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Girls Talk

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Shimifia Aramis

When I was a child, she was the female elf that I met when I first entered the Adload Continent.

Since she was an elf. which was a rare race, she was poisoned by some adventurers and I helped her when she was about to be kidnapped.

Elves were prideful and tended to look down on others, but Fia was a friendly woman and she even thought of herself as an oddball.

Even though I was only with her for one day, there were parts of me that she was attracted to. When we were about to go our separate ways, she said that she wanted to become my lover when I grew up… No, she wanted to become a mistress.

I didn’t really want her to become a mistress, but we became friends. We promised to meet each other again and then we separated.

Fia couldn’t leave her hometown for ten years because of her hometown’s law, so I collectively planned to go to her place, but…

“I missed you, Sirius!” (??)

“…Fia?” (Sirius)

The appearance of Fia, whom I met again after such a long time, hadn’t changed from that time.

She had flowing emerald green long hair, and a beautiful model-like face. She was a completely beautiful Onee-chan when I was a child at that time, but she had a considerable destructive power to the present me, who had become a young man.

Speaking of something that had changed, I had grown a bit taller, so I guess she could fit into my chest?

I was glad to be embraced by such an attractive elf, but I was puzzled at the same time.

“Uwaah…what an awesome beauty…” (Kachia)

“An Elf? That’s unusual…” (Cecil)

My disciples were just as surprised as me. However, because of Kachia’s and Cecil’s voices, who were the employees of the inn, I sorted my thoughts to the present situation.

Although it was an inn with few guests, I couldn’t just calm myself down and have a talk in front of the counter.

“Cecil-san, change one of the double rooms to a triple room! And here’s the lodging charge and hush money for this person!” (Sirius)

I put a gold coin in Cecil’s hand. Then I pulled Fia away from me and I carried her in my arms.

“Hehe, how nostalgic. You were small and unbalanced in the past, but now, it’s a splendid Oujo-sama and Ohime-sama(1).” (Fia)

“If you understand that, don’t bite your tongue, alright?” (Sirius)

With only Hokuto, I started running towards my room while carrying Fia.

And as Hokuto opened the door, I went into the room and had Fia sit on the bed.

“Oh, how aggressive you are after this sudden reunion. I don’t hate it when you ask for it.” (Fia)

“I’m not going to do anything. I just want to calm down and have a talk.” (Sirius)

“I don’t mind. Were those two, by any chance, your wives? Was it bad for me to suddenly hug you?” (Fia)

“Although I was surprised, Fia didn’t do anything bad, and those two are not my wives. It will be alright if I properly explain later, but first, let’s exchange information.” (Sirius)

“Yeah. I was too excited when I met Sirius. Sorry for being noisy.” (Fia)

“There’s no such thing. More importantly, it’s been a while, Fia. I wanted to see you again.” (Sirius)

“Hehe… although I said it earlier, I also wanted to see you again.” (Fia)

She entered the room and took off her mantle, and underneath the mantle was the same leather breastplate that she wore when we met before, and she had a skirt with a slit and her navel was exposed.

In other words, her skin was exposed in various places, and I was hugged by her again with a smile. I was happy as a man, but I wanted her to forgive me for this moment.

I managed to calm her down, who was a bit excited, and pulled her off of me, I wanted to ask something from that point.

“So, why are you here? It hasn’t been ten years yet, and you are not supposed to leave the forest, right?” (Sirius)

It was a slight detail, but there was still nearly half a year before the decade from when we had separated. It wasn’t possible, unless there was a time distortion, but… her answer was pretty bad.

“I ran away.” (Fia)

“…What?” (Sirius)

“I said, I ran away. I wanted to see you, so… I broke the law.” (Fia)

Fia seemed to feel guilty of breaking the law, since she was scratching her head with a bitter smile. On the other hand, I felt that something was wrong with her attitude.

I didn’t know how strict the laws of elves were, but I didn’t think that she would break it because of that reason. Thinking that… she wanted to see me, it was dubious.

“I am happy that you wanted to see me, but what’s the other reason?” (Sirius)

“Aah… you figured that out, huh? But, you know, it is true that I really wanted to see you.” (Fia)

“I’m happy for that. However, if you are going to be with me from now, I want you to stop hiding secrets. Please, tell me.” (Sirius)

“I was forced to go to an arranged marriage interview.” (Fia) (TLN: Omiai)

After we separated, she returned to her hometown. She spent her time peacefully, since she met her family again.

She spent her days practicing and improving on how to fly in the sky, which I had taught her. She had continued to wait for ten years because of that law.

“A decade is not a big deal, if you’re an elf, but the days before I could meet Sirius again felt long. And then, six months ago, my dad had…” (Fia)

She was suddenly called by her father, and told her that she had to go to an arranged marriage interview.

The other party seemed to be an Elder Elf, who was also the founder of the elves, and he accidentally saw Fia, while he was walking in the forest.

This was my first time hearing about the Elder Elves, but according to Fia’s explanation, they were a tribe that lived even deeper in the forest than Fia’s hometown, and… apparently it was a tribe that rarely left the forest.

“I refused because I had Sirius, but us elves basically can’t go against the Elder Elves. I met him, but…” (Fia)

They were stronger than the elves, so the elves couldn’t go against them. In other words, if we were to compare them to ourselves, it was like a royal and a commoner, so marrying an Elder Elf was like marrying into royalty.

It sounded good, if I didn’t considering her feelings, but Fia was disgruntled and clenched her fist.

“He was arrogant and selfish! With his overbearing manner, he came to us and wanted to make me as one of his wives… he was so proud of himself and saw me as nothing but a tool.” (Fia)

“That’s unpleasant. Was he so proud of his power?” (Sirius)

“The Elder Elves hold great strength. If I went all out with the spirits, I would, somehow, manage against only one of them.” (Fia)

“With Fia’s full power… is it? That is a considerable strength.” (Sirius)

Apparently, there were nearly a hundred people with the same level as Fia, who could use Wind spirit spells. Although their numbers were small, it was suicidal to defy the Elder Elves, who were more familiar with the forest than the Elves.

Fia’s father was reluctant because she didn’t like it, but he couldn’t go against the Elder Elves. But, Fia didn’t have the personality to stay put.

“So, I ran away. Hmm, should I say that I ran away? Although I said that, I made some preparations.” (Fia)

Since the Elder Elves didn’t leave the forest, of course, she must go from there to the depths of the forest. And the night before she was to head to the depths of the forest, there was a letter and traveling preparations placed in Fia’s room, who was trying to escape.

“I wrote that they should treat me as a criminal who broke the law. Since his pride is so high, he absolutely won’t touch a criminal, he’ll probably give up.” (Fia)

“A criminal… is Fia fine with that? And is your family going to be fine?” (Sirius)

“The criminal will be banished for one hundred years, but there will be no problems if it is only a hundred years or so. Besides, I think my family is fine. To behave recklessly for a person like me, even if the Elder Elves looked down on us, it’s just a matter of disrespect.” (Fia)

A hundred years huh…? As expected of the Elves, who lived a long life.

And since the Elder Elves recognized the Elves as gatekeepers for their own residence, they would not handle this that seriously.

That was something to be worried about later, but the person who should mind it the most, was cheerfully laughing. I met Fia again, but the thing about going to the Elf forest hadn’t changed.

“Is that so? Anyway, I’m glad that Fia is alright.” (Sirius)

“Yeah, I’m not defiled, you know? That’s why, I will be glad if you soil me.” (Fia)

Since I was about to be embraced again, I held Fia’s face with my hand and stopped her. Since her opponent wasn’t serious, she immediately gave up and sat on the bed.

“Can I not talk about my failed engagement anymore? Next is Sirius, but why is that wolf here?” (Fia)

“This is my partner, Hokuto. He is a reliable fellow who can properly understand a person’s words.” (Sirius)

“Wow… he’s smart. But if he is Sirius’s partner, this much is probably normal. My name is Fia, nice to meet you, Hokuto.” (Fia)

“Woof!” (Hokuto)

Fia seemed to be having fun while stroking Hokuto’s head. And Hokuto might have also recognized that Fia wasn’t an enemy, since he was comfortably close while being brushed.

Well then, the relationship with Hokuto was good, but the problem was my disciples. I quietly approached the door to the hallway and vigorously opened it up.

“““Waah!?””” (Emilia/Reese/Reus)

Of course, the ones who flooding into the room were my disciples.

When I was wondering why they didn’t came in, even some time had lapsed, those three were together, listening in front of the door. It wasn’t that I didn’t understand their feelings, but I thought that they wouldn’t do this in secret, since I was family to my disciples.

I had a forced smile, but a sigh leaked out as my disciples looked up at me with investigative eyes.

“I’ll introduce them, Fia. These children are my disciples.” (Sirius)

Since everyone was in the room, we first decided to introduce the disciples to Fia.

As soon as I sat on the bed, Emilia and Reese were sitting on both sides of me, they embraced my arms, as if to say that I was theirs. However, it was probably impossible for Reese, her face was red. By the way, Fia and Reus were sitting opposite to me.

“Nice to meet you. I am Emilia, Sirius-sama’s disciple.” (Emilia)

“I am Reese, Sirius-san’s disciple.” (Reese)

“I… am… Reus.” (Reus)

Emilia was smiling, but it was a terribly overpowering smile that was shown to the other side. It was a technique that was used by my Kaa-san, Erina, but Reus, who frequently received it, was scared.

I thought that she was completely like a Mother-in-Law, but Fia was laughing without feeling intimidated by Emilia.

“Hehe, nice to meet you. I am Shimifia. Even if you don’t warn me that much, I won’t take your lover.” (Fia)

“I am Sirius-sama’s disciple. The lover here is Reese.” (Emilia)

“Eh!? Y-yes. I am his… lover.” (Reese)

I didn’t think there were any followers who’d hug their master’s arms like lovers. I feel somewhat incoherent, but Emilia was probably testing Fia.

In the past, when Erina knew about my abnormal strength, she said that there would be people who tried to exploit it. Because of that, when I talked about the person who I got acquainted with, she would pursue the matter more than necessary, whether the other party was really reliable or not.

Emilia was the successor who took over the intention of Erina. Perhaps, she was trying to know the real intention by shaking Fia’s feelings. Actually, she could just be jealous.

“This is just what I expected. If it’s Sirius, I thought that it wouldn’t be weird if he had one or two lovers.” (Fia)

“That’s not the only reason, you know.” (Sirius)

“Because it’s Aniki, right?” (Reus)

I felt happy enough if my disciples could healthily grow up, but when I noticed it, this was the situation. However, I didn’t regret it.

When Reus started to regain his usual tone, Emilia slightly pulled my arm. I didn’t mind it, but my arm was hitting her chest.

“Sirius-sama, is Shimifia-san going to accompany us on our trip from now on?” (Emilia)

“Aah, she will become our companion. Sorry, I decided that on my own.” (Sirius)

“No, if that is Sirius-sama’s decision, we have no reason to oppose it.” (Emilia)

“I agree. It’s amazing for an elf to become our companion.” (Reese)

“Because it’s Aniki, right!?” (Reus)

Emilia was still a bit wary, but I felt relieved that everyone wasn’t objecting.

In order to make Fia, who had become our companion, know about our situation, I talked about my encounter with the disciples.

After parting with Fia, I met the siblings and made them my disciples. And then, I went to the school and roughly explained how Reese became my disciple. As a precaution, I didn’t say that Reese was royalty and that she could see spirits.

I was interposed midway and supplemented by the disciples, but they were praising me as usual.

While continuing to explain like this, Fia kept watching us with gentle eyes.

“Everyone loves Sirius, right?” (Fia)

“Of course! He is the one that I will serve for my whole life.” (Emilia)

“Y-yes.” (Reese)

“Because it’s Aniki, right!?” (Reus)

“It will be rude to you guys if I don’t start being serious. I am going to use magic from now on, but it’s not an attack, so you don’t have to worry. Wind… please.” (Fia)

And when Fia muttered some words as if she was singing, the surrounding air changed.

The disciples were confused, but they immediately understood what she did. Talking about the past, it was a technique that I taught for fun.

“It’s alright. This is a Wind barrier that’s used to prevent our voices from leaking out. Fia, for you to use this…” (Sirius)

“It  will be fine if it’s your companions, whom you trust, and this will be my proof of trust, since I am the newcomer. As you can see, my attribute is Wind. And I… can see Spirits.” (Fia)

One who could see Spirits… was someone who could use Spirit Spells and who was destined to be powerful, and they would keep themselves hidden until they died. However, since Fia explained it herself, this showed how earnest she was.

In a normal setting, it would be a surprising scene of displaying strong determination, but my disciples merely nodded as if they got the point.

“…Eh? I intended to say that this was a momentous decision, but what’s with the light response? Could that be Sirius…” (Fia)

“That’s rude, I didn’t say anything, you know.” (Sirius)

“Is that so? Shimia is someone who can see Spirits. She’s the same as me…” (Reese)

“Eh!? You too?” (Fia)

“Yes. I can see Water Spirits.” (Reese)

Fia stood up while being surprised at Reese’s confession, and grabbed hold of Reese’s hands, while smiling. I probably couldn’t understand. Perhaps, it was the loneliness that those who could see Spirits could feel.

“This is the first time I have met someone who can see Spirits. Somehow… I am very happy.” (Fia)

“Sirius-san said that he met a person who could see Spirits, so that was you, wasn’t it? Uhmm, actually, I wanted to say thank you.” (Reese)

“I don’t really understand why, but I accept your gratitude. And it is fine to call me Fia. Everyone else, also, please call me that.” (Fia)

In the past, when I confirmed that Reese also could see Spirits, I told her about the way to handle the Spirits, which I heard from Fia. That was the impetus on how she became able to handle the Spirits well, maybe her gratitude was because of that?

Fia had finally settled down after getting excited for a short while. And then, the spell to prevent voices from leaking out was dispelled when there was the sound of someone knocking on the door.

“…Who is it?” (Sirius)

“It’s me. Kachia. I came to tell you that you can eat anytime you want.” (Kachia)

“Understood. We’ll be going soon.” (Sirius)

“Alright.” (Kachia)

When I confirmed that the sound of Kachia’s footsteps had faded, Reus’ stomach made a sound. Was it that time already?

We had mostly explained about everyone’s situation to each other. Afterwards, should we eat together and be good friends? While thinking so, I started to head out with everyone else, but then I noticed Fia’s attire.

“Fia, are you fine without the mantle?” (Sirius)

“It’s alright, since this inn has few customers. Oh… yeah. I have a favor to ask of you, Sirius.” (Fia)

“… I have a bad feeling, but if it’s just listening, I will listen, alright?” (Sirius)

“There are things attached to Emilia’s and Reus’ neck, right? I want that too.” (Fia)

Attached on their necks… Was it the chokers? I made an ornament drawn with the [Call] magic formation, but I didn’t expect her to request a choker.

This was my personal opinion, but I felt that a bracelet or ring would look better on Fia, rather than a choker. Emilia and Reese probably had similar opinions, as they were tilting their heads at Fia’s words.

“It’s not really a big deal, but why did you ask that?” (Sirius)

“Look, if it’s a choker, I won’t be seen as nothing but a slave, right? In that case, our troubles may be reduced.” (Fia)

“Oi oi, you want to be seen as a slave?” (Sirius)

It was certainly true that the possibility of a slave being targeted was less likely than as an elf adventurer.

But, you would be seen as a slave, you know? This person wanted it… was it because of them?

In the case of the siblings, it was rather special. They didn’t mind it, even if they were treated as slaves. Rather, the sister would be pleased with the slave treatment(2).

Although Fia would be seen as a slave, she gave a look that seemed to say that it didn’t bother her.

“I don’t mind being seen like that by everybody. Besides, do you think it’s bad to be a slave to love?” (Fia)

“I do mind!” (Emilia)

“Aah, sorry, Emilia. If the lover position is filled… I guess I’ll be the mistress?” (Fia)

“I am also Sirius-sama’s mistress!” (Emilia)

“Yeah, yeah, calm down a bit.” (Sirius)

Since things were about to get out of hand, I stroked her head and she instantly calmed down. Emilia swung her tail and I separated from her, since she started to rub her cheek against my arm, while responding to Fia’s request.

“You want a choker, right? Please wait awhile.” (Sirius)

“I’m looking forward to it. By the way, if it’s about that equipment, I can talk to you anywhere, correct?” (Fia)

“There is something I want to say. You can’t frequently use it, you know? Besides, since it’s troublesome if you can’t use it during emergencies, I don’t want you to use it as a hobby.” (Sirius)

“Aah, that’s too bad. I thought that I could secretly invite you with that…” (Fia)

“There are also other instances, such as demands on the dinner menu and between meal snacks.” (Sirius)

“““…””” (Emilia/Reese/Reus)

The criminals, the siblings and the glutton, were averting their eyes.

Besides, in the case of Fia, rather than doing it secretly, I thought that she would say it out loud. In the past, she mentioned that her principle was not to forget a favor. But, I was relieved that she hadn’t changed at all.

“Hey, let’s continue the conversation while having the meal, alright? Let’s go.” (Sirius)

And then, I tried to go towards the hallway, but Emilia held my hand and I was unable to move. When I looked at her, she was looking at me with a serious expression.

“Sirius-sama, this may seem rude, but I have a request. We would like to have conversation with only Fia.” (Emilia)

“Hmm… If Fia is fine with it, sure.” (Sirius)

Even if there was an order from me as their leader and master, there was still a part of Fia, who had suddenly become our companion, that they couldn’t give consent to. Since I expected this to happen, I had no reason to refuse her.

Rather than having a relationship where each person held back their feelings, I hoped that they would earnestly collide and their relationship would become a clear relationship. Even if they were fighting each other as a result.

Either way, Fia responded, and she nodded, without breaking her smile.

“I don’t mind. Rather, I was thinking about inviting them as well, so it’s better this way.” (Fia)

“Thank you very much. Well then, let’s do that sometime after the meal.” (Emilia)

“No, how about you do it now? Since Reus and I will eat outside, you three should do it while having your meals here.” (Sirius)

Reus seemed to have no complaint about Fia joining us, so it was probably better to have a girls-only conversation.

Emilia left my arm when I gave permission, and she deeply bowed.

“Sirius-sama, thank you very much.” (Emilia)

“Don’t worry about it. It is fine if you want to have a fight, but don’t destroy the inn, alright? Hokuto, I’m sorry, but I leave those girls to you.” (Sirius)

“Woof!” (Hokuto)

Just to be sure, I asked Hokuto to be their bodyguard. Even if they were attacked by robbers, I would be relieved, since if it was Hokuto, he could make the best judgement.

“You don’t have to worry. I will gain their trust before the day ends.” (Fia)

“I won’t be easy, though.” (Emilia)

“That’s fine. I’ll show you how serious I am.” (Fia)

“Uhmm… if there is anything, I will tell you immediately.” (Reese)

Reese was also there, and I couldn’t feel any hostility between the two, it’s going to be alright… I think?

While having a slightly uneasy feeling, the female team went ahead. And then, Reus and I headed towards the hallway, and we went outside after speaking at the counter.

Maybe it was because of the Fighting Festival, but the town in the evening, where people gathered, was crowded.

We found a place to have a meal. We sat on a vacant seat and made an order as Reus muttered with a smile.

“You know what, it is unusual for me to eat with only Aniki.” (Reus)

“When you say that, I guess it’s true. Well, occasionally, it is a good thing between men, isn’t it?” (Sirius)

“Hehe, that is surely true.” (Reus)

I wasn’t sure with what he was so happy about, but Reus was eating the meals we ordered while smiling.

Hmm, since there was no Emilia who might twist Reus’ opinion, let’s ask him a bit about Fia.

“You see, Reus. What do you think about Fia?” (Sirius)

“Hmm? I think she is a beautiful person. As expected of an el-… muguu-!” (Reus)

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As he was about to say the name of the tribe, I forcibly stuffed some meat into his mouth to make him shut up. There were many people who wanted elves, so I didn’t want him to say that during the conversation. Regardless of being within the inn, there was an especially large amount of people around here.

Reus seemed to have noticed this while chewing the meat that was stuffed into his mouth. He, then, swallowed the meat after thinking awhile.

“Uhmm… I, somehow, have a feeling that she is a good person. She is not up to Aniki’s level, but I think she is as reliable as Nee-chan, and I like her.” (Reus)

“You like her… huh? As expected, you are also a man who’s weak against beautiful women. I thought that you were not interested in women, but you have finally…” (Sirius)

“It’s not like that. I like her as a companion, you know? If I am allowed to do this, I think that I will call her Fia-ane. Fia-ane, in the first place, is Aniki’s woman, right?” (Reus)

“I guess that is true, huh? So… are you fine with this? While having your sister as a lover, you don’t mind if Reese and Fia are in it as well?” (Sirius)

“I don’t have any complaints about Aniki, who made Nee-chan achieve such happiness. Besides, it is natural for Reese-ane and Fia-ane to like you.” (Reus)

Maybe it was because of the polygamy being accepted by those who have power in this world, he was tilting his head while trying to understand what the problem was with that.

“I am happy if Nee-chan is happy. Moreover, I think that it is really amazing if Aniki can make Reese-ane, who I think about as my family, happy.” (Reus)

“That’s a premature saying. I haven’t even married yet, and I don’t know what will happen from now on, you know?” (Sirius)

“If it is Aniki, we will support you, so you don’t have to worry. For me, Aniki is my family, my Sensei and my aim. I am really glad that Aniki picked me up. I’ll follow you for the rest of my life!” (Reus)

Reus said it with a dazzling smile, while displaying his teeth. It was a bit embarrassing when he directly expressed his gratitude.

I leisurely spent our time between men while giving Reus my own share of meat.

— Reese —

Sirius-san and Reus had gone out so what’s left in the room was us ladies.

Although it couldn’t be helped, Emilia seemed to hate herself for driving Sirius-san away.

Before I tried to encourage her, Fia tapped Emilia’s shoulder with a smile.

“Hey, don’t worry about it. Let’s have a meal. Aren’t you hungry?” (Fia)

“…Yeah.” (Emilia)

“Let’s go. I am hungry, too.” (Fia)

And then, led by Fia-san, we headed to the bar, which was also the dining hall of the inn.

While walking through the hallway, I looked at her walking figure as she casually talked with Hokuto. I felt that I, once again, learned how amazing Fia-san was.

When I looked at Emilia, who was smiling, she was hurling an intimidating air.

When we were in school, Sirius-san, who had become famous after fighting the Headmaster, suddenly had more opportunities to be approached by women.

Ane-sama declared that she wanted to make him her subordinate, but the nobles also sent their daughters and granddaughters to secure his strength in order to take him in.

Of course, there were some people who liked him normally, but everyone who had a guilty conscious all ran away when she put on that smile. At first, it looked like a smile from a splendid attendant, but those who felt guilty were, somehow, unable to directly look at that smile. It was said that they had seen a [Silverion’s Smile].

In other words, that smile was some sort of rite of passage; to see whether they really liked Sirius-san or not.

By no means, it wasn’t about Sirius-san getting taken away, or because she was jealous… I think?

Having said that, it seemed that Fia-san had gone through the rite of passage by Emilia, didn’t she?

Although they hadn’t met each other before, I think that the figure of her happily talking to Hokuto looked similar to my Ane-sama. Fia-san, who was an elf and a senior in Spirit Spells, wasn’t a timid person.

We had to go through the receptionist’s lobby in order to get to the bar. Currently, it wasn’t Cecil at the counter, but a big man.

Even though Sirius-san brought her in on his own, Fia-san remembered that she wasn’t accepted yet, and then, she approached the counter.

“I’m sorry, but I’ll be staying here tonight…” (Fia)

“I was already told that.” (??)

As he said that, we looked at the inn’s registrar, and Fia-san’s name was already written in it and her business with the counter was already completed. Apparently, Sirius-san did it before he went out.

The man standing at the counter looked rough, but he was looking at us with gentle eyes.

“I don’t care who the customers are. I just want you to take a good rest.” (??)

“Where is Cecil-san?” (Reese)

“My wife is preparing the meals at the bar. Since it is our prideful dishes, please don’t hold back when eating them.” (??)

This person was Cecil-san’s husband.

More importantly, I was looking forward to her cooking.

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When we arrived at the bar on the first floor of the inn, there were a few guests and the vacant seats stood out. And as we entered the bar, everyone’s eyes had simultaneously focused on us. Since there was an Elf, Fia, and Hokuto, it might not be unreasonable.

I was thinking whether Hokuto would be stopped, but it seemed that Sirius-san had talked with the receptionist beforehand, so we were able to enter without any problems.

When we worried about where to sit, Kachia-chan, who was helping as a waitress, noticed us. She came in front of us with a lovely smile, but she was confused because Sirius-san and Reus weren’t here.

“Eh… where are the Onii-chans?” (Kachia)

“They went out because they had some business to do. We are the only ones who will be eating here today, but I wonder if there is a place where we can slowly speak alone?” (Fia)

Fia-san briefly explained, and then, Kachia-chan recommended the seats at the corner of the wall. It couldn’t be seen from the entrance, and it seemed to be just right as it was a bit further away from the other seats.

The other guests… especially a man with fat belly, were trying to approach us, but they returned to their original positions the moment Hokuto turned his gaze on them. As expected of Sirius-san’s partner.

Emilia sat next to me, while Fia-san sat on the opposite side. And Hokuto was sitting nearby to protect us.

After a while, Kachia-chan came to take our orders, so we ordered while looking at the menu.

“I would like to have some wine… I wonder if you two drink wine?” (Fia)

“I’ll have fruit juice.” (Emilia)

“I’ll also have fruit juice, please.” (Reese)

Emilia slowly lowered her head when we faced each other again after asking for some other dishes.

“I am sorry to suddenly ask for such an occasion.” (Emilia)

“I don’t really mind. We haven’t met each other yet, so I think that it is better for us to clearly express our intentions. Also, those words were intense, you know?” (Fia)

“Sorry, please let’s do that from now on.” (Emilia)

I thought that Emilia’s tone was intense because she hadn’t fully accepting Fia-san yet.

In the first place, if Sirius-san, who was the master, accepted her, Emilia, who was the servant, couldn’t refuse her. Nevertheless, Emilia couldn’t easily trust the other side.

Whether she might be against her Master or became a villain, she couldn’t accept her until she was sure that Sirius-san wouldn’t be betrayed… that’s what Emilia said in the past.

That was the intention handed to her by her attendant teacher, Erina-san, and she decided to do it on her own.

Although she said that, I thought that Emilia had almost accepted Fia-san.

Occasionally, she would pick up someone’s true nature through their actions, and see through even more of their fake expressions.

Then, we lifted our cups when the dishes and drinks were carried and arranged on the table.

“Well then, shall we have a toast? So, who’s going to toast this?” (Fia)

“Let me do it, then. For meeting with Fia-san…” (Reese)

“““Cheers!””” (Emilia/Reese/Fia)

I lightly knocked the cup and drank it.

Fia-san drank the wine in one gulp, she seemed satisfied while lightly breathing out. At any rate… she was very sexy. I was about to say that each of her conducts were captivating, and she gave the feeling of an older woman, even though she only looked a little bit older than us. Are all elves like her?

In addition, Emilia drank her fruit juice in one gulp. She placed the cup on the table  with a little more force and sharpened her eyes.

“Fia-san, what do you think of Sirius-sama?” (Emilia)

That was splendid as she got straight to the point.

When I thought about it, she had lived longer than us, and it may be a bad choice to attack her from behind, because it seemed like she could easily throw children like us off.

And to Emilia’s question, Fia responded without hesitation.

“I love him. It is enough to devote my life for him.” (Fia)

“We-well, since when did you come to love Sirius-sama?” (Emilia)

What should I do…? It wasn’t only me, Emilia was also blushing because of Fia-san’s words.

Emilia changed the direction of the question, while being upset. The meaning was surely to see if she was judging him by looking at Sirius-san’s ability and fame, I think?

Fia-san was also a bit surprised at such an inquiry, but she replied after she poured some wine into the cup.

“At first, it was because of his back… I guess? Didn’t I mention about me being rescued by Sirius earlier?” (Fia)

“You were attacked by uncivilized adventurers, right?” (Emilia)

“At that time, it wasn’t just my chastity, but I was about to lose a lot of things. But, Sirius suddenly jumped out and stood to protect me… I was attracted to his back…” (Fia)

I understood that feeling. When I was in school, when we were attacked by the murderers in the labyrinth… I was attracted to Sirius-san, who came to help us.

I might have started to recognize Sirius-san as a man at that time. And the deciding factor was when I got kidnapped.

“He was only a child at that time, you know? I like children, but Sirius was different, somehow.” (Fia)

“Yeah! Sirius-sama is really like an adult, he knows everything and he watches over us!” (Emilia)

I also agreed that he was unusually like an adult.

In the beginning, I thought that he was like my father, because I could see him as nothing but a parent who looked after Emilia and Reus.

Even though he had attendants, he prepared delicious dishes every day, and I couldn’t think of him as someone below me.

“I had traveled for about ten years, before I met Sirius, but there was not a single person who would let me off. When the fact of me being an Elf was known, I would be attacked like some beast, so in order to avoid such trouble, I would always run away. Compared to that, Sirius wanted to be friends with me because elves were uncommon… I was surprised in many ways.” (Fia)

“That’s just like Sirius-sama. However, it probably can’t be helped because of Fia-san’s beautiful face.” (Emilia)

“Hehe, thanks. After that, I was taught about various things, like how to fly in the sky, and I noticed that I became attracted to him more and more.” (Fia)

Next, she talked about flying practice, being carried in his arms like a princess, and it seemed Emilia was getting envious. I was… envious too.

“Although it was only a day’s encounter, I really fell in love. So, when Sirius grew up, I promised to meet him, no matter what kind of adult he would become, but I was surprised when I saw him. He became a man more splendid than I ever expected.” (Fia)

“It is too soon to be surprised! Sirius-sama’s splendor is not only that!” (Emilia)

“Yes, I understand that very well. After all, he nonchalantly does his own things, and he even left Hokuto to protect us.” (Fia)

He didn’t only leave Hokuto for us, he paid for the lodging and the meals.

I heard from Cecil-san, who was in the kitchen, that he paid extra, since we would eat a lot. It was a bit embarrassing, but… I was glad that he understood us.

Fia-san drank some more wine after she talked up to that point. Her mood seemed good for another helping.

“In other words, I like people who are capable. That is why I was attracted to Sirius. Well then, next is your turn.” (Fia)

“Alright. I will tell you… about Sirius-sama’s splendor!” (Emilia)

She wasn’t really competing, but Emilia’s counterattack started from there. I was also listening, and I was supplementing while eating.

“—and then, when I was about to be crushed by anxiety and despair, he hugged me and comforted me.” (Emilia)

“Aah… you would be charmed for sure.” (Fia)

Fia-san was consenting with Emilia’s fervent speech while smiling. By no means was she trying to set it aside, and I thought that she merely wanted to know about her favorite person. She really liked Sirius-san, didn’t she?

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Aah… this chicken, it was tender and delicious.

“Sirius-sama didn’t only rescue Fia-san in a dangerous situation! We were also attacked in the past, and we were saved when we were driven into a corner! Although there were four enemies, with Sirius-sama alone, who was so angry…” (Emilia)

“Yeah. Sirius-san was a bit scary at that time, but he was really amazing.” (Reese)

“That’s because you guys are very important to him. Isn’t this getting better?” (Fia)

What are the spices used for this soup? Let’s ask that later.

“And then, in order to let me get revenge on my parent’s enemy, he purposely pushed me aside. I was in despair at that time, but I thought about it and I did it. And… I finally received Sirius-sama’s affection!” (Emilia)

…Eh? I felt that Emilia’s tone had gone wrong.

She seemed to have become strangely bold.

“Emilia was already embraced, huh? I also want it soon, but… what about Reese?” (Fia)

“Eh!? That… I still…” (Reese)

“Yeah, that’s right! Reese should receive Sirius-sama’s affection as soon as possible! He is a kind, so he will treat you gently!” (Emilia)

And then, Emilia drank the contents of the cup.

When I was thinking that it was obviously strange, Fia-san had poured the contents of the container she had into Emilia’s cup.

That… was wine, wasn’t it?

“To tell the truth, since it is going to be my first time, this is good information. Really… he is gentle, isn’t he?” (Fia)

“Let me tell you the joy of being a woman! He was not only gentle, but there were also times when he was intense. I fainted with so much happiness!” (Emilia)

Although we were already old enough to drink, I haven’t drank alcohol yet. I was unlike Emilia, she didn’t drink alcohol, which could disrupt her focus in order to take care Sirius-san.

That’s why this was her first acohol; but, by no means, Emilia would become like this when she drank…

“I will satisfy Sirius-sama next time! For the sake of Sirius-shama(3), I will do my best with my fostered breasts and body…” (Emilia)

“I want my part before that. I may not be able to win against Emilia on the breast part, but I can compete with longevity and skill.” (Fia)

“I will not lose!” (Emilia)

Aah… Emilia was getting out of hand, since she was talking embarrassing things. The other guests were gone, but it was still embarrassing because Cecil-san was still here.

However, when I properly looked, Fia-san was using the spell she used earlier, and it seemed that our voices hadn’t been leaked to the surroundings.

I thought that nonchalant attentiveness was wonderful, but I probably couldn’t admire Fia so easily since she was the cause of this situation.

Emilia’s recklessness continued awhile and then, she fell asleep around the tenth cup.

There was a need of having skills to drink for the first time… and Fia-san, who was muttering, was already at the twentieth cup. She continued to drink without changing the pace.

“Nevertheless, she is a hardworking cute girl. I know well what makes Sirius important.” (Fia)

“Yeah, I like him too. By the way… Is Fia-san going to be alright if you drink that much?” (Reese)

“I’m fine since I have resistance to alcohol. I was really happy today, and since Emilia’s stories were fun, I can keep going with the wine.” (Fia)

Instead of pouring another helping, Fia-san’s expression became a bit serious and she turned her eyes to me.

“I wish that I could be friends with Emilia, but what do you think?” (Fia)

“I think it is fine. Emilia wanted to know whether you were really thinking about Sirius-san.” (Reese)

“Really? That’s great. Then, how about you, Reese? I haven’t really heard about your true feelings.” (Fia)

“I agree that Fia-san will become our companion. I feel the same, but I think it will be more fun if Fia-san is there.” (Reese)

Our center of focus, Sirius-san, was someone we relied upon, and since I knew that she was a good person from the conversation, I had no reason to refuse her.

Besides, above all…

“Besides… we both like the same person. That’s why I think that we surely can get along.” (Reese)

“Hehe… as expected of Sirius’ lover. But, I’d like to ask you something, didn’t you want to monopolize Sirius?” (Fia)

“No… is not something that I can say, because I also like Emilia. That’s why, if Fia also becomes the same as us…” (Reese)

“…Kuhh! What’s with this cuteness!” (Fia)

Fia-san seemed to be in agony.

Fia-san continued to be like that for a while. When she was finally brought back, she drank some wine and had a smile on her whole face.

“Haa… I am really looking forward to the days from tomorrow on. With Sirius and you guys too.” (Fia)

“Me too. Aah, anyway, have you ever eaten a confection called cake? Sirius-san made it and it is a popular confection. It’s really delicious.” (Reese)

“Really? I wonder if I should ask him about it tomorrow. By the way… Reese hasn’t given Sirius your first time yet, right?” (Fia)

“Buuhh!?” (Reese)

She suddenly changed the topic, and because of that, I unintentionally sprayed the juice that was in my mouth.

While thinking about how to answer, I eventually nodded in earnest. Aah… my face is hot.

“Yeah, I like honest children. Well, today…” (Fia)

“Eh? You haven’t finished yet?” (Sirius)

When Fia-san opened her mouth with a serious face, Sirius-san and Reus had returned and were in front of us.

“Aah… Sirius-shama…” (Emilia)

“Hmm… What? Did you drink?” (Sirius)

“Yesss… For Sirius-shama…” (Emilia)

Was she already in heat? Emilia suddenly got up, and jumped into Sirius-san’s bosom, as he approach us.

Sirius-san slightly caressed her head, but he did it with the eyes of a parent. Emilia, then, started sleeping again, so Sirius-san slowly held her.

“I’m sorry, Sirius. I tried to make her drink a little, but it seemed she drank more than I expected.” (Fia)

“I’m not going to say it is bad, but do it in moderation. Well, I’ll bring Emilia to her room. Both of you, wrap it soon.” (Sirius)

“Got it. Aah, before that, can I borrow Reus-kun for a bit? I have something to talk about.” (Fia)

“Ask Reus, then. I’m going to excuse myself.” (Sirius)

“Yes, please take care of Emilia.” (Reese)

Emilia was being carried off and Sirius-san returned to our room.

When Reus sat down, Fia, once again, briefly introduced herself.

“Say, Fia-san is Aniki’s woman, right? So, is it alright if I call you Fia-ane?” (Reus)

“No problem at all. Alright, I will call you Reus. There are some snacks remaining, do you want them?” (Fia)

“Ouu! Thanks, Fia-ane!” (Reus)

This was Reus’ natural airheadedness, but he surely adapted very fast, as I expected.

While admiring the conversation between those two, Fia-san was smiling and stroking Reus’ head.

“Say Reus, will you sleep in our room today?” (Fia)

“I don’t mind, but since it is a triple room, there aren’t enough beds, right? Well, I can even sleep on the floor.” (Reus)

“It’s alright. Today, Reese will sleep in Sirius’ room, so a bed is available. You can properly rest.” (Fia)

“Is that so? Alright, then.” (Reus)

“…Haa?” (Reese)

Eh… EH?

What… Was that alright?

Me in Sirius-san’s room… Eh?

“He’s probably still embracing Emilia, so you should go after a while. But, I don’t think he will do it when Emilia is in that condition.” (Fia)

“Well, me going to Sirius-san’s room… for what?” (Reese)

“To do that. It’s fine. Didn’t Emilia say that he is gentle? Sirius seems to be waiting, the rest is just your courage.” (Fia)

Somehow, the discussion was progressing on its own.

I was starting to get confused, but I saw Reus picking the remaining dishes.

“Re-Reus? You won’t like it if Sirius-san is not in the room together with you, right?” (Reese)

“I won’t like it, but if it is for Reese-ane, I won’t mind at all. Yup, it is because Nee-chan became happy. Reese-ane too, please be happy!” (Reus)

“Ah… Aah…” (Reese)

Reus seemed to fully understand.

With a smile on his whole face… his eyes were radiating with conviction for my happiness.

Well, it’s not wrong, but… auuu…

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“…” (Reese)

And then, when I noticed it, I was in front of Sirius-san’s room.

I had repeatedly reached out and retracted from the door many times, and I was still hesitating.

I came here because of Fia-san’s words and they kept repeating inside my head.

[I will ‘attack’ starting tomorrow, so I will hand him over to Reese today. Don’t waste your chance, alright?] (Fia)

She finally met him again after ten years. The truth was that Fia-san really wanted to go ahead, but… she withdrew for my sake.

Emilia always pushed me because I was timid, but today, Fia-san pushed me.

When Fia-san talked about her true feelings for Sirius-san, I was overwhelmed with the depth of those feelings.

But… I also didn’t like to lose against Fia-san because I liked Sirius-san too.

As I carried myself, my chest started to beat like when I was under that moonlight, and it kept on going…

That person said that he would accept me, so there was no need to be afraid.

The rest… was just my courage.

I made up my mind and knocked the door.

“Hmmm… Is that you, Reese? What is it?” (Sirius)

“Sirius-san. Today… together…” (Reese)

Extra/Bonus 1

The night… at Elysion castle.

“Where are you going at such a time, Your Majesty!? Oi, get more people! Anyway, stop him!” (Castle Guard)

“Guuoohhhhh! Let me go! I have to go!” (Cardeas)

“So, where are you going!?” (Castle Guard)

“I don’t know! But, I have a feeling that I should GOOOOO—!” (Cardeas)

“Please throw some sleeping powder on him. Huhu…” (Lifell)

“Sounds good, Lifell-sama.” (Castle Guard)

“Yeah. I don’t really understand it, but… I feel like praising someone.” (Lifell)

Extra/Bonus 2

Some excerpts from the conversation between men.

“Although my Tou-chan only had Kaa-chan, an excellent male will be asked many times before increasing the number of females. That’s why Aniki is not weird.” (Reus)

“It’s not that I don’t understand the need of having descendants, but from whom did you hear this from?” (Sirius)

“When I was in school, I was taught that while walking alone in the town. It was a person who barely wore any clothes.” (Reus)

“…Were you standing in the back alley?” (Sirius)

“Yeah. I was trying to take a shortcut for a bit, but I was told to take a break. I was a bit hungry, so they told me that they would treat me, so I entered the store.” (Reus)

“…Please continue.” (Sirius)

“It’s not up to Aniki’s skills, but they gave me some delicious food. They were, somehow, saying something about blue fruits and licking their lips. I was told to go to a room after I finished eating, but since it was late, I went home.” (Reus)

“You… that was prostitute, you know? You said they were too close, didn’t you?” (Sirius)

“Eh? They were not prostitutes, Aniki. Even though they had women’s clothes and hair, they were men.” (Reus)

“…” (Sirius)

Later, it went without saying that he was reeducated by Sirius.

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