Ex Strongest Swordsman Longs For Magic In Different World 23 (Cleaned) – Ex Strongest, Lesson on Mankind and Demons – Part 2

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Ex Strongest, Lesson on Mankind and Demons – Part 2

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Until the Demons’ existence was known, there was a great battle between the different races in this world.

However, it was suddenly noticed, at that time, that they were mutually destroying each other.

It seemed that the Hobbits were likely to be extinct.

It was one of the reasons why there were mixed-bloods amongst Hobbits, but the biggest reason amongst them was that too many Hobbits were killed in the war, after all.

“So, in order to stop the fighting, they specifically made the Demons to be a hostile race towards Mankind, is that what you mean?” (Soma)

“Yes… what a foolish thing.” (Camilla)

“Dear me…” (Soma)

As mentioned earlier, Demons were those who had been forcibly set up.

There were also some who became the cause of this, but basically, they were conveniently set up by the influential people of that time.

But, that wasn’t the reason why Soma and Camilla said that it was a foolish thing.

They were saying that because their reasons were more fundamental than the earlier reasons.

It was because even though such a thing happened, the conflict between races still hadn’t stopped.

It was, more or less, a temporary ceasefire.

If that wasn’t the case, they signed a Ceasefire Pact with each other and joined hands to destroy the Demons

Those who created the situation would have known that it was a farce, but the truth didn’t really matter that much to them.

So, the war potentials were assembled for that reason, and they pointed their weapons toward the Demons, and subsequently towards other races and countries.

Those who proactively pursued the matter were beyond saving, but it was the country of Humans that was energetically moving in order to destroy the Demons.

They specifically created an outline of Mankind, but while loudly declaring that, they didn’t have even a single fragment of trust towards the other races.

However, it seemed the other races were, more or less, prepared themselves, but Soma wondered whether the other races had mutually agreed on this matter.

Well, those people had always been in disputes, but it would be a different story if they could be friends because of that farce.

In a way, that was a matter of course.

Perhaps, it wasn’t meaningless, since the scale of the disputes became smaller compared to that time, but there was no mistake that it was a foolish thing.

By the way, the name of that foolish country was Veritas.

It was a kingdom that continuously conveyed the legitimate lineage of Mankind since the ancient times.

It was a self-proclaimed country.

And the country where Soma lived was a mixed nation named Radius that had various races. It was the former country of Veritas.

“How should I say this…? It is a story that makes people appreciate the independence of the country.” (Soma)

“Goodness.” (Camilla)

“By the way, I suddenly thought about this, and… if that is the case, why is the designation of Mankind still continuing?” (Soma)

“Ooh, that’s simple. Once it was publicly announced, you couldn’t revoke it, even if you wanted to.” (Camilla)

“What a troublesome story…” (Soma)

Nobody would need such a thing in particular.

It was really troublesome when it affected every country.

“So, why is this story necessary for me? I mean, is it a good thing to know that story in the first place?” (Soma)

“Hmm? Of course not, you know? There are only several people in this country who know this story.” (Camilla)

“I am wondering why those people know about it, but my doubts are overflowing about why you would let me know this…” (Soma)

“The reason I know this story is a secret, but the reason of me telling you this is simple. Your standpoint is more complicated than you think.” (Camilla)

“Hmm…?” (Soma)

In other words, it was ‘that’ kind of thing. (Redundant?)

Currently, Soma was considered non-existent.

However, no matter how the fact was denied, it couldn’t be erased.

The troublesome matter was that, although Soma was considered to be non-existent, he was still here.

There was not a small few who thought that he was a hindrance, but there were some who probably thought that he was a great material to hold others back from success.

But, the biggest problem here was not within the country, but outside the country.

“Because this country still has a long way to go. If there was a big problem, that alone could cause fatalities.” (Camilla)

“Aah— I somehow understand that.” (Soma)

“Well, if I have to be indirect… you can choose who you want to be friends with.” (Camilla)

Literally speaking, the mixed nation, Radeus, was a nation where various races lived.

Even if it wasn’t in this neighborhood, it was possible to meet other races if one went to the capital.

However, there was only one exception.

There were those who weren’t allowed to live in this country.

In other words, it was the Demons.

Whatever the circumstances were… No, because of such circumstances, Mankind couldn’t forgive the Demons.

Although the farce was the cause, they were deemed a hostile entity.

A child of a person with a certain status, befriending a Demon… No, even if he got acquainted, they would gladly denounce it, maybe.

And nobody would defend them, and this country would easily meet its end, as what could be expected in such a situation.

“Hmmm… well, although I am more or less convinced with that reason, if a person doesn’t know they got acquainted with Demons, should they be glad?” (Soma)

“That is true, but you may know the reason, right? If that is the case, it can be troublesome. That is why I’m tell you this in advance.” (Camilla)

“By the way, what will happen if I talk about this to someone?” (Soma)

“Hmmm… You or Sofia may be able to handle it, but my neck will probably be cut off. Of course, physically.” (Camilla)

“I see… I don’t mean to kill my respectable teacher, so I’m not going to say anything.” (Soma)

“Please do so.” (Camilla)

Looking at the nodding Camilla, Soma still had something he was concerned with.

There was a part where Camilla was convinced that it was possible to become acquainted with Demons.

“Ooh, that’s simple. That’s because you probably will not stay in this country.” (Camilla)

“Hmm…?” (Soma)

“Sofia is probably going to ask you to leave. In other words, she is probably preparing an attendant for Lina.” (Camilla)

However, that was what Camilla said.

That Soma might not quietly accept it.

“…There is no such thing.” (Soma)

That was the truth.

Or maybe he didn’t deny the possibility.

“But, is that the story if you can use magic?” (Camilla)

“…Well, you are right.” (Soma)

In this world, Soma’s aim until the bitter end was to use magic.

Since he never used magic, he would be satisfied if he could use it.

If that was the case, there would be a room of thought for him to stay in this house.


“If that doesn’t come true, you probably need to go somewhere. For example, to a place where the Demons live.” (Camilla)

“…You really understand me.” (Soma)

“I am not your tutor for nothing. And for the moment, the possibility of doing so is unusually high. That sounds completely wrong, huh?” (Camilla)

That was also a truth.

Even though it was a bit, such thoughts were emerging.

“I probably can’t stop you, and I also don’t want to stop you. Maybe Sophia would. That’s why I’m taking this opportunity to warn you. It is fine to live the way you want, but think about us a bit, alright?” (Camilla)

“Hmm… well, I will be careful. Besides, I haven’t decided yet. There is still plenty of time left.” (Soma)

“Well. In the meantime, it is probably not bad for not becoming an adult.” (Camilla)

Although this varied from races and countries, in this country you are considered to be an adult at the age of fifteen years old.

It would be after completing the secondary studies, and it was possible to do various things at one’s own risk.

Of course, that didn’t mean to leave the country or going out to other cities. Up until that age, parental approval would be required.

Well, there were some exceptions.

“So, I will prepare various things for you, until that time comes.” (Camilla)

“If it is possible, I would like you to be gentle.” (Soma)

While shrugging his shoulders, Soma had this in his mind.

He remembered those words earlier.

He needed to be careful.

And it wasn’t a lie.

If it was possible for Soma to protect it, he would do it.

However… if it wasn’t possible, he wanted to be forgiven.

‘So, please overlook this at that time.’

He wasn’t confident because he couldn’t do anything.

While silently thinking so, Soma quietly exhaled.

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22 thoughts on “Ex Strongest Swordsman Longs For Magic In Different World 23 (Cleaned) – Ex Strongest, Lesson on Mankind and Demons – Part 2

    1. zatroxpl

      that’s what I would like to know. Soma said that he doesn’t want to leave the house but then later he says that he will leave the house???? wtf is going on, can someone explain

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    2. bayabusco Post author

      I assume this is a bit politics related. Camilla knows he is befriending a Demon. Considering it is unforgivable thing, and how the country they lived in just achieved independence, Camilla is talking about the history of mankind and demons to Soma as a warning.

      People of outside the country, if they know about Soma being talentless and having a Demon friend, there is no doubt their country will br attacked by Veritas.

      Camilla suggested Soma to leave because of above reason as she knows about Aina, so nobody can take advantage of Soma.

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  1. AnimeloverN7

    Thanks for the chapter. I wish the mother would be brought into the story more, they make feel like some bad guy hiding behind the scenes. I feel like this story is moving very slowly but the characters just keep getting ahead of themselves.

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  2. Mystic Dragon

    Goodness this kind of mankind are really nerve wracking and dastardly-like. I’ll side with the Demons in this one unlike the humans that falsely accused the demons as the world #1 hostile race. This humans are unforgivable, doing petty and pathetic war against other races that only want to live a peaceful life. Not only a Church of self-implicated position but also a country of disdaining their own skill-less citizen and only appointed skill users.
    I pretty much want every humanity in there hit by a devastated plague that only affects them and killed off all of them even the good and kind except Soma and Lina of course.

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    Wow… well moving on I’m sure most of the things talked about in this chapter would be expanded upon later.
    Thanks for making this easier to read translator and editor!



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