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The Regret of the Private Tutor

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Camilla Hennefelt let out a small sigh while looking at the smiling boy who seemed to be having fun. (TLN: The name in raw is カミラ・ヘンネフェルト)

She was thinking that maybe she had made a thoughtless promise.

She wasn’t confident that she would give a good lesson about magic in particular.

When she thought about that fact, she had intense remorse. Although her friend, Sofia, asked her, it wasn’t really a bother to become a private tutor.

And there was also another reason.

“Well, I will think about it properly, so be good and stay in bed. Don’t think any unnecessary things, alright?” (Camilla)

“Hmm… that’s what I have planned since beginning, but for the argument’s sake, I think it is impossible to do anything with this body.” (Soma)

“If you think about it normally… there is no way a common person would have muscle pain that’s this intense.” (Camillia)

“Hmm… You are certainly right.” (Soma)

That was vague. This made Camilla spew an astonished sigh at Soma, who looked like he had something to say.

The sigh had a double meaning.

And the reason of the sigh was related to the earlier sigh.

— Here’s the story from the beginning.

At present, he said to Carmilla that he had intense muscle pain, but… normally, muscle pain wouldn’t immediately happened to the body.

Especially to those who had skills in martial arts, it could be said that it was impossible to have muscle pain like that.

To put it simply, for those people, they wouldn’t get muscle pain.

As a result of suitable action, depending on the efficacy of each skill, it was impossible to overuse the body to the point that would make muscle pain happened.

In other words, the body was strengthened by the efficacy of the skill.

Possibly, she probably didn’t even think that he could go beyond the efficacy of a skill.

For example, it was like swinging a lump of iron that’s way heavier than one’s own body.

Doing such a thing would probably cause muscle pain, but… to do such a thing meant he was not in the common category.

That was why it was impossible to have such muscle pain.

Nevertheless, this was a talk if he had skills.

To tell the truth, there were not that many people with Martial Arts skills.

Most of them were able to learn the skills, since the need to learn them wasn’t necessary at all.

Given the possibilities of being attacked by an existence such as monsters or bandits, there was no harm in learning skills, but… well, when thinking about such things too much, it was certainly better to hire escorts.

For that reason, except for when one becomes a soldier or goes into that direction, it was common not to learn Martial Art skills.

If one had time to do such a thing, it would be better for them to learn at least one knowledge related to the occupation that they wanted to be in.

Anyhow, sometimes those people also got muscle pain.

For example, if they were attacked by a monster or anything like that, they would have it after escaping with their full power.

Basically, in this country, there were neither monsters nor bandits coming out due to its location and certain reasons, but that didn’t mean it could be said to everyone in this country.

There were some who went to other countries for business,  while others had some sort of things to do.

That was what she tried to say.

Well, in some cases, there seemed to be some people who trained their body as a hobby, but… even to those people, it was normal to get muscle pain.

As for Camilla, she thought that he would learn skills if he could do something like that, but there was probably a difference in their sense of values.

For those people, instead of emphasizing practicality, their purpose was to train the body.

Now, let’s return to the main subject.

Anyway, it was unusual for those people to have muscle pain, but it wasn’t impossible.

However, the situation was still within the bounds of common sense.

It was just that Camilla never heard about that amount muscle pain that could cause severe pain throughout body.

“By the way, although I know about muscle pain, what did you do, after all? I don’t think that you will be in this condition unless you did too much of something.” (Camilla)

“Uhmm… no, I haven’t done anything serious. I merely did something that I thought needed to do.” (Soma)

“I wonder, what did you need to do…?” (Camilla)

Perhaps, it was the truth.

At least, whether Soma himself thought so, Camilla looked at his face and admitted the fact.

At the same time, she also didn’t plan to teach him if she heard what he did.

“What exactly did you do?” (Camilla)

“That is a secret.” (Soma)

For him to answer like that, it was still within her expectations.

Or perhaps, he was trying to hide it in the first place.

Truthfully, she was always measuring the timing.

Well, as a result, there was nothing out of her expectations.

“Even though I am your private tutor?” (Camilla)

“It is because you are, more or less, a private tutor. I don’t have a hobby of gladly talking about what caused such a failure.” (Soma)

“Hmm…” (Camilla)

Those words were probably his real intention.

But, this was why Camilla couldn’t stop thinking.

She wondered what would have happened to the boy if she didn’t do the skill appraisal.

Of course, if Camilla didn’t do the appraisal, another person would do it.

She didn’t mean it to be like that… for example, she thought, what if Soma wasn’t from this household, and to be specific, what if he was born as a child in a poor village?

(Thank you for reading at bayabuscotranslation.com)

As for why she thought of such a thing, to be honest, not everyone would receive a skill appraisal.

The reason for this was simple. Skill appraisals would cost a considerable amount of money.

Well, although the price was not too expensive, it was still something one couldn’t easily have.

Of course, there was a correspond value to receive the appraisal, but that would also depend on the person.

Some people thought that it wasn’t worth it if they didn’t get decent skills… and, as a matter of fact, most of the time, people didn’t get decent skills.

Nevertheless, she herself thought that it was worth it, because a person would not progress towards a wrong path, and for people like Camilla, it was a value for those who would spend their days without waste.

Those who were located in a poor area, it wasn’t unusual for them to not receive a skill appraisal.

Perhaps, Soma could fully demonstrate his talent in such an environment.

Those who didn’t have skills wouldn’t make enemies of those with skills.

It was the common sense of this world, and one of her reasons.

The fact couldn’t be overturned, and it was in vain to challenge it.

Certainly, there were cases where those without skills had won against those with skills. Hence, these cases could be mentioned as examples.

However, in the first place, it wasn’t a custom to confirm those who made efforts.

It meant something completely different.

By spending their whole life, where a person had trained until their limit, it was possible for them to reach an equal or lower rank, but that itself was pointless.

At the very least, a person could reach a lower rank.

That lower limit was officially recognized as a soldier.

That person was nothing but a person who had come of age, and they were far from the top.

And that was also a lower rank skill.

Hence, by receiving a skill appraisal, there would be no such thing as a wasteful effort.

If he wanted to do it, she probably would try to stop him with all her power.

Even if he couldn’t learn any skill.

But… yeah, that was what Camilla thought.

Even if he would train to the limit, it probably wouldn’t make him suffer from muscle pain enough to cause severe pain throughout his body.

Or perhaps she should say that it was impossible for ordinary human beings.

Regardless of how much he would do, he would certainly get stopped somewhere.

So, what did Soma do that made it possible?

If no one stopped him, she wonder how far he could have progressed.

Low rank, Intermediate rank… or possibly…?

That was what she thought.

Or maybe, there was no need to suffer from muscle pain in the first place.

It could be healed with magic, so that might be necessary.

Although she only heard the story, it seemed what was running through the whole body of Soma was really intense.

Even so, not only children, that much seemed to be impossible for adults.

Since the physician said so, it must be the truth then.

How could he endure such a thing?

As a matter of fact, Camilla was not acquainted with Soma.

Even though Camilla also lived in this mansion, there was an opportunity to meet each other, but there wasn’t much to talk about.

However, since she heard from Sofia, she thought that she knew about Soma, as it was.

Honestly, Camillia didn’t believe her too much.

Maybe he was his parent’s favorite, that might be the reason why they exaggeratedly talked about him.

From Camilla’s opinion, Soma was nothing but a boy who talked in a strange way.

The impression that Camilla had about Soma was almost what she saw with her own eyes during the last three days.

She thought that he was pitiful.

Camilla was a private tutor.

Moreover, she was hired by Neumont.

If Soma wanted to do something extra, she had the choice to remonstrate.

Well, considering that there was a high possibility of being wasted, it was natural to stop him, but—

“…I think that my only wish is to see this until the end.” (Camilla)

Camilla thought that it was really regrettable. Hence, she let out a small sigh, while those words were stuck inside her mouth.

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