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The Pilgrimage of an Old Man

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“Uhmm… is it here?” (Lior)

A road that was made by an overwhelming force suddenly appeared in the thickly overgrown forest.

I came to the mansion where he used to live. It was a small house for nobles, but it was a nice place with a calm atmosphere.

“Oh? It is unusual for a visitor to come to this place.” (Valio)

I already noticed his presence. He was pruning the outside, and he spoke when he noticed me.

According to him, there was an old man, like a butler, that almost the same age as me managing the mansion. Could it be this man?

Since I surely looked suspicious, I had to explain first.

“You have a different air compared to a bandit. Did you get lost?” (Valio)

“I’m sorry, but you are… uhmm… I forgot the name. Anyway, I heard that there is a grave of a woman named Erina here, right?” (Lior)

“Although that comes out of nowhere, shall we introduce ourselves first?” (Valio)

“Alright. I heard your name from Sirius, but I forgot it. Sorry.” (Lior)

He was looking at me suspiciously, but when I gave him Sirius’ name, he smiled and bowed. Hmm, there was no mistake that this man was someone whom I heard from him.

“If you are acquainted with Sirius-sama… I guess that I can understand your impressiveness. Nice to meet you, my name is Valio.” (Valio)

“That’s right, that is the name. By the way, I am Ikki-Tousen. Call me Tousen.” (Lior/Tousen)

“Tousen-sama… is it? So, what did you come here for?” (Valio)

“Hmmm. Actually, I came here to visit Erina’s grave.” (Lior)

“Would you come inside for the time being? We’ll go out after some tea.” (Valio)

“Ooh! Please, then. Although it wasn’t a big road, I am thirsty.” (Lior)

I couldn’t see him being cautious, but I knew that he was being careful, even if he showed his back to me. The impressiveness and the presence clad on his body were considerable. Well, his muscles weren’t overwhelming, though. It was possible for him to become a strong warrior if he was trained, so it’s not worthy to feel obscure. More importantly, if it’s about tea, let’s definitely have some.

“I see. Hearing you talk about Sirius-sama and the juniors, and about visiting Erina’s grave… Thank you so much for doing this for her.” (Valio)

I explained the reason why I came here while eating the snacks and drinking the prepared tea, since I had no reason to hide.

Nevertheless, the cookies and tea made by this man were delicious. They weren’t up to the level of Sirius’ and his attendants’, but I could taste his skills.

He was grateful because I came here to visit her grave, but since I came on my own, I thought that there was no need to thank me.

“If it wasn’t because of that Erina, I would not have met that guy. I would like to personally give my thanks before the grave.” (Lior)

“…You seem to be a very frank person, aren’t you? Understood, let me guide you. Will you be heading there soon?” (Valio)

“Alright. Since I can go at any time, will that be alright for you?” (Lior)

“Please, leave it to me. I’ll get ready right away.” (Valio)

Since it still hadn’t pass midday yet, if everything went well, I would be able to go to the town by nightfall.

And, with the guidance of Valio, who finished the preparation while holding various tools, we went towards Erina’s grave.

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When we entered the mountain from the back of the mansion, the trees and weeds were naturally growing thick, but there was a way for people to pass. Although it could be seen only as an animal trail, I saw traces of obstructive trees being cut. This was obviously done by the hand of a person who entered this place before.

“Hmmm… it’s easy to walk through.” (Lior)

“It seemed that it was maintained when Sirius-sama lived here. Nonetheless, it is difficult to notice it without being aware of it.” (Valio)

“Huhuhu, that guy’s done well, hasn’t he?” (Lior)

After we walked on the mountain road awhile, we suddenly came to an opened space where the forest was cleared and the flowers bloomed. Hmmm… this place was also a good place.

We stepped into the flower garden, and in the center of it, there was an impressive presence coming from the base of a huge tree.

“That is Erina’s grave. But, will you please wait a moment? I won’t be long, since I just want to do some cleaning.” (Valio)

“I want to help, but I will damage the stone. So, I will patiently wait.” (Lior)

I decided to lie down around the area and wait until the cleaning was over.

While having the leisurely air brush against my cheeks, I remembered the matter told to me by the boy whom I taught ‘Single Strike Ultimate Destruction Sword Style’ in the past. The boy certainly said that he fought a big tortoise that was as hard as a rock in this flower garden.

I heard that Sirius was, somehow, able to overturn the turtle and that made its weakness appear, where the boy stabbed it, but… if it was me, I would cut it into two by slashing from the front.

It couldn’t be helped, since the boy was a child at that time, but now that several years had passed since then, it would be natural to cut it in two, if it was at the level of rocks. By the way, if he couldn’t do it, I planned to cut him into two.

When I was vaguely thinking about the growth of the boy, Valio had finished cleaning, so I took out some wine from my belongings and ask for his permission.

“I heard that Erina liked to drink wine, is it alright if I put this on the grave?” (Lior)

“It is alright, but… where did you get that?” (Valio)

“Hmmm? When I asked for the most expensive wine in the nearby town, they gave me this. Hey, drink it to your heart’s content.” (Lior)

“Th-that wine is worth of ten god coins… aah!?” (Valio)

I sprinkled the wine on the grave, but Valio was strangely noisy. You’re not going to say it’ll give a stinky smell with a bottle of wine, right?

I turned around after pouring everything inside, and Valio was staring at me.

“What’s with that face? Aah, if it’s not enough, I have a spare…” (Lior)

“Th-that’s good enough! Rather, I would like for you to drink that…” (Valio)

“Welll… I actually drank a bottle before coming, but it was too refined for me. Since I don’t need it anymore, I’ll give it to you.” (Lior)

“W-what!?” (Valio)

I gave the wine to Valio, I stood up in front of the grave again and lowered my head.

I haven’t met you even once, but… knowing that Sirius had an extraordinary strength, I respect you, who diligently brought him up, pouring your love and kept watching over him.

And since you were there, I met Sirius, who revived me.

So, there was only one word that I wanted to say.

“…Thank you.” (Lior)

After I finished giving my deepest appreciation, I stood up and turned my back to the grave.

“…Is this alright?” (Valio)

“Hmmm. There is no need for an outsider like me to bother too much. A word of appreciation will be enough.” (Lior)

“Understood. Well then, let’s head back.” (Valio)

An old man like me would trouble him if I prayed for too long.

Following Valio, who walked out with a bit of a smile, I left Erina’s grave.

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“Ooh… you are the owner of that mansion now?” (Lior)

“That’s right. The Galgan Company sold it cheaply to me.” (Valio)

Valio and I were walking while chatting, and the subject of the chat was about the ownership of that mansion.

Originally, the owner of the mansion was Sirius’ father… No, it seemed he was a foolish noble; but, apparently, the financial capability of that foolish noble was dwindling, and he had to sell that mansion to the Galgan Company.

And then, Valio, who served that foolish noble as an attendant for many years, quit, and it seemed that he bought the mansion from the Galgan Company in order to spend the rest of his life in peace.

“Although it is away from the town, it is a good place to live leisurely. Besides… it is my role to watch over her tomb.” (Valio)

Hmm… it looked like he was asked to do that. Looking from his figure, he didn’t look very strong, and there was a possibility of being attacked by something, but I wouldn’t say anything about it.

While I was convinced with that alone, I came back to where I could see the mansion. However, I felt something disturbing, so I grabbed Valio’s shoulder and stopped him.

“…Hold it. I feel the presence of people in the mansion.” (Lior)

“There is nothing here, and the adventurers rarely visit this place. There is a possibility of thieves, but… do you know how many of them?” (Valio)

“No more than ten.” (Lior)

“If so, the possibility of thieves seems to be high. It is fine if the mansion only has food, but I’ll be bothered if this beautiful mansion is laid to waste.” (Valio)

If it was about fighting, it was going to be my turn. I confirmed by feeling my partner, the greatsword, on my back… I went in front of Valio, and turned to him.

“Let me see, this is as my gratitude. I wonder if I should go for a moment and blow them away.” (Lior)

“…What? Uhmm, Tousen-sama doesn’t have to fight. It will be fine if you go to the town and call for the guards.” (Valio)

“It’s troublesome. My stomach is hungry for competition, so I will forcibly blow them away. I won’t damage the mansion, so you don’t have to worry.” (Lior)

“Tousen-sama!?” (Valio)

Ignoring Valio’s words, I left the space of many trees, and headed for the presence in front of the entrance of the mansion.

What was in front of the entrance was a suspicious group wearing good-looking weapons and armors. From the quality of the equipment, it was a group that couldn’t be seen amongst advanced adventurers; so, judging from my intuition that I had been using to hunt thieves all the time, there was no mistake that they were thieves.

Among the group, there was a man who had a different presence. The man was unusually fat and he wasn’t good enough to play bandit. He looked like a noble that I didn’t like.

“Bardomyl-sama?” (Valio)

“Oo! Where were you, Valio?” (Bardomyl)

Valio, who came after me, was surprised to see that fat man. Hmm… it seemed that he knew Valio.

“I had something to do in the forest. Leaving that aside, what kind of business do you have here?” (Valio)

“Uhmm, well, that depends on you. I want to lend this mansion to these people.” (Bardomyl)

A noble named Bardomyl or ‘Meaty’ referred to the men he had around him, but Valio shook his head and said it clearly.

“I refuse. Because I am no longer your servant.” (Valio)

“Wha!? W-weren’t you a servant who had supported my household? Although you did quit, as your former Master, you should listen to me!” (Bardomyl)

“My Master was your father. By the way, who are these people?” (Valio)

“They are some recently rising thieves, and they are my new colleagues. I am planning to make this mansion into their base and play an active part.” (Bardomyl)

“…Have you fallen that far?!” (Valio)

Valio was exclaiming, but I was getting troubled.

In other words, they were planning to make this mansion, which was away from areas where people lived, as a base and commit thefts from the surrounding roads?

“The pride of a noble no longer exists within you, huh?” (Valio)

“I need money more than pride! You better look at the equipment of these guys. If a powerful person has equipment at this level, they won’t lose against guards and adventurers, right?” (Bardomly)

“It is certainly true that those are wonderful equipments… but aren’t they thieves? Since it’s still not too late, please rethink this.” (Valio)

“Shut up! I am already understaffed. The women are almost running away, and my son has left the house. And the only things left are an annoying woman who wants valuables, overstocked magic tools, and my house. And you are no more, so what are you going to say to me!?” (Bardomyl)

“I have advised you not to do so, but you didn’t listen, did you? Everything is your own fault.” (Valio)

Valio seemed to be a former attendant of this meaty noble, but I completely gave up, since I could no longer see the need to restrain myself.

Although he said that, the meaty noble was persistently stuck to Valio.

“Even if it was my own mistake, it won’t be a problem if it makes me money! With these mithril-made weapons, the adventurers and monsters in this area won’t be their opponents. They are free to plunder!” (Bardomyl)

I was thinking that they had very good-looking weapons… so those were mithril made? They were a bunch who lacked muscles and had good weapons made of mithril, but you didn’t question that matter?

Maybe because Valio had a similar thoughts, he was sighing at the words from the meaty noble.

“Even if they are mithril-made equipments, there is no guarantee that the person himself is strong. Let me ask you a question. Do you really think that they can win against a strong man like Sirius-sama?” (Valio)

“Well, that monster is not here anymore. And he is a rare monster in the first place!” (Bardomyl)

“Monster!? Although he has severed his relationship with you, isn’t he still your son?” (Valio)

“He is not my son! That monster… I don’t want to see him anymore!” (Bardomyl)

The moment Sirius’ name was said, that meaty noble trembled and his face turned blue.

Although I was bothered with various things… I was about to confirm some things, so I pat Valio’s shoulder and turned him around.

“I have a question. Is he Sirius’ father?” (Lior)

“Yes, he is. Are you aware about him breaking off their relationship?” (Valio)

“I have heard about it to a certain extent. In other words, he was the one who made Erina suffer, right?” (Lior)

“Oi, who is this old man!?  Is he your acquaintance?” (Bardomyl)

Meaty was staring with a slightly frustrated expression because I interrupted him, but he was frightened and closed his mouth when I turned around.

“So, am I right?” (Lior)

“That’s right. He is the person who hated such a gentle lady.” (Valio)

“Hmm, if that’s so, there is no need for me to hold back.” (Lior)

In the first place, since I hated nobles like him, I definitely had no plans to restrain myself.

When I came forward, the meaty noble got scared and retreated, and the surrounding thieves were drawing their weapons and got ready.

“What are you doing, Valio? Deal with this old man quickly! You, who had serve my household, dare to disobey me!?” (Bardomyl)

“As I said before, I clearly said this when I left Bardomyl-sama’s mansion. I am not a person who will serve you anymore…” (Valio)

“Guhh… I intended to keep you alive, but it can’t be helped then. Oi, do it!” (Bardomyl)

With the command from Meaty, the ten thieves wielded their weapons towards me, but… they were full of gaps. By just having good-looking weapons, I couldn’t feel the strength that the meaty noble was so proud of.

Valio, who stood behind me, was instinctively sighing, he grasped his fists and took a battle stance.

“I am not that good in a fight, but I also will help. If it’s one or two, I can somehow…” (Valio)

“There’s no need for you to help. Just stay put, and it will be immediately over!” (Lior)

I kicked the ground, jumped forward, and swung my partner at the nearest thieves.

Normally, I would cut their bodies in two, but thinking about the place this time, I struck the opponents with the body of the sword instead of slashing them.

After sensing the breaking bones of the thieves from my partner, I could barely confirm the appearance of the thieves, who flew away, above the forest.

“““…””” (Dumbfounded Group)

“Hmmm… they flew far, huh?” (Lior)

The surroundings of the mansion would be dirtied if I slashed the thieves here. So the method to deal with them was to blow the thieves far away. Since I broke their bones and blew them away into the depths of the forest, there was little possibility of them being alive.

While all the surrounding people, including Valio, were stunned, I was satisfied with their reactions. Cutting them in half would be the best, but it wasn’t bad to let them know the name.

According to him, this was called ‘Home Run’ or something.

“Hahaha! Come, come at me! If you come… I will do it! Next will be a Home Run!” (Lior)

Shouting out those words made me feel good.

I blew off the thieves one after another; but, of course, some of them tried to resist with their weapons. Well, their good-looking weapons couldn’t stand the blow of my partner and broke, and there was no change to being blown away by me.

I finished blowing away all of the thieves, and then, I stood before the remaining meaty noble.

“Are there no more thieves? I want to beat several times more.” (Lior)

“Wha… that can’t be!? Those guys had mithril-made weapons…” (Bardomyl)

“Those were made from Mithril, huh?” (Lior)

I picked up the weapon that fell when I blew a thief away. I stood in front of the meaty noble, who was retreating to the back. And then, I grabbed the tip and the handle of the sword and used my strength. The sword, then, made a dull sound, and I broke the sword in front of the meaty noble.

In other words, the thieves’ appearances were merely a bluff.

“This looks like a fake. I would not be able to break it if it’s the real thing.” (Lior)

“Uhh… That’s a lie… My last chance… with fakes…” (Bardomyl)

It seemed he was driven into a corner, to the point of being cheated with fakes. He looked miserable, but… it didn’t matter to me.

“Well, next is your turn. An arm or a leg… which one you want me to cut off?” (Lior)

“Do you think that a mere adventurer can lay their hands on a noble!?” (Bardomyl)

“Eh, sorry, sorry, I couldn’t listen well. I am an old man, anyways. So… is it your arm?” (Lior)

“Hi…hiiiiiii—!?” (Bardomyl)

The meaty noble boarded a carriage that seemed to be used to come here. He ordered the coachman to run away.

It was troublesome to waste him here, so I just confirmed that the carriage was escaping and turned to Valio.

“It is alright now, so I will take my leave. Although it was a short while, thank you for taking care of me.” (Lior)

“I am saved but… will this be alright? The opponent was, more or less, a noble, and if you leave him alone, there’s the possibility of him making you into a wanted person…” (Valio)

“I am not boasting, but I don’t mind fighting nobles here and there. I am used to it, anyway.” (Lior)

“It was safe here, until now…” (Valio)

I was crushing foolish nobles only, and my reputation wasn’t bad, since I exterminated thieves along the way. Even if somebody tried to get involved, it was all settled with the sword.

“There is no need for you to worry. Besides…” (Lior)

“Besides…?” (Valio)

“I… haven’t said anything about them escaping.” (Lior)

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The next day… I awoke in a bed of an inn.

Yesterday, I came to a certain town after going to Valio’s mansion, and stayed in this hotel after some training.

“Hmm… I’m sleepy.” (Lior)

I got up from the bed and warmed up my body. And then, I came to the dining area of the inn to eat breakfast. I called for a waitress and ordered.

“Give me everything on this menu.” (Lior)

“Eh?” (Waitress)

They were surprised every time I asked for meals like this… was it that unusual?

While I ate the meals that were being carried out one after another, several rumors could be heard from the adventurers who stayed in the same inn as me.

The most noticeable rumor among them was the rumor about a certain noble’s mansion having been destroyed.

The mansion was sliced into two, and a part of the mansion was shattered into small pieces by a tremendous force. The noble, which was the owner of the mansion, was buried within the wreckage, but it seemed he had, somehow, survived. And the criminal was… unknown.

“He had a strong case of bad luck, huh…” (Lior)

“Hmm? Did you say something?” (Waitress)

“No, it’s nothing. Well, is the next dish ready yet?” (Lior)

“Oops, it is. Yes, I kept you waiting for the next dish!” (Waitress)

By the way, I was training nearby the meaty noble’s mansion.

I made a little mistake by unleashing slashing attacks with waves, and they flew towards the mansion… I didn’t aim for it though!

“Well… it’s a little bit more to Elysion.” (Lior)

To dispel the gloomy feeling, I didn’t feel like caring about what happened to that meaty noble anymore. So, after I finished eating, I left for Elysion.



A few days later… I arrived at Elysion.

The reason for me to come here was to see the stubborn old man who made my partner, [Crimson Lotus].

As a weapon, it was still reliable and as robust as ever, but I recently felt that something was wrong. Whatever it was, I thought that I wanted to show it to him at least once, so I expressly came all the way to the place of that stubborn old man.

Assembling the information based on the appearance’s features, I tried to locate his shop, but… the name was lengthy, with something like destruction or indestructible. It seemed his poor naming sense didn’t change, after all.

However, if you add ‘fool’ at the end of the name, it would be the perfect name.

“When I thought that I felt this presence somewhere… is that you, idiot!?” (Grant)

When I was looking at the signboard, a small, short legged, stubborn old man came out from the store. Let alone the naming sense, his appearance didn’t change at all.

“You’re loud as usual, huh? Look, I came to show you my sword.” (Lior)

“You also haven’t change! Isn’t it supposed to be, ‘Please look at it’, you idiot!” (Grant)

“Noisy! I’m saying that the sword, that you made, feels weird!” (Lior)

“Haa!? I made it to fit you, so it’s not weird, you idiot! If there is nothing, I’ll go back and start hitting with my hammer, you idiot!” (Grant)

“It is superb! Do what you can do!” (Lior)

He was an annoying fellow, but in regards of the sword, he was a reliable and stubborn old man. When I told him about the uncomfortable feeling, he invited me into the shop while wondering about it, and he started looking at the sword.

He lightly hit the sword directly with a hammer, but the stubborn old man only tilted his head.

“Hmmm… as expected of my masterpiece. There is a place where the blade chipped a bit, but the whole thing is not really distorted. What is weird about this, you idiot!?” (Grant)

“It’s because the sword feels light.” (Lior)

“It feels light because you have become stronger, you idiot! What is going on with your body!?” (Grant)

“Hmm, I just found a goal. Not just power, but I am also learning various techniques. So, I want the center of gravity to be closer. Fix it immediately.” (Lior)

“Fix it immediately!? It will take, at least, a few months, you idiot!” (Grant)

“Hmm… there is no other way then.” (Lior)

Because there was no compromise in regards of weapons.

When I was looking for a replacement sword while waiting for my partner to be reborn again, I remembered an important matter.

“Oh, yeah!? Oi, old man! Did a human named Sirius and some Silver Wolfkin siblings come here?” (Lior)

“Haa? Yeah, they came, you idiot. There were a man whom I took care of in various ways, a cheeky child and a cute granddaughter.” (Grant)

“Uhmm, they really came. So, did you give good weapons to Emilia?” (Lior)

Since Sirius already had a splendid weapon, I wrote in a letter, asking him to give Emilia some good weapons. That boy… whatever was good for him.

“Idiot! I sold the best knife I made for five silver coins!” (Grant)

“What!?” (Lior)

I instinctively slapped the desk. The desk broke by that slap, but it wasn’t so much.

“Why did you receive the money!? You should’ve said to keep it as pocket money since you already had enough!” (Lior)

“Idiot! I said that, but she refused! She was a straightforward and cute girl!” (Grant)

“Of course she is! That’s because she is my granddaughter!” (Lior)

“She is not your granddaughter, you idiot!” (Grant)

And then, the discussion between the stubborn old man and I continued with fists. It was settled with Emilia being our granddaughter.

I felt that my intuition caught something strange, but… I didn’t mind.

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[An alternative sword!? You conceited idiot!] (Grant)

Even though he said that, I was given a weapon that was similar to an iron lump, which resembled a sword, from him. Its weight was no different from my partner, so the feeling of shouldering it wasn’t bad. However, since it had no blade, it was close to a blunt weapon.

Although I attracted unusual gazes, I was walking around the town while looking for a shop, without worrying about them.

“If I’m not wrong, he said something about Gal Company.” (Lior)

Dee and Noel, whom I met before, recommended that company to me.

Since I heard that he lent his skills, creating variety of dishes for that company, I thought that there must be something that would surprise me.

I saw a signboard that said “Galgan Company” after searching for a short while. It was a store that had an unusual and different air compared to the other buildings.

“Hmm… This looks like the place.” (Lior)

There were many customers in the store, and I could see the sight of them buying goods that were written as “Essentials for Travel”. But, I felt more interested with the neighboring building.

When I checked the signboard, it seemed like a restaurant with meals and teas. I was going to this place just because I was hungry.

“Hello. Welcome to Galgan Cafe. Is it for one person?” (Waitress)

When I entered the store, which was written as… the birthplace of cake or something, I was guided inside by a waitress in a maid dress.

Either because the time was good, or not crowded, I was able to sit down at a table without waiting. And when I was handed a menu and read it all the way, I decided to order as usual, for the time being.

“I want all the dishes and cakes on this menu. I don’t mind the order, I want you to prepare the things that you can do.” (Lior)

“Certainly.” (Waitress)

“…Ooh.” (Lior)

A voice of admiration unconsciously leaked out.

I had ordered like this in various shops so far, and they certainly asked again, since it was impossible for them, and they would try to stop me.

On the contrary, this store accepted the order without asking again. That guy had, indeed, lent his hand here.

Well… weren’t they a bit too used to it? I had a feeling that… they frequently had this kind of order.

While I was in doubt, the waitress started to arrange the cakes on my table.

“To begin with, here is the store-boasted cake set. Please wait for the other dishes awhile.” (Waitress)

They were the same cakes that Dee made, but… they were smaller. Dee and that guy would make were big round cakes, but the cakes that I ordered from this store were in small pieces.

I used a fork and ate it in one bite, but I was still satisfied with it. The taste wasn’t bad.

“Hmm… it’s not enough. Sorry, can you bring more of these?” (Lior)

I ordered again from a waitress who was walking nearby, and when I was drinking a hot tea…

“Good grief… Eat cake more elegantly, you know?” (??)

I heard such words from nearby… but that voice made me unusually irritated.

When I turned around to glare at him, there was a young man at the next table who could be found anywhere, and a man who appeared to have a certain ability sitting on a chair.

The voice just now came from the unfamiliar young man, but… I completely noticed that voice, even if I wanted to forget it.

That was known as a supernatural magic, and there was no difference from that abnormal elf magician. His appearance was different, but if it was him, he could do it. Perhaps, he was disguised with magic or tools.

“You bastard… what are you doing here?” (Lior)

“Can’t you see? I am having cake. Unlike you, I’m elegant, don’t you think?” (Rodwell)

“That is elegant? You just used magic like an idiot, and you call that elegant?” (Lior)

“That’s rude. It was my mistake to use the word ‘elegant’ for you, whom has no brain but a sword. Let me apologize.” (Rodwell)

We were smiling, but since we were staring at each other while releasing bloodlust, the surrounding waitresses and customers were getting away from us when I noticed them.

“Do you think that is enough of an apology? My eye was badly injured because of your magic! Aren’t you a fool for suddenly dropping a mountain?!” (Lior)

I couldn’t forget it.

That was a few years ago… At that time, I was participating to crush some groups of thieves at the request of the guild.

This guy dropped a mountain-like rock from above when I attacked them. I cut a part of the rock to avoid it, but if it was done poorly, I would’ve been killed.

“Was it not because you charged in on your own without listening to the strategy? And because of you, I couldn’t wipe out all of the thieves, maybe you’re the one who should apologize?” (Rodwell)

“It was weird to drop a mountain on thieves! Don’t do magical experiments on the thieves, do it somewhere else!” (Lior)

“I don’t need to say that you were killing them while laughing.” (Rodwell)

“What!?” (Lior)

“Alright… shall we settle this?” (Rodwell)

The cup he placed on the table had started to subtlely vibrate because of our bloodlust, and then I picked up the piece of iron, which was the substitute for my partner.

This opponent would not be easy with this weapon, but I would be able to do it at this distance.

“W-wait a minute, Magna-san! I haven’t eat the cake yet, so I want you to stop that!” (Rodwell)

“Impossible. I will be killed if I unskillfully intervene.” (Magna)

Other customers were getting noisy because they were driven out, the moment I took a step forward to push this iron lump against him… a woman came in between us.

“Yeah, yeah, let’s stop at that. This is not outside, but inside the shop, so if you act violently, you won’t be able to come here again, you know.” (??)

Normally, I didn’t mind attacking, but the woman, who interrupted me, had power and dignity that made me unintentionally stop my feet.

I had, somehow, calmed down and when I separated my hand from the iron lump, he also stood down and sat back in his chair.

“Yeah, that’s good! If you want to have a go, please do it outside of the town. Ojii-sama too, you were also being immature.” (Lifell)

“I have displayed an embarrassing figure.” (Rodwell)

“…The Jou-chan is right. Thank you for stopping me.” (Lior)

“Hi-hime-sama—…no, please stop interrupting this situation!” (Melt)

“I can’t do my job if I am frightened by this degree. Aah, the order? Three sets of cakes.” (Lifell)

“U-understood… ” (Melt)

Hooo…She was a dignified and strong-willed Jou-chan, huh?

An ordinary person would run away, but rather than just interrupting us, she casually sat on a chair and placed an order.

“Ojii-sama, also, let’s eat cake without having a fight. This is a precious break for us.” (Lifell)

“That’s right. Well then, Magna, quickly take that one whole cake. I will never forgive you for eating alone.” (Rodwell)

I didn’t really understand, but this Jou-chan seemed to know that foolish elf. She wasn’t afraid of our bloodlust… she didn’t seem to be an ordinary person.

The surroundings also regained its calmness, starting with the Jou-chan, who happily ate the cakes. Since I had sat on a chair and the dishes had arrived, I decided to focus on the meals for the time being.

When I enjoyed the dishes that were unexpectedly delicious, even though they weren’t at Dee’s level, the Jou-chan from earlier sat in front of me. In the vicinity, there were two who appeared to be that Jou-chan’s attendants; a female rabbitkin, and a young man who didn’t have enough muscles.

“Hmmm… what is it? Was it because the commotion earlier was bad?” (Lior)

“I didn’t really mind about that commotion. Actually, I’d like to ask you something.” (Lifell)

“If it’s alright to answer while I’m eating, that’s fine, then.” (Lior)

“Thank you very much. I heard from the person who was indulging in cakes over there. Are you the famous Lior-sama?” (Lifell)

The part when she mentioned my name wasn’t heard by the surroundings, so I decided to nod obediently. Since she had heard it from that elf, I thought that there was no need to conceal that fact.

“Although the name matches, that is not my name at the moment. My name is Ikki-Tousen. I want you to call me Tousen.” (Lior)

“Well then, Tousen-sama. My name is Lifell, and I am the royal princess of Elysion. To tell you the truth, I want to ask a favor.” (Lifell)

“…I dislike royalty and nobility. So, I don’t want to hear it.” (Lior)

When I had a bothered face, the Jou-chan named Lifell took out a bell from her pocket and rang it. And then a large roasted meat and a cake, which hadn’t sliced yet, were brought together from the kitchen and lined up in front of me.

“Please help yourself, you don’t have to hold back. It is good enough even if you just listen to the talk.” (Lifell)

“…Fine. I will only listen, so don’t ask anything.” (Lior)

“Thank you very much. The talk is simple. I want you to teach the people in the castle the way of using the sword. Of course, the reward will be amazing.” (Lifell)

“Is that it? It’s troublesome…” (Lior)

“Alright then, you can just do a simulated battle. I want the castle guards to directly experience the strength of Tousen-sama. Because experience is important.” (Lifell)

“Hoo… I got it. There is a possibility that I might break the opponents, you know?” (Lior)

“We are well aware of that, and the opponents of Tousen-sama really desire it. Actually, Melt, who is next to me, also wants it.” (Lifell)

“I want to become strong to protect this person. Tousen-sama, will you consider it?” (Melt)

This man… didn’t have sufficient muscles, but the determination in his eyes were considerable. He resembled that small boy who tried to surpass me for that purpose.

“I want the people in the castle taught at least once by the strongest man in the world. If there are troublesome nobles, they will be immediately silenced, so will that be alright?” (Lifell)

“I’m not the strongest in the world anymore…” (Lior)

I wasn’t the strongest in the world when I was defeated by Sirius. And he didn’t claim that title, he just left it vacant, but… would that be troublesome to explain?

Besides, when I think about it, I still have to wait for my partner to be fixed… so should I go to the castle to spend my time?

“Well… alright. Are you going to take the responsibility?” (Lior)

“Thank you very much. Although this is too quick, I will also explain about the future schedules…” (Lifell)

“Since that old man has low intelligence other than a sword, it will be useless to explain. It is good enough if you just give him meals again as a reward.” (Rodwell)

“What did you say!? You also looked happy when it comes to magic, aren’t you!? The face that you had when you tested the magic at that time was deplorable!” (Lior)

“You too have a sloppy face when you swing a sword. By all means, show that disillusion to the soldiers of the castle.” (Rodwell)

“…Want to have a go?” (Lior)

“Shall we?” (Rodwell)

“Yeah, yeah, stop it right there.” (Lifell)

When the elf and I stood up, the Jou-chan intervened once again, but unlike earlier, both of us were totally unwilling.

This time, when I grabbed my partner and I couldn’t be stopped anymore… inexcusable words came out from the Jou-chan.

“My sister has a friend named Emilia, and… she told us a bit about Tousen-san, is that right, Senia?” (Lifell)

“Yeah. She told me that you are a strong and kind-hearted Ojii-san. And if a fight with such a person happened in the town…” (Senia)

“Besides, there is a new cake recipe that Sirius-kun thought of in the letter that I received the other day. That’s too bad, Ojii-sama.” (Lifell)

““…”” (Lior/Rodwell)

The elf and I were silently shaking hands.

I thought of squeezing his hand, but I am a gentle Ojii-san. I’ll forgive you today.


Thus, while I’m leaving my partner behind, I ended up playing with the soldiers of Elysion.

And after I get my partner back, I would immediately go after Sirius and Emilia.

Boy… did you properly expect that?

Wait for me!

Later… the days when screams could be heard from the castle continued for several days.

(Thank you for reading at




During [The Reformation of the Silver Wolf Tribe], the parents were…


“…Emilia has finally overcome it.” (Erina)

“Yeah. It seems that Sirius also took the opportunity, so it turned out well, I guess? Hehe, she looks really happy. I’m jealous.” (Aria)

“Since I entrusted everything to Emilia, that girl will continue to support Sirius-sama.” (Erina)

“Yes, that was a good response. As expected of a child brought up by Erina.” (Aria)

“Thank you very much.” (Erina)

“Excuse me…” (??)

“Ooh? Aren’t you Emilia’s and Reus’…” (Aria)

“Nice to meet you, my name is Rona. This time your son and our…” (Rona)

“Aah, no need, no need. You don’t have to use honorifics. Everyone here is equal. Because this is just a place to watch the children. By the way, please call me Aria.” (Aria)

“Please call me Erina. Would you like to have some tea?” (Erina)

“Tea!? Ooh… yes, please.” (Rona)

“Anyway, that person who stumbled over his knees over there, is he alright?” (Aria)

“You do not need to worry. Because he’s just unable to accept that his daughter was taken by Sirius-kun. Hey, isn’t she looking really happy? How long are you going to be frustrated?” (Rona)

“Uhmm… I’m sorry about my boy.” (Aria)

“No… instead of just saving your daughter and son, he is a gentle child who will make them happy. He knows that, but, after all…” (Erina)

“I think that he will recovered soon; so, please, leave him alone. Leaving that aside, we have something that we want to tell you, Aria-san.” (Rona)

“What is it?” (Aria)

“Thank you for giving birth to such a wonderful child. Since Sirius was there, we were able to disappear with confidence. And Erina-san…” (Rona)

“Yes?” (Erina)

“Thank you very much for loving our children. On the contrary, you gave Emilia a new goal.” (Rona)

“…That’s incorrect. I used your child for my own self-satisfaction.” (Erina)

“No, even if it was, when looking at their happy faces, I don’t think that was a mistake.” (Rona)

“Yeah! That’s why they are good with each other.” (Aria)

“Yeah… right. Leaving that matter aside, shall we watch the children together?” (Erina)

“No… We already had enough. We’re going to disappear like this.” (Rona)

“Yeah… you’re satisfied, aren’t you?” (Aria)

“Yes. The children are already adults, and it will be alright if we leave them to Sirius-kun.” (Rona)

“Is that so? It’s weird to say ‘please take care’… so goodbye.” (Aria)

“Ahaha, I certainly do not know what to say. Hey, how long are you going to be like that? Say something.” (Rona)

“Aah… yes. My wife has said everything that I wanted to say, and I’m also grateful. Sirius-kun is a wonderful child.” (Felios)

“Hehe… of course, that’s because he is my child. Well then, goodbye.” (Aria)

““Yes.”” (Rona/Felios)


“They have gone now.” (Erina)

“Yeah. By the way, Erina. Are you going to move on?” (Aria)

“Are you kidding me? I still have to watch over Sirius.” (Erina)

“Me too. Besides, that child is doing a lot of things, so I won’t get tired of watching him.” (Aria)

“Exactly, but I think that he will face a slightly dangerous situation soon.” (Erina)

“Aah, isn’t that natural when he is on an adventure? Besides, since he said that he wanted to become an educator, I wonder when he will settle down?” (Aria)

“That will be good. If he settles down, we will soon see a child born.” (Erina)

“Yeah. Since there are two bride candidates, I’m sure it will be right away.” (Aria)

“Grandchildren… is it?” (Erina)

“Yeah. They will look cute.” (Aria)

“Yes. They will.” (Erina)

“I’m looking forward to it.” (Aria)

“Me too.” (Erina)

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