Ex Strongest Swordsman 319 (Self Edited) – Ex Strongest, Sharing Bedroom with Girl



Ex Strongest, Sharing Bedroom with Girl

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Soma had already told them that he didn’t need supper. After all, this place was a stranger place than the Holy City. There was no way to break through just because they have available time. Plus, it would be too much to ask if they could provide books because of the free time. Considering that they were basically in the enemy’s territory, it wasn’t possible to relax that much.

Therefore, based on the conclusion, there was nothing else to do other than going to bed early. But then… Aina asked.

“Don’t you think this is difficult!? It seems I’m the only one having problems!” (Aina)

“Hmm? Even if you say so, you’re the only one complaining…” (Soma)

“That’s because we’re the only ones here! I mean, it’s natural to complain when it comes to sleeping in the same room, right!?” (Aina)

Soma looked around while shrugging at Aina who was screaming.

In his field of vision, there were a number of luxurious furnishings, which might be better than the room in the Holy City that was assigned to him. It was a room that was told to be a guest room, but it was a superb room to the point it would be strange if there were flaws. Well, regardless of whether Soma actually thought so, it was certain that he had no complaints for this room.

However, even if he had no problem, there was only one bed. Next to the room where Soma and Aina were not, it was a bedroom, but there was just one bed. Moreover, it wasn’t big. Therefore, Aina would like to fall from the bed while sleeping.

“I didn’t mean to move while sleeping, alright! Talking about that, you shouldn’t know my sleeping habit, yes!?” (Aina)

“Well, I know.” (Soma)

“Eh…? You lie! When do you know…!?” (Aina)

“Well, it’s been more than five years ago.” (Soma)

“That’s too ambiguous!” (Aina)

“I don’t think it makes any difference even if I know that fact, right?” (Soma)

“That may be the case,.. Uhm, aren’t we straying away from the main topic!? I…! What I want to say is–…! Not about… the size of the bed! …Or there’s only one bed! I wanted to say that there’s only one room to begin with!” (Aina)

Apparently she was too excited, and her sitcom was more intense than usual. Or rather, she tried to spin the topic around, thinking that she would calm down a little, but it seemed that it was counterproductive.

It seemed better to go ahead with the topic than to try calming herself down.

“Hmm… Well, I don’t know what you are trying to say, but I think it’s a good idea to ask them to prepare another room for the servant.” (Soma)

“Haa!? Servant… aah… that reminds me, you’re right.” (Aina)

Aina, who seemed to have remembered what she was wearing, held her head as if she had regained her composure.

She was probably wearing the maid outfit since it wasn’t too uncomfortable, and she was even more aware that she could wear it normally especially when walking through the Holy City and the royal capital. He didn’t think that he needed to worry about it since the outfit suited her, but was there a difference in sensibility?

But there was no difference as she had become calm. So, he would continue to take this opportunity to talk further.

“Well, anyhow, I remember and realize that the empress would have thought that you’re my servant all the time.” (Soma)

The empress thought so at the beginning, and it was the same when they were going for a walk in the royal capital. Although Aina didn’t seem to be aware of it, Victoria always gave it to Aina when she shared the food.

However, it was doubtful that the empress really thought that Aina was a servant just because of the outfit, but it was true that Aina was treated that way. Then–…

“It would be different if there are several other servants, but if there’s only one, it’s just too much to prepare an extra room.” (Soma)

“Is that why you and I will stay in one room? It’s not just a matter of correcting such things…” (Aina)

“Then, it doesn’t make sense. Actually, I didn’t bother to correct it at the beginning so that I can sleep in a room with you.” (Soma)

“Y-yes…? Y-you… what are you saying…!?” (Aina)

It was probably too much for Aina, who covered his body with reddened cheeks, but this wasn’t an erotic story. It was simply because this circumstance was the safest and most secure for Aina.

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“Safe and secure…? What?” (Aina)

“Did you forget? This is the enemy territory. Can you sleep peacefully alone in such a place?” (Soma)

“Aah.” (Aina)

Aina, who looked like she finally realized, might have been unconsciously not thinking about it since she didn’t want to realize it.

However, if they slept in the same bed as it was, she couldn’t help noticing that she was trying to jump into danger herself without her knowledge.

“U-uhhh–…” (Aina)

Aina began to grumble, wondering what to do, but Soma decided to leave her while getting ready to sleep. He thought that it was best to leave her alone.

To begin with, she was more prepared than being hesitant, so if Soma interrupted her thoughts, he would only get in her way. If she decided to sleep alone, then he would be troubled.

It couldn’t be helped that Aina was anxious. After all, he made her involved in this situation. Soma also meant reassurance when he talked earlier.

Aina was wandering around the bedroom, thinking about that, but soon, she stopped doing it. Should it be said that it was as expected of a guest room of the royal capital? She thought that she was ready to go to bed, but she was almost ready. It was a wonderful job, as she wouldn’t have expected Soma to say.

But what happened, what that happened. Then, it would be a bad idea to sleep here. It was unthinkable that Aina would come into a bed where there was a man already sleeping.

She might not go to another room, but there was a good chance that she would sleep on the floor. In that case, the time it took for Aina to solidify her determination, but…

“Hmm, what’s wrong?” (Soma)

When he turned his eyes to the sign of a person, whom he suddenly felt, Aina stood at the entrance of the building. He thought that she was pretty quick to decide, but it was clear from her reddened face that the results seemed to be as expected.

Soma shrugged as she gazed at him.

“Well, we have slept together anyway, and I don’t care that much, you know.” (Soma)

“That was more than five years ago!” (Aina)

He smiled wryly since he wondered when she rebutted just because of what he had mentioned.

Even so, he thought that it was a very nostalgic story. He was traveling with Aina and Lina to Radeus. Sheila joined later… It was a really nostalgic story.

Although it hadn’t been ten years yet, what seemed to be more of a long time ago was that there were so many things going on. Or maybe, today was also a day that would make him remember a nostalgic story five years later.

But that was all if everything here was neatly settled. At that time, he wondered if he could pursue magic again.

“Now… I’m not going to do anything, and something may happen tomorrow. So, why don’t we sleep soon?” (Soma)

“…Yes.” (Aina)

Soma smiled again at Aina’s appearance, which was similar to Sheila, who always nodded with short replies. Then, he went into the bed with Aina, thinking of tomorrow and the future.


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