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Private Tutor Acknowledges Defeat

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— To put it simply…

It was different from what she had anticipated.

However, in a sense, this might be a matter of course.

Who could have anticipated that she would unexpectedly be looking at the sky?

“Uhh… Sensei, are you trying to cut corners? In the beginning, you said that this was an easy match, but it wasn’t easy at all.” (Soma)

She turned her eyes towards the voice full of dissatisfaction, and what was there was a face with a similar expression.

With his lips looking slightly displeased, Soma was overlooking her.

However, what really surprised Camilla was he didn’t say it like an insult to her, and she also couldn’t feel that he was proud of it.

In other words, Soma was telling his true feelings.

But, to say that she was cutting corners, that was an impossible talk.

This was a story between an adult and a child.

There was a choice not to cut corners, but she also couldn’t think of that.

Be that as it may, this was the result — an unsightly figure lying on the ground was displayed.

So, Camilla acknowledged defeat… as she got up while smiling.

“Haha, no, sorry… But, Soma, you are moving your body after such a long time, and your muscle pain has not healed yet, right?” (Camilla)

“Hmm, that is certainly true, but… even so, I don’t feel it, after all.” (Soma)

“Is that so…? My bad.” (Camilla)

The words spoken just now wasn’t a lie.

She thought that was the truth, and, furthermore, the cause of her cutting corners was also the truth.

But to have this much leeway — no, what she wanted to say was this was a mere display of his determination.

“Well, shall I give you a proper match this time?” (Camilla)

“Hmm, alright.” (Soma)

As he said that, Soma openly prepared himself like earlier. It felt pleasant when looking at him.

But now it was different.

Throwing away the unnecessary thoughts, she was looking at him with full attention.

She realized that it was necessary.

In the first place, this situation happened because Camilla and Soma were having a match, and she took it easy.

She knew that Soma’s daily routine was practice-swinging. In addition, she proposed a match because she felt that his muscles were somewhat good.

To be honest, she intended to go easy on him… but when she went easy… everything of hers, like specialized weapon, constitution, and skills, were overturned with unexpected differences.

First, there was a clear difference in terms of specialized weapons.

What Camilla had was an ax that was beyond her body height.

Well, Camilla’s height was short to begin with, but even with that fact, the size of the ax was reasonable.

Moreover, even though it didn’t have a crushing blade, it was still a tool that could easily kill people.

And what Soma had was a stick that could be picked anywhere around the area.

There was no need to think that far about the result of the collision between an ax and a stick.

In terms of physique and skills, Soma had none, but Camilla had an Advanced rank of Axemanship.

Rather than an adult and a child, even the comparison of an ant and elephant was still too much.

With an Advanced rank, the only area that she couldn’t reach was an area which was a step beyond Advanced rank and it was commonly known as genius.

In an institute where people with various talents gathered, even when it was at the highest peak, there was no genius, not even one person in years.

It was a level beyond reach.

For this reason, it was natural for Camilla to cut corners.

And when she really went easy on him — that was the result.

Camilla wasn’t arrogant enough to think of it as a coincidence.

But she was also proud of her skills at the same time.

As a person with Advanced rank skills, she couldn’t afford to lose next time.

It didn’t matter if he was a child, or with a stick, or having muscle pain, or the body was dull, or had no skill…

Forget about that. It could be seen that she was assuming that Soma was a swordsman equal to or better than her.


This blow was a serious one. It was a blow that she didn’t mind if it killed someone.

— Advanced Rank Axemanship – All Martial Arts – Superhuman Strength – Mind’s Eye: Full Swing. (The name in raw is 斧術上級・武芸百般・怪力乱神・心眼:フルスイング, any better name?)

“—Ei.” (Camilla)

What she immediately felt afterwards was a dull response.

It was transmitted through her hands, that she knocked something — so, he was flying from that spot.

“—Ugh.” (Camilla)

Together with a leaked voice, Camilla saw that the space, where he was staying, was scattered.

However, she already landed half a step back at that time and in her hands, she recovered the ax that was pulled out from the knocked ground.

— Advanced Rank Axemanship – All Martial Arts – Superhuman Strength – Mind’s Eye: Full Swing.

She stepped in without taking a breather, and a high-pitched sound reverberated.

“Haa—!” (Camilla)

“—Phew.” (Soma)

A wooden stick and a steel ax hit each other, but why did it made that kind of sound? Such a question remained in her head awhile, but she ignored it while continuing her slash.

If this was talked about in the first place, she was wrapped with doubts as the first blow was normally knocked down to the ground, and she wouldn’t get an extra margin since the beginning.

She only thought of making the best moves, made attempts, but the only sound spreading around was the sound of the slashing attack.

— Advanced Rank Axemanship – All Martial Arts – Superhuman Strength – War Cry – Wild Dance: Great Slicing (TLN: The name in raw is ―― 斧術上級・武芸百般・怪力乱神・ウォークライ・乱舞:大切断)

One time, three times, eight times… even twenty times, there wasn’t even a thought to stop her actions.

Her arms were swung even before thinking… it was as if she was objectively looking at the situation.

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In this way, although it was imperfect, she could keep striking because of the difference in reach.

It was that simple.

Arm length, foot length, weapon length.

Camilla had advantages in all of those.

Camilla could reach to a place where Soma couldn’t reach. If Soma needed three steps, Camilla only needed one.

It wasn’t a talk about being a coward, but that was just a fact. And then…

Although there was such a fact, there was another fact that they were on par when looking at a glimpse.

But for that situation to last for who knows how long, it was ridiculous.

Because Camilla’s instinct and reasoning altogether said so.

The sword techniques by the boy in front of her were equal to her own.

No, on the contrary, his techniques were gradually getting better than hers.

They got faster and more accurate.

Her hands were obviously starting to get delayed.

She couldn’t afford to think about the meaning.

Even with the several advantageous points she had, he exceeded her with one aspect to another.

If they were both par in all aspects… No, even if he had one of them…

“Yeah…!” (Soma)

“…!?” (Camilla)

And while saying that, that one aspect was quickly crushed.

What Soma did was simple.

He moved two times faster than Camilla.

However, the reach for feet disappeared, and that alone was good enough.

“Got you…!” (Soma)

“Ugh…!” (Camilla)

Her actions were delayed only by half a step.

She undauntedly swung her arms, but, it was obviously too late—

“—Aah.” (Soma)

At that moment, the stick slipped out of Soma’s hand.

Soma’s eyes dumbfoundedly followed the stick’s whereabouts… however, the same goes for his opponent.

In the first place, she wouldn’t make it in time, either slicing, eluding, or stopping the blow.

She was preparing for any kind of development, but… she didn’t make an assumption that nothing would happen.

As Soma unsightly swung and missed, he couldn’t completely kill the momentum, and he fell down as it was.

And what lied ahead of Soma was…

“—Mugyuuu.” (Soma)

“Guhe—” (Camilla)

It was a voice that shouldn’t be leaked out from young girls, but was still leaked out. But since nobody was in this place except a child, she was safe.

While thinking about that nonsense, Camilla turned to where Soma had fallen.

“You…” (Camilla)

“No, that was very rude of me… I am ashamed.” (Soma)

“Although the movement of your arm unnaturally stopped just before, was that because of muscle pain?” (Camilla)

“Hmm, well, it is something similar. There is no difference in being distracted.” (Soma)

“This is absurd when you’re not even healed yet… Well, I guess I wasn’t obliged to say what I was saying.” (Camilla)

Despite saying such a thing, Camilla quietly let out a breath of relief.

If Soma didn’t fail to do that just now, there was no mistake that Camilla would receive the blow.

That was too miserable in many ways.

As for Camilla herself, she also acknowledged her defeat.

Nevertheless, as a private tutor and as a person with an Advanced rank in Axemanship above all else, she went all-out and still lost to one who had no skills. But of course, she couldn’t afford to display such an appearance.

“Hmmm… anyway, my body is finally warmed up.” (Soma)

“Is that so? That’s good, but… I’m not going to do this again.” (Camilla)

“Why is that…!?” (Soma)

“Didn’t you say that this was to change the mood? And we should head back soon.” (Camilla)

That was more or less the truth.

Well, to put it simply, she was trying to quit while Soma was ahead.

“Hmm, you’re mean because you want to quit, but if it is because of the job, it can’t be helped then…” (Soma)

“I’m sorry.” (Camilla)

Soma was clearly dissatisfied. Speaking of Camilla’s job now, she couldn’t say anything because he knew what her job was.

Actually, the reason why Camilla felt that it was necessary to have a change of mood was because she was Soma’s private tutor.

“…I’ll definitely win next time.” (Soma)

“Well, if there is an opportunity.” (Camilla)

Despite saying that, Camilla didn’t plan to offer that opportunity.

Because there was no need to understand the reason why she lost.

She was fine if anyone said that she hadn’t matured.

Camilla didn’t plan to show that unsightly appearance to her students.

Even if Camilla was a bit younger, she probably wouldn’t understand it.

Why she lost, and she would probably train some more.

But the present Camilla didn’t intend to do that.

More than anything… she understood the extent of her limitations.

According to Sofia, even if he was her favorite, he couldn’t do anything at all. Since the boy confirmed her thoughts, she would teach him various things, rather than doing nothing.

“…For me to think of such a thing, I guess that I am getting older.” (Camilla)

“Did you say something?” (Soma)

“I’m just talking to myself, don’t worry about it.” (Camilla)

“Is that so? Anyway, I would like you to get off of me. You’re heavy.” (Soma)

“Aah? Somehow, doesn’t it seem necessary to teach you how to treat woman first?” (Camilla)

“You’re heavy! I’m going to be crushed!” (Soma)

“I am not that heavy!” (Camilla)

While saying such a thing, her mouth made a slight smile.

She wasn’t motivated until now.

However, no matter how it should be said, it was a feeling of indebtedness.

It was close to an obligation. Although it was hard to compare in terms of characteristics… it didn’t really matter.

While thinking so, Camilla made an even bigger smile.

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