly Generals were the most powerful beings of the Demons who followed him.

Similarly on the Mankind side, it was known as the Seven Heavens or there were people who called them the Seven Heavens of the King.

If there was a difference, it was probably just the number.

As the name of Seven Heavens, there were seven people, while the Demon Heavenly Generals had four people.

However, considering the ratio of the number of people between Demons and Mankind, it was quiet balanced.

They were strong and they had never lost.

More than a decade ago, one of the Demon Heavenly Generals defeated one of the Seven Heavens, but even if the opponent was a Seven Heaven, it was said that the other side was the strongest in the group.

On the contrary, these people reevaluated the Demons after one of them was defeated by the Demon Heavenly Generals.

Anyhow, those who were known as the Demon King and the Demon Heavenly Generals were considered the top of the tops, and they were absolute beings.

And that person, Albert, was one of the Demon Heavenly Generals.

She was invited to return home by such a man.

She was a person who ran away from everyone because she couldn’t bear the disappointment. (TLN: not sure why the author use Ningen/human/person)

During normal circumstances, she would probably give an immediate reply.

However, Aina put the reply on hold.

Although she became able to use magic, there was also some fear that still remained in her heart, and… more than anything, she was having fun.

She was happy and having fun when she was with Soma. That made her not want to leave… Moreover, she was spending time with another enjoyable person, while she worried about Soma. She didn’t know if it was good to say this, but she considered them as friends.

Without solving the troubles she had, they were increasing more and more.

“Well, see you tomorrow, then.” (Soma)

“See you again!” (Lina)

While thinking about such things, it had already become the time to part for today.

Aina was recently thinking about it.

It couldn’t be helped because she considered it as a rhythm like not only when they were in battle, but she also tried various things with Soma.

Well, it was probably because they kept wanting to test things out.


That rhythm would probably reach its limit.

“…Yeah. Well then.” (Aina)

For that reason, she didn’t dare to say a word of a reunion.

Because she was still wondering what to do.

Nevertheless, she turned her back on those two.

Somehow, she felt that they were saying something, but she ignored it.

As she walked away to leave like usual—

“—Now, I suppose it is time for you to give a reply, so how is it?” (Albert)

She wasn’t surprised by Albert, who suddenly appeared. She probably had a feeling about it.

And then, she felt like she was falling down.

She understood it by herself when she saw Albert’s face.

She was wondering why she really suffered.

Since the reason was simple, she unintentionally made a smile.

“…Princess?” (Albert)

“Aah, I’m sorry. I wasn’t laughing at you, Albert. It’s just that… I was wondering why I would worry about such a silly thing.” (Aina)

Yes, the extent of her foolishness was becoming unusual.

There was no need to worry in the first place.

Because the reply was decided from the beginning.


“—Well, then.” (Albert)

“Yes. I will—” (Aina)

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