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The Reformation of the Silver Wolf Tribe

I woke up to an unusual sound and soft feeling on my arm.

It seemed that it was already morning, after I confirmed the surroundings. When I slowly turned to my side, there was Emilia, who was sleeping with an innocent face while hugging my arm.

Emilia hadn’t woken up yet, but whether she was unconscious or not, she was happily wagging her tail. The identity of that unusual sound was the sound of her wagging tail hitting the blanket.

Looking at the height of the sun from the window, it looked like I woke up later than usual. I would have gotten up earlier, if it was the usual circumstances; but, apparently, I was still tired from fighting yesterday. It was natural to get tired from continuous mana exhaustion and repeated recovery.

And since Emilia was also got over her past and fought the monster, it seemed that she was sleeping deeper than me.

Although she was sleeping, she was rubbing her cheek on my arm several times, while sleep talking.

“Sirius…-sama…” (Emilia)

Even so… Emilia seemed really happy.

When I used the other hand to stroke Emilia’s head, she was happily snuggling me and started sniffing.

“Hehehe…” (Emilia)

“…Are you awake?” (Sirius)

“…You got me.” (Emilia)

Emilia opened her eyes when I pointed her out, but she didn’t leave my arm. She was smiling while looking at my face, and she started to hug my arm tighter.

“My dream has come true. I am glad… I am very happy.” (Emilia)

She finally left my arm, brought her body closer and started chewing my shoulder. She did it many times yesterday… I had been chewed many times and the sensation was getting dull, but Emilia didn’t seem to have had enough.

“I am really happy with your feelings, but I want you to stop, because the blood may come out soon.” (Sirius)

“I’m sorry. But I’m just happy and I can’t stop. I will lick you if blood comes out, so just a bit more…” (Emilia)

Emilia started biting my shoulder again after saying that. I thought she was done, but… in such a situation, I thought of something that was different from biting one’s shoulder.

“Emilia, look here.” (Sirius)

“Aah…” (Emilia)

I put my hands on Emilia’s cheeks and turned her around, and then I kissed her.

Emilia was smiling as if she was melting when I separate from her face… and she started biting my shoulder again.

“In the end, it’s a biting, huh…?” (Sirius)

“I love it…” (Emilia)

At last… blood came out.

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Later, I had, somehow, managed to persuade Emilia, who didn’t want to be separated from me. When we went outside, Reus and Garve were already awake and they were discussing something in the settlement’s square. Since Reus was swinging his fists, it looked like he was being taught something.

By the way, Reus was fine and he didn’t get injured from yesterday’s battle, but Garve, who continuously unleashed his killer technique, had the bones of his left hand slightly fractured. Fortunately, it didn’t reach to a point where he needed treatment from my regenerative ability or Reese’s. He would heal up after he wrapped the hand with a bandage and took some rest.

“Aah, good morning, Aniki, Nee-chan.” (Reus)

“Ooh. Is it you guys? Good…” (Garve)

“Good morning.” (Sirius)

“Uhehe… Good morning, Reus, Ojii-chan.” (Emilia)

While we were greeting in the morning, Garve was the only one who was at a loss for words. Well… it was understandable, when looking at his granddaughter.

Emilia was blushing and she was hiding behind me because she seemed to be happy while wagging her tail.

“No… no way, did you…?” (Garve)

“Ooh! Nee-chan is really in a good mood.” (Reus)

“Of course. That’s because Sirius-sama… hehehe.”(Emilia)

The Silver Wolf tribe was sensitive to odor, and it could be clearly understood, when looking at Emilia’s condition.

Garve was at a loss for words when he thought what had happened, but Reus was as usual. Well, in Reus’ case, I didn’t think that he understood what happened.

Since Hokuto, who had kept watch yesterday, got closer, I stroked his head. In the meantime, Emilia and Garve were looking at each other with serious faces.

“I have no reason to say this, but… is that alright?” (Garve)

“Yes. I am with Sirius-sama. That is the best happiness.” (Emilia)

“Is that so? Me too, if that is the man… I have no complaints. Same goes to Felios and Rona, I also want you to live the way you want.” (Garve)

“Yes!” (Emilia)

When I noticed, it seemed that I had gained Garve’s trust to the point that he believed in his grandchildren. But, I also had to say this least once.

I stopped stroking Hokuto, stood in front of Garve and bowed.

“Although it’s late, I am going to take care your grandchild. I will surely make her happy.” (Sirius)

“Aah… I leave it to you. But, if you make her cry, I might hit you. Engrave that in your heart.” (Garve)

“I leave it to you at that time.” (Sirius)

“It’s alright, Ojii-chan. If Sirius-sama ever makes me cry, it will only be happy tears… ehehe.” (Emilia)

“Hmm… Congratulations.” (Garve)

Emilia was more pleased with my declaration. She hugged my arm with an ecstatic expression, while wagging her tail. Garve had a bitter smile, but blessed us obediently, and Reus was also happy, since he was clapping.

“Hehe, that’s great Nee-chan. Aniki is really close to become my real Aniki.” (Reus)

“You’re too fast, Reus. I will be Sirius-sama’s attendant until the end. But, when it comes to children, how many…?” (Emilia)

“Haa… you guys are going way too fast. By the way, is Reese still sleeping?” (Sirius)

“Reese-ane is making breakfast in that house. Look.” (Reus)

“Breakfast is ready!” (Reese)

When I turned around, Reese came out from another house, the one I was sleeping in before, and she was calling us. So, we decided to go to that house and had some breakfast.

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“Anyhow, I will decide the plan from now on.” (Sirius)

While eating breakfast prepared by Reese, I decided to discuss the upcoming plans.

There was nothing much to say, I think. The enemy of the Silver Wolf tribe, which was the biggest problem, had been defeated, and the surrounding monsters were already cleaned out by Hokuto.

Later, should we build the graves for those who lived in this settlement?

“I was saying that we wanted to build graves, but how many people lived in this settlement?” (Sirius)

“There was not even one hundred people here. However, since most of the bones and remaining items are gone, I am planning to build one big grave at the back of the settlement.” (Garve)

“After that, I will inscribe the names that I can recall. Aniki, once the stone is prepared, I want to borrow that knife.” (Reus)

My mithril knife would certainly make it easy to carve the names on a rock, but this wasn’t a grave anymore. It was a memorial monument. Well, I left it to them to call it whatever they liked, but were the siblings alright with building such a big grave?

“I want to ask at least once, don’t you want to revive this settlement and live here again?” (Sirius)

“I can’t exactly say no, but I think the reconstruction would be difficult, after all. We are the only survivors, but we can’t stay here.” (Emilia)

“Yeah, our place is by Aniki’s side. Besides, the enemy has been defeated, and it is enough to build a grave for Tou-chan and Kaa-chan.” (Reus)

“I guess so. There is no way we can afford to send our people out of the settlement. I think it is good enough if I make a grave for my son and friends and mourn them.” (Garve)

No matter how much power he had, it looked like he understood that it was different from reconstructing the settlement.

If that’s the case, you have to work hard from now on. Since the parents of the siblings were included in the mourning of nearly one hundred people, we ought to make a good one that suits them.

As we easily decided the plan, Reese, who was looking at us, opened her mouth.

“By the way… how long does Emilia want to do that?” (Reese)

“Eh?” (Emilia)

Emilia kept feeding me the meal during the conversation and was very good at it. Since Emilia would be depressed if I openly refused her, I completely gave up and let her did what she wanted.

If it was about giving me meals with her hands or chopsticks, she had done it many times, but this time, she ended it with drinks. She made me drink in perfect unison with my breathing, it was almost like drinking with my own hands. In other words… I hadn’t touched the meal nor drinks since breakfast had started. It was the moment when the capability of Emilia, as an attendant, woke up to its limits.

Reese was a bit surprised at Emilia, who looked happy every time I ate a bit, but I had a feeling that she was jealous.

“Sorry, Reese. Now, I can’t help myself from taking care of Sirius-sama.” (Emilia)

“Quit it already. But, I guess it can’t be help for today. Because Emilia’s dream has finally come true.” (Reese)

“Thank you very much, Reese. So, Reese too… here you go, I will give you a drink.” (Emilia)

“I-I don’t really… eh!? That’s amazing!” (Reese)

This was the first time Emilia met Reese since breakfast, and Reese blessed her and hit her shoulder while smiling. I couldn’t feel anything like a bad mood from the condition of these two. The female team seemed to be on good terms, after all.

The moment I extended my hand for the meal, since Emilia was focusing on Reese…

“Sirius-sama, please open your mouth.” (Emilia)

“…Thank you.” (Sirius)

Although Emilia was certainly facing Reese, she noticed me and, since she presented the dish to my mouth, I ate it.

Reese was just like me when I looked at her, she was a bit embarrassed when being fed by Emilia’s hand.

“It is not bad, but… even Senia didn’t do it like this.” (Reese)

“There is no gap in Erina-san’s education in terms of taking care of others!” (Emilia)

“You’re the best, Nee-chan!” (Reus)

“Jealous, huh… no, what did you say about me!?” (Emilia)

Such a chaotic breakfast continued…

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After breakfast, we started our work to build the graves… no, the memorial monument.

First, we cleaned up a part of the settlement. Next, a rock was finely cut by Reus’ sword, and shaped it into a big stone. Afterwards, they carved the name of each person who lived in the settlement with my knife.

Although Emilia and Reus took turns carving the names, it would take time for nearly one hundred of them, so we decided to take a break and prepared for lunch.

We were working separately, the male team went to procure the ingredients, while the female team was responsible for cooking.

We were divided into two teams, since Emilia and Reese were in a situation that they wanted to talk with only them, but it would be unlikely that there would be a fight from the air. Maybe, it was because of yesterday’s report?

And then, we went to a nearby river to catch some river fish. By the way, Hokuto had a role of delivering them to Emilia and Reese once the fish had been gathered.

“… Alright, it’s the fifth. It is good that the fish easily bite.”(Reus)

“There is another way of catching fish.” (Sirius)

I grabbed a thick branch and made [String] into a fishing line. An instant, a fishing rod was made and I went fishing. And Reus was training while catching the fish with his hands farther down the stream. By the way, the method used by the Silver Wolf tribe was to thrust out, as if using a harpoon.

Since Garve was injured, he was resting, while faintly looking at my fishing.

“…It’s been a long time since I spent time leisurely.” (Garve)

“It’s because the enemy has been defeated. That is why it’s also necessary to relax.” (Sirius)

Ever since he heard that this settlement was attacked, it appeared that Garve had continued to spend his days restlessly. Occasionally, there were times when he couldn’t sleep because he dreamt of himself quarrelling with his son.

However, once Garve confirmed the devastation of the settlement with his own eyes, he, who had avenge him, had his restless heart calm down. It would be natural to feel relieved.

“I guess so. And what’s left behind is this…” (Garve)

Garve took out the mithril Tekkou, which he’d brought, and started to maintain it with a dry cloth. It wasn’t the left hand Tekkou that Garve’s equipped with, but the right-handed Tekkou.

This Tekkou was what Reus found in the cave, where that monster made its bed.

Since there were strong bones and metals laying around, maybe the monster regurgitated it. The fact that this Tekkou was there was evidence that Reus’ father was eaten by that monster.

Although the Tekkou that was handed over to his son returned to Garve… the harsh fact was that he seemed to feel lonely, while continuously maintaining it.

“What are you saying? You have more important things that remain, right?” (Sirius)

“I guess so. I still have my grandchildren…” (Garve)

When Garve looked to the side, the appearance of Reus entering the river and trying to catch a fish could be seen, and the eyes he was looking at the sight with were gentle.

But… Garve should have seen the figure of Reus as a Cursed Child. What does he think about that?

“Well, now you must know about Reus being a cursed child, right? Would that be alright with the law?” (Sirius)

“The law… is it? I was convinced by a child named Reese at that time, but… to be honest, I am still hesitant.” (Garve)

At that time… Garve was stunned when he saw the transformed Reus, but Reese came from the side and gave him a slap.

[What are you doing!? Your grandchildren are fighting really hard!] (Reese)

[B-but…] (Garve)

[Is it because he is a Cursed Child!? Even if his appearance changed, Reus is still your grandchild! Although Reus is fighting, you, as his family member, what are you doing!?] (Reese)

“His appearance had certainly changed, but there is no mistake that he is my grandchild. But… I forgot about it at that time and fought, but as the head of the Silver Wolf tribe, I can’t completely accept it myself. After all, I have taken the life of a Cursed Child in the past.” (Garve)

In the past, Garve killed an adult who became a Cursed Child. He was the head at that time and it seemed he was the strongest person, but… when he handled someone who was from the same tribe as him, he seemed to have tasted a feeling that was similar to tearing his body apart.

Even so, why did the Silver Wolf tribe have such a rule? Therefore, I asked Garve, since he might know the reason.

“…There is a story in our legend. A long time ago, there was a certain Silver Wolf tribesman who became a Cursed Child and turned rampant. That person didn’t only massacre the Silver Wolf tribesmen, but also other races.” (Garve)

Massacre… it sounded exaggerated, but I was also convinced, in a sense.

When Reus transformed, his physical ability jumped out, but he became unusually aroused and aggressive. It was a guess of mine, after watching him for years, but it might be easier to observe the dormant instincts whenever he transformed.

If the legend was true, perhaps the man who enjoyed killing might have become a Cursed Child.

“I see. Garve believed it… no, since you believed it, you had to take care of it with your own hands.” (Sirius)

“At first, I didn’t believe it at all. But, the person who became a Cursed Child had forgotten about me and attacked his surroundings, and he was about to put his hands on a nearby child. I had to believe it against my will, and… I killed him as the head of the settlement.” (Garve)

He believed the legend by forcing himself. What a painful role.

“…Did Sirius raise Reus, knowing that he was a Cursed Child? Maybe… If the adult Reus transformed, what would you do when he becomes a man who kills people?” (Garve)

“I see… First of all, I will listen to his reason. I am not going to say not to kill people, but I am not going to say anything if I can consent to his reasoning. But, if Reus becomes a murderer just like Garve says…” (Sirius)

I had no qualification to say this, since I have also killed people. But, if Reus did it just for the pleasure…

“I will kill him. Since I have trained and raised Reus, that would be normal, right?” (Sirius)

“Is that so?” (Garve)

Garve lonely muttered when he heard those words. It looked like he gave up when he thought about something in the long term, but I still had something to say.

“However, that is a last resort. It would be fine if I don’t raise Reus to be like that. Look at him, does he look like a man who enjoys killing?” (Sirius)

When we turned our lines-of-sight, Reus had raised a big fish that he caught high in the air and showed it to us. The expression looked very funny, it was an innocent smile that hadn’t changed since he was a child.

“He can control himself even if he transforms. You saw that yesterday, right?” (Sirius)

“…Aah.” (Garve)

“I have decided to raise Reus to be a fine man. For example, if he goes rampant, I will accept the responsibility to stop him, even if I have to kill him.” (Sirius)

Of course, it would be pointless with feelings alone, the strength must match it.

I never skip training in order to not be defeated by Reus, and I would deal with him like a parent, so that I could gain his trust. I wasn’t forcing myself because it was my nature and consciousness.

“Well… although I said a lot of things, the value and ideas are different between Garve and me. I had such feelings to the bitter end, but have you got the answer?” (Sirius)

“Aah, yes… it’s good enough.” (Garve)

When Garve, who had a slightly refreshing expression, turned sideways, there was Reus, who caught a fish, running towards our direction.

“Aniki! Jii-chan! I got a big one!” (Reus)

The fish caught by Reus was big and he needed to hold it with both hands. Although he was proudly showing off the catch, Garve shook his head with loosened cheeks.

“That’s still a small one. I’ve caught a bigger one, you know?” (Garve)

“Really!? Alright, I will catch a bigger fish than Jii-chan!” (Reus)

Garve’s eyes, who saw Reus go back to the river again after putting the fish down, was like an old man who was gently watching his grandchild. With this, he was probably able to relieve the stress, I quietly had a smile because of that.

“By the way, haven’t we got enough fish already? That big guy is enough for several people.” (Garve)

“It’s too little. If it involves these children, they will eat them in the blink of an eye. So, I leave it to you, Hokuto.” (Sirius)

“Woof!” (Hokuto)

I put the fish that was caught by Reus in a basket, which Hokuto held, and I watched him gallantly walk away. Even if there would be more fish, there won’t be any problems if we turned them into dried fish and preserved foods.

Whether Garve was convinced with my words, he resumed maintaining the Tekkou, and I also resumed fishing.

A quiet time was spent just like that, where the only sound was the river and the sound of polishing a Tekkou could be heard.

And when the fishing rod shook, I stopped after catching my tenth fish. I rubbed my shoulders to loosen the muscle stiffness.

Although there was no more pain, I felt that Emilia had bit a little too much and the sensation of my shoulder was dull. It might be temporary, but it couldn’t be helped, since I had to massage my shoulder several times, and Garve was looking at me with a bitter smile.

“Heh… how was it? A female Silver Wolf is passionate, right?” (Garve)

“She was too passionate, until I bled. Well… I am happy with that honest behavior, though.” (Sirius)

“My wife was also like that. That girl doesn’t seem to lose to her.” Garve)

Apparently, Garve also had a similar situation in the past.

To a person who knew the same pain… we silently shook our heads, and then, Reus caught another fish and came towards us.

“How about this, Jii-chan!?” (Reus)

“Hahaha, it’s still small.” (Garve)

“Dang it!” (Reus)

The time of food procurement was spent with heartwarming banter.

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Later… after we finished lunch, the three Silver Wolf-kin continued carving the names on the tombstone while I was cooking on an instant cooktop made by combining stones.

The fish that weren’t used for lunch were treated and dried. Reese, who was next to me, was stewing and helping with the fish broth. She didn’t try to match eyes with me at all, ever since I came back from fishing.

Since her face colored red, as if she was embarrassed, without a doubt, it was caused by the talk between the two females… and, by judging from the situation, it wouldn’t have done any good if I listened to them, so I left them be.

After the preparations were finished, next was to cook our dinner. And then, Reese started to shyly talk to me.

“Uhmm… Sirius-san. You and Emilia… have become lovers, right?” (Reese)

“That was my plan, but how about her?” (Sirius)

“It is as what I have expected. I heard from Emilia earlier, but she said that she was an attendant until the end. Although she would choose that position if she became a lover, it would be strange for her to stick to being an attendant.” (Reese)

Emilia was happy to become my lover, but she said that she wanted to take care of me as an attendant, so she declared to the surroundings that she would be an attendant until the end.

Perhaps, it might be because of Erina’s influence. Since Erina said to Emilia that she devoted herself as an attendant, she also properly told her about the joys of being an attendant.

“Me too… someday… as a lover…” (Reese)

It seemed that Reese muttered it unconsciously, she held her mouth as her face turned red, but I clearly heard her.

She didn’t fall in love like Emilia, whom I rescued from despair, but she fell in love like a normal girl. So, her feelings of love were slowly developing as she became tempted by Emilia, but… she might have gotten impatient because of the current situation.

“There is no need to rush, Reese. But… since Reese has heard from Emilia, will you be fine with me?” (Sirius)

“A…If not, I would not have followed you so far.” (Reese)

“Is that so? I’m happy. If it’s about Reese, I…” (Sirius)

“Please, wait a minute.” (Reese)

I wanted to tell Reese my feelings again, but she interrupted me, while shaking her head.

“I’m happy, but please only look at Emilia today. Because it was a dream that she talked about many times since she met you…” (Reese)

As she said that, she was smiling like a saint who had blessed her best friend from the bottom of her heart. Although she, herself, said that she was a fake Saintess, it would not feel weird to call her a Saintess when she held that kind of tolerance.

When I thought about it, it would have been rude if I confessed my feeling like I did to Emilia. So, for today, let’s just hold these feelings in and consent to what Reese had said.

“Besides… it is still within my limit, but if more than that…” (Reese)

Reese was probably remembering about kissing my cheek in front of the cave, she was facing downwards with a reddened face. Although she was proactively calling it a blessing of a Saintess, it seemed that was the limit for the current Reese.

“Understood. Anyhow, please proceed through it slowly, according to Reese’s pace. Because, I’ll be waiting.” (Sirius)

“Eh!? Y-yes. Please… wait for me.” (Reese)

If it would take too much time, I had planned to ‘attack’ from here… but let’s stop for now.

As Reese grasped my hand, instead of my sleeve, she showed a smile with dyed cheeks, and I also smiled back.

Before the evening came, they finally finished carving the names on the tombstone.

The memorial monument was completed with the details of the disaster engraved on the front side, and nearly one hundred names engraved on the back side.

Nevertheless, I thought that they remembered the names of many people quite well. Was that because of a special characteristic of the Silver Wolf tribe, which was deep camaraderie?

“You should inscribe something at the end.” (Garve)

“Nee-chan… I leave it to you.” (Reus)

“Leave it to me.” (Emilia)

Finally… the last sentences were engraved by Emilia’s hand, and the memorial monument was finally completed.

After we arranged the prepared dishes as offerings, we silently prayed in front of the memorial monument and mourned the dead.

I was an outsider, but I had few words for the parents of Emilia and Reus, Felios-san and Rona-san.

It was my responsibility to make them happy.

When I vowed that in my mind and opened my eyes, the siblings and Garve stood up and bowed to me.

“Thank you. I can finally move on. Let alone meeting with my grandchildren, we could also make the grave, it’s all thanks to you… Sirius. Once again, thank you.” (Garve)

“Thank you very much, Sirius-sama.” (Emilia)

“Thanks, Aniki!” (Reus)

Looking at the smiles from the family of the Silver Wolf tribe, it was finally realized that everything was over.

And the last sentence engraved on the memorial monument was…

[To my family.  I sincerely pray for your souls. XX-settlement, the last survivors.](1)

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And then, we stayed in the settlement for several days.

The reason was to let Garve completely recover from the injuries. Originally, they wouldn’t have healed, unless he rested for half a month, but because of my regenerative abilities, and since Garve originally had excellent self recovery abilities, two days seemed to have been enough to heal the fractures.

However, while I was training hand-to-hand combat with Reus the next day, there was a scene where Emilia made Garve sit in the seiza position and was giving him a lecture.

Incidentally, Emilia showed a calm composure the next day, but she didn’t return to bother me. And I also didn’t prepare the meals the following day. I was pleased with that excessive dedication, but since I would become no good, I persuaded her to stop doing this after half a day.

Speaking of other things that had changed, it seemed that she came into my bed, like before. Even if I said so, Emilia would cling to my arm and fall right to sleep.

We’re leisurely spending the days, cleaning the settlement and making emergency rations.

After Garve had completely recovered, we prayed at the memorial monument again for the last time, and then left the settlement.

We followed the way from where we came to the settlement. We rested for a day at the place we parked our carriage… and then, the time to bid farewell to Garve arrived.

Actually, I tried inviting him on our trip, but he refused, since there were disciples and companions waiting for his return to the settlement. It seemed that he truly wanted to be with his grandchildren, but since it couldn’t be helped, he secretly told me.

We got on the carriage and returned the main road. And then, we faced Garve.

At first, we tried to send Garve to the settlement, but he clearly wanted to say goodbye here.

He refused because we would make a detour if we sent him back. If we headed north from here, there would be a big town with an arena. That was also his real intention, since it would be painful to say goodbye if we were together more than this. Since he recognized Emilia and Reus as his grandchildren, it couldn’t be helped to see them as his adorable grandchildren. He completely fell in love with them.

“I’ll say goodbye here, but before that, I must apologize to Emilia and Reus.” (Garve)

“Apologize… for what?” (Reus)

“That’s right. Did you do something, Ojii-chan?” (Emilia)

“Until the enemy was defeated, I didn’t honestly admit that you guys were my grandchildren. Although I talked about family… I showed you a miserable appearance.” (Garve)

As he started to see the siblings as his grandchildren, the thing that changed the most was that he started to call the siblings by their names.

The siblings were puzzled because of Garve’s apology, but they soon smiled and approached him.

“We don’t really mind, and we properly understand Ojii-chan’s gentleness.” (Emilia)

“Yes. When you said that you had showed a miserable appearance, that was because you saw us your family, right? Besides, Nee-chan this time is the most… hiiii!?” (Reus)

“Reus… we’ll have a talk later. Anyway, you don’t have to apologize, Ojii-chan.” (Emilia)

“…Thank you. I am happy to have such good grandchildren. Please, show me your faces.” (Garve)

Garve crouched a bit, he looked at the siblings’ faces and narrowed his eyes.

“It was a short while, but it was a fun trip. Well, Reus…” (Garve)

“What is it, Jii-chan?” (Reus)

“Hold on to these.” (Garve)

Garve suddenly took off the equipped mithril Tekkous and handed them over to Reus. It wasn’t only the right side, which was handed to his son, but both sides.

“You are a little short on defense. With these, they won’t become a hindrance when you hold a sword, right?” (Garve)

“But… these are Jii-chan’s weapon and Tou-chan’s memento…” (Reus)

Although these were use to hit something, the mithril Tekkous were originally armor, so there seemed to be no problems for Reus to wear them while swinging his greatsword.

These Tekkous, which were made from the rare mithril ore, could easily cost dozens of gold coins, and Reus was surprised, since Garve gave them away without any hesitation.

“I think that it is best for you to have them now. They are a gift from me and Felios… please, do not hesitate to receive them.” (Garve)

“Jii-chan… thank you.” (Reus)

Reus immediately put the equipment on, but it seemed that the Tekkous were slightly bigger and he had to adjusted them. But Reus was still growing, and it would be perfect after a while.

Reus, who had securely equipped the Tekkous by adjusting the padding, was happily striking his fists many times.

“Sorry, I have nothing to give Emilia.” (Garve)

“I don’t want anything, but would you give me something else?” (Emilia)

“…Is it something like this?” (Garve)

Emilia embraced Garve, who slightly lowered his waist and lightly bit his shoulder.

“I have enough when there is Ojii-chan. So, please, stay healthy until the next time we meet.” (Emilia)

“Aah… yes. I have to see your growth even more. Try to live long…” (Garve)

“Me too, Jii-chan!” (Reus)

Subsequently, Reus jumped to bite Garve and he had a face that looked like he would cry at any moment.

Still, Garve somehow endured it, he finally stroked the siblings’ heads and turned his head.

“Sirius and Reese. Take care of my grandchildren.” (Garve)

“Aah, leave it to me.” (Sirius)

“You don’t need to ask that.” (Reese)

“…Thank you. Emilia and Reus. I will be looking forward to seeing you again.” (Garve)

“Me too, Ojii-chan!” (Emilia)

“See you again, Jii-chan!” (Reus)

And then, Garve walked away without looking back.

We watched him, until his figured completely disappeared, and then we aimed for the next destination with the carriage.

With Reus polishing the Tekkous, Emilia was hugging my arms while sitting on the coach, and Reese shyly holding my hand, the carriage moved forward.

The aim was to find a town with an arena. If the information was widely spread, there was no way for us to get lost.

Thus… our trip started again.

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— Garve —

Emilia and Reus.

My grandchildren, whom I met for the first time, were strong, and they had grown up. They were cute grandchildren and way too good for me.

It was lonely to separate from such grandchildren, but I couldn’t afford to care for them when I was already old.

Besides… those kids had Hokuto, and above all, they had Sirius.

If there was such a guy who brought up my grandchildren, there was no need for me to be there. That was why I could send them off in peace.

Since I believed that I would meet my grandchildren again, I kept walking towards the settlement.

When I returned to the settlement where I was born and raised, everyone was pleased that I returned home safely.

I explained the situation of the settlement where my son lived to everyone. I also explained that I had built a memorial monument and had a proper mourning, and the people in the settlement had relieved smiles.

And I thought, again, that this was the place where I belonged.

Although it was only a few days, there was only one change of the situation in the settlement.

Just next to my house… there was a stone statue imitating Hokuto-sama, made in the place where he often slept. The statue had one of his feet raised, it was said that if a child touched the foot, they would receive the blessings from Hundred Wolves-sama.

The problem was that… food was occasionally put out as an offering. Didn’t he say that he had problems dealing with this?

Several days later… an incident occurred in the settlement.

“Garve-san! Akura(2) is…!” (??)

Akura was the youngest boy among my disciples.

A few years ago… the husband of a young couple who lived in the settlement died one day protecting his son from monsters.

The left behind wife and son were very sad. The son who lost his father because of himself lamented his weak self. Although he still wanted to play, he became my disciple. That was Akura.

Even though I trained him hard, he had lost the enthusiasm… and apparently Akura turned out to be a Cursed Child.

It was said that there was a Cursed Child once in a lifetime, and by no means, I have seen it twice… No, I didn’t expect to see it three times.

When I came to the scene, Akura, who had the figure of a Cursed Child, attacked me while crying.

When one became a Cursed Child, they displayed a tremendous power, but his movements were clumsy because he was a child, it was easy to neutralize him.

While looking over the overthrown Akura… I looked at the surroundings.

Everyone… was sad, especially Akura’s mother. She was crying and hugging herself. It was her husband before this, and now, her only remaining son would be killed by the law. So the sorrow was immeasurable.

Akura, who was completely unable to move after he received a single blow from me, was looking up at me while suffering from fear.

“No… I don’t want to die… I don’t want to die…” (Akura)

While watching the crying Akura, who was pinned down on the ground, the Village Head poked my shoulder.

”Garve-san… let me do it. This is the job for the Village Head.” (Village Head)

“No… I’ll do it. ” (Garve)

I lifted Akura’s body up, and I looked into his face, which was crumpled with tears.

“No… if I die, Kaa-chan… will be alone.” (Akura)

“Do you want to protect your mother?” (Garve)

“Because of me… Tou-chan is dead! That’s why… instead of Tou-chan…  I will protect… her.” (Akura)

“If that’s the case… I will take care of you.” (Garve)

I hugged Akura, who had the figure of a Cursed Child, I reassuringly stroked his back.

Although the surroundings were getting noisy because of my behavior, I explained that my grandson, Reus, was a Cursed Child. He had a complete control when he transformed. Sirius knew it and also trained him.

The surroundings reactions were not bad.

Sirius taught various things to everyone in the settlement and gained their trust. It seemed they recalled the Cursed Child, Reus, who was smiling innocently, and they were convinced.

“So, I will bring up Akura. If Akura becomes someone who kills our tribe… I will take responsibility for it.” (Garve)

There was no objection.

Even though it was a law, I overlooked it… but everyone acquiesced in my readiness.

Originally, I didn’t want to kill my companion. This was probably an opportunity.

This was what I’d asked Sirius at that time and understood it.

What I missed was… the readiness.

“But Garve-san, as the head, the law is…” (Village Head)

The Village Head couldn’t agree on that standpoint, since I was objecting it on the surface, I just rephrased what my grandchildren said.

“That rule is… nonsense.” (Garve)

I let out those words with a smile.

The settlement after that moment…

Later… in the settlement of the Silver Wolf tribe, Akura, brought up by Garve, became the next head of the settlement.

And Akura’s mother, who had her son saved, served Garve from the bottom of her heart. They planned to have children after remarrying.

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Extra/Bonus 1

The conversation that couldn’t be in the story. This bonus is a fiction. (Author)

“Uhmm, if Sirius-san is really horny… and he wanted it every day, what would you do if you couldn’t stand up?” (Reese)

“That’s a powerful love!” (Emilia)

“Yeah… that is so…” (Reese)

“Well then, what if Aniki hits and injures the one he likes?” (Reus)

“If it is Sirius-sama, whatever he does, I will change it to pleasure.” (Emilia)

“That is Aniki’s restricted ability!” (Reus)

“If Sirius was a woman… what would you do?” (Garve)

“I don’t mind it!” (Emilia)

“““She accepted that!?””” (Reese/Reus/Garve)

Extra/Bonus 2

Presenting Hokuto

※Pin Pon Pan Pon…

I am very sorry, the ‘Presenting Hokuto’ today will not appear.

The reason is Hokuto-san’s schedule was too packed, as Sirius’ pet… model… CM shooting… this is a proof that he is busy every day.

We deeply apologize to all for causing such inconvenience.

That’s is… I got a comment from Hokuto-san, but it’s only one word, so I will post it here.

“Woof!” (Hokuto)


That will be a word thought about in everybody’s mind. (Newsreader)


  1. TLN: XX is name for the settlement, but the author didn’t specify the name.
  2. TLN: The name in raw is アクラ

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