The Demon King Seems to Conquer the World 163 (Self Edited) – Lily-Senpai’s Consultation*



Lily-Senpai’s Consultation*


TLN: This is Shamu’s POV.

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When I opened the door of my room in the Silver Birch dormitory, I became moody.

“Lily-senpai… are you listening to this again?” (Shamu)

“Eh? Aah, is that you, Shamu… No, no, just a while ago.” (Lily)

Lily-senpai made an incomprehensible excuse. She looked flustered and closed the music box.

The sound that had been echoing stopped immediately. That was how it worked.

“Have you listened to it a thousand of times? I’ve said this already, but you’re not tired of it, isn’t it?” (Shamu)

I sat in my chair, placing a book on the desk.

“Uhm, how should I say it…” (Shamu)

‘It had been two weeks since Lily was given that music box by Yuri. The foreign-made machine wasn’t the same kind in this country, and the mechanism of playing music with a clockwork was interesting at first. Well, I like new things, the melody I’ve never heard is fresh, and I enjoyed listening to it the first ten times. However, Lily-senpai was sitting in her chair, listening all the time in the morning, day and night. While looking at the box with a grin, she wound the spring, listened to it, wound it, listened to it… and repeated it for up to half a day.’

‘I didn’t say anything for the first three days, but when she kept playing the monotonous melody that looped after about thirty seconds, I felt like I was going crazy. But even when the sound stops, she is still looking at the box. I don’t think there’s much point in listening to music. So, I think most of her desires are fulfilled just by looking at the box.’

“You really… like Yuri…” (Shamu)

“Yes… I am.” (Lily)

When I saw the face of senpai from the door, I could see her eyes were dazzling.

‘I feel the sadness of living in an unrequited love, and it makes my heart ache. No, no, I should think that it’s unrewarding…’

“Uhm…” (Shamu)

“Yes?” (Lily)

Lily-senpai replied while looking at the box with a happy face.

“Recently, you’ve been working on metal properties of iron at Yuri’s request. I mean, quenching or tempering.” (Shamu)

“Yes… yes?” (Lily)

“If you don’t heat it up, it won’t work, but if you heat it up too much, the metal properties will fall apart.” (Shamu)

‘What am I talking about? Haven’t we talked about love before?’

“Isn’t it good to fall in love?” (Shamu)

“It’s not like I’m being controlled by anyone. It’s like a fire.” (Lily)

“Well, that’s true, but…” (Shamu)

“Aah~~…” (Lily)

‘Oh my. I wonder if it’s going to start again.’

“I’m older than Yuri-kun, and I don’t know if that’s a bad thing~…” (Lily)

“No.” (Shamu)

“Maybe, I shouldn’t be a little overweight…” (Lily)

“No, uhm…” (Shamu)

“Or maybe, he just thinks that I’m too heavy…” (Lily)

“No, that’s not the reason why he didn’t approach you. It’s a problem before that.” (Shamu)

it’s like agonizing over ‘Is it because my shoes don’t fit that I can’t reach my destination?’ before you even start moving, so it’s really hopeless. Please stop that futile looping because it makes my eyes spin.’

“Approach?” (Lily)

“That is…” (Shamu)

Naturally, my gaze went to her chest. I should hug Yuri the other day when I greeted him just like how she did it.

However, I didn’t want Lily-senpai to do something naughty with Yuri, so I didn’t tell her.

“I don’t understand… I don’t have any experience.” (Shamu)

“Hmm… why should I do…” (Lily)

“Then, why don’t you ask a love expert about love?” (Shamu)

“Love expert? Who?” (Lily)

On the contrary, I was asked.

‘Love expert? I said it myself, but I couldn’t think of one. If it were me, who would I talk to? Hmm, Okaa-san? Maybe?’

“Well, I’m not really sure… Then, why don’t you look it up in a book?” (Shamu)

“Book? Then, I should ask the writer.” (Lily)

“Writer?” (Shamu)

“Piña Colada.” (Lily)

‘Eh? Is Piña Colada a well-known author of liberal arts books? Yeah. She has written many books. However, I don’t understand the book that Yuri appears in for some reason. I read it once, but I couldn’t understand what it meant. Why between men…? Yuri likes girls, but why should he want men…?’

‘Recently, she has been writing an original novel which doesn’t relate to real people. I’ve read that too, but it was difficult for me to understand. It’s a novel about a girl with excellent grades, beautiful eyebrows, and a noble family background who was admired by everyone in the Silver Birch dormitory. Every night when she went to bed, she had a dream in which she turns into a giant caterpillar, worries about the difference between humans and caterpillars, and ends up falling in love with a caterpillar that was in a birch tree. I didn’t get it… Humans don’t become pupae no matter how much they worry.’

“Uhm…? There seems to be a big gap between that novel and the real man, right…?” (Shamu)

“I wonder about that. If you don’t have outstanding human observing ability, I don’t think you’ll be a writer. If you just go and try it, it’s free.” (Lily)

‘No good… she has lost her cool…’

“Really?” (Shamu)

“Well, not really. But would you come with me too?” (Lily)



*Knock* *Knock*

When I knocked, I heard a voice saying ‘Come on in’ from inside.

“Please excuse me.” (Shamu)

I entered Piña Colada’s room as I said that, but Piña wasn’t there. There was a female roommate.

‘She’s also related to Yuri, and her name is Komimi Culottes.’

“Hey, Lily-san. Shamu-san too.” (Komimi)

“Komimi-san, where is Piña-san? Uhm no, but I had something to ask?” (Lily)

Lily changed her question.

‘Komimi-san is a bit overprotective of Piña and wants to follow her everywhere, so that’s why Lily must have chosen her words.’

“Piña is not here. She’s taking a supplement class of the ancient Shan language.” (Komimi)

“Aah, is that so?” (Lily)

‘It seems that Piña-san hasn’t completed the ancient Shan language subject. I, too, have a hard time wrapping my head around that utterly useless. Next year, I will have to take the final compulsory subject on the Intermediate Ancient Shan Language III. I don’t think it’s too hard because I learned by killing my mood and memorized it when I took the Intermediate Ancient Shan Language II. I mean, I don’t even think I need to graduate anymore.’

“Well then, see you later. Thank you for your time~~” (Lily)

When Senpai was about to leave…

“Please wait.” (Komimi)

Komimi-san called out.

“What happened to the printing material? What happened?” (Komimi)

“Aah, it’s fine. I’ve located the metal in question.” (Shamu)

‘Since I’m the one in charge, I will explain.’

“The metal in question…?” (Komimi)

“A metal has the property of expanding during solidification. A lead-tin alloy shrinks too much when it solidifies in the mold, so if we add that metal, the expansion and contraction properties cancel each other out and the problem is solved. Then, the rest is the problem of abrasion resistance–…” (Shamu)

“Aah, I get it. It’s fine. As long as the problem is solved.” (Komimi)

“Is that so?” (Shamu)

I was going to explain the scarcity issue of the material.

“Well, we’re also making progress here, so… just hurry as much as possible.” (Komimi)

Komimi-san pointed at the desk with her eyes. On the desk where Komimi-san was sitting, there were pieces of papers lined up with letters drawn one by one. It was probably a Telor script. After all, I wasn’t familiar with it.

“May I know what you are doing?” (Shamu)

“Calligraphy… well, it’s a penmanship line. It seems that beautiful things lead to the commercial value of the Scriptures, so I adjust the character face and width of each character. That is by the order of Chairman Yuri… I can’t speak Kura…” (Komimi)

“It’s hard.” (Shamu)

‘Somehow, she seems to be struggling. I’m not really interested. I think the text should be easy to read.’

“Well… I don’t think it’s useless because it will be a reference when making print in Shan language in the future.” (Komimi)

“Is that so?” (Shamu)

‘Will it also cover the ancient Shan language in the future? Even the modern Shan language has quite a few character types, but… when it comes to the Ancient Shan language, I think it’s about 23 times as many. How many prints do we need… the number could easily spiral up?’

“Well then, we should leave.” (Lily)

Senpai said as she saw that the conversation had come to an end.

“Yes, go ahead.” (Komimi)

“Then, if you’ll excuse me.” (Shamu)

I bowed and headed out to the exit.

“If you’re looking for Piña, I think she’s in the Great Library.” (Komimi)

Komimi said as we parted.



When we went to the Great Library, Piña Colada was sitting in a chair. She was reading a thick book.

I looked into the thick book and saw that it was in Ancient Shan language.

‘That also seems to be quite difficult too. Even if you read one line, you get the sense that it has no hesitation in using difficult expressions. It was said that she was taking the supplementary lesson, but the fact that she is doing this on her own means that it’s probably not the intermediate Ancient Shan language. Maybe… it’s advanced Ancient Shan language II or III. I can’t guess because the level is fundamentally different from mine.’

“Piña-san, Piña-san.” (Lily)

Lily-senpai called out in a small voice. She didn’t seem to notice.

“Piña-san~” (Lily)

When Senpai tapped her shoulder…

“Hiiikk!” (Piña)

Piña-san jumped up with a terrifyingly high-pitched, screaming voice.

I looked around, but there was no one within sight. There was no one there, but it was a strange voice that sounded awfully good that it wouldn’t have been unheard of.

“Hiii, who are you?” (Piña)

“Lily Amiens.” (Lily)

Senpai said with characteristic intonation.

“A-aah… Lily-san, is it… eh, what can I do for you?” (Piña)

“Rather than that, I would like to consult something with you…” (Lily)

“Consult? About what?” (Piña)

“It’s about Yuri-kun.” (Lily)

“Eh…?” (Piña)

Piña jerked and shivered as if she was guilty of something.

“I-I’m not writing erotic books about Yuri-kun anymore… so please forgive me…” (Piña)

“Uhm, that’s not it. I mean, I didn’t come to scold you.” (Lily)

“Eh… Is that so?” (Piña)

Piña stroked her chest as if relieved.

‘What’s with this conversation…’

“Are you busy right now, by any chance?” (Lily)

“Not really. I’m not busy. I’m just studying the Ancient Shan language for a bit…” (Piña)

“Do you like it?” (Shamu)

I asked involuntarily.

‘For some reason, there are a certain number of incomprehensible people who like the Ancient Shan language.’

“Rather than liking it… it expands the writing notation.” (Piña)

“Writing notation?” (Shamu)

“As expected, people who read books are educated people… they will be happy if you write sentences that use the Ancient Shan language… However, writing it too hard isn’t good, but doing it easily is also not good either.” (Piña)

“Is that so? It’s difficult.” (Shamu)

‘Is it necessary for work? I don’t really know.’

“We can’t talk here, so why don’t we go to a coffee shop?” (Lily)

‘The coffee shop’s name is Ginkgo Leaf. It’s right in front of you as you exit the Great Library.’

“Understood. Then, I’ll return this first.” (Piña)

Piña closed the thick book which might have few people reading it. The dust that was left on the book fluttered.

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In the private room of the Ginkgo Leaf, Lily-senpai was consulting with Piña. I was listening to it in a dismayed mood while drinking delicious tea.

“Hmm… in other words, you want to get along with Yuri-kun, right?” (Piña)

“Yes. You’re doing something like that, right? You’ve been observing him for a long time, so I thought you might know something about him.” (Lily)

‘Something is still wrong. I guess it’s called love is blind. If it comes to Yuri, he spends much more time with his roommate, Dolla. Shouldn’t you ask him then?’

“However, the male image in my novel is the male image that a liberal arts woman thinks… I think it’s different from the real thing. I’ve never had a relationship with a real man…” (Piña)

“I understand that. I just want to hear it for reference.” (Lily)

“Well, if that’s the case… until the end, this is a story about Yuri-kun as a character in my novel. So, please understand that.” (Piña)

“I understand.” (Lily)

‘I wonder if you really understand. I don’t really notice it.’

“Are you asking how to… become Yuri-kun’s lover or spouse?” (Piña)

“Yes, yes. That’s it.” (Lily)

Lily-senpai nodded as she leaned forward.

“Then, let’s start by talking about what Yuri-kun wants. He is a person who is hungry for love on the inside. He cherishes the presence that gives him love. He would give up his life to protect those people. He is such a kind man. So, while he may feel dry about love, it’s only on the surface. It doesn’t mean that he doesn’t need a lover or spouse. Rather than being insensitive to affection, he is rather sensitive and impressed by love.” (Piña)

“I think there are many men like that, but those types of people often have problems during childhood, and they have emotional scars. They have been bullied badly and feel lonely. No one helps them. It’s like a situation that has been going on for a long time where no one would save them. It’s not uncommon in the world. There are a lot of people like that, especially the male students in the Blue Cat dormitory.” (Piña)

“However, if you look up Yuri’s previous history… this is something Shamu knows about more than I do. He is very blessed… it’s a family without a lack of affection. Usually, people who grow up in such a family aren’t moved more than necessary because it’s natural to give and receive love. That’s why he has never been hungry for love. It’s something that envelops them like the air.” (Piña)

“Therefore, it’s very strange that a person with a personality like Yuri was born from such a family. The image doesn’t feel right. There is also a memory of a previous life, a trauma that has been dragged out… That’s the setting I had in my mind. In the end, the mystery was never solved. Well, in my mind, Yuri-kun is such a character.” (Piña)

‘It was a riveting analysis. I was surprised. It’s not too far off the mark, but it feels like it’s right on the target. Amazing.’

When I looked at Lily-senpai next to me, she was taking notes. Perhaps, she wanted to remember what Piña said.

‘Uwaah, somehow, I think she is someone who is addicted to fortune telling…’

After a while, she finished taking notes.

“So, what’s… your image of a woman, or rather, a spouse…?” (Lily)

She asked.

“Ooh, that’s easy. I’m thinking from a first woman view.” (Piña)

“First woman?” (Lily)

“As long as I don’t have a detestable personality, he will give his love and he loves me. Well, I suppose it can’t be just anyone.” (Piña)

“Well, that’s weird. Aren’t you supposed to be the one Yuri loves?” (Lily)

‘She’s not even trying to hide it anymore. But what she was asking was logical. The goal is to be the person Yuri’s love. That’s right.’

“Yuri-kun loves a lot of people. Shamu-san, Myaro-san, Carol-san, and Lily-san, he must love you too.” (Piña)

“Eh…?” (Piña)

Lily-senpai looked surprised.

‘Eh, me too?’

“This doesn’t mean cheating. Yuri-kun has a strong will and a general sense of ethics. He will only have sexual relations with one person.” (Piña)

“Eh? So, the first person can be anyone?” (Lily)

“Shamu-san is in a sisterly position, so she may be at a disadvantage, but that’s the way it is.” (Piña)

It was said to be disadvantageous.

“In other words, the early bird gets the worm.?” (Lily)

“Yes, to put it blindly.” (Piña)

‘Ah, yeah. Hmm. It was strangely persuasive that I couldn’t believe it was possible. The early bird gets the worm. That may be true.”

‘If he does naughty things with everyone who asked for it, everyone would be unhappy. So, he limits it to the first woman. That’s probably the reason. Yuri seems to think about it.’

‘However, if only one person is selected, will you be able to minimize the misery and maximize the happiness? If you choose only one person and devote yourself to that person, won’t the other people be unhappy because they’ll be convinced like ‘Oh well, that’s just the way it is…’? Well, if other people think ‘let’s find another man’, that would be the case. However, that’s not the case.’

‘As for me, if Yuri were to stick with Lily-senpai and be lovey-dovey all the time, and if he were to have an affair with me, I would be happier if he did that. Even the other day, Yuri gave me a hug. It was a lot happier than him hugging Lily-senpai only and leaving me alone. In that case, your total happiness will be higher if he ends up cheating around with everyone, isn’t it?’

“The early bird gets the worm… is it?” (Lily)

Lily-senpai said it again with a kind of dumbfounded expression.

‘That expression is a bit scary for some reason.

Whatever she is thinking, it doesn’t look good.’

“No, please don’t take me seriously. It’s just what I think…” (Piña)

“Yes. Thanks. It was helpful.” (Lily)

“I probably missed the point entirely. After all, I’ve never even been with a man before.” (Piña)

“Got it.” (Lily)

‘I hope she understands.’

All I could do was to pray.



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