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Post Battle of the Siblings

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Post-Battle of the Siblings

When Lina suddenly noticed it, she was looking up at the sky.

What reflected in her vision was a mixed pattern of blue and green, and she felt the ground on her back.

Even though Lina noticed she was down again, she didn’t take much time to notice it.

Unlike last time, she didn’t immediately stand up probably because her fighting spirit wasn’t swelling up anymore.

Fatigue wrapped her whole body. On the contrary, she didn’t feel pain because of the fatigue, too.

Yes, there was no pain.

Although she was beaten on the head, it didn’t hurt at all.

Even so, she well-understood that the hit was properly adjusted.

There was no need for her to think again. It was a complete defeat.

If she considered it as if it was a regular training session or a match, maybe the idea of winning and losing itself was wrong.

However, Lina didn’t think so.

At least, she had done everything she could.

On top of that, she was entirely beaten.

Without making any excuses, she felt that everything she had until now was denied.


“Hmm… that last blow was brilliant. To be honest, it was a paper-thin difference. Your ability in swordsmanship was getting better each time you hit me. I think that you are talented, after all.” (Soma)

“—Aah!” (Lina)

At the time Soma’s face reflected in her line-of-sight, she felt a shocking impact on the head.

However, she wasn’t being struck, of course.

The palm was placed on her head and she was stroked.

And with the words he told her, it might have seemed ironic, if one thought about it.

But, Lina didn’t think so because she was used to it.

That’s right… she heard those same words two years ago.

For some reason, Lina remembered something she had forgotten and at the same time, she was convinced.

The reason why she didn’t want to be defeated was because she understood why everything was denied.

Along with that, she could that feel his power had remained until the end.

There was no need to brace herself.

“Hmm… nevertheless, it is worthwhile to have a match with people, as I expected. It made me realize something new. After all, shall we do this sometimes…? Well, I’m going to be strict, though.” (Soma)

The moment Lina heard such words, something had suddenly passed through her mind.

However, it just passed by.

It didn’t come to a realization.

That was—

“First of all, you don’t have an opponent… Hmm, if there is somehow a potential opponent, you should ask them without hesitation.” (Soma)

Thereupon, she felt a fleeting glance towards her.

For a moment, that something passed through her mind became clear.

The intention was obvious.

However, would it really be alright?

Could she wonder if it was alright to hope for it?

Would it be alright if she said something selfish?

While thinking that way, she couldn’t help seeing the face before her when she made her decision.

Her desire was obvious, but it might be her own imagination.

After thinking whether it was alright to say it… Lina opened her mouth to utter that word.

“Uhmm… Nii-sama—” (Lina)



‘You will be my opponent!’

By the way, Aina was listening from a distant place when Lina said so.

She let out a sigh when listening to that, but it was too late.

Because she was thinking whether Soma still planned to do get hit on the head with magic over there. It might be possible, since he had come this far.

What was included in her sigh was a feeling of amazement, and even envy.

Even if this was told by anyone, Aina knew that she couldn’t be the opponent of those two.

She understood it from the first glance, but Lina was clearly someone with Special Rank Skills, and… depending on the location, she was known as a Gifted Holder.

Aina was also the same. As a Magic Skill Gifted Holder, she would excel in magic to the end.

In close combat, she could probably win against someone with Advanced Rank, if she didn’t perform poorly.

There was no way Aina could associated with those two.

However, that didn’t lead to the feeling of jealousy while she was thinking so, because she knew what she could and couldn’t do.

Although Aina couldn’t do the same as Lina, Lina also couldn’t do the same as Aina.

Anyhow, the match between Lina and Soma that felt strangely long, even though it was happening in a short time, had finally ended. Somehow, it seemed like a quarrel between siblings.

Whatever it was, Lina was probably throwing a tantrum on her own accord, but then, Aina let out a sigh again.

“Now… since you have finished arguing back and forth, I will be leaving soon.” (Aina)

“Hmm, is that so? There was something I wanted to try a bit more.” (Soma)

“Is that my fault? I’m sorry!” (Lina)

“It’s nothing for you to be sorry about, Lina-san. Since such absurdities were done, there is nothing else I can do.” (Aina)

“Hmm? Really? I feel that this much is no different than usual.” (Soma)

“That’s why I said, you need to be aware of this matter, you know?!” (Aina)

Every time they met, Soma always came up with things he wanted to try out of nowhere, but if it was poorly done, Soma himself would be in danger.

Although the person himself said that even if something like that happened, it was only a little bit of pain. But, of course, Aina couldn’t be convinced with that.

It wasn’t about ‘my business is my business, and yours is yours’. Even if Aina was told to return the favor, she thought that it was time to seriously stop soon.

“Even if you told me that, if you don’t use magic like you normally do, it can’t be helped if there is a slight danger to it.” (Soma)

“…As expected of Nii-sama.” (Lina)

“Wait a sec? This is not a place where you can proudly smile, you know? Are you alright? I mean, in various ways.” (Aina)

Perhaps it should be said that the atmosphere had considerably changed by the time Lina came here.

Either Lina’s bad intention had collapsed, or she had freshened up.

Anyway, Aina thought that this side of Lina was her true character, but with that kind of brother, there would be this kind of sister.

“…Haaa. Well, let’s do it tomorrow.” (Aina)

“Hmm… Fine, it can’t be helped if you say so. It’s tomorrow, then.” (Soma)

“I think that I can’t come tomorrow, but… see you again.” (Lina)

Well, Lina came here because she skipped her tutors’ lessons.

For this reason, she couldn’t come tomorrow, but in order to meet with Soma, she would come here again when she said ‘See you again’.

Incidentally, the reason why Aina asked if Lina would be alright in various ways was because the tutors seemed to be unusually concerned about their prestige.

Hence, if she returned before being noticed by others, there shouldn’t be any problems.

As for the lesson itself, since it would proceed according to the textbooks, she didn’t even need to listen, if she prepared beforehand.

In fact, it had already been happening. To put it simply, her lesson was always like that in the morning.

Plus, she would probably come here regularly within a certain time in the future.

Should Lina be told to get ahold of herself, or was this a scary thing?

When Lina listened to that, she just said ‘Aah’. Aina thought that Lina was being intoxicated by Soma.

“Well, then.” (Aina)

Anyway, Aina turned her back towards them and left.

She could hear the voices of the two people talking, but they had eventually disappeared.

Apart from her footsteps, nothing could be heard, other than the occasional sound of the wind, and… Aina let out a big sigh.

What passed in her mind was the scene of the two.

No, to be exact, the scene remained without fading away until now.

Even if she didn’t want to remember it, it was vividly burned into her mind.

‘It was amazing.’

It was direct, but she thought that Lina’s emotion were let out.

As expected of Lina.

Even though Lina was a Swordsmanship Gifted Holder, Aina couldn’t grasp most of Lina’s techniques.

It was doubtful to hold out even for an instant, if she had Lina as her opponent.

However, what was more amazing was that Soma didn’t let such a Lina come close to him at all.

Nonetheless, Soma’s movements were not that amazing.

But, somehow, he could follow Aina’s eyes.

There was nothing unusual, but… that oddity stood out.

When looking from the side, Lina was amazing, but Soma had overwhelmed Lina.

Although he did nothing but the usual things he always did, he held his opponent back.

In other words, his abilities were far beyond Lina’s.

Aina always saw Soma’s sword dance.

She knew that it was beautiful, even if she looked at it every day, but this was the second time she saw Soma use a sword against someone.

Aina also thought that the first time she saw him using a sword was amazing.

But that wasn’t the only matter that made Aina amazed.

Soma was amazing because he understood what type his opponent was like, even though he met them for the first time, and even his Special Rank opponent wasn’t like that.

As she had expected, to what extent was he…?

She understood that Soma wasn’t an ordinary person.

And Aina was asked by such a person because he wanted to use magic.

When thinking about him, she felt indescribable and proud feelings, but there was one thing she understood. If Soma wasn’t there and if she didn’t meet Soma, all of this wouldn’t have happened.

She suddenly thought about how fun this was.

She was happy when thinking about it.

She wouldn’t have such thoughts a year ago—

“I finally found you.” (??)

Because of that, Aina had forgotten.

“…Eh?” (Aina)

“No, I was really looking for you… By all means, I didn’t even think that you would come to such a place.” (??)

What made her happy was easily broken with a slight nudge.

“…Albert?” (Aina)

“Yes. It’s been a while, Princess.” (Albert)

What was returned together with that trembling voice was clearly a bow.

That face was raised after that was someone Aina knew, but… the feeling of joy didn’t emerge within her heart.

On the contrary, Aina was staring at that face while knowing that her heart was growing cold.

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