Ex Strongest Swordsman Longs For Magic In Different World 19 (Self Edited) – A Girl and a Child Part 2

Another chapter for Ex Strongest Swordsman!   


Greetings everyone.

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31 thoughts on “Ex Strongest Swordsman Longs For Magic In Different World 19 (Self Edited) – A Girl and a Child Part 2

  1. GM_Rusaku

    ( ´・ω・`)  (○) Thanks….
    ,( ヽ∩∩ノ),、ヽ|〃,,, Nepu……..
    “““ ““ ““ ““ ““ ““ ““ ““““ ““


    1. SquirFail

      She is, but she knows how the imouto adores her brother so she wont have any expectations and dependency towards him because of the law of the kingdom


    2. DetaBlue

      The mother still loves him but chosen to abandon him because of the aptitude test. He hasn’t seen her after that event I think. A mother can’t even show affection to her own child and it makes it seems like she doesn’t love him, leaves a bad feeling.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. SquirFail

        I think for me its because of him being used by other people, so she had to forcefully cut the relationship between him and the family


  2. Ferorius

    Okay so, the skill names are a bit too long. It freels like they are just used to make the chapter look bigger. The rank part for example is not required, since we know from before that she had a special rank skill, and I would go with something like “Heaven’s Sword – Limit Break- Ruler of Mankind: Starsword. “ The parts “Sword of heaven” and “Sword of star” just don’t sound right. Tbh, I would get rid of “Limit Break” since that part sounds cringy in a sword skill… In that monologue, he already showed that it would be the most ‘powerful’ move she had, so I have no idea why he added the “limit break”…


  3. kurotian

    Yup this was one of he reason i was annoyed of the novel.
    Author keeps writing long ass incantation of skill and then how does he described it.’she slashed’ no other description. At least used few more words. Well it will go on continuing like this.
    Long skill(slash) longskill(mc blocks it) longskill(swords collide) long skill(mc suddenly won) no explanation on what happebed. That why i stop reading the raw and just waiting for the translation (less headache) hehe.


  4. kurotian

    So from what i understand the skill she used.
    *Side step sland
    *something like hiddedn sword technique?
    *Last one a Heavy Slash


  5. snake23

    i am not the only one who started to think that the skill are just the last words and the other are like the class and the enchant right?


    1. bayabusco Post author

      Based on this chapter, I think the names before the double dot skill name and buff. The names after the double dot are the technique name and condition put in a bracket.



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