Ex Strongest Swordsman 327 (Self Edited) – Empire’s Declaration



Empire’s Declaration

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It was doubtful that Soma had it in mind. When he thought about why the castle became so noisy, the throne room was burning.

Moreover, it was said that Victoria couldn’t be found anywhere. It would be difficult to think that those two matters were unrelated.

“Hmm… I haven’t done anything, you know?” (Soma)

“Can you shut up since this is not a situation where you should make a joke!” (Aina)

Although Soma was shrugging at Aina’s scream, the most suspicious people in this country would be Soma and Aina, who were still in the castle. After all, they weren’t from this country. If they went to the capital, there would be many people from other countries, but there were no other foreigners in the castle. By all means, they would be the first suspects.

“Well, if the situation turns bad, we would have run away from here, but even if we were told that, we shouldn’t listen to it.” (Soma)

“Indeed. That is if we were told to stay for the purpose of making people think that way.” (Aina)

By the way, the room, where Soma and Aina were, was the room assigned to them. Immediately after hearing the situation, they started gathering information, went around and came back.

Considering that they were seen with suspicious eyes while collecting information, it seemed that it wasn’t a mistake to think that this room was the safest place.

“Hmm… if the empress is still alive, she would have done various things, but now, it doesn’t seem possible.” (Soma)

“Rather, the current situation is because there’s no empress, right? If the throne room is burning, the situation wouldn’t progress up to this point.” (Aina)

“Surely, that’s right.” (Soma)

As far as they went out to confirm the situation, it seemed that the castle fell into a chaotic atmosphere. The information obtained was confusing since facts and speculation were mixed.

For that reason, Soma and Aina were able to collect information, but what was confirmed at present was that the throne room was burning, and the fire was too strong for anyone to approach it. Consequently, the person that couldn’t be seen was the empress alone.

“Hmm… but why is the throne room burning? I don’t think it has something to do with the empress’ disappearance. However, I’m not sure how it is related either…” (Soma)

“I’m curious about that too, so what are we going to do after all? Someone will come here soon…” (Aina)

“Hmm, it would be the best if the bad guy could be caught by that time…” (Soma)

Of course, they were aware that the possibility was low.

To begin with, they didn’t know if there were any bad guys. The throne room was burning might be due to some accident, or the empress might be disappearing simply because she was out of town. Even if they didn’t think that the two possibilities were related, it could be likely to relate to each other.

Whatever it was, Soma and Aina were wondering what they should do now…

“There is no way to escape from here. If we move unnecessarily, they might put the blame on us.” (Soma)

“If that’s the case, it will be a war without considering the time to prepare.” (Aina)

“Although we stay here to avoid triggering them, I’m not sure if we’re going to trigger them though.” (Soma)

It was true that there was a possibility to proceed with that option, but at least, it wasn’t the right time. Unless they decided it by themselves, but it would be bad if it was decided by someone else.

“If that’s going to happen, it’s possible that it is the scheme of another country that wants it to happen…” (Soma)

“Don’t you think that is worse? If that happens, the perpetrator will have to fight both the empire and the Holy City.” (Aina)

“Well, I don’t think there are countries that would want to do that…” (Soma)

It seemed that it would be done by the old Veritas that they had heard about, but with the current Veritas, it shouldn’t be possible now.

To begin with, the empire and the Holy City stood at the top, and there was an overwhelming difference from other countries. There were many that wanted the empire and the Holy City to be exhausted, but Soma and Aina didn’t think that there were any countries that could make dangerous bets.

If that was the case–…

“The most likely thing would be–…” (Soma)

At the time when Soma tried to come up with an answer–…

[–People of the proud Yupiter Empire! I want to tell you all something… so, listen!] (??)

Such a voice echoed outside.

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There was a man who stood at the highest point of the royal castle, overlooking the surroundings. It was at the same place where Soma stood with the empress a while ago. The man, who was the captain of the royal castle, opened his mouth while focusing his eyes.

[Please forgive me for this sudden appearance. If not now, it won’t be good. So, now is the time… for me to be the emperor. If not this time–…!] (??)

It was obvious that there was a distance between the man and the capital. If he raised his voice there, the people of the capital would hardly hear it.

However, the man was confident that his voice reached them, and he was right. The man used power similar to magic, and his voice reached every corner of the capital.

Of course, he wouldn’t know the reaction of the other side, but he didn’t have to worry about that. There was no reason why there wouldn’t be any reaction.

Then, the man expanded his chest and raised his voice.

[I am Lambert. Of course, most of you will wonder who I am, and… that’s why I dare to call myself this. I am Lambert Y. Arcanam!] (Lambert)

That name must shock many people. Victoria shouldn’t be the only one who inherited the blood of the previous emperor.

However, in reality, the fact was both correct and incorrect. The man’s… Lambert’s name was wrong, but it was true that he was a relative to the empress.

But Lambert didn’t have enough qualifications to succeed the emperor. It was because of a certain skill, and all the emperors of the past were born with that skill.

Lambert didn’t have it, but Victoria did. That was why Lambert was never recognized as the successor to the emperor’s blood.

However, this wasn’t something that he had a grudge against her. He had a solid reason.

[I don’t care if it’s me. But the empress had done something that couldn’t be overlooked. That’s why I decided to stand here today!] (Lambert)

How did those words reach everyone’s ears? Were there the emotions of being interested, suspicious or rejected?

However, it didn’t matter. Lambert was convinced what kind of emotions people would have when they finished listening to him.

[Now, do you know why this is happening? Do you all remember the existence of the Demon King? Yes, about twenty years ago, all countries were supposed to stand up against him.]

It was natural that he spoke of it as if he knew and took the matter granted, despite his doubts. He didn’t know about other countries, but in this country, it was natural that they knew the title of the Demon King.

That was because–…

[Yes, we overlooked him! While other countries were holding hands and working together to fight him, we were the ones who did nothing!] (Lambert)

Yes, that was the reason why the title was known in this country.

In short, they were a disgrace, and it was a warning. Although there was the Demon King’s subjugation unit, they didn’t participate because they had internal conflict.

They were a great power at that time, but they did nothing. Therefore, there was no difference for being a disgrace.

[And as you know, the Demon King has reappeared in this world. Moreover, this time, the Holy City thinks of him as an ally!] (Lambert)

This information was the information that the empire actively informed. As long as there was a possibility of a battle with the Holy City, it was natural that the other countries would inform the empire.


[In fact, this information is incorrect. That’s because… our empress was also trying to join hands with the Demon King! That’s why she demanded that he be handed over from the Holy City!] (Lambert)

This was also a fact, not a fabrication. Lambert knew because he heard about it directly from Victoria.


[It goes without saying that this is a betrayal to all of us!] (Lambert)

Without fail, this was definitely a breach of trust. The people of this country must agree, and they couldn’t deny that.

[She keeps quiet about it! She couldn’t trust us!] (Lambert)

The empress was the one who stood at the top of this country. The empress was in a position where those who were qualified could hold it.

However, it was a position that existed if it was recognized by all the people. If that was the case–…

[Yes, if that’s the case, we don’t need the empress! Of course, the Demon King is also unnecessary!] (Lambert)

Lambert felt that everyone’s mind was united. Therefore, he shouted this.

[Now, the proud people of the empire! Now is the time for us to stand! Let’s destroy this world with our hands!] (Lambert)

Lambert felt that certain voices arrived from a distance. It was powerful… affirmative, enthusiastic cheers.

While listening to those voices, Lambert clenched his fist tightly, as if indulging in such a feeling that he wasn’t wrong.



  • I can understand why Victoria wants to destroy the world. It’s just that the world has exist long enough and her ancestors had signed a contract with the Evil God (presumably) that the empire will help in destroying the world later.
  • However, I don’t get why Lambert wants to destroy the world. I was like ‘Ehhh? What’s going on?’
  • Again, the author may reveal in future chapters. I’ll change the flow of the chapter when necessary.


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