The Demon King Seems to Conquer the World 161 (Self Edited) – Night of Togi Tournament



Night of Togi Tournament

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The [All Togi Tournament] had begun again this year.

This was the third Togi Tournament that I knew, but it seemed that the strong players didn’t change that much. Some of them were together in the first round of the tournament. The skill ranking within the school of Knights was something that didn’t change, and the ranking within the Silver Birch dormitory was probably the same. Of course, there were many exceptions, but the same representative would be participating two to three times.

Myaro joined in last year’s tournament, so this year was my turn. This time around, Jura Lacramanus had graduated, and there were no females from the seven great Witch households. When I thought about it, the tournament was done only in two days, and the second day would be held after the sunset, so I didn’t think there was too much of a distraction from my normal routine.

Myaro didn’t actually win the tournament last year. It was probably because of what happened two years ago. If the school of Knights won for the second time in a row and it was the traitor of Gudanvier, it would be a problem. So, she went easy.

According to Myaro, who was the person involved, the strongest player in this tournament was a woman known as Lirica Kucririson and Erlita Davich.

Lirica was a woman who won the tournament last year, and she was a pretty strong opponent I faced in the semi-finals two years ago. Erlita Davich was a really young girl who I saw at the opening ceremony and according to what I heard, she was only eleven years old.

This girl seemed to have an outstanding skill in Togi at a young age, and she became the representative the year she entered the Silver Birch dormitory. In other words, she participated last year as well. Lily-senpai told me that there seemed to be a dispute as to why a newcomer was able to become a representative instead of a senior student who was in line for anything, but since she was participating the year before that, there was a strong atmosphere that they wouldn’t pass the victory to the opponents. Therefore, they chose representatives based on skill.

“Please take care of me.” (Lirica)

“Likewise.” (Yuri)

I was shaking hands with Lilica Kucriricson on the nostalgic final round. It seemed that Erlita, the person in question, had lost her fight against her in the semi-finals.

Lilica wore a tight dress that showed her curves. It was completely different from the big traditional costume that Jura Lacramanus wore at that time. Since she didn’t have breasts, she didn’t feel sexy, but her slender body, which was a bit too skinny, suited my taste.

I was wearing the same evening clothes at that time.

“Begin.” (Queen)

Her Majesty the Queen said while looking at me with a smile. There was the sound of the timekeeper rolling the dice.

“The participant, Yuri, will start first.” (Timekeeper)

I heard a voice.

‘Eh, is there any injustice like that time? I wonder if Lacramanus has their hands on this.’

Since I got to move first, I moved the infantry piece to pave way for the Galloping Bird piece.

“It’s been a long time, isn’t it?” (Lirica)

‘Aah, she called out to me. It seems she wants to have a chat.’

“Yes, it has been two years, isn’t it?” (Yuri)

Naturally, I missed that time. Since I didn’t have a bad impression toward her, I was happy to respond.

‘To be exact, it would be the first time in two years and a day. Well, it’s possible that our paths have crossed at some point.’

“I have worked very hard to fight you.” (Lirica)

While saying that, she moved an Eagle King piece. Lilica pointed to her first move.

“Is that so? I’m honored.” (Yuri)

“You didn’t show up last year.” (Lirica)

“Yeah, I lost in the dormitory tournament…” (Yuri)

“That person also seemed to be a very good player. I’ve never seen her concede a victory before.” (Lirica)

‘That Myaro… I guess she figured it out.’

While having a conversation, I continued moving my pieces.

‘This person isn’t thinking as much as she used to be…’

“Yuri-sama. I suppose you repeatedly played against her and improved your skills.” (Lirica)

“Yes, that’s right.” (Yuri)

“I have finally found an opponent who can compete against me. Her name is Elrita.” (Lirica)

‘I see. Well, if you don’t have someone with similar or higher skills than you, your skill level will suffer. There’s no point in doing something like hunting small fries and adding handicaps of number of movements isn’t going to be very effective.’

“She was my opponent in the semi-final, but I managed to beat her.” (Lirica)

“Is that so?” (Yuri)

“However, I don’t think it will be possible next year.” (Lirica)

‘If she is having a similar level of skills with this lady when she’s only eleven years old, she will have plenty of room for improvement. She is at an age of growing, so that means she’s going to get better and better.’

“I admit that I’m more than average, but I can’t beat a genius. I can’t imitate that enthusiasm.” (Lirica)

“I guess she’s going to be the champion next year if you say it that much. This tournament is likely to be a one-sided match for a while.” (Yuri)

I said while pointing to a piece.

‘Being eleven years old means she could easily continue to be a champion for about ten years. Since she likes Togi so much, she won’t have a problem putting in the effort. There’s no way her skill will deteriorate. Well, originally speaking, it would be natural for the students of Liberal Arts to win the All Togi Tournament. I think it should be fine since it’s quite abnormal for the Knight students to win.’

“…It’s almost in the middle of the game. Shall we take it seriously?” (Lirica)

“Yes, let’s do it.” (Yuri)

‘It seems that the chat will stop. I have to be careful from here onwards.’



I lost the first match but won the second match. Around the middle of the third match, Lilica opened her mouth again.

“Somehow, you seem to be taking it easy.” (Lirica)

She said it in a whisper.

‘I don’t have to guess the meaning.’

“Yes, well.” (Yuri)

‘In fact, I made it easy for her. I don’t feel like I’m fighting. However, I feel that I’m enjoying playing Togi as entertainment. Considering that many people envy us who sit in the chair, it certainly doesn’t feel right. However, I’m doing my best even if I’m taking it easy.

I’m not making a move that makes me look like I’m distracted or giving her too much openings. I don’t want to feel guilty.’

“Unlike war, losing here doesn’t kill you, right?” (Lirica)

‘Aah. Surely. I feel that I’ve been cut to the core of my heart. She’s right. That’s why I’m not obsessed with winning or losing.’

“You’re probably right. However, it’s true that I’m enjoying this game. Please excuse me if you think I’m not serious.” (Yuri)

“I understand. I’m not blaming you.” (Lirica)

Her face, which said that, didn’t really look particularly unpleasant.

“Well, maybe it’s because you’re well-mannered. If I insult my opponent just because I win, your honor will be at stake.” (Yuri)

I brought out the story of the past. After saying that, I slightly regretted that it sounded ironic to the witch.

“Aah, please forgive me for that time.” (Lirica)

She apologized.

She turned her attention to the surroundings. There were many people who looked confused, although they didn’t make a loud noise.

The previous statement was a bit politically problematic. It was a direct criticism toward the seven great Witch households.

“No, no. You can rest assured. With such skill of yours, it’s no disgrace to win or lose.” (Yuri)

I followed up.

‘You didn’t come from a Knight household, right? I don’t remember the details, but I thought you were from a Witch household, but could I make a mistake? Or maybe she looks like a Witch on the outside? I don’t think so.’

“I feel proud if you say so.” (Lirica)

“…I’m concerned about the time. Let’s end the break.” (Yuri)

‘Our hands were stopping all the time. It’s my time now, so my time is declining every moment. However, in both previous matches, the hourglass was overflowing because we played rather quickly. There’s nothing wrong with wasting a bit of time on some chat.’

“That’s true. My bad.” (Lirica)

When I made a move, Lilica immediately made her next move.



“I lost.” (Yuri)

I said so and bowed my head.

A shrill voice rose from the audience seats.

‘They’re probably the girls from the Silver Birch dormitory.’

“It was a good game.” (Lirica)

While saying so, Lirica reached out and asked for a handshake. I shook hands accordingly.

“Yes, it was fun.” (Yuri)

“May I have a moment with you after this?” (Lirica)

Lilica said in a voice that only I could hear over the noisy atmosphere.

‘Time? Do you want to meet me?’

“If possible, only two of us.” (Lirica)

‘I see.’

“That’s troubling.” (Yuri)

An honest impression came out.

“I won’t confess my love, so don’t worry.” (Lirica)

‘If it’s not that, what is it all about then? There have been a few times when some overzealous foolish women had asked for my personal autographs on that erotic book, but I don’t think that’s the matter here.’

“Then… where would it be?” (Yuri)

“I have reserved a conference room at the royal castle. When this is over, let’s meet at room 152.” (Lirica)

‘The room 152 isn’t really the 152nd room, but the hundred place points to the first floor, and the serial number refers to the 52nd room. Serial numbers are assigned to all rooms, large and small, in order, except for rooms for cleaning tool cases and warehouses. The room numbered 152 is probably a conference room. The conference room can be rented by anyone involved in the royal castle if you apply at the reception desk. It seems she rents such a room.’

‘The fact that it’s an invitation from the Witch household makes me cautious, but the security of the royal castle is in charge of the First Army of the Royal Guards, which is under the direct control of the royal family, so I don’t think I will be killed.’

“Fine, I understand.” (Yuri)

After a long handshake, Lirica bowed to Queen Simone while holding both hems of her skirt. I also bowed.

Queen Simone smiled but looked slightly bored.

‘Well, I guess it would have been more fun if I had won.

Carol, who was also in the dignitary’s seat, came over to us.

“It was a shame. However, it was a good game.” (Carol)

At the last part of the game, both of us used fairly advanced movements, and it was difficult to understand who had the final checkmate, but I wondered if Carol was really aware of that. Carol’s skill hadn’t shown any particular improvement, so it was doubtful.

“Hmm. By the way, where is room 152?” (Yuri)

“Room 152? At the end of the north hallway. Why?” (Carol)

“No, it’s nothing. Forget it.” (Yuri)

‘Is it at the end of the north hallway?’

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After greeting the people I knew who had come to watch the tournament, I slipped through the enclosure and walked toward the north hallway. I passed through the large hall that was the venue and turned one to two hallways. Since the working hours had already ended, there were a smaller number of people.

At the end of the north hallway, Lirica was already waiting. She stood in front of the door.

“Sorry to keep you waiting.” (Yuri)

“No, I’m glad you came here. Thank you very much.” (Lirica)

Lirica politely bowed her head.

‘Well, to be honest, I thought about going home three times on the way here. Should I accept such an invitation? I’ve been gripping the handle of the dagger that I keep in my pocket for a while now, but there’s no sign that she’s going to do anything strange.’

“Well then, please come in.” (Yuri)

When she unlocked the conference room, Lirica opened the door and invited me.

“No, you go first.” (Yuri)

“Aah, yes. Alright then.” (Lirica)

I went into the room after Lirica. Lirica lit a candlestick on the table from the lamp she was holding, and the whole room became dimly lit.

I sat down in a chair and faced Lirica.

“You’re on your guard, isn’t it?” (Lirica)

“Well, yes. It’s a bit nerve-wracking to go to a place where I’ve been invited.” (Yuri)

‘It was still good because there was a royal castle, but I would never respond to other places, such as coffee shows that I don’t know about in the city. Even the royal castle is a last line that I can accept. At least, it’s not possible to hide a large number of armed rogues that are under different jurisdiction.’

“This may have been rude of me. I’m not used to it and I bet for your forgiveness. I meant you no harm.” (Lirica)

‘Although she is a Witch, ordinary students in the school of Liberal Arts aren’t usually accustomed to conspiracy schemes. She couldn’t have guessed how concerned I was about this situation.’

“Well then, what do you need?” (Yuri)

I asked straightforwardly.

‘I don’t mind talking to this person, but I’m not in a position to talk for a long time.’

“Let me be clear. I would like your faction.” (Lirica)

“…Yes? Faction?” (Yuri)

‘What is she talking about?’

“It doesn’t matter if I can become an employee of Hou and Associates or a Knight of the Hou Household.” (Lirica)

“I don’t understand…” (Yuri)

‘To begin with, this is an irrelevant talk. So, I don’t get it.’

“Lirica Kucriricson-san, right? Kucriricson Household is…” (Yuri)

‘It’s hard to guess. What kind of surname is that? Is it derived from the ancient Shan language that is specific to Witches? It’s somewhat a written word.’

“I don’t know, but aren’t you from a Witch household?” (Yuri)

“…Yes, you’re right.” (Lirica)

“Then, I can’t accept it. I can’t trust you.” (Yuri)

‘I don’t think she is a spy, but it’s too problematic to let someone who is like a semi-spy.’

“I’m going to break ties with my household. It would be similar to Myaro-san.” (Lirica)

‘Hmm, did she misunderstand about Myaro? Myaro is my companion.’

“I would like you to think of her as something else. There are many reasons to trust her.” (Yuri)

“I have prepared to do so as well. If you find out that I’m connected to the Witch households, you may cut me.” (Lirica)

“Cut you?” (Yuri)

‘Again, the discussion turns dangerous.’

“Of course, I don’t mean that you fire me, but I mean my neck.” (Lirica)

“Aah, I see.” (Yuri)

‘Yeah… how should I say it… anachronism? For starters, I have never killed anyone related to the management of the company. What kind of black company is that?’

“For that reason, I also learned the Telor language. I think you’ll find it useful.” (Lirica)

‘Eh, Telor language?’

Well then, let’s talk in Telor from now on.” (Yuri)

I switched languages and said so.

Understood.” (Lirica)

So, why did you say that?” (Yuri)

First of all, my house isn’t very wealthy. We are a small Witch household. My mother is the cleaning manager of the sixth ward in the royal capital.” (Lirica)

Haa… is that so?” (Yuri)

‘I can somehow understand the nuance that it’s a low-ranking position, but accurate analysis requires the cooperation of Myaro. The word Witch is unique to the Shan language, but it was translated into Telor with a smart choice of words. I wonder if she came with it in advance.’

The entire Witch world is on the decline these days, and if I’m going to get a job, I would rather do something more meaningful than picking up trash on the streets.” (Lirica)

‘I’m sure picking up trash is a metaphor, and I’m sure someone is hired to do the actual work. Or are the Witches doing those work in a literal sense? Well, that could probably be true.’

What do you mean by decline?” (Yuri)

The Witches aren’t good even in Kilghina, and the royal family’s expectations are still focused on the General households. The Witch households are treated like a nuisance.” (Lirica)

‘Well, they are in fact a nuisance. I’m tempted to say that, but there may be some disagreement with the family doing practical work such as managing city cleaning. The work of Witches isn’t only limited to blackmail and corruption, but also maintenance of city functions and compilation of documents. Well, there is still room for bribes, and if it’s cleaning, they’re probably corrupting the profession by job placement and pinching budgets.’

That’s why I want to change my profession.” (Lirica)

Are you planning to discontinue being a Witch?” (Yuri)

Yes. Witches work with the authority entrusted to them by the royal family. In other words, if they are abandoned by the royal family, it’s over.” (Lirica)

‘Heh. I guess there are all kinds of Witches out there. Or rather, she is good at Telor. There are some difficulties with intonation, but I think she can hold a conversation with the Kuran just fine. This will never happen within six months or so of study of that language.’

It’s a job that has no future prospects.” (Yuri)

Yes, that’s right.” (Lirica)

‘When I think about it now, it may be that she meant to express her position to me when I said something like criticizing the seven great Witch households during the previous match.’

I see, that’s interesting.” (Yuri)

Is that so? Then…” (Lirica)

I can’t reply to you here. I’ll investigate your personality. Is there anything suspicious about you…” (Yuri)

‘In the first place, Witches households are enemies. There is no way that there is nothing suspicious about them, but it would be troubling if she turned out to be from a family that flourished through betrayal and snitching. I wonder what Myaro would say. I can’t judge.’

…Yes, I understand. It’s a matter of course.” (Lirica)

On top of that, if you join my household, we’ll ask your parents to quit their jobs. We will also ask you all to move out from the royal capital.” (Yuri)

I see… may I know the reason?” (Lirica)

‘Was this unexpected? For us, this is the minimum requirement.’

Even if your determination is genuine, blackmail or threats to your family may bend you. That is a potential risk to you that can’t be compensated for by a contract.” (Yuri)

Is that so… I wonder if I can convince them…” (Lirica)

Lirica had a worried face.

Well, when it comes to salary, it depends on your work, but we pay about ten gold coins a month for high salaries. However, I can’t promise that to you from the beginning.” (Yuri)

That much…” (Lirica)

Lirica looked astonished.

‘Is it a surprisingly high salary? She’s a noble, albeit a small one.’

Well, I’m sure my household has some savings, so I’ll try to persuade them.” (Lirica)

If you come to a conclusion, contact me again.” (Yuri)

Thank you very much.” (Lirica)

Lirica bowed deeply.

Then, that’s it for today.” (Yuri)

I stood up.

Thank you for listening to me.” (Lirica)

Lirica stood up and thanked me. Then, she extinguished the candle in the candlestick. The light was only from the lamp, and the room got much darker.

Still cautiously waiting for Lirica to leave the room first, I also left it after that. Lirica locked the door and began to walk down the hallway. The key would be returned at the reception.

At the crossroads where the hallways intersect, Lirica went straight ahead without hesitation, but that wasn’t the case for me. It was inconvenient.

As expected, I didn’t confirm until I put my back on the wall, but I checked the right and left to see if there was anyone ambushing. I looked to my right and saw only a row of ever-lighting wall lamps. I looked to the left and…

“Uwaah…” (Yuri)

There was a person standing alone, with the back against the wall.

“What are you doing here?” (Carol)

It was Carol.


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