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Ex Strongest, Liberated from Muscle Pain

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“I am revived!” (Soma)

Soma, who let out such words, stood up on the bed.

Counting from that day, it truly was seven days.

A week passed, and he was finally liberated from the muscle pain.

Well, strictly speaking, the pain still continued, but it wasn’t at the degree which made him unable to move.

Since that was the case, it was alright to say that he was liberated.

In fact, Soma planned to start moving today, so there would be no problems.

“Well…” (Soma)

Nonetheless, rather than saying he could move, someone would probably ask about what Soma could do now.

There was nothing else Soma could do because he had already read the available books that could be viewed in this mansion.

As for that someone, it couldn’t be helped because there was only one person who was qualified to ask him. However, when considering that the morning sun was still rising, the time for the lesson was still ahead.


“For the time being, before the time for the lesson, I wonder if I should do the daily routine.” (Soma)

Given that he was bedridden for a week, he had grown considerably dull, so it would be just right to confirm his present condition.

As Soma said so, he quietly left his own room.

The morning sun light was out and Camilla was walking alone.

The place was the backyard. It was a place where people rarely went by, but she wasn’t doing anything in particular.

She was trying to change her mood because she had finished with her training.

Camilla’s main occupation was a Skill Appraiser. She had the job because she possessed a very rare skill called Skill Appraisal.

Because it was very useful, those who possessed it were forced to be Skill Appraisers by the country.

Well, there was no such thing as complaints about the treatment, so even if they could refuse, there were none who refused.

As for Camilla, she had her reasons, but… anyway, Camilla was originally from a melee faction.

She also learned ax skills and others. Speaking of spending her leisure time, she frequently moved her body leaning to the melee skills.

It was like that when it came to training.

And, to change the mood that Camilla was currently in was caused by another job—

“…Oh?” (Soma)

“…Haa?” (Camilla)

At the moment Camilla stepped into the forest, as it was, she suddenly encountered a figure of a person, and she unintentionally let out a surprised voice.

As mentioned earlier, these places were places where people rarely came by, and even though she herself was surprised… more importantly, that person should not be in this place.

“Oh, it’s you, Sensei. What a coincidence.” (Soma)

“…No, although it is certainly unexpected… why are you here?” (Camilla)

Strange words were coming from a body that was a head-sized smaller than her own.

There was also no mistake that she was seeing him now.

It could also be said that another reason why she was suffering from conflicting feelings was Soma.

“Whatever it is, this is my daily routine, you know? Well, it’s been a while for me to be here because I was bedridden last week.” (Soma)

“Daily routine you say… Could it be that you have been here before? I heard that Sofia told you not to come here…” (Camilla)

“Hmmm, she certainly told me that. Well, I don’t remember nodding, and it doesn’t matter to me, anyway.” (Soma)

“You…” (Camilla)

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That was a frivolous answer, but it was strange when she was obviously told that kind of answer.

Of course, there was no such thing, and it was Sofia’s role to say this much to him.

Did this concern Camilla? Maybe it did?

At present, the one who carried the duty of telling Soma about such things was only Camilla.

“…Hmm, there’s nothing wrong in particular, you know? I’m not saying this is not a dangerous place.” (Soma)

Camilla was occasionally making rounds for her training, but no monster had been found in the last few years.

It wasn’t necessary for her to worry about it.

In the first place, there was no safe place in this world.

Sofia seemed to prohibit him from going out because of various reasons—

“Come to think of it, I did tell you not to come here before, right?” (Camilla)

“Hmm, you certainly said so, but—” (Soma)

“And you didn’t nod, was it? Goodness… it looks like you are more of a problematic child than I have heard.” (Camilla)

However, Camilla didn’t intend to say too much.

Camilla had her own considerations, and the same could be said to Sofia.

And since everything was thrown to Camilla at present, it was possible to inform him about her thoughts.

While thinking so, Camilla just shrugged her shoulders.

She didn’t care about such trivial things because it was tiresome.

“Anyway, I don’t think the people in the mansion are as careless as me, but… how did you come out?” (Camilla)

“I’m just hiding like normal?” (Soma)

“The guards are certainly not that strict, but…” (Camilla)

Even a 6-year-old child was hiding normally, it shouldn’t be loose enough for him to be able to go out.

It seemed that it was necessary to rethink her evaluation of Soma.

“Anyway, since I found you, will you tell me anything?” (Camilla)

“Well, you are my Sensei. Besides… if it is Sensei, I won’t get in trouble if I tell you, right?” (Camilla)

“…Well, certainly.” (Camilla)

That was the way it was.

However, while Camilla knew little about Soma, Soma also knew little about Camilla.

At least, to the point that any conclusion couldn’t be easily made.

Camilla was thinking whether she would judge the boy’s shallow wit, but no, she refused to do so.

Without a doubt, she had some kind of basis.

Although he was a child, she understood to a certain extent when she looked at his eyes.

Apparently, it really did seem necessary to reevaluate him.

“By the way, I am planning to do a bit of training right now… will you also come with me?” (Camilla)

The reason Camilla invited Soma to do so was because she thought that she wanted to observe him, but her eyes stopped at the stick held in Soma’s right hand.

She noticed by instinct and experience that he wasn’t playing with it.

Perhaps, she would think so if it was a while ago, but… the present Camilla wouldn’t make such a mistake.

“Hmm… Will that be alright?” (Soma)

“Well, I am also interested in your daily routine.” (Camilla)

Camilla lifted the edge of her mouth a little without hesitation due to Soma’s reply.

The words she said just now were real.

Every time they exchanged words, this boy stimulated Camilla’s curiosity.

Was she having an illusion where the boy showed omnipotent characteristics… or was it something different?

While various things were overlapping, she was starting to regret taking the job as a private tutor, but… it seemed to be getting fun beyond what she had thought.

As Camilla thought so… and about thirty minutes later…

Camilla was staring out, looking up at the blue sky.

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  1. Deamonzean

    She feels like her life’s a lie I’m guessing as she is surprised at the amount of skill he has with a sword even though he did not have the skill

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  2. Satan-kun

    Mr. Baya, how could you translate 5500+ words (World teacher) and 1200 words(Swordsman) in a week? i’m still doing my job in translating company regulations right now (from indonesian to english) with 4900 words for around 3 days and it is not yet complete -_-, are you amazingly fluent in japanese? or using another method?


    1. bayabusco Post author

      When I translate I use two websites, google translate and jisho. However, I separate the sentences to multiple phrases to get understanding on what the author is trying to say.

      By combining my lame capability of English grammar (yes, I’m still learning together with my students, because they are writing thesis) and the experience of seeing multiple patterns of Japanese sentence structures, it become easier to translate.

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      2. bayabusco Post author

        I wouldn’t say anyone. You need to have at least know how to read and write basic writings. Plus, you need to learn Japanese grammar a bit. If not, it’s difficult to understand.

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      Well, indonesian language a bit harder to learn than japanese, because in indonesian, it has a few word that have same mean like others in english, like = loe/lu, gue, kampret, terciduk, etc. well, or some of them has same mean to other word. gue has same mean to aku/saya in english (me), loe/lu has same mean to kamu/kau/anda in english (you). Those all just a change form from old verb that happen because the children these day in indonesia become more and more want to follow the trend that even cause the friendship change to, if you have to describe it in japanese form, they more and more likely become yankee. I know about it all because i am a indonesian too, but i didn’t follow the trend so i didn’t become like that, i am just a ordinary student from ordinary school that the most of it student didn’t follow trend

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    1. bayabusco Post author

      The repetitive words like ‘that was it’ and others were not as much as before, but yes, I cut it. It is always at the end of the sentence, as if the author wants the readers to understand how much s/he emphasized the points.

      I actually added words because s/he used too much pronouns. Since I myself also can get lost of what s/he tried to say, instead of using pronouns, I use noun.

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    Well, Camilia is probably wondering about the meaning of life at the moment, do not disturb.
    Thanks for the chapter!


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