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A Girl’s Problem and its Solution

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The reason why Aina was known as a failure was because of a certain incident that happened just a year before the present time.

It was the Coming-of-Age ceremony for Aina and some others.

Perhaps it should be said that the preliminary stage was strict, and was it a ceremony one must go through to be recognized as an adult?

It was done several times in a year, and by doing so, it would eventually lead one towards adulthood.

And the core content, if it had to be said briefly, it was to receive a Skill Appraisal.

“Hmm… in other words, it is something similar to what we are doing, correct?” (Soma)

“Well, I guess so. I wonder if similar things are done everywhere.” (Aina)

Even though this country had been separated since a long time ago, there was still a possibility of that matter being continued even now. Well, it was probably trivial to worry about it here.

Anyway, Aina also received it, but—

“Did you fail?” (Soma)

“No, it was successful in itself.” (Aina)

Indeed, she was certainly successful.

—Special Rank Magic.

It was proven that Aina could learn skills at that Grade.

“…I see.” (Soma)

“ ‘I see’…? Eh, maybe, did you just understand the story?” (Aina)

“Hmm, is it because of that? Are you trying to show off to me? Are you inviting me for a fight? Fine, I accept it! Let’s do it!” (Soma)

“You’re not getting anything, right!? In the first place, what do you mean by that?” (Aina)

She unintentionally cried out, but Soma looked indifferent.

Rather, he tilted his head, and asked some questions.

“Hmm? Did I make a mistake?” (Soma)

“I’m not doing it, you know!?” (Aina)

“I see, is that so? Well, if I was hit because of a joke, I’ll be in trouble, huh?” (Soma)

“Joke? You…!” (Aina)

Maybe, he didn’t feel like seriously listening.

On a second thought—

“Well, that’s it. If it is impossible to ask, let’s stop since it is difficult for you. The opportunity to return the favor, even if it is not now, I am fine.” (Soma)

The force came out from his shoulders and they glanced at each other, before the next words followed.

With one exhale…

“…I’m glad that you care, but I don’t need it. It was me who decided to speak in the first place.” (Aina)

“Hmm… is that so?” (Soma)

“Didn’t you generally say that? Even now, it is unfair for you.” (Aina)

“I see… you’re right.” (Soma)

Soma said it with a bitter smile, but that was also Aina’s true feelings.

Yes, it would be unfair if they went on as it was.

Aina wasn’t sure why Soma was repeating such a thing for this one year, but… at least for her, it was similar to salvation.

Even though she didn’t say anything, she was somehow feeling guilty…

“…Well, I want to say it, after all. Even if you didn’t ask it, I would’ve told you by force.” (Aina)

“In that case, let me hear it. In fact, I am concerned.” (Soma)

“Anyway, it’s not that difficult of a story, but…” (Aina)

It turned out that she had a Special Rank skill.

Because of that, everyone around her was pleased and in a festive mood, but… it didn’t last long.

On the day after the grand party that was held to celebrate her, there was something that had been discovered.

“Hmmm… what is that?” (Soma)

“I was discovered that I can’t use magic.” (Aina)

The moment that fact was known, the disappointment of her people was too great.

Same goes to the person herself.

“Well, that is an understandable story. It is also because my people were expecting too much.” (Aina)

“Hmm? You can learn a Skill, but…? Do you have concrete proof that you can’t use magic?” (Soma)

“No matter what I did, I just couldn’t. For example, yes — Flame.” (Aina)

What was circulating out from the protruded right hand was the language of Flame Spirit. (TLN: Is this correct, 炎の言霊?)

The mana was sufficiently circulating…

— Special Rank Magic – Divine Protection of the Demon King – ■■■■: Magic – Light (Miss) (TLN: The name in raw is ――魔導特級・魔王の加護・■■■■:魔法・灯火(不発))

…However, as expected, the Flame magic was taking shape, but it never materialized.

To have a Skill meant that one could unconditionally use it.

There was no need for the theory, but one would know it, even before they were taught in the first place.

It was the same as Aina.

Yes, even now, Aina acquired the knowledge of how to use Flame Magic because of the Skill.

She tried to do it now, but that was what happened.

Even with respect to other magic knowledge corresponding to Special Rank, it was possible to acquire it, but… no matter how many times she attempted, the magic never gave it a shape.

“The method was wrong, and in the castle— no, what I mean is, it was confirmed by everyone, so it should be certain. After verifying the process, everyone was puzzled. It was because it was impossible for me not to be able to use magic.” (Aina)

However, even if she said so, it was impossible for her to do something impossible.

Soma also wanted to know why she couldn’t do it.

Asking various acquaintances, following up with contacts, doing attempts… nevertheless, she couldn’t do even the simplest magic given by everyone.

“Of course, I studied a lot and tried to attempt it. But, three days passed, one week later, and even a month… I still couldn’t use magic.” (Aina)

— That was why.

Since Aina couldn’t tolerate the eyes of the surroundings, she ran away from there.

She couldn’t tell Soma. Even if she didn’t say it, it lingered in her mind.

That was the end of her story, which happened a year ago.

Now, she was taking care of by an old couple living in a city near this forest, where she met him by accident, but… again, that was something must not be said to Soma.

When she said that, he probably noticed the meaning.

Well, somehow, Soma was already aware of it.

But still, he felt like the need to say the definitive words to Aina, but he wasn’t going to say it yet.

“Hmm—… there is something I want to confirm.” (Soma)

When thinking of such a thing, Soma unexpectedly came up with a question.

Thereupon, Aina was surprised as she was thinking what kind of thing he wanted to confirm.

He wanted to confirm the reason why Aina was called a failure and why she couldn’t use magic.

There were also rooms of doubt everywhere…

“I’m not sure why Aina can’t use magic, same like everyone else. In addition, not even any abnormality was found, correct?” (Soma)

“Eh? Yes, but…” (Aina)

“Hmm, that means… either there seems to be nothing unusual… or that it simply can’t be understood? Hmm… well, for the time being, I guess that I can try slashing, you got that?” (Soma)

“Wait…? Now, that is somehow disturbing—…” (Aina)

Her words never sounded until the end.

What she felt before her was ray of light.

The moment when she grasped the light, it had already passed her.

She definitely felt that she was slashed.

She didn’t know what that was. She didn’t feel pain, but she knew something was definitely slashed—

“You, what on earth is…!?” (Aina)

“Hmmm, maybe you will be alright with this, but… for the time being, that’s it. If you use magic again, I think it will become clear.” (Soma)

“That’s why… haa…” (Aina)

She gave up midway instead of pursuing the matter. And then, she sighed because she thought that it was a waste to do so.

She was convinced that Soma certainly did something, but… somehow, she understood what he did.

Next was… yes, to do it one more time.

As Soma won’t do anything without any sort of meaning, that was also possible to be convinced—

“Well, alright. I just have to use magic, right? Even though there is no point in doing that…” (Aina)

One year after running away…

Aina also hadn’t done nothing every day.

She tried a variety of things to the extent that she could… nevertheless, she still couldn’t do it.

Yes, that was the reason.

“—Oh Flame.” (Aina)

As she stick out her hand, and muttered—

—Special Rank Magic – Divine Protection of the Demon King – Seam into the Mountains: Magic – Light (Sudden Burst) (TLN: The name in raw is 魔導特級・魔王の加護・積土成山:魔法・灯火(暴発)。)

The tip of her palm glowed for only a moment.

“…Eh?” (Aina)

It was undoubtedly a failure.

The knowledge was brought by the Special Rank skill within Aina.

It was a phenomenon caused by excessively using too much mana, and it blew off the procedures before the flames manifested.

Yes, in other words—

“Hmm? Did you see that the flame came out for a while just now?” (Soma)

It was different from the magic that didn’t manifest at all until this moment.

It was a proper magic failure.

“…!?” (Aina)

There was something that seemed to be overflowing.

And there was something coming up.

Nevertheless, she gave everything she got, and her lips muttered the spirit language again.

It was similar to earlier, but… this time, since it was impossible anyway, rather than unnecessarily using a certain amount of mana… she carefully used an appropriate amount.

“…Oh Flame.” (Aina)

It sounded like a whisper. However, it became clear shortly afterwards.

—Special Rank Magic – Divine Protection of the Demon King – Seam into the Mountains: Magic – Light

It was a very small flame.

It wasn’t even a light. It was a kind of flame that was used to trigger a fire.


Aina succeeded in using a magical flame for the first time.

“Ooh, this time it worked fine. Hmm, as expected, did that thing become an obstacle? However, as far as I am concerned, it is not something to be too happy about, but… well, more than anything, I think you should feel happy now, right? By the way, that’s good for you, Ai-Aina?” (Soma)

As Aina was staring in a daze, a sudden voice that sounded like Soma was being impatient could be heard.

Thinking of something, when Soma turned to her, he was impatient for some reason.

“Wh-what’s wrong, Aina? Haa, could it be some sort of trap? Kuh, damn it. what I did…? To slice it right away… I can see nothing…!?” (Soma)

While she was surprised by Soma’s panicked appearance, she tilted her neck, and… at that moment, she felt something warm on her cheek.

Besides, whether the cause was how she thought that it was not his problem, but… he thought as if this was his own problem.

Anyway, it didn’t stop at all. On the contrary, they overflowed one after another.

There was nothing she couldn’t do— No.

As Aina thought that far, she was still able to do it herself… no, it felt like there was something she had to do.

That was why Aina understood, even though she looked awkward.

Her face with overflowing with tears—

She opened her mouth while lowering her eyebrows—

“I don’t know what you did, but… I know you did something. Thank you, Soma.” (Aina)

While floating a smile, she thanked Soma with words of gratitude.

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  • I made some changes here and there in this chapter because certain parts were too unclear. Please let me know if I got it wrong.
  • I noticed that this author sometimes left things unknown until you read next chapters. Since I don’t really read further ahead, I can’t say much at all.
  • I need helps for these translations. I tried to look around but I don’t think I got it right. Thanks! 😀
    • 積土成山 = Seam into the Mountains. Any other suggestion?
    • 灯火 = Light. The kanji used is kanji for fire or flame.
    • 炎の言霊 = Spirit Language of Flame.

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