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Protruded Blade

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It was just a coincidence that Soma had come to this place. After finishing the training of the soldiers today, he had arrived before he noticed it. Along the way, he was walking while thinking about the problems of the empress, which were gradually beginning to appear, and by extension, the empire.

There was nothing stopping from what was in front of him, and there was a clear blue sky spread above him. The distance to the ground was about five meters. At the edge of the field of vision, he could see the courtyard that he had visited earlier, and he could see the cityscape of the royal capital in the distance.

It was an open place with a good view.

“Ooh… there’s such a place here.” (Soma)

To be honest, Soma’s range of action at the royal castle was limited. It didn’t mean that he was restricted in particular. On the contrary, it was difficult to go to other places because he wasn’t restricted. It was to the extent where an overwhelmingly large number of people went to the dining room, the guest rooms, the courtyard of the castle, and went outside.

Therefore, it was his first time to see the royal capital from top in this way.

“Hmm? Ooh… there is an unusual face here.” (??)

When Soma was looking at the cityscape, there was a voice coming from the rear.

He wasn’t surprised because he noticed beforehand that someone was approaching from the back. By the way, he knew who the owner of the voice was… as he turned around his neck only, it was within his expectation.

“Well, I can deny that it’s unusual, but… I’m rather surprised that you come to this place. At least, this isn’t a place where the empress should come, isn’t it?” (Soma)

That person, Victoria, shrugged at Soma’s words.

Without saying anything back, she came close to the point their shoulders almost touched each other. She lined up side by side, squinting, looking at the royal capital, just like Soma.

“What are you saying? Sometimes, I also want to change the mood, you know.” (Victoria)

“Isn’t it better to do that in the royal capital?” (Soma)

They went there together on the first day but considering the situation at that time and listening to stories from time to time, it should be done almost every day. However, Victoria said it wasn’t a change of mood.

“It is my duty to watch over the lives of the people. This is also a part of my work.” (Victoria)

“If civil servants hear that, they will definitely complain.” (Soma)

No matter how much the civil servants favored the empress, work was work. It was definitely an unacceptable statement, given that the civil servants would be likely to be hindered and hurt by the empress going to the capital.

But… in reality, that matter was also suspicious. When Soma thought about it, he didn’t remember hearing any complaints. That might be because he didn’t have the opportunity to interact with the civil servants directly.

As he thought about it, Victoria turned sideways.

“Well, anyhow, it’s good to see you here.” (Victoria)

“Why is that?” (Soma)

“I haven’t been able to talk with you lately. I was concerned about it, but… it seems you are fine.” (Victoria)

“Well, aren’t we seeing each other in the dining room?” (Soma)

Surely, they were talking decently a few days ago, when she asked him to train her soldiers.

However, even if they weren’t talking, they saw each other in the dining room. Even if it was just that, it was enough to understand that he was fine.

“Well, you’re right. It’s different when talking face-to-face isn’t it? So… it is unusual, but why are you alone today?” (Soma)

“Hmm? Aah, I wanted to think alone, so I asked Aina to go back to the room first. Then, while I was thinking of things, I arrived at this place.” (Soma)

If it was only a matter of thinking, he could just do that in the room, but he wanted to do it alone as a change of mood. Thanks to that, his thoughts had come together to a certain extent, but… could it be said that the timing was good since Victoria also showed up here?

“Hmm… I thought you were protective. Does that mean you accept that it isn’t needed in my country?” (Victoria)

“Well, she isn’t that far if she got attacked.” (Soma)

“Hoho…!” (Victoria)

It sounded bad to Victoria, who had glittering eyes, but let’s say that Aina was attacked, they couldn’t do anything to her in a very short time. In the meantime, Soma could rush to her. Rather than deciding that Aina was safe, Soma meant that he could handle if anything happened. As a ruler, Victoria couldn’t be happy when hearing it.

However, Soma didn’t mean to say anything unnecessary. Besides, it was also true that he had concluded that this place was safe, compared to when they had arrived on the first day.

“Hmm, hmm. It seems that you are able to understand how wonderful this country is!” (Victoria)

When that was said, Soma squinted his eyes at Victoria who was smiling happily. Then, he looked at the distant view of the royal capital and let out a breath.

“…Yes, it is. It’s not that bad… No, I think it’s a good country.” (Soma)

What Soma understood was only a small part of the country. However, that wasn’t his true intention.

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And that was why this question arose.

“This is a good country, and I can feel that you love this country from the bottom of your heart. However, why… why do you want to destroy it?” (Soma)

The moment Soma said it, the smile disappeared from Victoria’s expression. She turned her face to the side for a moment, and immediately after that, she turned forward.

“…The way you’re saying it isn’t wrong. But at the same time, it’s not correct.” (Victoria)

“What do you mean?” (Soma)

“I surely love this country and its people. And because of that, I have to destroy it. That’s because this is the empire and I’m the empress.” (Victoria)

Soma didn’t really understand what she meant, so he tried to look at her expression. The edges of the mouth were lifted as Victoria repeated the statement.

“We have existed for the longest time in the world, resulting in the most prosperous country. In that situation, I must become a role model. I must do the right thing and it is I who should stand on top of others.” (Victoria)

“Is it right to destroy the country we love, kill the people we love, and destroy the world?” (Soma)

“The original answer would be wrong. However, the world is asking nothing else but that. If so… the ones who are wrong would be us.” (Victoria)

Speaking of any sign of madness in her expression, there was none. But there was only an expression of sanity, and that was why Victoria really thought so, and she knew that she had to abide.

She chose what was right to the world, even though she knew she was wrong.

“Besides… it’s important because of a contract.” (Victoria)

“Contract…? With the Devil?” (Soma)

“No? With God.” (Victoria)

“A contract with God…?” (Soma)

Satya didn’t say anything about it. That meant that there was something that Satya didn’t know… in other words, it was highly likely a contract with the Evil God.

However, Soma didn’t know how it was related to destroying the world.

“All the people have forgotten that. But because of the contract, we are still able to remain until now. To reward that grace… and above all, to fulfil the vows that our ancestors couldn’t fulfil. And I have to do it this time.” (Victoria)

There was conviction in those words. Soma thought, if there was no conviction, she wouldn’t be able to do anything.

He had understood about this in the first place, but… it seemed that it wasn’t easy to handle this empress. Looking at her expression, he let out a sigh while wondering what was going on.



Victoria was walking lightly and she was on her way to her office.

She was waiting for the paperwork, but the reason why she was excited was because of the conversation she had just now. Surely, Soma made a face that it was hard to understand the matter.

“In the first place, I don’t think it would be easy. It seems that he understood the goodness of this country, but it’s still too early. And more than anything else, it was great that he could recognize my feelings.” (Victoria)

That was to destroy this world. Victoria loved this world, and above all, it had been decided a long time ago.

It had been decided since 500 years ago. It was from the time when the emperor begged God for power, and a contract was signed.

The power given at that time was the power that made this empire became an empire. The empire could always fulfil contracts and promises with the principal when they were an empire. Now, the empire was the most influential country, but in reality, it was a power given by God.

The power was still valid for more than 500 years after the contract and it was the power of Rules that the Evil God when ‘she’ was still called Goddess. For that reason, the empire was the best middleman between countries and it wasn’t involved in any conflicts.

Therefore, it was thanks to God that it was an empire now.

“Hmm…?” (Victoria)

As she was thinking of that, she saw a figure at the end of the passageway.

But she quickly turned away because she knew that she was hated. That person was the captain of the imperial guard.

It was rare for him to walk in such a place, but he must have been doing something. Victoria looked at the figure that came closer little by little with a sideways glance, and then, she immediately looked forward.

When she thought of him, there were various things happening between them. There were things obtained, and there were things lost.

However, that was just a bit more. When she thought about it, she bit her lips, and passed by the person who had been closest to her in the past.

It was that moment…

“Aah, Your Majesty the Empress, can I have a bit of your time?” (??)

She doubted her ears for a moment because the voice was familiar to her. It was something that she used to hear a lot, and since she couldn’t hear this time around, she honestly thought that it was an illusion. Perhaps, it would be more realistic to say that this was a dream.

However, Victoria soon realized that was real. There was something that made her realize that it was real.

“…Wha? You–…” (Victoria)

With her stunned voice and her stunned look, Victoria stared at her own stomach. There was a blade slowly protruding out.

She felt fever, not pain, and at the moment she felt it, her thoughts didn’t continue. It was before that her body was blown to the side and slammed against the wall.

“Ga-haah…!?” (Victoria)

“I was worried a lot, but… when I actually tried it, I wondered why I was worried. Dear me… I should have done it quickly as I was told.” (??)

The only thing that was visible to her was the feet that were trying to come closer, but it was obvious that she was seen with hateful eyes from above.

But still, the thought of ‘why’ came to her mind.

‘Why, why–…’

“Now… it’s over.” (??)

There was no voice to answer her question, and Victoria’s consciousness sank to the bottom of the darkness together with a dull sound.


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