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The Town of Adventurers

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Author: Volume 13 starts.


Many adventurers have gathered here, it was also known as the town of adventurers.

And the reason why adventurers gathered here was because of the arena, which was located in the centre of this town.

The battle between monsters was frequently seen in the arena, and compared to a fight between people, there were only few of them, but the number one attraction was the Garaff Fighting Festival.

The Garaff Fighting Festival was a tournament that was held once a year in Garaff, where warriors from around the world come together. It was said, as a martial arts festival, they would compete for the top.

We seemed to have come just when that Fighting Festival started. As we approached the town, travelers were becoming more common on the main road.

Because of this, there was a queue for the immigration review at the gates, which was the entrance to the town. We were waiting in that queue for our turn to come, while sitting on the carriage.

“Here you go, Sirius-sama.” (Emilia)

“Hmm? Aah, thank you.” (Sirius)

While I was idly sitting on the coach stand, Emilia, who was next to me, gave me some tea. When I let a breath out after drinking it, she presented a cookie to my mouth without a moment’s delay.

“How’s the taste?” (Emilia)

“Hmm… it is delicious. It’s moderately sweet. This is good for when you don’t depend on sugar too much.” (Sirius)

“Really!? Please have this, too.” (Emilia)

“This is… did you mix some herbs in it? It’s a bit bitter, but it goes well with the tea.” (Sirius)

“Hehe… yeay!” (Reese)

Not only Emilia, even Reese, who was kneading some cookie dough on the kitchen counter inside the carriage, held her hands together with pleasure. The earlier one was Emilia’s, this one seemed to have been made by Reese.

By the way, since we had installed an oven on our carriage, we could make cakes and cookies.

“Nevertheless, you have improved. As for snacks, aren’t you becoming better than me?” (Sirius)

“There is no such thing. Cookies are easy, but cakes and others are a bit…” (Emilia)

“That’s right. It’s still impossible to make such an exquisite sweetness.” (Reese)

It certainly could be done if there was no mistake in the measurements; but, in my case, I didn’t use things like weighing cups, and just made them all by measuring with my eyes based on my experience. However, if the dishes were prepared in such a way, its taste would change depending on the individual. In other words, it wasn’t necessary to copy me.

“When you gain experience, you will naturally improve. For that reason, I will entrust the cooking of dishes and snacks…” (Sirius)

““This and that are two different things.”” (Emilia/Reese)

I had expected such a reply, but you guys were perfectly in sync.

Recently, they were preparing meals more frequently, but I was still preparing almost all of the dishes now, just like in the past. There was no specific reason why they didn’t want to make it. It’s just that my disciples seemed to feel uneasy if they didn’t eat my dishes. Since I liked cooking, I took the initiative to cook.

I was happy whenever they ate the dishes and said that it was tasty, but… recently, they said something like, ‘It’s the taste of Reus’ Kaa-chan!’ and that made me laugh.

After a while, as the number of people increased, the queue progressively moved forwards and our turn would come soon.

“It’s almost our turn, but… where has Reus been?” (Sirius)

“He was certainly running over there… aah, there he is.” (Emilia)

When I looked towards the back of the carriage, Reus, who was training by running, came back sweating. He stopped in front of the carriage. He adjusted his breathing while drinking the water made from Reese’s magic.

“Haa… haa… I’m back, Aniki.” (Reus)

“Welcome back. It is perfectly good timing.” (Sirius)

“That’s good. There were some people fighting while I was on my way back, so it took me some time because I was watching them.” (Reus)

According to Reus, they couldn’t endure the waiting time of the queue. It appeared that there were quite a few mercenaries and adventurers fighting over trivial matters.

We looked weak, since our average age was rather low. Furthermore, we were standing out because there were the silver wolfkin, Reus and Emilia, and Hokuto.

And since the appearance of our carriage was quite grand, and we were likely to have a little wealth, there were adventurers and merchants approaching and aiming for us, but they were all repulsed by Hokuto’s intimidation.

Nowadays, the public would look during the daytime, so only fools would approach us, but once we entered the town, we must keep our vigilance in various ways.

I explained the expected possibilities to my disciples. After telling them the coping methods, we entered Garaff.

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“Well then, first, let’s secure an inn.” (Sirius)

“Yeah. But, where…?” (Emilia)

Not surprisingly, the whole town was full of people, but since the road where carriages went by was properly separated, we were advancing without stopping.

However, it was extremely difficult to find an inn, as we had already visited the fourth inn…

“No good, Aniki. The inn over there is already fully booked.” (Reus)

“The inn here has vacant rooms, but it seems that there is no space to put the carriage.” (Emilia)

“Hmm… I expected this, but this is troublesome.” (Sirius)

All the inns that could accommodate Hokuto and the carriage were fully booked.

We planned to leave after watching the Fighting Festival, since we came just in time for it to be held, but… we were in trouble because we couldn’t secure an inn. We could sleep in the carriage, but there was no point if there was no place to put the carriage, anyway.

When I was considering the possibility of putting the carriage outside the town as a last resort to stay overnight, Hokuto suddenly barked lightly to get my attention.

“Hmm… what is it?” (Sirius)

“Aniki, over there.” (Reus)

When I turned towards the direction, there was a human girl, around ten years old, holding some baggage and being picked on by some men who seemed to be adventurers.

No… it was the other way around, the girl seemed to be quarreling with the adventurers.

“Why!? Why is the house no good!?” (Girl)

“I’m sorry, over there is much better for us.” (Adventurer)

“At any rate, they just told you with something acceptable, right!?” (Girl)

“You’re noisy, that’s right. That place has better service, and since we’re participating in the Fighting Festival, your inn is no good.” (Adventurer)

“For you guys to fall for the coax of such people, aren’t you an adventurer!? It is not cool to care about gossip, you know!?” (Girl)

“Cheh, you need to stop.” (Adventurer)

The adventurers looked like they were getting tired because she was a child, but they also seemed to get irritated when being bugged that much.

I thought of stopping them, since the situation required a hand, but Reus jumped out to the front and interrupted them.

“That’s enough. The opponent is a kid, right?” (Reus)

“Haa? You’re not related, so shut up. I’m going to forgive her because she is a child, since this is training.” (Adventurer)

“If that’s so, then it would be enough for you to tell her. And what is that hand for!?” (Reus)

“This might be the best thing for a child who retorts an adult.” (Adventurer)

“I didn’t get carried away! I am telling you not to be fooled by the immediate information!” (Girl)

I was wondering whether Reus, who went between them to interrupt it,could settle it, but it seemed the reckless adventurers weren’t going to stop.

Reus was likely to rampage if this continued, so I entrusted the carriage to Emilia, and approached the quarreling adventurers from their back.

“Excuse me. If you make noise in such a place, you will gather some attention. How about stopping right here?” (Sirius)

“Damn it!” (Adventurer)

“Now, now, please have a drink with this and calm down.” (Sirius)

I gently held some iron coins according to the number of people, and smiled.

I thought that the adventurers would be satisfied with the iron coins, but some did not agree, and some of them had bad-looking smiles and wondered whether they could get more from me or not.

Dear me… they were so immature. It would be good if they could quietly withdraw.

“You agree, don’t you?” (Sirius)

““Uuh!?”” (Adventurers)

When I released some bloodlust for a moment while smiling, the adventurers ran away from us.

Since they were a bunch who escaped with that degree of bloodlust, there would be no problem if we left them alone.

“I’m sorry for jumping out without permission, Aniki. Anyways, let me pay you back for the money…” (Reus)

“Even if you didn’t jump out, I would have done it anyway, and that much money is not a big deal. More importantly…” (Sirius)

“…I’m sorry.” (Girl)

I thought that the main problem was caused by this girl who picked a fight with the adult adventurers. As soon as I narrowed my eyes and turned my eyes towards her, that girl immediately apologized.

“It is good if you reflected on it, but please be careful next time.” (Sirius)

“I was frustrated because there were many things going on. Leaving that matter aside, thank you so much for helping me.” (Girl)

“We did it on our own, so you don’t have to worry. Well then, be careful next time.” (Sirius)

“See you.” (Reus)

“…Ex-excuse me!” (Girl)

When Reus and I returned to the carriage, the girl called us out with a loud voice.

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“The next road to the left.” (Girl)

“Understood. Hokuto.” (Sirius)

“Woof!” (Hokuto)

Our carriage included the girl from earlier, and we were moving towards a corner of the town.

The girl who’d picked a fight… was Kachia.(1) She called out to us because she wanted to recommend an inn to adventurers like us.

When I asked the details, Kachia’s parents seemed to be managing an inn, and, apparently, the adventurers, who she had troubled with, were guests of Kachia’s inn.

“When I went out to shop, those men, who had put their luggage in our inn, walked around the town with their luggage. I thought that was weird, so I asked them. They told me that they were leaving our inn and going to an inn nearby” (Kachia)

It looked like the financial situation of Kachia’s inn wasn’t good. Furthermore, it wasn’t just the adventurers from before that left her accommodation, but several other groups over the last few days.

“And they all talked about similar things. Something like the services on the other side were better, and my inn couldn’t match with their services… That guy was certainly spreading those rumors!” (Kachia)

“Who is ‘that guy’?” (Emilia)

“The manager of the nearby inn. He visited my house several times to buy our inn, but since we refused, he undoubtedly became a nuisance! He will surely invite you, but I hope that you will refuse him.” (Kachia)

Kachia became frustrated because of Emilia’s question. They tried discussing with the officials in the town and the higher-ups, but they were merely leading the guests, and since it was up to the customers where they wanted to stay, the matter wasn’t taken seriously.

However, for us, who were unrelated and didn’t know anything, it looked like a mere rivalry between businesses. If they were going to harm us, we would intervene without reservation and there would be no regrets.

“Whether we’re going to refuse or not, that will be after looking at your inn. Since I have said that much, do you have the confidence?” (Sirius)

“Of course! It’s declining a bit now, but… the rooms are beautiful and you can have a good rest, and Okaa-san’s cooking is very delicious.” (Kachia)

“Cooking… I’m looking forward to it.” (Reese)

“Is there a place to put a carriage?” (Sirius)

“Yes, there is. There is a locked cabin outside, so you can put your carriage there.” (Kachia)

Incidentally, we arrived at the inn, which was also Kachia’s house, when we asked that question.

We descended from the carriage and checked the surroundings. This place wasn’t that far from the center of the town and the condition of the location was not bad. It was a building of sufficient size for travelers to stay, and it looked like it also served as a dining room and bar on the first floor.

Normally, there wouldn’t be any vacant rooms because the town was boiling due to the Fighting Festival, but since it was a bit empty at the moment, it went without saying that her business was declining. But since the inn itself was beautiful, it was evidence of proper maintenance.

“Not bad.” (Sirius)

“Aniki, have you decided to stay here?” (Reus)

“No, the most important question still remains. Will it be alright for Hokuto… a beast companion to enter the inn?” (Sirius)

A beast companion was usually put outside, in the stables or something, but Hokuto was an important partner to me. Since I felt safe when we were near each other, I would always ask the inn if it would be fine for Hokuto to come in.

Kachia was surprised with that question. She had a difficult face when thinking about it.

“Y-yeah… this child is beast companion, right? Is it not fine to put it in the stables outside?” (Kachia)

“I will not say it is impossible. However, Hokuto is smarter than a human; he will never attack, as long as he is not attacked, so you don’t have to worry.” (Sirius)

If the owner of the inn was a dog-species beastkin, it would be over with one attempt. If we looked for such an inn, they would entirely focus on Hokuto. It seemed that they would even kick out some customers just to prepare a room for him; but, after all, I was hesitant since they might go to that point.

“It can listen to what I say?” (Kachia)

“It is different from listening to people. Although he is a beast companion, you can interact with him like a human.” (Sirius)

Basically, he absolutely followed my orders, but he would listen to what others said, if there was a proper reason to it. Other than my orders, he often listened to Reese’s instructions. It was because Reese always brushed him when I wasn’t available.

“Al-alright. Well, Hokuto, please put that carriage over there.” (Kachia)

“Woof!” (Hokuto)

When Kachia pointed to the storehouse on the premise of the inn, Hokuto moved the carriage into the storehouse after confirming that everyone had already descended from it. He, then, set the parking brakes on the carriage’s wheels, and when he returned to us, Kachia clapped her hands, praising him.

“Wow, that’s amazing! He is really smart!” (Kachia)

“Didn’t I say that? Besides, look, the feeling of his fur is excellent too. Do you want to try it?” (Sirius)

“Is it alright?” (Kachia)

Hokuto bent his body to make it easy for her to touch him. Kachia timidly touched with her hand, but she was immediately absorbed with the feeling and hugged Hokuto.

“It is soft and fluffy! It feels good!” (Kachia)

“Hehe, Nee-sama was also like that.” (Reese)

“Although you like him, will it be alright for Hokuto to enter the inn?” (Sirius)

“Hmmm… I probably can’t say anything. Since it is not specifically prohibited, it depends on Okaa-san… I think?” (Kachia)

While I was really worried about Kachia, who was completely captivated by Hokuto, the entrance to the inn opened and a woman appeared. She seemed like a young married woman who had barely passed thirty years old. She was probably Kachia’s mother, since Kachia resembled her.

“I was wondering why it what so noisy. Have you returned home, Kachia?” (Kachia’s Mother)

“Aah, Okaa-san, I’m home! I brought customers!” (Kachia)

“Oh, well! Before that, shouldn’t you first say hello to the customers?” (Kachia’s Mother)

“Aah!” (Kachia)

As I expected, the woman who came out was her mother, as Kachia remembered her duty after being reminded by her.

Instead of asking Reus to return the luggage she had, in a panic, she lined up alongside her mother and bowed.

“Well, once again… Welcome, guests!” (Kachia)

“My daughter has been disrespectful. Welcome to [Wind Cape Cottage](2).” (Kachia’s Mother)

We were welcome with smiling faces of the mother and daughter, and then, we were guided to the inside of [Wind Cape Cottage]

“A beast companion in a room?” (Kachia’s Mother)

“Yes. He is my partner, so I’d like him to be as close as possible.” (Sirius)

We were guided into the inn and faced Kachia’s mother on the other side of the inn’s counter.

As for the inn, not only the appearance, but also the interior was beautiful, and I couldn’t find any fault at the moment. The only thing remaining was whether Hokuto could enter the room or not, and it was currently under negotiation.

“Hokuto is amazing, Okaa-san! He’s obedient and understands what I say, and the best thing is it feels good to touch him!” (Kachia)

“A…Is that beast companion really alright?” (Kachia’s Mother)

“He properly understands what people say, and he will never attack people, unless he’s attacked. In addition to that, he can go easy on someone, so he can knock enemies down without shedding blood.” (Sirius)

If I had to add more, since the extraordinary fur barely shed, there was no need to worry about the inside of the inn being full of fur. And, if you handed him a towel, he would wipe his paws by himself, so there won’t be any footprints.

“Of course, if anything happens, I’ll take full responsibility. It’s impossible to force you, but… what do you say?” (Sirius)

“To be honest, the inn doesn’t have any detailed arrangements on beast companions. It is my first time being asked to allow him into a room like a customer. I was about to mention the hut outside of the inn, but…” (Kachia’s Mother)

The mother had a difficult face, but when she looked at Hokuto, who had obediently sat in front of the entrance door, she smiled wryly after looking around the inn once.

“I don’t want to say too much, but as you can see, there are almost no customers here. However, if there are no complaints from the other customers, it’s not going to be a problem then.” (Kachia’s Mother)

“That’s great! As expected of Okaa-san!” (Kachia)

“There’s no need to make such a racket in front of customers! So, would you like staying at my house?” (Kachia’s Mother)

“Yes, please.” (Sirius)

“Thank you very much. Please fill out the necessary information on this paper.” (Kachia’s Mother)

On the paper presented to me with a smile, there were columns to write my name, the number of people and the number of lodging days. Since there was no reason to hide anything, I finished filling it in quickly and returned the paper.

“Your name is Sirius-sama, the number of lodging days for four people is until the end of the Fighting Festival. How would you like your rooms assigned?” (Kachia’s Mother)

“Two twin rooms, please.” (Sirius)

“Understood. Then, the charge is…” (Kachia’s Mother)

The inns outside were full everywhere, so I didn’t mind if the price was somewhat higher, after judging the current operation here. However, since the lodging charge was reasonable, I was liking this place more and more. Although this was a coincidence, it was a success.

Nonetheless, since I got permission for Hokuto and could leave the carriage, I added two silver coins.

“Uhmm… isn’t this a bit too much?” (Kachia’s Mother)

“I had your permission, when it came to Hokuto’s case, and had your daughter guide me through the town until I came here. This is the tip for that.” (Sirius)

“But, this is… No, thank you for your kindness, thank you very much.” (Kachia’s Mother)

The mother, who obediently received the money, got out of the counter, she took us to the rooms, but she turned around along the way and bowed.

“Although it is late, my name is Cecil. It will only be for several days, but it’s nice to meet you.” (Cecil)

“Nice to meet you, too. By the way, how many employees are in this inn?” (Sirius)

“There are four people, including me and my husband, but… since the inn is currently in such a situation, my husband and the other two went to help with the preparation of the Fighting Festival.” (Cecil)

It was like a part-time job for a limited time, and it seemed that they could get a salary if they helped prepare for the Fighting Festival.

They currently appeared to be saved be the money they obtained; but, even so, Cecil was lamenting again because of their current financial crisis.

“This inn was fully booked last year. It was busy, but I had fulfilling days. But, looking at the situation now… uhmm, I’m sorry. It’s disrespectful to grumble before customers, right? As an apology, I will offer you a bigger room, would you like to change?” (Cecil)

“No, we don’t need it to be bigger…”  (Sirius)

“However!” (Emilia)

If it was like usual, I would think that Emilia, who wanted to be in same room with me, was unusually mature, and then she took a step forward.

She moved close to Cecil-san’s ear, and said something.

“…I see, is that the reason? It is fine, then.” (Cecil)

“Yes, please. The details will be later…” (Emilia)

“Understood.” (Cecil)

When Emilia came back in satisfaction, she went to Reese’s ear next and whispered something.

“Ehh!?” (Reese)

“It’s alright. Because I will support you… alright?” (Emilia)

“But…” (Reese)

Since they probably wouldn’t answer if I asked them, without minding the two strangely noisy people, I chased after Cecil, who had walked ahead.

“Aniki, why are the Nee-chans making noise?” (Reus)

“If you care about it, you will lose. Would you like to go out sightseeing in the town after putting the luggage in the room? Let’s go see the arena.” (Sirius)

“…I guess so. I feel like they will get angry if I ask them something now.” (Reus)

As expected of Reus, he seemed to instinctively understand that he should not talk to his sister.

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After we put the luggage away, we went into the town again.

There were a lot of people, as usual, but since it was impossible to get lost due to light luggage that we had, we walked around the town while eating at the stalls along the way. We, then, arrived at the front of the arena.

Garaff’s arena was a better building, compared to one in the Elysion’s school. Its size made us involuntarily look up.

However, we had found something to be more concerned about than the arena.

Yeah… we had found that.

The first one who found it was Reus.

“Wha!? Aah, Aniki, over there!” (Reus)

“…” (Sirius)

It was a huge stone statue that imitated the Strongest Sword, Lior.

Its size was nearly three times my height, and it had a presence like the symbol of the arena. The stone statue of that Jii-san looked slightly younger had his favorite, the greatsword, was soaring to the sky, it was almost like a hero.

When we approached it, there was something engraved at the pedestal part.

[Consecutive champion of the Fighting Festival… The Strongest Sword Lior]

There was another stone statue nearby, it was holding a sword with a brave and stately look.

Wait a sec… this was different.

“Lior? The person of this stone statue… was the one who taught Reus swordsmanship, right?” (Reese)

“It is similar, but different! That Jii-chan is not as cool as this!” (Reus)

Reus was right, the real person didn’t swing his sword with such a good-looking pose, it was set on the upper stage faithful to the basics. In addition, rather than having this brave look, the real one, Lior, happily swung his sword while laughing.

Anyway, if he became an enemy, he could also be called a monstrous old man, but… he was probably glorified by the public.

“Ooh? The Nii-chan over there, you have a wonderful sword. Does Nii-chan also admire the Strongest Sword?” (??)

When we were looking up at the stone statue with complicated thoughts, an old man, who was walking nearby, suddenly talked to us.

Reus was on guard for a moment, but he just seemed to be passing by, he approached us with a smile while looking at Reus’ sword.

“Eh? No, not really.” (Reus)

“There is no need to hide it. There are a lot of people longing for the Strongest Sword and they have greatswords. Try looking around.” (Old Man)

There were, indeed, many people carrying greatswords when we looked at the surroundings. In other words… the increased number of people using a greatsword was due to Lior’s influence?

By the way, if I had to complement on that, Reus didn’t really admire him. Rather, he was a symbol of fear and an opponent whom he wanted to defeat.

“I have a question, does Ojii—…  why was the statue of this person built?” (Emilia)

“Don’t you know? You seem to be a traveler, but could it be that you just came here?” (Old Man)

“That’s right. If the statue of those who won the Fighting Festival can be built, there should be more statues, so why is there only one statue built like this?” (Emilia)

“This is because he is the Strongest Sword in the world, and he had a brilliant record of winning for three consecutive years in the fighting festival.” (Old Man)

Apparently, this Jii-san loved to talk and seemed to be a fan of Lior, he explained many things, as if he was boasting about himself.

A few decades ago… Lior, who suddenly appeared in Garaff, participated in the Fighting Festival. He achieved the overall victory by defeating all the veterans with a single blow. And when he won the championship, he was called the Strongest Sword Lior, and he also declared that he was waiting for stronger opponents because he would participate again next year.

“It was disappointing when the Strongest Sword disappeared from the world more than ten years ago, but when he reappeared again, a tremendous upsurge was seen…” (Old Man)

And as he declared, Lior appeared a year later, and joined the Fighting Festival. Some of them seemed to put up a good fight; but, without a doubt, Lior won for the second time.

The third year seemed to be similar with the second year, but Lior’s declaration released in the winning ceremony was very different.

[I am going on a journey of learning, and I will not participate anymore.] (Lior)

After saying so, Lior disappeared.

However, the overwhelming power that Lior showed remained the minds of the people. And then, the person in charge of Garaff considered honoring his achievements for winning three times in a row, he negotiated with the person himself in advance, and he was given permission to build a statue in front of the arena. That statue was the stone statue in front of me.

I thought that the audience would probably get tired being shown the same result for three years; but, apparently, the audience was excited at the tremendousness of Lior.

“Uhmmm, when I saw the impressiveness of that single blow, my body was trembling. This is the best sword in the world…” (Old Man)

And since Lior’s third consecutive victory, the number of adventurers who admired the Strongest Sword and held a greatsword had increased…

“Are you planning to participate in the Fighting Festival? Do your best, if you do.” (Old Man)

The Jii-san, who was satisfied with describing him in words, left us with a smile.

Now, according to the Jii-san’s explanation, he had extraordinarily glorified Lior, but I properly understood his abnormal personality, since I fought him many times over.

Perhaps, the reason for him to participate in the fighting festival for three years was this:

In the first year… he thought that there were strong guys. However, since they were weaker than he imagined, he was given the name of the Strongest Sword. He, then, waited for more opponents to participate.

In the second year… they were getting stronger, but they were still weak. So, he anticipated the next year’s festival.

In the third year… there weren’t that many changes, and it became tedious to come here every time. In short, he got tired.

…He probably felt that.

The truth was sometimes harsh, and there were times when people, who didn’t know anything, were happy. To be honest, it didn’t really matter, so let’s say that the truth would stay deep in our hearts.

“The Fighting Festival… is it?” (Reus)

We started walking around to see the interior of the arena, but only Reus stopped and looked towards the statue.

Although he had a chance to say it many times, he didn’t say it. I was wondering whether he was seriously motivated or not; but, somehow… it felt different.

“Reus, I don’t mind if you want to participate.” (Sirius)

“Is that alright, Aniki? Because you dislike being conspicuous…” (Reus)

“That is a thing of the past. You don’t have to worry about me, so don’t hesitate to join in.” (Sirius)

“Thanks, Aniki!” (Reus)

While revealing the joy throughout his body, Reus started running towards the receptionist to register.

“Hehehe, he is so happy. But, Sirius-sama, is it really alright for him to participate?” (Emilia)

“It is a good opportunity to measure his skills, so I don’t really mind.” (Sirius)

“Don’t you want to join, Sirius-sama? With both of you, we can secure the victory and the first Runner-Up.” (Emilia)

“It’s because I don’t have a good reason to join. Besides, I lost the motivation when I saw that statue.” (Sirius)

To the person who knew about this, they would lose their motivation in various ways, knowing the extent of the glorification. Looking at me like this, Emilia and Reese had faces that were too good for a person like me, but since I was looking drained, they had bitter smiles.

And then, Reus returned after he finished registering. He had a metallic badge engraved with a number that was proof of participation on his chest. While listening to the explanation about participating from Reus, we resumed sightseeing in the arena.

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In the evening, we concluded our sightseeing, and we returned to the front of [Wind Cape Cottage].

Since Cecil said that dinner time was a bit later, we would collectively come back.

“Hmm… are we a bit early?” (Sirius)

“In that case, I’ll go swing my sword a bit in the courtyard, Aniki.” (Reus)

“Understood. Don’t be late…” (Sirius)

“Oi, you guys, do you have some time?” (??)

There were three days left until the beginning of the Fighting Festival. When Reus enthusiastically practiced swinging his sword and started to walk out, we were called out by men who seemed to be adventurers.

“Who are you?” (Sirius)

“Well, we are adventurers who came here recently. Leaving that matter aside, are you planning to stay in this inn?” (Adventurer)

“Yes, but… what about it?” (Sirius)

Although they said that they were adventurers, they were strangely suspicious. They certainly looked like adventurers who could easily make some moves, but the impact and the figure didn’t match it.

It felt like they probably had another job, but were forced to become adventurers against their wills, or they were rookie adventurers who had just formed a group. Since Hokuto, who was waiting, nearby didn’t respond at all, it seemed they didn’t hold any hostility, at least.

Nevertheless, we were still quite wary of them. And then, the adventurers whispered to us, while looking up at the inn.

“You see, I was going to give you some advice. You better stop staying at this inn.” (Adventurer)

“Why is that? We, at least, have no complaints, you know?” (Sirius)

“Actually there is a rumor that the service here is bad. And it is said that those who stayed in this inn can’t win the Fighting Festival.” (Adventurer)

The adventurers continued listing the bad points of [Wind Cape Cottage]. And then, a certain inn’s name came out. The lodging charges over there depended on their negotiation abilities, and it would be cheaper than [Wind Cape Cottage]. They also told me that it would be easy to win if we participated in the Fighting Festival.

I see… these guys were the bad guys that Kachia mentioned.

Then, the identity of these people was not adventurers, they’d probably hired adventurers or the inn’s employees to pull in customers.

“Since he has a badge, the beastkin child is going to participate, correct? If that’s the case, stop staying at such a small inn…” (Adventurer)

“What is your rationale?” (Sirius)

“…Eh?” (Adventurer)

“Your rationale. What is your rationale in saying that we can’t win the Fighting Festival?” (Sirius)

A person’s victory or defeat might not be decided by only with the quality of the inn. I didn’t plan to make fun at that superstition, but I also had no plan to make it an excuse if I lost.

The men were upset because of my reply, but they immediately redirected my attention.

“Th-there is! Everyone who stayed here last year was defeated at the qualifying match of the Fighting Festival. In comparison, there were several participants from the other inn who proceeded through the qualifying…” (Adventurer)

“An inn is not a sheltered place to pick people, and like what you guys said earlier, that inn is bigger, right? In that case, the number of participants will change, and it’s not weird if nobody from here wins, right?” (Sirius)

It was a situation with enough possibility, so it would be impossible not to win just because we stayed at this inn.

The content of the invitation was lame, though. I was astonished that something like this was often spread to other people, but if it was just with these fools, I could just make them go away by giving them some bloodlust.

I guessed other people were affected by the rumor, lower lodging charges and better service, but I liked this place, since they accepted Hokuto. Thus, I had no plans to change inns.

“If it because of that reason, I refuse. Quickly leave.” (Sirius)

“If you stay at this inn, you won’t be satisfied!” (Adventurer)

“Are you saying that to make the customers leave? If you want to threaten someone, do it somewhere else.” (Sirius)

“Woof!” (Hokuto)

“Hiii!” (Adventurer)

As Hokuto barked while taking a step forward, the fake adventurers screamed and ran away. Although he was just a beast companion, to be that afraid of him… they were surely not adventurers.

While stroking Hokuto’s head, who drove them away, the entrance of the inn opened, and Kachia looked at me with worried-looking eyes. Apparently, she had been listening to our conversation.

“…Onii-chan won’t go, right? And, those guys were saying something strange…” (Kachia)

“If it’s Sirius-sama, there won’t be any problems for whatever comes. Kachia-chan doesn’t need to worry about it.” (Emilia)

“Yeah. If Aniki and us wanted to do something, it feels like we could bring down a country.” (Reus)

“Don’t worry, Kachia-chan.” (Reese)

“Thanks! Oh, let me get your luggage.” (Kachia)

Kachia, who ran with a smile from ear to ear, extended out her hands to get the luggage that we bought while sightseeing.

It troubled me to let a child hold our luggage, but I couldn’t say it since it was also a job for the daughter of an inn. So, I gave her some light luggage. Kachia returned to the entrance, opened the door and waited for us.

Although Reus planned to practice his sword swings, he seemed to have changed his mind while I was talking with those other guys, and decided to go back with us. And when he passed through the entrance door, Reus, who was walking ahead, turned back.

“Hei, Aniki. Will those people leave this inn alone?” (Reus)

“Yeah. Saying that people won’t win if they stay in this inn was too much.” (Reese)

“Sirius-sama, can we do something about it?” (Emilia)

“This is between merchants, it has nothing to do with us, unless they try to harm us directly.” (Sirius)

There was some truth to what I said, so my disciples couldn’t help dropping their shoulders.

“But… if Reus wins during the Fighting Festival, it would be an indirect help.” (Sirius)

No matter how spread the jinx about not winning the Fighting Festival was, if Reus, who stayed here, achieved victory, that could beautifully swipe the matter away. In addition, there was also the possibility of attracting customers to an inn where the winner stayed.

By saying that, my disciples regained their motivation, especially Reus.

“Alright! I will definitely win!” (Reus)

“Do your best, Reus. As Sirius-sama’s disciple, I won’t tolerate an unsightly result.” (Emilia)

“The teacher of the sword has won the championship. This time a stone statue of Reus may be built.” (Reese)

“I don’t want that!” (Reus)

I wanted to say that they were good-hearted disciples. Because they were motivated to this point for someone they just met not to long ago.

But I didn’t dislike it, I wanted them to remember this and grow up with such feelings.

“Aah, welcome!” (Kachia)

While we were talking, Kachia’s cheerful voice could be heard from the doorstep.

Apparently, a new guest came to the inn. We tried to move sideways, so as not to get in the way… but I noticed something.

The feeling that I had in the past… I recognized a mana that should not be here.

“Hehe, that gentle smile similar to a guardian’s… It hasn’t changed.” (??)

Looking back at the voice, there was a person standing there who wore a hood and hid their whole body under a mantle.

Although I could only see the mouth of the other party, I immediately discovered who that person was from the characteristics of the voice and the feeling I was getting.

“As I imagined, you have became a good man. My intuition wasn’t wrong.” (??)

The person slowly proceeded towards us with a trembling voice, then strongly kicked the floor during the remaining few steps and jumped into my chest.

The hood was removed in an instant, and the long emerald-green hair and beautiful face could be seen.

“I missed you, Sirius!” (??)

This was the elf that I rescued when I was a child…

“…Fia?” (Sirius)

And that elven lady was… Shimifia.

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Extra/Bonus 1

At that time…

Munch, munch…

“Kugh! It’s exactly like a scene of carnage! Well then, what are you going to do, Emilia-chan, Reese-chan?” (Aria)

“Aria-sama… please eat the cookies more elegantly.” (Erina)

…It was an atmosphere where a housewife was watching a daytime drama.

Extra/Bonus 2

The subject that Emilia and Reese were talking about in [Wind Cape Cottage]…

“Reese, I reserved a room for three people, so today, you’ll be together with Sirius-sama… alright?” (Emilia)

“Aah… uhh…? R-really?” (Reese)

“Yes, really. I would like Reese to know that happiness as soon as possible. It’s alright, just leave it to Sirius-sama. He will surely satisfy Reese.” (Emilia)

“Satisfy!?” (Reese)

“After that, I am going to satisfy Sirius-sama, and that’s the arrangement.” (Emilia)

“Could it be… the technique that you learned from Erina-san?” (Reese)

“I didn’t have time to try it last time. Because Sirius-sama was so intense, I… was too happy and fainted. So, let’s satisfy Sirius-sama as a woman and as a disciple next time!” (Emilia)

“Fainted!?” (Reese)

Although Emilia had planned that, the plan was scrapped because of Fia’s appearance.

Presenting Hokuto

Today, Hokuto-kun went to Garaff, which was also known as the capital of adventurers.

A battle tournament called the Fighting Festival was about to take place soon, so the town was very crowded with mercenaries and adventurers.

Hokuto-kun, who was a beast companion, was attracting attention as usual, but he kept following his Master without worrying about it.

And then, he came to the arena, which was the centerpiece of the town.

The mercenaries and adventurers with glaring eyes were hurling bloodlust here and there, but since they were like dust compared to his Master’s, Hokuto-kun didn’t really bother with them. Rather, most people deviated their eyes when they met Hokuto-kun’s, meaning they must have lower abilities than him.

Maybe because they were inspired by the air of the venue, some of them picked a fight at random.

“Haa!? What’s with this wolf! I’m going to kill you if you stare at me…” (??)

“Woof!” (Hokuto)

“Hii!?” (??)

…Even if they picked a fight, it was only to this level.

And when he tried to get inside the arena, Hokuto-kun’s junior, Reus-kun, loudly shouted.

“Wha!? Aah, Aniki, over there!” (Reus)

There was a statue of Master’s acquaintance, Lior-san.

The moment Hokuto-kun saw the stone statue… he became extremely uneasy.

Hokuto-kun didn’t know why, maybe it was because it was in his blood from his previous life, but he felt like he really wanted to mark it.

However, the stone statue would shatter if he used his prided claws. A toilet had nothing to do with this body, though.

More importantly, if there was something on the stone statue, it would be inconvenient to his Master.

It wasn’t that he couldn’t tolerate it, but Reus noticed that he was holding back the urge to attack, so he called out his Master.

“Aniki, Hokuto-san wants to mark the statue.” (Reus)

“What, did you said he wants to mark it? I’d personally like to say ‘yes’, but… don’t be mad at me.” (Sirius)

Even though his Master’s atmosphere was good, he was, somehow, holding his ground. Hokuto-kun didn’t know Lior well, so it was questionable… whether they were actually on bad terms.

After that, Hokuto-kun was stroked a lot by his Master, until he calmed down, and his Master promised him to brush that night.

There were many things that have happened, but Hokuto-kun was favored by his beloved Master, and he was really happy.

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  1. TLN: The name in raw is カチア
  2. TLN: The name in raw is 風の岬亭

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