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Ex Strongest, Meeting with the Sister for the First Time in a Long Time

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Thirty minutes later from the time Soma was flustered at a girl’s tears…

‘Phew, that was dangerous’, as Soma muttered that, he was walking in the corridor of the mansion.

Although he came back from the outside, his pace was magnificent.

It was because there was no need to hide the fact that he went outside.

However, that wasn’t because he wasn’t allowed to go out.

Soma had never changed since a year ago, and he still hadn’t received permission.

Perhaps it could be said that when his mother prohibited him, he hadn’t seen her over the past year. Therefore, it was a matter of course.

Speaking of why he didn’t need to hide about going out any longer, it was also because of several complicated circumstances being involved.

“…Oh?” (Soma)

“Eh!?” (??)

At the moment when Soma turned around the corner of the corridor, he unexpectedly encountered a face he knew.

The gender was female and the face was closely similar to his.

However, the stature was somewhat smaller than him and the age was one year younger.

Well, to say it briefly, it was Soma’s sister, Rina.

“Ooh, is that you, Rina? Long time no see, huh?” (Soma)

“Ye-yeah, Ni—… Soma-san.” (Rina)

Even though Soma made an intimate smile, Rina was treating him like a stranger.

In the first place, their eyes were not locking onto one another, rather, she was looking away.

And to call Soma in that way—

“Hmm… it seems you are fine and all, but you can call me Nii-sama, like you did in the past, you know?” (Soma)

“…No, that’s not going to happen.” (Rina)

“Hmm…” (Soma)

Although it didn’t feel good, but there wasn’t much he could do.

It was the first time in a year that he met face-to-face with Rina.

However, he understood that it was difficult to do it like in the olden days…

“…Hmm. I guess so.” (Soma)

He suddenly came up with those words because his sister looked exhausted.

However, it wasn’t possible for him to peacefully rest in the mansion, so… he was considering this matter to change the mood.

“You seem exhausted. How about going out once in a while? Look, we can go out together like in the past, right? That time, going together with me again—” (Soma)


“—I’m happy with your thoughts and even if you are troubling yourself because of it, I have no time to do such things. Soma-san also, stop doing something pointless. Can you do more constructive things? If so… no, it’s nothing.” (Rina)

“Hmmm…? Rina…?” (Soma)

“…Well then, it is regrettable for me to waste time more than this in such a place, so please excuse me.” (Rina)

As Rina said that, she appeared busy and quickly left the place.

In the eyes of Soma, who was seeing her off, the retreating figure, that didn’t even looking back, disappeared when she turned a corner.

Soma, who was left alone, scratched his head for some reason, while still maintaining his sight.

“Hmm… I have been told that, huh? However, to say ‘pointless’ without holding back…” (Soma)

He thought that today was meaningful.

And if there was a result until this point, as expected, this matter also had a meaning.

Well, it didn’t matter if it had a meaning, but the other person had already disappeared long ago.

“I wonder if the timing is bad…” (Soma)

Soma shrugged his shoulders while thinking about the sister who was clinging to him and calling ‘Nii-sama, Nii-sama’.



“Hmm… I am hated without knowing, right?” (Soma)

“I also can’t give any answer to that… well then, what are you going to do?” (Camilla)

During the spare time during lesson hours, Camilla was shrugging her shoulders while saying so when Soma told her about what happened in the morning.

To tell the truth, there was no other way for her to tell him.

Soma’s sister. Rina, had also met Camilla several times, but their relationship was not close. Moreover, Camilla hadn’t been able to meet her for over a year now.

There was no way for her to understand why Rina thought like that about Soma.

However, it was possible to guess to a certain extent.

“As for me, I am curious about what happen before that.” (Camilla)

“Yeah? You mean with Aina?” (Soma)

“Yeah. You were saying that she couldn’t use magic and you saw something unusual. And when you slashed her, it went through her without changing.” (Camilla)

“Hmm… is it about that?” (Soma)

“No, I already know that much. Anyway, even your sister, who you came across for the first time in a year, also said that you were idling around. It seems that can be something to be said to you.” (Camilla)

“Hmm, I’m not sure what you understand about it, but the fact that I am free is the truth. Hence, she was correct to say such a thing, right?” (Soma)

“Haa? No, I don’t mean that. Anyhow, if you are considered free, then the whole country will be full of lazy people, you know?” (Camilla)

“Really?” (Soma)

It would be an exaggeration to say so. While saying that, Camilla let out a sight when looking at Soma, who looked through a book in his hand.

Not only higher education, he was looking at the results of research carried out at a research institution. Besides, he expressed accurate opinions about it, so he had no free time to waste.

In a certain sense, it would only be possible if a person had free time, but she didn’t know a world that had free time.

That was if there was no meaning.

“…Well, in a sense, it is not like I don’t understand why that girl felt like not saying anything.” (Camilla)

Anyhow, Rina had to study because she was the heir of a Duke household.

Given the age, it was obviously too much. So, he wondered if she worked herself way too hard.

In such a situation, it was unreasonable for him to ask her to go out awhile and to change the mood.

It was just that she was only venting anger.

In the first place, Rina probably wanted to do that.

Well, this was something that Camilla didn’t tell Soma. Immediately after Soma was judged incompetent, Camilla also did a Skill Appraisal on Rina.

If Rina was also judged incompetent, the household would have to think about it afterwards. It was a natural judgment, in a sense, but… the result could be said that it brought unhappiness.

As for Rina, rather than incompetent, she was capable.

In fact, she was exceptional.

That was why, Rina had decided.

It was because she understood that even though she replaced her brother, everything would go well.

And the benefits were surely pouring on Soma.

For example, there was no mistake that thanks to the situation, Soma was able to freely go out now.

Soma was currently treated almost like a non-existence in this mansion, except by Camilla. Hence, he wouldn’t be scolded if he did so.

Although it seemed to be a harsh treatment at first glance, there was nothing to restrict Soma.

As for other people, they might think that he was badly dealt with, but at least Soma didn’t think so.

Perhaps because Sophia knew what would happen, she had to make such a decision.

Well, it was certainly thanks to Rina that Soma was living the way he was now.

Anyway, Soma should know about the surrounding situation, or maybe… he already predicted it.

And that was why he was concerned about Rina.

And if she was Rina of those days, she would probably accept his offer obediently.

However, that didn’t happen because there was a change of heart in a year… no, maybe it was caused by the situation.

When it came to the studies as an heir of a Duke household, it was slightly different from what Soma had done before.

That was because Sofia didn’t dare to teach even a part of it, but… for that reason, the number of tutors teaching Rina was a little more than the time with Soma.

Although they were humans who taught her how to be a good ruler… Camilla heard a rumor that one of them wasn’t a good type of person.

It was a rumor about a person who felt pleasure when teaching people.

Moreover, in order to achieve that, that person was holding others from achieving success.

No, to be more precise, by depriving others, he would think that his position relatively increased, and he learned the pleasure because of that.

It went without saying that Camilla hated this type.

And to make matters worse, this mansion now had a targeted person who was to be scorned by him.

Needless to say, it was Soma.

Although Camilla and that person were not acquainted, even with the fact that Soma was supposed to be out of the public view now, it couldn’t be completely hidden.

Moreover, the position of a tutor was far better than a servant working in the mansion.

If the servants were asked to provide information, they would not refuse.

And the outcome of the story was… probably as what she imagined.

It was a wholly detestable story.

In other words, she didn’t want to think what kind of influence had been given to Rina, who would keep hearing such a story.

Rina was intelligent and even precocious for her age, but she was still a child.

Because it was easy to be affected by the surrounding people.

By understanding that type, Sofia had carefully selected tutors as much as possible, but even so, not everything she wanted came true.

And if there was no concrete effect, such as him giving an adverse effect, she still couldn’t rule him out.

To be honest, in this Duke household, there was no one who could teach in the field that he taught.

And it wasn’t easy to teach his specialization.

On the contrary, that person would be absolutely removed if there was something concrete. At the moment, there wasn’t much impact yet, but… well.

There seemed to be some cracks in the brother-sister relationship, but it wasn’t supposed to be known by the public.


“There are so many things going on, but I just can’t keep it up with it…” (Camilla)

While thinking about such things, Camilla let out a small murmur to Soma, who continued to read books.

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