Ex Strongest Swordsman 318 (Self Edited) – Empress’ Desires



Empress’ Desires

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After Soma and Aina left the audience room, Victoria was still sitting in her throne without leaving the place.

Her emotions couldn’t be seen from the face that looked into the empty space. However, her shimmering bluish-purple eyes seemed to be squinting, and for some reason, she looked sad.

[–But you know, I also don’t think that would work. I also know what you are thinking here.] (??)

It was probably not in her mind when she heard the voice at that moment. Victoria opened her mouth after scattering the sad expression, as if she knew that the outcome that it wouldn’t work was something she had expected from the beginning.

“It is regrettable to say that as if I was lying. How can you think that I feel sad?” (Victoria)

[Would you like to hear me complaining about it?] (??)

“If it’s that, I would like you to stop,alright?” (Victoria)

[That’s not it. No matter how you want to let this matter pass, this is the only matter that you shouldn’t do so.] (??)

While saying that, ‘it’ stared inside Victoria

‘It’ didn’t accept lies or overlooked lies. If she were to do such a thing, she would have to pay a reasonable price. While thinking that…

[–What were you thinking about asking the Demon King’s hand?] (??)

There was no response to the question. There was no impatience, no fear, as if she had been asked something that had nothing to do with ‘it’.

But that wasn’t the case. In a sense, it was the Demo King who they could call a companion, but for now, he was rather hostile.

It couldn’t have been a good idea to bring such a person to the home base.

“Even if you say that… I wanted to meet him, and I was blessed with the opportunity to summon him. So, if I don’t try, wouldn’t that be the real lie in this situation?” (Victoria)

[You’re the only one saying that and agree to it. Dear me, if you’re similar to the lady before, you wouldn’t do this.] (??)

The moment that was said, ‘it’ found that the inside of Victoria was slightly writhing. ‘It’ didn’t dare to point out because ‘it’ understood when that was said, and ‘it’ had something more to talk about.

[So?] (??)

“Hmm… what are you asking now?” (Victoria)

[Are you trying to deceive here? It’s true that you wanted to meet him. It’s also true that it was an opportunity. However, speaking of the former… I’m not asking about why you wanted to meet him.] (??)

There was no reaction again this time, but it had different meaning than the previous time. There were no unrest feelings like before, but this time, ‘it’ knew. Even so, there was still no response.

Perhaps, it should be paraphrased in this way. Victoria herself wasn’t aware of it as much as she could put it in words.

[…If you are as now, do you think you can win against the Demon King?] (??)

“…No, that wouldn’t be the case. If that’s the case, I would have become more emotional when I saw him.” (Victoria)

[What do you mean?] (??)

“Hmm. I’m convinced when I saw him.” (Victoria)

Convinced… It wasn’t necessary to think why she would say so, considering how the situation progressed.

That was it.

[Are you convinced that there is no chance of winning if you fight?] (??)

“Well, I’ve expected it from the beginning, but now, I’m certainly convinced. No matter how much burden he has, I can’t kill him.” (Victoria)

[If so, things like destroying the world will be a dream again.] (??)

“Hmm, so you understand, and it’s my actual feeling.” (Victoria)

[…Actual feeling? Please wait. I don’t think there was anything like that, right?] (??)

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What Victoria and others were doing today was really just looking around the royal capital. Although her intention was unknown to those two, ‘it’ knew well that she was doing it because ‘it’ was actually watching them.

However, if that was the case, was ‘it’ aware about it?

“Well, didn’t he give his sword away for a while?” (Victoria)

[…Yes, certainly.] (??)

It was hard to see because Victoria was terribly feeling unrested, even though ‘it’ was looking at her. However, even at that time, there was no such thing as a battle… no, could it be…

[No way…] (??)

“Yes. Even if he is called the Demon King, he is a swordsman. You may think I would go for a fight even if he doesn’t have a sword.” (Victoria)

Did that mean she gave up? No, from the way she said…

“Until that moment, I intend to hit him, you know? However, thinking that if I do so… nothing will happen except I will die. To be honest, I thought I may die, though.” (Victoria)

She didn’t bother trying. The voice and expression were very serious, and she wasn’t even aware that her body was trembling slightly.

However, to be honest, it was her real intention. There was a difference in power, and she thought that she would never win against him in a battle, but at the same time, she didn’t realize that there was such an absolute difference.

So, if anything, the next words came out because of curiosity.

[If I assist you, will it make any difference?] (??)

That was an assumption that wasn’t possible in practice. Although ‘it’ had seen it through Victoria, it was a one-way state thinking about something in the unlikely event. Even if ‘it’ lent her ‘its’ strength, it was impossible.

It was a complicated feeling to think that it may have worked, but it seemed that it wasn’t because ‘it’ misunderstood… Anyhow…

“Hmm… we’ve signed a contract, but I’ve never used your power, yes?” (Victoria)

[Even if I try with my help, I may get caught up in various ways.] (??)

“So, honestly, I don’t know how far I can use your power. Speaking of that… I’m not sure if I can even use ten percent of your power.” (Victoria)

[What is the probability of losing?] (??)

“How about we discuss the possibility of winning?” (Victoria)

It wasn’t surprising. Victoria, who said such a tone and expression, seemed to consider it so seriously.

She would be honestly lying if she said she wasn’t dissatisfied with it, but she was certainly convinced. It was as she said earlier. Her opponent was the Demon King who could destroy the world.

In other words, it meant that even if he tried to turn all beings in this world into enemies, he could defeat them all. Although it was doubtful that the Devil itself was doubtful whether ‘it’ had a chance to win even against that opponent, there was no way that a person who could only borrow some of ‘its’ power had a chance to win. If ‘it’ thought so, rather than saying that Victoria had a ten percent chance of winning, she would have it her way easily.

[By the way, you were able to accurately assess the situation, but why did you bring the Demon King here? Let alone of that, you led them to the royal capital. Don’t you remember how busy you are?] (??)

It wasn’t uncommon to get out to take a break, but today, she was in the royal capital for nearly half a day. She didn’t want to think about how much work was accumulated and how many projects were delayed. To cover the gap, it wouldn’t be enough to stay up all night for a few days.

And speaking whether it was worth it to lead the Demon King or not…

“Hmm… why did I summon the Demon King, is it? I’ve been thinking about it for a long time, but I can’t think of any reason. I wonder why.” (Victoria)

She wasn’t trying to deceive, but it was an honest answer. She really did call him that way, but she didn’t understand why.

Maybe she should say that was as expected.

However, up to this point, ‘it’ didn’t have to bother to ask. ‘It’ was watching her when she summoned the Demon King. ‘It’ was well aware that Victoria was summoning the Demon.

Therefore, what was important was the future.

[Well then, let me change the question for a bit… no, I should let it go. So, why did you bring him to the royal capital?] (??)

“Hmm? Why, is it?” (Victoria)

[Yes. I certainly didn’t think that you would do that after you summoned the Demon King. However, when I thought about it, you immediately suggested so and proceeded with it. So, why?] (??)

“That is… of course, because the Demon King came to the royal capital. Then, shouldn’t I show him how wonderful this country and its people are?” (Victoria)

[I see… I’m going to ask more. Why did you ask him to join hands together after you showed how wonderful this country and its people are? That shouldn’t have been your plan.] (??)

Yes, it was exactly not in their plan. Rather, once she popped up the question, the fundamentals of their plan would have to be reviewed.

Of course, it was also the best if he consented. After all, the plan depended on how to make the Demon King care about it.

However, that was that, this was this. It would be a problem if she did something that wasn’t in the plan.

Even if she did so, at least–…

“Hmm… I see.” (Victoria)

Victoria suddenly nodded. When ‘it’ noticed, there was a hint of conviction and understanding in her eyes.

[Did you understand?] (??)

“Yes, you’re really looking after me.” (Victoria)

[No… there’s no such a thing. So, what was the reason anyway?] (??)

“It’s not a big deal. I just thought the moment I saw that man. That I want him.” (Victoria)

That was when she summoned him. That was why she led him, trying to show off. And that was why she asked him to join hands.

It was only that, nothing more.

“Hmm, so I wanted the Demon King. Hehe… once I understand that, I feel like a fool, and there are things that are as easy as to understand this. Aah, once you see someone like that, it can’t be helped to want him, you know.” (Victoria)

Victoria had a pure smile, not the smile that she always put on the face, nor the smile for her people. It was proof that she was being honest.

However, ‘it’ didn’t know whether she was aware of what she really meant–…

[I see. Well then, now you know the reason, what are you going to do in the future? Is it… as always?] (??)

“…No, let’s stop it. We have come this far. We don’t have to take a stronger offensive here now.” (Victoria)

[Is that so… as you wish. That’s why I’m here.] (??)

It was because of such a contract, ‘it’ didn’t disagree, and gave consenting words.

Yes, the contract was absolute. It must be absolute. Well, only if it was as it was.

The words didn’t become voices, they just scattered and disappeared. As if looking ahead, Victoria looked at the empty space with her smile and squinted eyes.


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