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A Complete Opposite People

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The next day, after finishing with necessary shopping, we took Albert and Marina and left the post town.

And, in order to avoid wasting even a little bit of time, we made a base at the foot of the mountain where Guirdjieff lived.

Even if I said that it was a base, it was easy to build a simple hut with some cloth and boards we bought in town that centered around our carriage, and it was also easy to separate between men and women.

“Sorry, I think that it will be hard for everyone for a while.” (Sirius)

“If I can be by Sirius-sama’s side, I will not think too much about the hardship.” (Emilia)

“I am like Nee-chan. I don’t have any problems if I can be with Aniki.” (Reus)

“For us, this carriage is like a house, isn’t it?” (Reese)

“To begin with, it is too luxurious. If we are complaining, we are no different than foolish nobles.” (Fia)

Well, there was a beautiful river flowing slightly away from this place, and our carriage had a kitchen and bath as well.

There was Hokuto watching the surroundings, so the facilities here were far better than a poor inn.

By the way, the siblings who saw Hokuto for the first time, although it wasn’t as much as the siblings in the house, they recognized Hokuto as a higher rank existence by showing respect and used honorifics. To put it simply, maybe the term ‘Boss’ was better to be used?

“Rather than us, Sirius-sama’s side is more of a concern, is it? Were you looking forward to going to Parade?” (Emilia)

“Well, I won’t deny that I was looking forward to it. It is true that I am concerned about unknown ingredients, but the town won’t run away. When everything is over, I am thinking about having the siblings show us around the town.” (Sirius)

“Hehe, that’s alright. They probably know a lot since it is their hometown.” (Emilia)

Since my disciples agreed, I could train Albert without worrying about it.



And the remaining half-month until the deadline mentioned by Albert…

After the base was ready, a full-scale training session began.

“I understand Albert’s ability, since I fought him the other day, so now, I want to know your stamina limit. From now on, you will run until you collapse.” (Sirius)

“Please treat me well, Shishou.” (Albert)

I mentioned about becoming my disciple earlier, and since then, Albert started to call me Shishou.

Maybe because Reus fought him the other day, he cheerfully patted Albert’s shoulder, who was worried about a lot of things.

“Oioi, it’s not good to be timid. We are going to collapse anyway, so let’s go with an eager feeling of collapsing later!” (Reus)

“…Aah, sure. I can’t become stronger if I am afraid.” (Albert)

“Just as you said. Well, I’m going first!” (Reus)

With such an exchange of words, Albert also started running while smiling at Reus, who headed out earlier.

Anyhow, I was going to run after those two, but I also saw the appearance of Marina, who was anxiously looking at her brother from a distance.

“Aniue…” (Marina)

“That’s not good, Marina. It is something your brother has decided by himself, so we should watch quietly.” (Emilia)

“But, Aniue fainted at that time, so if he somehow fainted…” (Marina)

“Is that so? We are used to it when looking at Reus, but you are worried when watching from the side, right?” (Emilia)

“However, that is necessary to become stronger. Besides, Sirius well understands the limits of people, so it’s not necessary to worry, unless Albert’s determination breaks. Believing and waiting are the secrets of a good woman, you know.” (Fia)

Even though the ladies in the house had experienced my training, they understood me, but for those who didn’t know, it seemed like torture. Thus, it couldn’t be helped if Marina became worried.

As Emilia persuaded Marina with a smile, she calmed down a bit.

“More importantly, since the brother is trying really hard, is Marina only going to look?” (Fia)

“Anyhow, why don’t you also get stronger and surprise your brother? Why don’t you practice magic with us?” (Emilia)

“…Oh yes. I am not someone who will stay watching.” (Marina)

“Let’s start with Marina’s aptitude attribute, alright?” (Emilia)

“Uhmm, my aptitude is Fire attribute…” (Marina)

I was concerned because I was concentrating on Albert and Reus at the moment, but if it was like that, it wouldn’t be a problem.

After waving my hands to Emilia, who nodded and left everything to her, I went after those two, who ran ahead.

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After several hours…

“Gahuu!?” (Albert)

“Aniue…” (Marina)

After only running at the foot of the mountain, with the occasional repeat of full-power running, when we finally came back to the base, Albert collapsed at the same time.

As soon as Marina came over, Reese came in earlier and started to check Albert’s condition.

“Reese-san, Aniue is…” (Marina)

“Yes, please be quiet, alright. Injury… none. Breathing… rough, but within acceptable tolerance. And the body water…” (Reese)

“Reese, here’s the water.” (Emilia)

“Thank you. Albert-kun, can you drink this?” (Reese)

“Haa…haa… I-I’m fine…” (Albert)

“You don’t have to force yourself to speak. Sirius-san, how about your side?” (Reese)

“…He’s fine. There is no sequelae.” (Sirius)

I touched Albert and verified with [Scan], but I couldn’t confirm any conspicuous sequelae. He had a degree of fatigue just right beyond the limits.

Emilia didn’t bring any cold water. She brought a warm one, so if he rested awhile, there would be no problem.

Marina was staring at me with cold eyes because of what I did to her brother, but while looking at us who skillfully treated him, she noticed that she couldn’t do anything, so she stayed quiet.

From there, when Emilia and Reese separated from Albert after they had confirmed that nothing was wrong with him, Reus, who went for a long-distance run alone, came back, and he bitterly smiled at the fallen Albert.

“Didn’t I tell you not to match up with me? Are you alright, Al?” (Reus)

“Haha… Certainly… It was a mistake. I do understand now… the reason why Reus is strong.” (Albert)

“Wa-wait a second! Unlike you, this is the first time for Aniue. Don’t incite Aniue!” (Marina)

“It doesn’t change the fact that he collapsed. Phew…” (Reus)

“It is because you are used to it—… Eh!?” (Marina)

Since I told Reus to properly rest during resting time, he removed the weights off his arms and feet.

Marina was about to hit Reus with anger, but her words were held back when she saw that the weights that were removed by Reus were sinking into the ground.

“Yeah, what is it?” (Reus)

“…What is that?” (Marina)

“They’re weights. After all, Aniki also wears them, you know?” (Reus)

“I am not using them as much as Reus though. Depending on the situation, I plan for Albert to use them.” (Sirius)

I wasn’t sure if he could reach until that level within the remaining half-month, but personally, I felt like he could do it.

Without having a favorable view, I thought that Albert was excellent. The basic stamina was insufficient, but the ability that could surely aim the opponent’s weapon was brilliant. More importantly, I judged that his determination was close to Reus’, so he could be considerably trained.

And the moment her lips were tied, Marina rushed in and got closer to Albert, who was hydrating.

“Aniue, let’s not to do any more than this! Aren’t you already messed up!?” (Marina)

“Sorry for the trouble. No matter how much you ask, I can’t do that. I am the one who wants to train, so I can’t give up so easily.” (Albert)

“But, if you keep doing it, you will definitely die!” (Marina)

“Don’t worry, I will not die until I marry her. Besides, I also noticed. I was really slacking until now. I was surely taught by myself.” (Albert)

“It’s enough if you understand that. The training will also start from noon, so Al, make sure you take a good rest.” (Reus)

“…Ah, either way I can’t move at all.” (Albert)

As I entrusted Marina and Reus to take care of Albert, I spoke to the ladies, who were cooking in the kitchen.

“How’s the lunch preparation?” (Sirius)

“It’s finished. Shall we eat soon?” (Emilia)

“We are fine, but Albert needs a little bit more rest. I’m going to look at him. I leave the preparation to you guys.” (Sirius)

“Leave it to me!” (Emilia)

Since I thought that Albert couldn’t eat anything for now, I would rest while applying regenerative activity to him to the extent that he could eat meals.

So, when I touched Albert’s back while applying regenerative activity, Reus, who was resting besides us, was looking at Marina, who stood near by, and tilted his head.

“Say, what are you doing, Marina? If it is about Al, he’s fine. Why don’t you help Nee-chans?” (Reus)

“Wha!? I-I am worried about Aniue…” (Marina)

“I am happy that you are worried, but I’m fine, you know. More importantly, please go over there, and help them with something.” (Albert)

“…Understood.” (Marina)

Although Marina unwillingly left us, her eyes were shining when she looked at the dishes for the first time while helping Emilia and others prepare lunch.

“Hamburger? Just by squashing the meat and reshaping it all at once, it will change so much. Besides, this soup takes too much time to prepare even though no ingredients were put inside.” (Marina)

“That is Albert’s meal.” (Emilia)

“Th-this is Aniue’s meal?” (Marina)

“He is tired and he can’t eat well. But even with these, it goes well inside the stomach. Why don’t you have a little taste?” (Fia)

I remembered that the ladies took the trouble to prepare it. And then, when Marina drank the soup that Fia handed over, she opened her eyes wide because the taste was different from it’s looks.

“It has a thin flavor… but, what is this? It’s really gentle.” (Marina)

“I know, right? During my time, Sirius made it for me, and he really helped me a lot.” (Fia)

“However, we are still not good enough. Although we learned how to make it from Sirius-sama, somehow the taste is different.” (Emilia)

“I wonder if it is because of the difference in experience? Maybe because of the delicate cooking time or a secret on how to pick up the lye<sup)(1).” (Fia)

“This is from Sirius-san?” (Marina)

“Of course.  He is our Master, after all!” (Emilia)

“Woof!” (Hokuto)

Emilia and Hokuto, who just came back from the mountain, were sticking out their chests as if they were completely talking about themselves.

By the way, Hokuto was asked to procure the food supply instead of us. He showed how all-purpose he was by not only getting monster meat, but also edible wild vegetables.

And then, when lunchtime came, Albert, who couldn’t move because of fatigue, seemed to suffer even by drinking soup.

At that moment, it might be time for pro-attendant, Emilia, but…

“Are you alright, Aniue?” (Marina)

“You need to eat properly, you know? If not, you can’t handle the training in the afternoon.” (Reus)

Since Marina and Reus were taking care of him, there was no need for Emilia then.

“Haha… I’m ashamed. How many times have I shown a miserable appearance?” (Albert)

“Anyone will become like you if they become Aniki’s disciple. Come, give me the spoon. I will feed you.” (Reus)

“Wha!? You, shut up. I will take care of Aniue!” (Marina)

“There is no problem if anyone is doing it, right?” (Reus)

“I’m sorry, but I will only accept your feelings. I want to avoid things like making her jealous as much as possible.” (Albert)

It was a weird conversation, but Albert’s behavior towards a steady man was well understood.

Well, even when he received nursing from Reese, she didn’t make any tremors, but would she come to this point if she did nothing?

“But, that is difficult. If you stay like this, I will not feel confident about you moving from noon.” (Reus)

“You don’t have to worry. The reason is, well… if I say that it is because of personal experience, will you understand that?” (Albert)

“I think that it will be severe, but eat as much as you can. Once you finish eating, go take a nap.” (Reus)

““Nap?”” (Albert/Marina)

The scene where the siblings tilted their heads altogether was similar to the siblings in the house in the past.

While laughing inside, the calm and cheerful lunch was finished. There was no need to say that the remaining soup was happily given to Reus and Reese.



After meal… I tried to touch Albert, who immediately fell asleep due to fatigue, but Marina was cautiously staring at me.

“If you do strange things to Aniue… I will not forgive you.” (Marina)

“If you are worried, you may come and see. Look, I’m only touching.” (Sirius)

I somehow managed to put my hand on his shoulder. I applied regenerative activity with a bitter smile to increase Albert’s resilience.

I thought that it would be enough even with just an hour, so after recovering, the body would be fully tormented again, and the repetition would be done in the same way again.

Thanks to that, he would gain double or triple efficiency with that a typical training, so he should be able to get sufficient results in half a month. The problem was the perseverance would normally break his heart midway, but if it was Albert, I thought that he would fine.

Reus lied down next to me while taking a rest, but Marina didn’t get away from Albert.

“Say, isn’t Al just tired and sleeping? Why are you so worried?” (Reus)

“…It doesn’t concern you.” (Marina)

“Yes, it doesn’t, but you are like how I was in the past, and I don’t like it. You worry too much…” (Reus)

Perhaps, Reus wanted to say that she relied too much on her brother.

Just like how he relied on his sister, Emilia, in the past.

“I’m not doing the same thing as you.” (Marina)

“No, in the past, I was also like Marina. I couldn’t stand it unless I was by Nee-chan’s side. But, now it’s different. Try to see it.” (Reus)

“Sirius-sama. Please have this.” (Emilia)

At that time, Emilia, who sat on the other side of Reus, offered fruit cut into bite-sized pieces with a full smile.

“Nee-chan. Give it to me too.” (Reus)

“Since you are here, eat it yourself.” (Emilia)

“Wha!?” (Reus)

“…I’m sorry. I don’t really get it.” (Marina)

“I used to throw a tantrum until I got the fruit in the past; but now, I think that I am doing better because I am happy if Nee-chan is happy. Anyhow, Marina is too worried.” (Reus)

“I know that I am worrying too much, but it’s just that… I wish for Aniue’s happiness.” (Marina)

Marina, who got hit with the bullseye, quietly looked at her brother’s calm, sleeping face while laughing at herself.

“I was able to live because Aniue always protected me. That is why, I would do anything for Aniue’s sake.” (Marina)

“Is that what Al wants?” (Reus)

“It doesn’t matter if he wants it. If Aniue wants to marry that person, I will fully support him.” (Marina)

“If that’s the case, don’t stop your brother. Right now, he needs to be stronger.” (Reus)

“Isn’t it pointless if he dies because of this!? There are times when Aniue collapses, unless I protect him.” (Marina)

Somehow she depended on her brother more than I expected.

She was protected since she was a child. In a sense, that might be natural.

If this was true, Albert also needed to listen to her, and he probably should talk to her, but… now I couldn’t deeply butt in.

“It is something like that, huh? But, Al is not the only one, Marina also needs to be stronger.” (Reus)

“Unfortunately, I am confident with Fire magic. Because I will burn you before long.” (Marina)

“That’s not it. That’s why—… No, I want you to stop since you are saying something strange.” (Reus)

Reus was about to slip his mouth, but he seemed to endure.

Although it might be good to talk about this in particular, but now I thought that I would praise Reus, whose mouth was closed.

“What is it!? Don’t pull out after talking this much.” (Marina)

“Hey! Albert might wake up.” (Sirius)

“Aah!” (Marina)

“Uhh… Pamela…” (Albert)

A reaction coming from Albert was seen because of her loud voice, but it seemed that he didn’t get up because he was sleep-talking.

He spoke a woman’s name in his sleep, perhaps it was his fiancée’s name.

After that, Reus and Marina stayed in a delicate atmosphere until it was time to wake Albert up.

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Together with Reus and Albert, who finished his nap, we came to an open space somewhat away from the base.

“Amazing… it is like what Shishou and Reus said. My body is light. It feels like a lie.” (Albert)

“Well then, there will be no problems with the training from noon, right?” (Sirius)

“Y-yes!” (Albert)

“From today, the training will be repeated with recovery over and over again. Anyway, you’ll get stronger by doing it a number of times, but it is over if your heart breaks. Engrave that in your heart.” (Sirius)

“Understood!” (Albert)

Albert was surprised by the body recovery with a slight nap, but the performance training would start from here. Considering the damage to the surroundings, that was the reason I left the base.

I prepared wooden swords for them, including Reus, who stood next to me.

“Oh, it’s a mock battle, right? How are we going to do this?” (Reus)

“With both of you. I will fight both of you at the same time, so come at me with all your strength.” (Sirius)

““Eh?”” (Reus/Albert)

I took a certain distance from those two, and set the wooden sword.

They were both at a loss about what to do, but when I unleashed my bloodlust, they instinctively held their swords. That was a passing mark.

“There is also other training, but every day from today on, both of you will do a mock battle with me at the same time. Of course, seriously come at me. And Albert…” (Sirius)

“Wha-what is it?” (Albert)

“Until you can land a blow on me during the mock battles, I will not allow you to challenge Guirdjieff. Even if it approaches the deadline, I will not let you enter the mountain.” (Sirius)

“Eh!? That is…” (Albert)

“You need to have the determination until that point. Besides, it’s just a single blow, and Reus is in it with you. It is not impossible, right?” (Sirius)

“In-indeed. Anyhow, even with a single blow—… Reus?” (Albert)

An expression of hope could be seen from Albert, who held his wooden sword, but Reus was focusing to the limit, while sweating.

“Albert… I won’t go easy just because I know you, alright?” (Sirius)

“Ah, aah. I understand well about being beaten hard. I will fight… seriously.” (Albert)

“You’re wrong! More seriously… fight with the intention of killing! As if you are about to challenge a large dragon!” (Reus)

“B-but, Shishou is…” (Albert)

“It’s not impossible to be killed when Aniki is going all-out! Listen up, just be prepared! Get use to his movements… and break it!” (Reus)

“U-uoooh!?” (Albert)

“Well then… I’m coming.” (Sirius)



After a couple of hours… I returned to the base and dropped the two of them, who I carried on the ground.

““Gohuu!?”” (Reus/Albert)

“Aniue!? Eh, you too!?” (Marina)

In addition to the bruises on their whole bodies, all of their stamina was squeezed out… No, they were forcibly squeezed out, so they were exhausted. They would recover after a while.

Although there was an extra person, it was a similar situation like the lunch earlier.

“Uuu…aahh… It’s not a dragon… It’s not a dragon, you know…?” (Albert)

“Dragon!? Perhaps, you were fighting Guirdjieff… Aniue!” (Marina)

“Uuh… Reese-ane…” (Reus)

“There, there. I will treat you now.” (Reese)

“As expected, it seems a bit too much for a mock battle, even with Reus.” (Emilia)

The plan was, as soon as Reese’s treatment on their bruises and outer appearance finished, I would activate the regenerative activity. Since there was still time before dinner, I would do it in order to have individual mock battles.

While the treatment proceeded and wrapped up with magical water, Emilia came next to me with a medicine box in hand.

“Is Sirius-sama injured?” (Emilia)

“Aah, I have no problem.” (Sirius)

She seemed to think that I was struggling by fighting them both at the same time, but honestly, that wasn’t so.

Actually, if those two seriously went all-out and attacked me, I guessed that I might receive a single blow. Both of them had that much skill.

But, that was the story if their coordination was good.

Even though they knew each other’s movements to a certain extent, I thought that it was impossible to suddenly cooperate and fight. In fact, their actions were falling apart.

While somewhat hesitant, Albert stayed at a certain distance and didn’t attack. He was looking for gaps as Reus normally assaulted me like how we were previously having mock battles.

Because of that, it was almost like a one-on-one situation. Therefore, the results were I defeated Albert after defeating Reus, and far from getting injuries, I was just a bit tired.

When I told everyone how the mock battle went on, Emilia and Fia had a wondering look.

“Fighting two of them at the same time? Why are you fighting like that?” (Fia)

“That’s right. Sirius-sama is also having a hard time, but even though I pity Reus, aren’t you training Albert?” (Emilia)

“Honestly, I was interested to look how they fight together. And…” (Sirius)

Reus and Albert.

Although they seemed to get along well, their ways of fighting were exactly opposites.

Firstly, unless there was a particular reason, Reus would attack from the front. There was also the influence from the Strongest Sword, Lior-Jiisan.

I didn’t think that was bad, and I also taught him other attacks and techniques in mock battles with me, but since Reus originally had sharp kinetic vision and intuition by instinct, he had a habit of making a move by relying on it.

He had numerous tactics to press and break through by force, such as stopping an opponent’s attacks from the front by using his forged muscles.

As opposed to Albert, his physical strength was inferior, but his abilities to read ahead and making perfunctory techniques were very high.

Practically, when they demonstrated such abilities in the Fighting Festival, it was obvious that Albert lost in terms of physical strength, compared to Reus’ blow, even when he averted the blow once.

Albert was trying to become stronger in order to protect his fiancée, and he was a combatant that specialized in defense. Although he was not one of the disciples who entered a religion in some place, Albert was a suitable man to be called a Holy Knight.

Because of that, he always fixed in on receiving blows, and there were almost no voluntary assaults.

He was wondering how to attack in the mock battles earlier, so he used a strategy of waiting, rather than attacking like during the Fighting Festival.

“They should have known that it is impossible for individuals to defeat me from the mock battles earlier. In other words, they need to coordinate, observe each other and adjust their movements.” (Sirius)

Which was why I was going to conduct an individual mock battle.

In terms of attack and defense… they were missing those parts from each other, so I wanted them to observe and realize what they were missing.

I intended to speak out if there was no change after a few days, but I hoped that they would voluntarily notice it.

“The training is mainly to improve the foundation of their stamina. After that, it will be a repetition of mock battles and accumulating experience.” (Sirius)

Albert seemed to be slightly confused when he was informed of something he didn’t know. By the way, in Reus’ case, he avoided the assault by instinct and intuition.

So, I would do mock battles while changing tactics every time. Whatever happened, they had to flexibly cope with it. Hence, this could foster their judgment to make a quicker move.

Because there won’t be any problems to learn this by heart during battles.

“Ooh… that’s why.” (Albert)

“Additionally, rather than being mostly concerned about that, Albert is a friend equal to Reus… and I want you to be his partner.” (Sirius)

“Aah… Sorry about that. Because my brother is weird…” (Emilia)

“To me, Reus is like my younger brother. But, there is nothing special about this.” (Sirius)

Since Emilia was my lover, Reus would truly become my brother someday.

“Sirius-sama…” (Emilia)

“Although you have been saying this many times, you are more like a guardian than an older brother. Hey, Okaa-san. I want to eat beef stew tonight…” (Fia)

“At least call me father… and what kind of spoof is that? In fact, Fia is bolder, and it suits you.” (Sirius)

“Well then… I want to eat beef stew today. If you let me have it… I will give you service at night.” (Fia)

“Don’t be too aggressive.” (Sirius)

While Fia was being playful, crawling her fingers on my chest, I leisurely waited for them to be revived.

“Ehehe… blessed with Reus, who officially became a younger brother, and having children with Sirius-sama… aah…” (Emilia)

“Quickly get hold of yourself.” (Sirius)

“I don’t want to! Because now, I want to be blessed with children!” (Emilia)

“You’re refused!?” (Sirius)

Even today, Emilia was in her best condition.

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Next day… Albert, who collapsed due to the long runs since this morning, was recovering a little bit earlier than the last time.

So, he was given some free time until lunch, but…

“How about I attack Aniki from the front, and Al attacks from the side?” (Reus)

“No, Reus’ greatsword has a wide range, so I feel like I’m going to get entangled.” (Albert)

When I thought whether they were taking a break, they were talking about the mock battle.

I kept listening to their conversation while cooking meals, and it made me smile inside.

“Besides, I can’t keep up with Shishou’s movements at all. I want to gather experience a little bit more.” (Albert)

“But you don’t have much time, right? How about we both boldly charge from the front when attacking?” (Reus)

“Although my sword is suitable for attacking from the front—…” (Albert)

The discussion between the two continued and it gradually became heated.

Their voices gradually became rough, but they were that serious. If they were going to have a small fight, I thought that I would quietly watch them.

Marina looked anxious, maybe because it was difficult to interpose between these two, and… she was somewhat looking lonely.

“That’s why I said it is pointless to attack head-on! I should try to attack from the side at the same time!” (Albert)

“Cheap tricks like that won’t work on Aniki, you know! So, let’s just go straight from the front!” (Reus)

“Eeeiii… this won’t lead anywhere! If that’s the case, let’s just try both in the mock battles!” (Albert)

“Aah, fine! The one with the tactic that works well will get a side dish of dinner from the other!” (Reus)

Because the mock battles would be repeated many times until they collapsed, it wasn’t bad to try both tactics. Such trial and error would also be a source of encouragement.

And then, as they started to lose the thoughtfulness to each other, it made me happy because it was my ideal thought of a relationship.

“By the way, have you noticed? Aniue’s meal now is only a soup.” (Marina)

“Aah!? But, that’s fine. Today, Aniki will make it.” (Reus)

“Won’t Aniue’s portion will be less!? If you are going to take Aniue’s portion, I’ll give you mine!” (Marina)

“Really!? Thanks!” (Reus)

“Eh!? Ah… yeah. Th-that’s a promise, but Aniue will win!” (Marina)

Incidentally, not only Albert, Marina’s discretion was getting loose.

There were many unknown facts, other than being a noble, but I was really glad that I met the siblings.

This meeting was a very good stimulus for Reus. I was smiling in satisfaction while continuing to stir the ladle in a pot.

By the way, the result was…

“Both are not working. In the first place, your coordination was bad before attacking. Redo it.” (Sirius)

““…Yes”” (Reus/Albert)

The two, who had bumps on their head, had altogether fell to the ground.

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— Reus —


After finishing the mock battles, I lightly moved my body, since I recovered earlier than Al, and confirmed my condition.

“Yeah… there’s no problem.” (Reus)

There was also treatment from Aniki or Reese-ane, but maybe I got used to it too much.

If it was about swinging a sword, there was no problem, since I had already recovered.

“It’s… going to take some time for Albert, huh?” (Reus)

“Well, of course! I’ve said this many times, don’t compare Aniue to you!” (Marina)

Al won’t have his dinner until he recovered, so it seemed that it would take some time to recover.

Since I had time, I tried asking Marina, who got angry over and over again.

“Say, Marina. Your aptitude is the Fire attribute, right?” (Reus)

“…Yes.” (Marina)

“Well then, use your magic on me.” (Reus)

“Wha!?” (Marina)



“Goodness, why should I do this…?” (Marina)

Marina and I went to a place slightly away from the base.

To tell the truth, I wanted to go further ahead, but since she won’t agree if Al couldn’t be seen, we were in a place that could be seen from the base.

She listened to my request while complaining and grumbling. As expected, Marina was a good person.

“It’s fine, isn’t it? You said that you will burn me, right?” (Reus)

“Although I said that, I wasn’t really…” (Marina)

“Anyway, just do it. Do not hesitate and come at me!” (Reus)

“Aah, fine… I don’t care anymore!” (Marina)

I asked Marina to hurl Fire spells at me and I would slash them as training.

I could ask Nee-chans if it was Wind or Water attributes, and for Earth, the rocks around here would be good enough.

But since I was the only one with Fire attribute, I couldn’t gather much experience. That was why I was thankful that Marina was here.

And then, I steadily slashed the fireballs that Marina shot.

“…You are weird as always, aren’t you? Don’t you feel hot?” (Marina)

“Not really? There will be no problems if I cut them while being careful. Leaving that aside, you can do this even more!” (Reus)

“Right, I will do as you wish!” (Marina)

“Rather than wishing— ah!?” (Reus)

Although the number of fireballs increased exactly as I stated, it wasn’t good enough for me yet.

Therefore, I had no problems clearing them away, but far from cutting one of them with the sword, even my body passed through it.

I was surprised by the strange flame, and I noticed that I was deceived when a stone hit my head.

“Hmm, you were deceived, huh? Where was the self-confidence from earlier?” (Marina)

“…Could that be an ability to show illusion?” (Reus)

“That’s correct. If this was a fight, you would be finished, so reflect more…” (Marina)

“Amazing! Can you make an illusion of fire?” (Reus)

“Doing it… Uuehh!?” (Marina)

There were other fireballs too, but the heat was difficult to understand. Unless I cut it, I won’t know because it was a mass of mana.

When Marina was highly praised with the way she handled it, she was panicking while her face became reddened.

“What’s going on? Come, use some more. I will ascertain it this time!” (Reus)

“Goodness. You, what is wrong with you?!” (Marina)

“Ooh! That’s it!” (Reus)

Why did I feel that Marina was desperate? Did I say something strange again?

But Aniki and Nee-chan, who were watching in the distance, were smiling… so there was no problem, right?

Oh well, I’m going. I was curious, but now I had to focus on the fireballs.

I didn’t know why her face turned red, but I was having a lot of fun training with Marina.

(Thank you for reading at bayabuscotranslation)



(Author’s Rejected Materials – Part 1)


“Although you have been saying this many times, you are more like a guardian than an older brother. Hey, Okaa-san. I want to eat beef stew tonight…” (Fia)

“At least call me father… and what kind of spoof is that? Even though you are older than me…” (Sirius)

“What a rude thing to say as a lover!” (Fia)

“That’s effective, huh?” (Sirius)


(Author’s Rejected Materials – Part 2)

This time is about a rejected title.

[Offensive Reus, Defensive Albert](3)

This title was completely going into ‘that’ direction, so it was rejected.



Presenting Hokuto

Hokuto-kun was walking around the mountain.

The reason he was here was because he was asked to procure food for his Master.

Even if he was asked to do it alone, if his Master wanted it, he would do it.

That was Hokuto-kun’s righteousness.

Hokuto-kun, who was told to procure things that could be eaten and monster meat, walked around the mountain with a custom-made basket.

“Woof!” (Hokuto)

Since meats were everywhere, Hokuto-kun first looked around for wild vegetables.

He gathered fruits and mushrooms that he knew, and he occasionally dug the ground to find root vegetables as well.

Digging the ground with tremendous momentum, let alone potato-like crops, Hokuto-kun also found a delicious-looking monster in a clear space without trees.

It was a big rabbit monster, but according to the information from the people in town, it seemed to be a delicious meat.

After Hokuto-kun hid the basket filled with food ingredients in order for them to not be stolen, he approached to hunt that monster, but…

“…Woof?” (Hokuto)

Suddenly, a flying dragon came down from the sky and gripped the monster with its sharp claws, and brought the prey to the sky.

Although Hokuto-kun was taken for a moment, he couldn’t give up the delicious meat that his Master would make for him.

“Woof!” (Hokuto)

‘That is mine!’ As if he was saying that, Hokuto-kun made a high jump.

Hokuto-kun came close, until he was below the flying dragon in no time. It was an impossible aerial battle between Hokuto-kun and the flying dragon that could freely fly in the sky.

In fact, the flying dragon noticed that Hokuto-kun was approaching. It changed the direction of its flight and went away from Hokuto’s straight jumping trajectory.


“Woof!” (Hokuto)

Discharging howl…

Hokuto-kun spat out some mana from his mouth while loudly howling, and he changed the trajectory in the air by the reaction.

Having no idea that Hokuto-kun would come in such a way, the flying dragon was unable to cope with his charge, which was like a rocket. He caught the flying dragon while bumping its body.

The flying dragon fainted with that impact. And then, Hokuto-kun started falling with the flying dragon, but while he was on the verge of falling to the ground, he jumped by using it as a scaffold, and escaped from the impact of the fall.

Nevertheless, the flying dragon was alive, but since it was already on the verge of death, Hokuto-kun finished it off. And when he tried to confirm the rabbit earlier…

“…Woof” (Hokuto)

Whether the rabbit was swallowed or eaten, Hokuto-kun couldn’t confirm its whereabouts.

Since it couldn’t be helped, Hokuto-kun tore off the tail of the flying dragon that was relatively safe, and returned to the base.

And when dinner time arrived… it seemed that his Master and the juniors were satisfied with the dishes that were made with the meat.

By the way, Albert-kun finished eating early. Since he was tired, he returned to the carriage and was resting. However, Marina-chan didn’t follow him.

“This meat was delicious! Hokuto-san, what kind of meat is that?” (Marina)

“Woof!” (Hokuto)

“…A big flying dragon with a horn on its head? Say, Aniki. The one that Al should kill is…” (Reus)

“Dang! Shut up!” (Sirius)

Ignorance is bliss.

For the sake of his Master, Hokuto-kun only wanted to secure good meat, and he didn’t know about Albert-kun’s situation.

Depending on the time and situation, Hokuto-kun sometimes didn’t think much about others.

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  1. TLN: Not so sure what kind of dish is this.
  2. TLN: The name in raw is パメラ
  3. TLN: Can also be translated as ‘The Giving Reus, The Taking Albert’?

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